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You better be the big baddie behind all of this at the end of the day.

Let’s think about this for a minute…

All of these people in the Cult, Ally hates.

Ally and Kai are the greatest love story according to Ryan Murphy.

Ally in a name itself is suggestive of this, as are the trailers of the clowns worshipping a queen. “Alison” means “noble, kind”.

“Fear is truth.” - Kai

“Alison” also is derived from Alice, meaning “truth.”

Ally “goes insane” by Ivy driving her to it. Ivy saved her before. What better of an alibi than insanity/paranoia.

The Cult are dressed as clowns! For what motivation? Who would suspect her?

Putting herself at the scene of every single crime except for the Changs, Bob, Serena, and the couple locked up in a coffin. She’s even caused a few herself. The (chef and the) man she shot but didn’t get charged with, illustrating that she can abscond herself from the law.

Kai set up that group of protesters outside the restaurant and may be she was playing along.

This show is slowly turning into how the members of THE CULT become tortured.

This whole past episode was about someone taking credit for another’s crimes. Hmmm…

“Wars need martyrs.” - Valerie

If Ally hasn’t been painted as the victim, I don’t know, who has.

She has never truly been harmed in any way by the Cult physically, which is the ONLY manner SAVE for Ally in which they attack.

Ally is queen bee. I’m holding onto this theory until I am proven wrong.

People who aren’t part of the tcc see crime and murder as just that: crime and murder. They don’t allow themselves to understand and pick apart serial killers and their personalities/ motives/ upbringing or to understand the years leading up to a school shooting and all the history tied in with that. I get that an outsider of this community would see it as a ‘weird obsession’ that obviously means that we’re all going to be serial killers in the future. But it’s really not like that. It’s educational, it makes you think about perspectives. Crime is a part of history, so why can’t I be interested in it? Idk man, it’s just pissing me off.