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OK, let’s talk about Joanne Beaubier!

- Let’s talk about how their first meeting was Jean-Paul snatching this helpless infant out of danger in the middle of a fight and taking her to safety (also thereby prompting Sasquatch to stop fucking about and actually end the scrap).

- How he immediately pushed through whatever paperwork was needed to be the kid’s temporary guardian instead of dropping her off at the hospital and declaring his involvement done with.

- How Jean-Paul, who was bounced around foster homes as a kid himself before becoming a teenage runaway, literally spent weeks at the side of this discarded child and monitoring her health, to the point that he told Alpha Flight they could either hold team debriefings at the hospital or fuck off without him.

- How once it came out that the child was not only abandoned, but dying of AIDS and orphaned (her mother’s death was discovered some weeks after Jean-Paul found the child, no father was known), Jean-Paul let down his usual emotional guards and adopted the kid. He made himself vulnerable, even though all he could ultimately do for her as a father was give her a name to be buried under and stand vigil while she died.

- Even exhausted, he took on a tank-type superhero one-on-one to protect his daughter.

- He was there in Joanne’s final moments, holding her in his arms as she died.

So obviously, this kid touched Jean-Paul pretty deeply. Yet you’d probably never know she existed unless you went back and read the issue and/or Northstar’s wikipedia page. It never gets mentioned as potential motivation for his agreeing to help out at Xavier’s school, despite how many other kids there were also disowned and discarded through circumstances there were no fault of their own. It never gets brought up in relation to the losses he’s sustained. And it’s never brought up as part of his experience with found families, as with Raymonde, Cell Combatre, Aurora, arguably the X-Men, and Kyle. In fact, you on occasion get writers acting like Jean-Paul’s never given a damn about kids in his life.

Not saying AF #106 wasn’t clunky in a lot of ways, or that it’s aged particularly well. But the fact that writers tend to forget that Joanne existed at all is kinda bogus, especially considering that the whole thing only took place in Northstar’s highest-selling appearance to date.

WBB Oneshot: Flash

Plot: Panda had never really understood Charlie’s fear of cameras. People, sure, but cameras? Surely one little picture - especially one that was worth a huge reward - was no big deal, right? 

((My first WBB’s fic! And pretty lengthy too, but I like how it turned out ^v^ Anyway, had this idea after I watched ‘Charlie and the Snake’ and saw the scene where the tv revealed that clear pictures of Charlie were worth at least a thousand dollars. So then I thought, ‘What if the Bears found out about that?’, and it turned into this Panda and Charlie fic. So, hope you guys enjoy!))

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look at this 2 star review that my local Lush store has:

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