no room for love


looks like someone is not shy anymore to show his affection ♥♥ 🐤🐤

  • me: just trying to wake up and come to consciousness like a normal human being
  • my brain, the very first moment it can start having thoughts: i am lost without your love. save my soul. seek my room.

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Just saw Hamilton in Chicago and I'm p sure you'd appreciate this fun tidbit of info: After King George's final song he pulls a stool out from the set and sits of stage until the Reynolds Pamplet where he the joins in throwing them around with Jefferson and Madison.

Yo i was IN the room where it happens a week or so ago and i love that little wiggle and i love KG3

The Romance Recalibration

Such a lovely episode. You got sweet lovely shamy, crazy engineering applied to baby rooms, and lenny finally having a moving forward plot.

* Amy all proud of hosting her first girls’ night was adorable.
* Or when she were heading to massages fully dressed lol
* Or when she’s all cute and flattened when Sheldon greets her in the spa room* #AFF a sweeter cinnamon roll every day
* The mini Godzilla thing.
* I mean I was spoiled on that but DEAR LORD THEY WERE MAKING A BABY THERE.
* I’d suggest more non-annual coitus sessions.
* AND THE I’LL MISS YOU THING. In calculus terms. This all I wanted in my life. (And not that I’m going to do that with boyfriend or anything)
* I guess this episode clarifies whatever happened to the shamy relationship agreement. All we knew was that the old one was invalid after the breakup. Now we know for sure they have a new one (or that may have been more new versions, considering all the changes lately. After all Amy just said she remembers her first one) In any case, it seems to work very well.
* Really.
On other things:
* Thank you authors, now I can add to my horror mental pictures Leonard burping in his underpants. (aka they really want Johnny to earn that million huh?)
* Lenny begging for a RA (which they always fooled) and actually being happy about it amuses me so much.
* Howard and Raj dealt with the squeaking floor in the only way I expected them to. Also the “simulations” sequence was hilarious.
* I love Halley’s room.

You Pass Out-Niall

A/N: Gif not mine. 

Warning: hospitalization, fainting, anemia, hypothyroidism. 

You leaned heavily against the wall, feeling your vision blur and your head growing fuzzy. You hadn’t felt well when you’d woken up that morning, your head aching slightly and the room tilting slightly when you’d opened your eyes.

“Love? Are you okay?” Niall said, his voice sounding as if it was coming from far away. You looked up at him, trying to focus on his face, which was blurry.

“Niall? I think….I don’t feel so well,” You murmured, before your vision went black and white stars danced in the darkness. Niall caught you before you hit the floor, and he picked you up, carrying you to the dressing room. The entire room went silent when he walked in, carrying you, his face pale.

“Harry. I need you to get the doctor.” Niall hurriedly said, laying you down on the couch and kneeling next to you. Harry all but ran out of the room, coming back a few minutes later with the doctor in tow. Niall moved so the doctor could see you, and watched, a worried look on his face. After she took your pulse and blood pressure, she looked up at Harry and said the words that Niall was dreading.

“I need you to call an ambulance, and tell them that we have a young woman who has fainted, and has a weak pulse and a drop in blood pressure.” She said, before turning back to you. Niall paled, moving closer to you and taking your hand in his. He winced slightly, noting how pale and clammy you felt. After what felt like hours, Niall could hear sirens coming closer, their screams echoing in his ears. Two EMT’s came into the room, and carefully loaded you onto a stretcher.

“Niall-go with her,” Harry quietly said, as you were being taken out of the room.

“The concert….” Niall murmured, his eyes focused on you.

“She needs you more than we do right now. It’ll be okay.” Harry replied. Niall nodded, and followed you out. The ride to the hospital was a short one, with Niall sitting in the back, wondering if you were going to be okay. After arriving at the hospital and seeing you put into a room, Niall sat there, his hand holding yours, while the doctor and nurses moved around, examining you and taking your blood. After a while, the doctor came back, holding a piece of paper in his hands.

“Mr. Horan?” He inquired, looking over at Niall. He nodded, and the doctor stepped further into the room.

“We took Ms. (Y/L/N)’s blood, and it showed that she suffers from anemia and hypothyroidism.” He explained.

“Hypothyroidism? Anemia?” Niall inquired, biting his lower lip, his brow furrowing.

“Hypothyroidism is when the thyroid, which is in the front of your neck, is not producing enough thyroid hormone. Luckily, this is treatable by taking a medication called levothyroxine. The anemia is a side effect of the hypothyroidism, and is also treatable. We’ll give her some fluids, but she should be waking up soon.” He explained.

“Thank you, doctor.” Niall murmured, looking back up at you. Soon after the doctor left, you started to stir, before opening your eyes.

“Niall?” You quietly said.

“(Y/N), thank goodness, you’re awake,” Niall quietly said. “How are you feeling?” 

“Tired. Do you know why I fainted?” You inquired.

“The doctor came by….he said that you have something called hypothyroidism and that you have anemia, which is why you fainted.” Niall explained.

“Oh.” You quietly said.

“But he also said you’re going to be okay.” Niall murmured, rubbing his thumb over the back of your hand.




I love it and I love her she’s so sweet 

and apparently shes not even done thats just one of the things she’s getting me for Valentines and she wanted to get it before someone else bought it cause there was only one <3 

and also, I bought 34 butterflies for our room in her favorite colors and I can’t wait till they get here our room is gonna be cute and shes gonna love it this is gonna be a hella valentines day! 

I love her so much

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Me puedes recomendar canciones y pelis? Todas las que puedas porfavor.

canciones en mi playlist.


-Las ventajas de ser un marginado

-Suicide Room

-Stuck in love

-Grave Encounters

-Ruby, la chica de mis sueños

-Chat Room

-Like Crazy

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Mullette is like the warmth of sitting in front of a fireplace, looking up at the stars on a clear night, light that brights up the whole room, the feeling of ranting about something you love, drinking hot coco after being outside on a cold winters day, talking to a friend you haven't talked to in years, a white Christmas ~~~Bored Anon


Seokjin comes out the room he shares with Yoongi, a bouquet of flowers in his arms. Namjoon doesn’t say that it’s the same flowers he saw Yoongi ordering yesterday when Hoseok and Namjoon invaded Yoongi’s workroom for a small talk.

Namjoon doesn’t also say how Yoongi woke up early this morning just so the delivery guy of the flowers won’t make some noise so it wouldn’t wake up Seokjin. Namjoon doesn’t also say how Yoongi looks so constipated just trying not to smile.

No, Namjoon doesn’t say anything because he is a good boy. Namjoon focuses on his breakfast (which was the leftover of the dinner last night) and eat quietly. Namjoon tries to ignore them, he tries very hard.

“Did you send me flowers, Yoongi?” Seokjin asks as he reaches the kitchen.

“No, why would I do that?” Yoongi answers and Namjoon is internally screaming.

“Yeah, right.” Seokjin snorts. He places the bouquet in front of them. It’s red tulips and Namjoon wants to flip the whole house. He probably can; he’ll just breathe. “Like you’d be romantic enough to give me flowers without any occasion.”

Yoongi doesn’t say anything. He just finishes his breakfast as Seokjin opens the card attach in his bouquet.

He reads the card, “Dear Jin-hyung, I lied. The flowers are from me. I love you, beautiful. Yours, forever and always, Yoongi.”

Before Seokjin can do anything, Yoongi already stands up. It doesn’t stop Seokjin throwing the first thing his hands got a hold of, which is the kitchen towel.

“You scum!” Seokjin screams fondly.

Yoongi just gives him a hand kiss, Seokjin’s signature move.

Namjoon drops his head dramatically against the kitchen table.

Red tulips mean declaration of love.

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So I drew the iron giant once upon a time for my like two year old cousin... Every time his parents see me they say something like "he still has it, he loves it, it's hanging in his room!" And I'm just like "the fuck? He's TWO I DONT CARE"

And you think I care, why?