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Drag Race Asks

RuPaul: What’s your greatest strength – charisma, uniqueness, nerve or talent?
Sharon Needles:  Do you like scary movies, Sidney?  What’s your favourite?
Chad Michaels:  Is there someone you can impersonate to perfection?
Untucked:  What’s the shadiest thing you’ve ever said?
Available On iTunes!:  The first five songs that come into your head.
Michelle Visage: Are you a tough critic or a sweet little pussycat?
Bianca Del Rio:  Stone, gold, glass… What’s your heart made of?
Bob The Drag Queen:  Tell us a joke, funny girl!
Santino Rice:  Describe the strangest outfit you’ve ever worn, Amadeus.
Guest Judges:  Name three people, alive or dead, whose opinions really matter to you
All-Stars:  Ever had a brush with fame?
Absolut Vodka:  Favourite drink?
Bebe Zahara Benet:  Do you represent your hometown or not?
Raja:  Did you roll with the cool kids at school?  Or, if you weren’t a Heather, Heather, what clique did you fit with, Heather?
Willam:  A choice of questions – either tell us about a time you were thrown out of somewhere, or tell us about the sickest you’ve ever felt…
Jinkx Monsoon:  Trouble sleeping?  Or trouble staying awake?
Mimi Imfurst:  How far would you go to grab people’s attention?
Drag U:  Condragulations!  You’ve won a fabulous free makeover!  What sickening style icon will it be based on?
Max:  What colour is your hair today, and what’s your favourite colour it’s ever been?
Alyssa + Coco:  Can you hold a grudge?  (Extra points if you tell us all about it)
Tyra Sanchez:   Give us an unpopular opinion.
Katya:  If you could live in any country in all the world, where would you go?
Ongina:  Would you ever shave your head?  (If you already have, we want pics!)
PhiPhi O’Hara:  Is it better to be loved or feared?
Latrice Royale:  Tell us about a time you picked yourself up after a fall (and know that we’re so proud of you, hon!)
Shangela:  If at first you don’t succeed…  Is there something in life where you keep on try-trying-again?
Nina Flowers:  Does your look match your personality?
Violet Chachki:  What’s your favourite physical feature?
Naomi Smalls:  Take the first name of one of your personal idols, and the last name from another.  This makes the name of your brand new persona – now tell us all about your gorgeous self!
Jiggly Caliente: May I call you Jiggly?

anonymous asked:

i need sanvers slow dancing in the kitchen at night

Maggie doesn’t hear Alex come in.

As many times as Alex tells her it’s okay, she can play her music as loud as she wants, on as many speakers as she wants, Maggie still insists on listening with her headphones, even when she’s alone.

When you’re trying to listen to a strange combination of Lauryn Hill and Tegan and Sara growing up in a house as chaotic as mine, you get used to the headphones, Danvers.

So she doesn’t notice Alex walk in, because she’s too busy absently swaying her hips in time to whatever she’s got playing in those headphones, half humming and half singing under her breath, too busy spicing Alex’s favorite chili, too busy checking on the rice, too busy standing on her tip toes, her henley lifting all the way up her abs with her effort, trying to get at Alex’s favorite wine glasses.

Alex smiles and Alex fights to inexplicable urge to both laugh and cry, and Alex strides forward, putting a hand on the bare skin of Maggie’s torso to steady her, grabbing two glasses with the other easily.

Maggie jumps in surprise for a moment but then she melts, back into Alex’s arms, into Alex’s body, pulling her hand fully around her waist and reaching for her other so Alex is completely surrounding her from behind.

She lets her head drop back on Alex’s shoulder, turning to kiss her neck, and Alex moans out a sigh.

“Welcome home, babe,” Maggie whispers as Alex pulls her closer, as she keeps moving in time with her headphones, as she keeps swaying her hips and pushing her ass back slightly into Alex.

Alex splutters and Alex’s fingers tighten around her body and Maggie lifts her hand up behind her to run her fingers through Alex’s hair, down Alex’s neck, before turning around in Alex’s arms, so they’re chest to chest, mouth to move. Maggie tip toes so she can press a kiss to Alex’s lips as she wraps her arms around her neck, letting her elbows rest on Alex’s steady shoulders as she moves, moves, moves, and cajoles Alex into moving with her.

Alex turns the flames on the stove down before she runs a hand over Maggie’s hair, settles her hands on Maggie’s waist.

“What’re we dancing to?” she asks softly, and Maggie inclines her ear toward Alex, who takes the hint and takes out one of Maggie’s earpods and puts it into her own.

“Coldplay, babe?” she teases, and Maggie scoffs.

“I don’t mock you for that punk rock phase Kara keeps telling me about.”

But the teasing only makes them pull closer; the sharing of the rhythm only makes their heart beats more in sync; the way the song preaches magic and wanting no else one but you makes Alex blush and Maggie bite her lip before she leans up on her tip toes again, to kiss her again, and their feet keep them rotating in a circle, keep them slow dancing, keep them on the cloud they’re floating on, Maggie’s arms dangling off Alex’s shoulders, curling back to tangle in her hair as they kiss and they dance, and they kiss and they dance, until Maggie’s calves are nearly cramped and Alex is dizzy and they giggle into each other’s mouths because the next song on shuffle is an old school Linkin Park number and it puts something of a damper on the slow dancing idea.

“You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever come home to,” Alex tells her, and tears sting Maggie’s eyes.

“Same, Danvers. Same.”

Stichomancy Tips

I’ve been getting a slew of stichomancy how to and tip questions so, here’s a post! This is one of my favorite divination methods so, I am excited! It’s much simpler than it seems, I promise.

  • Stichomancy is the act of divination through a non Biblical book or prose.
  • Choose a book you connect with. I use The Dark Crystal by ACH Smith, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass, and Anne Rice for myself when I feel particularly angsty.
  • When doing a reading, the method is mostly up to you. It’s simple.I thumb through the pages of the book, stop when it feels right and choose the passage my eyes fall on first. If it’s a particularly tough question, I close my eyes and run a finger down the page.
  • If you’re just beginning, start with questions you know the answer to just like you would with any other divination method. Do Scully and Mulder get together? What’s the plot of Pride and Prejudice in a nutshell? How was your day?
  • As with other divination methods, you can easily ask a clarifier question. This can be either through another passage or integrating another divination tool.
  • Practice is key!
We might as well be strangers
  • We might as well be strangers
  • Keane
  • Hopes and fears

"As you get older you realise that things just get more complicated and it's just never a simple 'everything's delightful' - I mean I find that I feel very happy with that side of my life, but at the same time there always bad things and always difficult things, and I'll always like taking those and expanding on them and thinking where they might go and using those as ideas for writing. I don't know if that just means I'm a 'glass half empty' person or whatever, but in a way those are the most interesting things to write about - it's not particularly interesting to write a song about how 'everything's really lovely'. I think people are just very interesting, and those sorts of funny things that people say and do, and you don't really know if they're good or bad, but they're just weird. The way people behave to each other is so strange. We Might As Well Be Strangers is definitely one of my favourites songs I've written because it's so ... unbelievably depressing. I feel that it builds up and it just sort of explodes, it's like it smoulders along for a while and then there's a big cry of frustration, and then it just hangs its head, and then goes back to the 'for all I know of you now' bit. It's a very sad song." - Tim - Strangers DVD

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Fishbowl is basically any slime with plastic or glass beads, imo

Well I did some searching and the person who created the kind with the plastic stuffed animal filler beads (slimehalo on IG) hasn’t given it a name, so I guess it could be called just about anything??

I kinda like calling it rice slime like that other anon said, or maybe bean slime since it’s made of the beads that are in beanie baby stuffed animals, but I don’t wanna give something a name when I’m not the creator ^^; So I guess I could just tag it as fishbowl for now…..even though it looks totally different from fishbowl….

Distance and Words

At night, I envied Gatsby with eyes wandering toward green beams.  Wishing to be Ahab examining the ripples hidden in ocean waves.  They had focus to their gaze however out of reach they seemed.

My desire left me searching the night, too far to imagine.

Across farmland and mountain.

Over seas and rivers of headlights and neon.

I felt him there, waiting for me.  I wished with each crossed out word I could bring us closer together, existing in the same sentence.  Together we would gleam like the tall structures that filled the space that separated us, as if we were fragmented pieces of glass shining in the winter’s sun.

Someday those shards will fuse together.

One day they will create something whole.

And through it, I will finally meet your gaze.

-Adair Rice

witcheryfashion: My dream veggie garden full of locally grown goodness. You’ll always find greens, brown rice, fresh salmon, hummus, sweet potato and coconut oil in my fridge and pantry. I use the coconut oil as an overnight hair treatment and start every day with a huge glass of water and lemon. PT/x #WITCHERYBALANCE #WOMENINMOTION

witcheryfashion: My dream veggie garden full of locally grown goodness. You’ll always find greens, brown rice, fresh salmon, hummus, sweet potato and coconut oil in my fridge and pantry. I use the coconut oil as an overnight hair treatment and start every day with a huge glass of water and lemon. PT/x #WITCHERYBALANCE #WOMENINMOTION


Because some of you asked me about the recipe from one of my latest posts - here’s the recipe! :) 
Recipe for the chocolate - brownie - smoothie: 
• vegan
• tastes like a dessert - no, even better!
really rich and creamy flavor 
• consisting of whole foods, no processed sugar or anything not natural

- 1.5 glasses of plant based milk (I used soy rice milk)
- some ice cubes
- 2 bananas (preferable ripe, because they are better for to digest plus they are sweeter)
- 1 teaspoon of peanut butter 
- around 4 tablespoons of cacao powder
- 2 - 4 pitted dates (depends on how sweet you want your smoothie)
- a tiny bit of water, if the smoothie turns out too thick
- some cinnamon and cacao as toppings 

- Mix everything in a high speed blender except the toppings 
- You probably have to start slowly and then speed up after a while, otherwise the cacao powder won’t mix very well 
- top everything with your toppings, I had 100% cacao powder and some cinnamon
- enjoy this lovely smoothie! :)

Feel free to message me how you liked it!
xx Amber

Lunch for April 14, 2016

For the first episode of Orphan Black season 4, I wanted to do something to celebrate this show that I love. I’m going to try doing an Orphan Black lunch every Thursday of this season. I might fail, but I’m going to try.

Cosima is made from sliced ham, and her lips and shirt/dress are a bit of ham colored with food coloring. Her glasses, eyes, and nose are made using hand-cut nori. Her hair is pad thai made from black rice noodles. Tucked under the noodles is a layer of egg.

On the side I’ve got spinach salad, oranges, and apples.

You can find my other Orphan Black themed lunches here.

A meal for each sign

Aries: A panini made with roast beef and melted provolone cheese, a side of salted potato chips and root beer.
Taurus: A giant bowl of homemade mac and cheese with bread crumbs on the top, a side of toast and ginger ale.
Gemini: A breakfast burrito filled with eggs and potatoes, a side of granola and a hot cup of coffee.
Cancer: Spaghetti, using homemade pasta and sauce with a side of garlic bread and iced tea.
Leo: Pad Thai with tofu tossed in, a side of jasmine rice and iced green tea.
Virgo: A ham and cheese sandwich with a side of watermelon and a cool glass of lemonade.
Libra: French toast covered in cinnamon with a side of sausage and orange juice.
Scorpio: A burger with all the toppings and a hot bun, a side of french fries and a chocolate milkshake
Sagittarius: A fruit salad with a tangy sauce tossed over it, a side of almonds and passion fruit tea.
Capricorn: An everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese and a side of blueberries with a cappuccino
Aquarius: A bowl of frosted cheerios with a side of cinnamon toast and a glass of milk.
Pisces: Egg drop soup deliciously seasoned with a side of dumplings and peach flavored carbonated water