no rest dry the river

DESERT CAR RIDES: songs for desert kids riding through desert towns



byegone- volcano choir // flatlands- chelsea wolfe // no rest- dry the river // gurdjieff’s daughter- laura marling // give em hell- little hurricane // the singer addresses his audience- the decemberists // blood- the middle east // full circle- half moon run // daysleeper- r.e.m. // hanging on the telephone- flowers forever // i wanna get better- bleachers // slow show- the national // honey & i- haim // rapt- karen o // what kind of man- florence + the machine // river- ibeyi // bloodsport- raleigh ritchie // double bubble trouble- m.i.a. // blue miles- samuel p // heaven- los lonely boys 


Red DawnA playlist for revolutions, for when hopes are high and your beliefs are strong, for when victory is assured and you have hope for the future. (Listen here.)

This is WarThirty Seconds to Mars // Hey BrotherAvicii // Unnatural SelectionMuse // We Will Rock YouQueen // Two Thousand YearsBilly Joel // This is Why We FightThe Decemberists // Who We AreImagine Dragons // The CaveMumford & Sons


Black NightA playlist for the mourning, for the low spirited and weary, for remembering lost friends and restoring hope. (Listen here.)

SorrowsAidan Knight // SamsonRegina Spektor // After the StormMumford & Sons // 21 GunsGreen Day // No RestDry The River // You Are Not AlonePatty Griffin // Laura PalmerBastille // Those Were The DaysMary Hopkins

because watching y'all panic about tsoa reminded me of my breakdown a few years ago about the whole thing and this was born it’s not like i have work to be doing anyway 

i could be your ice age sugar

the first word of the illiad means ‘rage’. 

for the best of the greeks

listen to it here


glory and glore - lorde // wraith - peace // pretty little head - eliza rickman // despite what you’ve been told - two gallants // no rest - dry the river // worse things happen at sea - frank turner // take me to church (cover) - postmodern jukebox // girls like you - dangerous muse // breath of life - florence and the machine // mykonos - fleet foxes // yellow flicker beat - lorde 


an optimist with depressive tendencies; a Kieren Walker mix (before the Rising and afterwards).


ólafur arnalds||frá upphafi. dry the river||no rest. bombay bicycle club||my god. patrick wolf||idumea. garden on a trampoline||sorrow. detektivbyrån||monster. andrew bird||a nervous tic motion of the head to the left. moss||everything died in your heart. tiny little houses||every man knows his plague;and you are mine. bright light bright light||falling. the antlers||in the snow. sufjan stevens||in this temple, as in the hearts of man, for whom he saved the earth


THE SECRET OF DROWNING || a mix for a relationship in stages … for tentative beginnings, the fear that realization brings, and the acceptance that, sometimes, against all odds, the most unlikely person is the missing puzzle piece to the hole in your heart [ listen @ 8tracks ]

01. Dry the River - No Rest // 02. Dar Williams - It’s a War in There // 03. A Fine Frenzy - The Minnow and the Trout // 04. Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova - When Your Mind’s Made Up // 05. Austra - The Future // 06. Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton - Crowd Surf off a Cliff // 07. Warpaint - Majesty // 08. Carina Round - The Secret Of Drowning // 09. Ed Harcourt - Let Love Not Weigh Me Down // 10. Ben Howard - Depth Over Distance // 11. Sia - Where I Belong // 12. Mount Moriah - Hail, Lightning

“I swear, I end up feeling empty, like you’ve taken something out of me and I have to search my body for scars.” -  Richard Siken, Crush
The things I had to tell her… and the things I hoped she would listen to. There were so many of them. -  5 centimeters per second

Hearts Wander [ a klaroline fanmix] Listen

001. love like this - kodaline / 002. steal your heart - augustana / 003. atlas hands  - benjamin francis leftwich / 004. teardrop - civil twilight / 005. i love you - woodkid / 006. amazing eyes - good old war / 007. face the dark - brad fillatre / 008. anything but you - civalias / 009. heal - tom odell / 010. no rest  - dry the river /  011. lover you should’ve come over - jeff buckley / 012. still - bombay bicycle / 013. light home - matt corby / 014. she is the sunlight - trading yesterday / 015. flames  - vast / 016. the only one - the black keys / 017. dare- phildel / 018. avalanche - zola jesus //

mistaken for strangers - a mix for Steve and Bucky post-winter soldier.  [ L I S T E N ]

part one| he’s a ghost; Bucky can’t remember who he is, and Steve doesn’t know the man he’s become.

i) mistaken for strangers - the national ii) suburban war - arcade fire iii) troublemaker - beach house iv) bloodstream - stateless v) black flies - ben howard vi) water and a flame - daniel merriweather ft adele vii) mykonos - fleet foxes

part two| none of us can go back; remembering is not the same as being.

viii) you found me - the fray ix) yesterday was hard on all of us - fink x) the way it was - the killers xi) no rest - dry the river xii) afterlife - arcade fire

part three| all we can do is our best; until the end of the line.

xiii) slipped - the national xiv) use somebody - kings of leon xv) open arms - gary go xvi) formaldehyde - editors xvii) you won’t feel a thing - the script xviii) there goes our love again - white lies

i’m so scared of dying without you; a mix for the two who never got their second chance.

corpse roads - keaton henson // bang bang (my baby shot me down) - nancy sinatra // home - mumford and sons // sweetheart, what have you done to us - keaton henson // medicine - daughter // if i had a boat - james vincent mcmorrow // to a poet - first aid kit // smother - daughter // no rest - dry the river // somewhere only we know - lily allen 

[listen here]