no relation to lily

What I want to be:

Reliable like Mahiru
Loving like Lily
Versatile like Mikuni
Dedicated like Licht
Confident like Hugh

What I really am:

Lazy like Kuro
Stuck up like Misono
Emo like Sakuya
Easily bored like Tsubaki
Nerveous wreck like Lilac

I never enjoy anything. I’m always waiting for whatever’s next. I think everyone’s like that…living life in fast forward, never stopping to enjoy the moment, too busy trying to rush through everything, so we can get on with what we’re really supposed to be doing with our lives. I get these flashes of clarity, brilliant clarity, where, for a second, I stop and I think, “Wait, this is it. This is my life. I’d better slow down and enjoy it, because one day, we’re all going to end up in the ground,” and that will be it. We’ll be gone….So I think we should fuck.

This is the recipe for my Phoenix Oil.

-Grated pomegranate (renewal and the underworld)
-Grated birch bark (renewal and rebirth)
-One lily petal (resurrection)

-Citrine (fire and -as it relates to the Solar Plexus Chakra- emotions)
-Carnelian (fire and passion)
-Smokey Quartz (smoke, healing, cleansing)

-Carrier Oil (I used plain olive oil)

After combined, let this oil sit outside or in a window from 12 noon through overnight during a new moon and retrieve it at noon the following day.
The idea here is to let it soak up the energies of full on fire (noon) but also the deepest natural darkness (new moon) followed by fire and light again.

As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, so too can we grow, transform and overcome.

Personally I will be using this oil in upcoming magical working (during the December waning moon) to help with lingering grief and change.
That said, it can be applied to magical workings regarding any kind of transition or transformation.

I haven’t come across any recipes for this kind of oil or elixir so I wanted to share.

Good luck to all of you who feel they need to ‘phoenix’ their way through something right now.

Enjoy, my beautiful Witch Babies! -Wine Witch 🐱⛥🍷

***NOTE lily is poisonous and this oil CANNOT be consumed in any way!***

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Last one

So, I bought another figure by mistake a few weeks ago -it was 4am, I was not thinking clearly- but it just arrive today and I really like it ! So I thought I would show it to you guys ! :D

Isn’t he beautiful ? *o*

The quality is really good and I love it ! Plus it only cost like 10€ so I don’t regret it at all ! :D

-mod lili

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Should I read the manga first or should I check  out the anime? Doues the anime have the whole story or does it levae stuff out like Negima did? I still need to finish rewatching Cardcaptor but I don’t think it really matters in that regard. Either way it’ll be a while before I have time to read or watch so it’ll give this post time to generate some answers, hopefully. Now I’m gonna add a random question mark at the end to make this post answerable, okay?