no retreat surrender

King James II before the gates of Londonderry, 1689. James’s Jacobite army besieged the Protestant-held town in April, when the king rode up to Bishop’s Gate and demanded its surrender. He received a volley of musket fire, accompanied by shouts of “no surrender,” an act which outraged the king. The ensuing siege lasted 105 days and cost the lives of 8,000 of the town’s defenders and inhabitants, but was ultimately broken by the arrival of three supply ships sent by King William III, Prince of Orange.

When James and all his rebel band,

Came up to Bishop’s Gate,

With heart and hand, and sword and shield,

We forced him to retreat. 

The cry was ‘no surrender,’

But come when duty calls,

With heart and hand, and sword and shield,

We’ll guard old Derry’s walls.” 


I will march down an empty street like a ship into the storm
No surrender, no retreat
I will tear down every wall
Just to keep you warm
Just to bring you home
I will burn this city down for a diamond in the dust
I will keep you safe and sound when there’s no one left to trust

I wrote up a workout routine(strength training)

Note, this was written with inspiration given by Saitama and Mumen Rider from One Punch Man, one for his strength, the other for his unyielding courage and spirit. My advice is to work hard, breath deep, and never give up.

Beginner(6month daily workout)


30 squats

10 situps

Intermediate(12month daily workout)

40 pushups

50 squats

30 situps


60 pushups

70 squats

50 situps

For those who never give up, who never back down, who made themselves strong as all hell, The Saitama Level, The Master Level

Everday for 3 years

100 pushups

100 situps

100 squats

Go ahead, try it, you might be amazed at what you can do.

I see your eyes and wonder
With a cold disgrace
How ever did you miss the pain
Plain upon my face?

You did not hurt my body, no
My bones and skin are sound
But the ruin wrought upon my mind
Razed me to the ground

I retreat behind my lidded eyes
And surrender unto dreams
Mourning all the memories
Tearing at the seams

So I encase myself in blackened armour
Armed up to the teeth
So none will ever make the claim
That there’s something soft beneath

I need no sanctioned saviour
To come and set me right
For I have long forsaken
Any path to Light