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Oscars 2017 Behind the Scenes Moments: What Happened Backstage?

6:30 p.m. PT: After doing some freestyle rapping to introduce her performance of Moana’s “How Far I’ll Go,” Lin-Manuel Miranda watched Auli’i Cravalho on a monitor backstage, grinning ear to ear and shaking his head as she performed. When she exited the stage he let out a whoop that sounded through the wings, and then ran to the stage to receive her.

6:11 p.m. PT: Lin-Manuel Miranda and Auli’i Cravalho gave high-fives to the dancers for Moana’s musical number

-Vanity Fair

[performance video!]


It’s like the majority of people on tumblr get their news from a reblogged gif😒

1) the old man (Warren Beatty) didn’t announce a winner. He just stood there looking confused and was asking his co presenter (Faye Dunaway) to double check.

2) Faye didn’t properly read the card and just blurted out LaLa Land.

3) The cards are printed in a way that Warren didn’t know for sure if he had been given the wrong card or Emma Stone was the producer of LaLa Land.

4) There are 2 sets of cards printed in case of anything catastrophic that might happen, just so the real results are preserved and revealed.

5) The LaLa Land producers knew way before the first acceptance speech ended that the wrong winner was announced and instead of politely giving way the stage, they stood there and went through their speeches. Jimmy, Warren, the producers were trying to be polite by not just booting them off but they let them know they didn’t win. It must have been hard for them but they should have given way and let the production do their jobs.

6) There was no reason for Jordan Horowitz (producer of LaLa Land) to snatch that card out of Warren’s hand as he was trying to come up to explain what happened as it was his award to present. He was trying to correct a mistake that wasn’t his but given the fact that he was the presenter, he was the public face of this. I understand he was pissed, but he was still rude.

7) Emma Stone’s “I had my card the whole time” was a bit ignorant. Regardless if at the time she didn’t know there were two sets, she basically was calling Warren Beatty a liar without knowing all the facts.

8) There was no conspiracy to steal Moonlight’s moment. Someone fucked up and fucked up royally. They will probably never work the oscars again, never get another live tv gig and possible not work in the industry anymore.

9) The only thing that may have slightly (and I say slightly because I think the Moonlight people have been overly gracious towards the LaLa Land people) dampened Moonlight’s moment was the fact that you could tell they knew way early on they didn’t win and still stood on stage and gave their speeches until finally production decided to step in and move them off. Only then did Jordan Horowitz attempt to correct things after they refused to give way.

10) Jimmy Kimmel is a dunce. Nobody cares what he thinks about who should keep the award.

if you think a movie about a black man coming to terms with his sexuality and actually finding love and happiness without having to change who he is doesn’t deserve best picture but another musical about white people falling in love while rediscovering music that had already been established and popularized by black people did, you can unfollow me right now.

Dear straight people

Please stop saying you wish you were gay. Please.

I know you don’t mean any harm by it, you’re usually just making a joke… But even you know that, it’s “funny” to say you want to be gay, that you want to have attraction to the same gender.

Those of us with same gender attraction don’t get a choice and it’s not a bunch of laughs all of the time with trendy gay spots and lots of plaid.

I mean, it can be those things, but almost ALL of us have to deal with a tonne of prejudice and bullshit that harms and hardens us and a lot of us don’t want to hear your quirky comments about how you wish you were gay.

For any reason.

It’s too easy to think about the violence, aggression, systemic oppression and homelessness we face to laugh along. If my mouth smiles at your joke, my stomach fills with a knot, I assure you.

You can still talk about what celebrity you think is gorgeous and I’ll agree with you, but don’t tell me you want to walk a mile in my shoes without taking a look at the stains upon them.