no rumba

E’ proprio un altro mondo.
Quando indossi le scarpe, stringi le stringhe.
Ti tiri i capelli il più possibile, in uno chignon che li tenga tutti e sei pronta.
Schiena diritta, petto in fuori.
Cominci a sentire le melodie più belle e inizi a ballare.
Nessun pensiero, nessuna preoccupazione.
Ci sei solo tu. Tu e i tuoi passi.
—  inostri-occhichediventanomani
And yet again, more Keith angst ...

I’ve talked about this already — I know he isn’t brooding all the time, so why, why is it so hard to write him doing his Red Paladin thing with only minimal inner torment?

Keith, what am I going to do with you?! Why must you do this to me?

Right. So … I can’t actually be mad at this poor mullet.

*sighs* I managed to work in some cheesy fluff, alongside Keith’s angst.

And dancing. Lance, dancing, to be specific, in order to teach Keith. And Keith dying inside. Because of pining. 

So, I give you two dancing paladins and Keith’s inner pain! Here ya go:

Pressed in Close (Porque La Rumba)

Essentially, Keith’s POV of the dance lesson from Objects in Motion, plus bonus dance practices and sage advice from Shiro and Allura. Because Keith needs all the help he can get, in regards to his pining for Lance. 

In regards to the dancing? He’s actually pretty good.


So here in North Austin, ICE is going to Hispanic supermarkets, taco stands, predominantly Hispanic nightclubs like El Coliseo or La Rumba or similar places, and other places Hispanics usually gather in large quantities and arresting people by the dozen. They’re setting up checkpoints throughout the city and raiding people’s homes on Manor and Fm 969 in south Austin. The north Austin raids are focused around the area surrounding the intersection of N. Lamar Blvd and Rundberg Ln.

Know your rights: an ICE or immigration authority CANNOT stop your car in an unmarked vehicle. That is ILLEGAL in Texas, you have the right to keep driving. If they insist, call the police and inform them you’re being followed and help will arrive.

You have the right to remain silent if questioned by an ICE personnel. If you are questioned, say “I plead the fifth and choose to remain silent” they CANNOT force you to speak.

Don’t sign anything without an attorney present and you have the right to one.

ICE cannot enter your home without a warrant, and don’t open doors to anyone.

You have the right to report and record!

Local police have also begun tracking down those who are green hard holders but have any kind if criminal record, as minor as an infraction. As well as those who failed to pay traffic fines such as tickets or toll fees. If this is you, please make sure to pay those as soon as possible.

Please my friends be careful. Stay safe.