no rotation

Complaining bitterly about how misused she is, Beatrice goes about cleaning up the mess.

Belinda tries her hand at magically repairing the washer but it’s ineffective.

Gettings down with her mundane tools, in the puddle to work on he dishwasher, Belinda becomes convinced the washer is a malignant entity. 

“This is SO UNFAIR! My skirt is DAMP!”

Forever is composed of nows,

I recite as I turn off my alarm and sleep til 10:30, wake up, make coffee & oatmeal, turn on Moana, and sit on my ass feeling lazy and inadequate.

Maybe if I keep this up, this is what my forever will look like.*

*I have so much to do, and I woke up on the verge of a panic attack about next school year, and it’s not even July yet, and what even is wrong with me?!



You asked for it, we are delivering it. Here’s a batch of lime green silicone getting mixed up in our factory.

Belinda got it in mind that she wanted to have a duel. She’s tired of cleaning up after her sister and if she wins, Beatrice has to do more around the house. When Beatrice remarks that she doesn’t see the fuss, all the mess disappears on its own if you leave it long enough, the gloves come off… and the fire comes out.
Oh boy. Do you guys really need to do that in the house?

I think it’s safe to say that Beatrice has really pissed off her sister.

There are tears as Beatrice realizes she’s lost. 

It’s ok to gloat a little, when Belinda knows the washer upstairs is in a bad state and her sister has a lot of mopping in her immediate future.


Infinity Kinetic Sculpture 

this look like a cheap flash animation but whatever

animation redraw of one of my favorite moments of Wonder Woman! I went to see it yesterday and i loved it!

also, this is a gift for @marinette-buginette birthday!(i know im late, freaking timezones).

It’s in my twitter already!



The process of adding color to our silicone is fun to watch. Here we’re mixing the red for our Rasta All-In-One. I could watch this machine all day. Just don’t let it get your hand!


Rotating supercell over the U.S. Great plains. I can’t tell if this is actual video or if this artists works to animate still frames, but I think some of their clips are the latter.  Almost time for tornado season to start moving up to the central U.S.



First taffy pull of the 2017 season!!! Opening day Friday May 5th! Celebrating our 98th year!!!