no returns!

Just beat Samus Returns at 100% and man I am tingling I am so ready for the resurgence of my favorite game series.

So, in the spirit of things, A Ridley.


female awesome meme: females in movies [1/10] - Princess Leia

Well, I guess you don’t know everything about women yet.

I’m rewatching The Return, and here’s something I noticed.

In episode six, Sonny Jim sees Dale in his doorway, and pats his mattress, to ask him to come sit on the bed:

In Episode 16, Dale sees Sonny Jim in his doorway, and does the same thing:

A small moment showing the reciprocity and affection in that relationship. On a rewatch, Dale’s time as Dougie seems far less passive to me than the first time around. He’s taking in everything and everyone around him. Especially Sonny Jim, with whom he really develops this close bond. He wasn’t just checked out, he was learning, bonding–growing. He’s still able to express things, without words. Dale once told us he’s a strong sender. That seems true in more way than one.


Between September 19-28, I will be out of town! Going to the beach with @romimoblr and enjoying some sun and sand, and just being lazy for several days. RP scenes will be paused, and recaps over at @weepingknight will be on hold until I get back.

Might check Discord/tumblr, might not, you’re not thE BOSS OF ME

(A long flight will be the perfect time to work on some art. Especially those expression Asks! So I’ll post those when I get back.)