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Brasher is exclusively into violent entertainment. 

Martin (grumbles): I don’t know why you want to sign up for the recall course.

Laura: Did you know that one of the pieces of equipment for the class is a remote control car?

Martin: *eyes light up*

Martin: Do you mean like a monster truck?!

Martin: *makes diesel sounds*

Laura: Exactly.

Martin: *still making diesel sounds*

Martin: You’re okay with me buying a remote control monster truck because it’s for the dogs?! Sign us up!!


Main Battle Tank M-84D.

The modernization of tank M-84 consisted of:
-Possibility to install a remotely controlled combat module “Samson” produced by Rafael or the Protector M151 Kongsberg production;
-Improved automatic loader(rate of fire increased from 8 to 9 rounds per minute);
-Kit production Racal;
-Advanced thermal imaging camera;
An electric powered turret providing a quick transfer of fire;
-Warning system about the laser irradiation LIRD-4B;
-Ammo rack is protected by anticumulative screens, a rear engine is additionally protected circuits;
-For additional storage of ammunition added to the turret basket, the protection of which is reinforced by anticumulative screens;
-A new set of vulnerable zones which protect the crew from biological, chemical and nuclear threats;
-New dynamic protection RRAK;
-The engine power of 1200 HP

Remote control feat. 707 & Yoosung

Going to start a series of mm x Vocaloid crossovers 💟
Ah my love for vocaloid is slowly killing me ; v ;
But boi I enjoyed coloring this to the max

Any suggestions on what songs I should do next?

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This is my part for the 100 Kagamine Collaboration!! I’m glad i could participate and i hope i can be in more of those! *cough* YuzukiYukaricollabwhen *cough*

I have choosen Transmitter/Receiver (Remote Controller) because I love this song and I love JesusP (WAN OPO)! youallneedjesus//SHOT

damn u len

Imagine shopping for a niece or nephew in a Toys R’ Us with Loki. He’s never been in one before and while your down an aisle looking for something, he disappears. A few minutes later you find him playing with a remote control car a few aisles over after hearing an odd noise. You find he’s knocked down two of those big caged displays of rubber balls and employees are scrambling to gather them up while parents and kids are laughing. You look at him with your arms crossed and he just shrugs his shoulders, walks away and keeps playing. You walk over and take the remote. “If you’re responsible for that, you could be kind enough to go help.” 

“If they would all just move out of the way, I could magic it all back together couldn’t I?” 

You whisper into his ear. “You know that’s not an option and if you ever want me to go on my knees for you again, you’ll be nice and go help!”

 He sighs and rolls his eyes. “Suit yourself, but this means you owe me.” 


He places a finger over your lips. “Shhh, there’s children present Darling. We’ll talk about this at home, hmm?” He walks away smirking as your jaw drops. “That’s good practice. Feel free to walk around the store like that if you feel a need to.”


Do you like Dan as much as we do?

Then you’ll have to like his love of crazy glasses

… whether FPV REMOTE CONTROL 3D model airplane type ….

His own glasses…

or just heart eyes…

You have to love his love for his family… 11 years strong

You must LOVE his shoe whore ways…. Dan’s never met a pair of brogues or boots he won’t wear… 

…STOP looking there and look at his shoes!

You have to love his sense of humor….

and his love of doing tricks… 

and wearing hats…

or doing tricks while wearing hats…

in other words just love him as he is for who he is…

He’s our Beast

a suit loving man…

Come and join the fun!! 

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I told my parents I want a copy of Akira (the 80's anime) for my birthday. They thought I was asking for an Acura car and have been trying to talk me down to a smaller gift, and I can't get the idea of your Bruce Wayne making a similar mistake out of my head.

he wouldn’t even question it tbh, he just buys tim an acura, tim doesn’t even like having to drive in a non-remote-controlled context because it makes him anxious but bruce figures there must be a reason because he seemed like he really wanted it and not even in some weird ironic internet way