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Little Jeller ficlet set post 2.18 and inspired by something @gypsyscarfwoman said earlier on WhatsApp. What she said was way angstier but I decided to fluff it up a bit because we must send positive vibes into the universe to get a renewal, right? 

“No!” Her voice was loud and assertive and he’d barely had time to look up from the paperwork he was signing. He’d heard the door open and by the time he looked up, she’d stomped her way towards his desk and was standing in front of him, hands on her waist and a stubborn look in her eyes.

“Sorry, what?” He managed to say, confused as to what exactly she was refusing considering he hadn’t seen her yet today. It was barely after 7am. He had come in early, of course, to get things started after the day they’d had yesterday.

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The Hunter’s Son Pt. 8

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean, OMC (Jonah)

Summary: During a missing childrens’ case, Sam runs into a familiar face and one that looks much like his own. Now Sam has to tackle something just as difficult as hunting: fatherhood

Words: 1,929

Warnings: Fluffles


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Sam sat in front of his laptop while Dean sat in front of a book. Sam ran off ideas of what it could be. Dean kept dismissing them but you sat on the bed completely intrigued. Some of the things he had listed were things you had yet to read up on. Jonah on the other hand seemed to pay no mind to anything but the tv. Part of you questioned why none of this peaked his curiosity, but you then dismissed the thought. He was probably listening and just pretending to pay attention to the tv. In fact, you would’ve done the same but you were too invested in this.

First it was Sam being nervous about going to Plucky’s over his fear, then it was hearing how children’s drawings came to life as killers. Then a thought crossed your mind.

“Maybe it’s a witch,” you guessed.

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An Appeal for Kindness

I’m feeling pretty down right now, and I’m doing my best to be levelheaded about it. For a string of several days, people close to me have been abused needlessly by people in the PF and RF. Some of these perpetrators even play and RP on Balmung. And that’s supposed to be a normal thing, right? Don’t get so triggered, special snowflake, right?

Listen, many years ago when I was into BGs and Arena in WoW I was an absolute asshole to my teammates. Oh, were you in Arathi Basin and fighting on the road instead of watching the flag? Here, listen to me lecture you about that and call you an idiot for the duration of the BG! And if I see you in the next one? Get ready for part 2 because ADHD means you’re never done!

Yeah, it’s frustrating if you’re perceiving another player as being a problem. But as you can imagine those “lectures” I gave said a lot more about me than it did about the players I was railing against. If someone is being an absolute shitlord in PvP/PvE, you can bet good money on them having some issues they need to sort out in their personal lives. It wasn’t worth my time, anyone else’s time, and certainly not worth the cortisol I generated in my system. 

Now that I’m an old grizzled gamer lady, I sincerely regret being such a snot-nosed punk. I’m just so damn tired of seeing it now, but I not here to lecture and tell everyone to hold hands and sing. I’m asking for people to remind themselves of one thing:

There are human beings behind the screen.

Look, I have to fight that petty little part of my soul every time I see someone being lazy or just nasty in RF. I slip sometimes, because I am a Grade A Shitstirrer. Yeah, they’re wasting our time, but maybe they’re having a bad day. Maybe it’s something more serious. It doesn’t matter because we don’t need to pile anything else on anyone. In those moments I take a deep breath and imagine all that petty salt draining away, and remind myself that I have no idea what is going on with the person on the other end of the screen. 

Am I saying that if you meet an abusive jerk in the DF that you should always try to fight them with kindness? No. You don’t need to stand for abuse. Use the tools given to you in game to kick them out, or leave for your own peace of mind. What I am asking is that you consider a kind route when you are frustrated with a stranger. Doing anything else isn’t worth it. I’m asking you to join me in a concentrated effort to be kind. 

I know this likely won’t pass through the awareness of some our rudest players in the game, but I see similar things going on in our RP community, and I think if we make a habit of kindness and compassion, we might have some measurable impact.

I’d like to think so anyway.

- Dora (Nako’s player.)

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Prompt! Will and Hannibal spend Halloween night together. At a crime scene. Possibly there is Halloween candy. (Perhaps Will gets Hannibal to eat some truly great American processed chocolate)

(Ah man, Hannibal with American candy xp *sigh* Still, had to happen…)

For the one billionth time, it felt like, Will protested, “Dr. Lecter, you really aren’t needed for this stake out. I can’t guarantee the killer will even show up, but if he does-”

“Jack has already issued me a special license to carry my own gun,” Dr. Lecter demurred, pulling back his coat to reveal his shoulder holster.

Will scrunched his face, rubbing his eyes and groaning to himself, “I’m going to kill, Jack.”

“Don’t be too hard on him,” Dr. Lecter smiled, settling into the cubbyhole next to Will, “I can be extremely persistent.”

“You’re telling me” Will muttered under his breath. “Look, it’s Halloween, don’t you have some kind of… masquerade to go to?”

Dr. Lecter’s eyes widened just slowly enough that Will felt thoroughly patronized.

“Forget it.”

“You believe I spend my free time… attending balls?” Dr. Lecter cocked his head, blinking earnestly.

“Shut up,” Will humpfed, hunkering lower beneath the sight line, “I just meant… costume party. Anything really, generic social engagement that would prevent you from spending your whole night out in the elements waiting for a potentially deadly encounter with a serial killer. The sort of excuse I can never come up with.” His mouth turned down absently.

Dr. Lecter took a moment to respond. “Even if I did, as your therapist, I have a duty to monitor your mental health under stressful situations such as this.”

“You mean because you don’t know what’s wrong with me?” Will snorted, “And are you saying you gave up your evening to be here?” Will turned to him, frowning.

“Will, it is simply a matter of the process of elimination. We will find what is causing the gaps in time and we will put an end to it. But, considering the high risk of this situation, I thought it prudent to be present here, in case something should happen. If you were to lose time now…” Dr. Lecter trailed off, swallowing.

Will sighed, looking away. “So, what are you blowing off to sit in the cold with me instead?” He cocked his head, changing the subject.

Dr. Lecter’s lips spread warmly, “An exclusive high society dinner and, yes, it was going to be in costume.”

Will stifled a snicker in his gloved hand. “What were you going to go as?”

“A harlequin, in the classical Italian sense,” Dr. Lecter mused, “I bought a mask in Venice, some years ago, and I’ve finally put together a costume to match it.”

“I’m sorry you didn’t get to show it off.” Will hesitated, then rummaged in his knapsack.

“It’s not a five star dinner and masquerade,” Will explained as his hand found purchase on his object, “but it’s a Halloween tradition for me.” He sighed, pulling out a cellophane treat bag and untying it.

Dr. Lecter raised an eyebrow, watching curiously.

“The students always bring in candy, I tell them every year not to, but every year someone does and I end up with a bag,” Will grumbled, “here.” He took Dr. Lecter’s palm and shook some ‘fun size’ candies into it.

Dr. Lecter scanned the collected, then pick up a piece. He frowned at the thumb-sized Mr. Goodbar, “American chocolate?”

Will was already munching on a Hershey’s kiss, “Yep. Basically cocoa dust held together with sugary glue, but it’s traditional to our palate. Go on, you can eat just one.” He nudged him.

Dr. Lecter’s nose wrinkled, already regretting this taste sensation, But obediently, he began to unwrap the tiny bar. “Hardly more than a bite,” he muttered.

Will laughed, “Find out what school-age children have been complaining of for years.”

Dr. Lecter sighed, preparing himself, then dropped the candy onto his tongue. In seconds, he cringed.

“Mmm, feel that smooth grit on your tongue, nice isn’t it?” Will teased, watching him.

“Rubbing sweetened sandpaper on my tongue would have proved more pleasurable,” Dr. Lecter growled, crumpling the wrapper and throwing it aside in displeasure. He eyed the remaining pile warily, “Should I… allow you to make me eat any more of these?”

Will broke into a wide smile, “Absolutely not.”

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happy eremins: imagine eren and armin in a modern!au being college students who madly in love. They go into the city for a museum date, but it's a chilly day and on the way back Armin's cold and Eren gives him his hat and buys him a coffee for his hands and then he holds him to his chest and kisses his forehead while they wait for the train home. And Armin tells him he loves Eren more than anything and Eren promises to always keep him warm. Armin falls asleep against him on the way back.

Asdfghjkl Anon!!! I wanted happy and you even gave me fluff. Thank you!

For you, small ficlet based on the above:

 Armin rubs his hands together and blows on them as they walk toward the train station. The weather wasn’t supposed to get this cold today, only slightly chilly, and Armin didn’t take his gloves with him. Now though with both of his hands cold and an undoubtedly red nose , he regrets not taking a pair with him just for precaution. Next time he’ll be more careful.

Armin is startled when he feels something around his shoulders. But when he’s tugged closer to the body next to him, Armin realizes it’s Eren’s arm. 

“Are you okay?”

“Fine, just a little bit cold. I should have taken my gloved before going out but stupidly enough I decided to trust the weather man.”

Eren laughs and opens his coat. He then holds Armin closer to his chest and places his hat on atop his blonde hair. With Eren’s coat almost covering the both of them now, Armin wraps his cold arms around his boyfriend’s sides and sighs happily. They continue walking like this, Armin feeling Eren’s warmth seep through him.

“I’m forever thankful to have you as a living and breathing heater.”

“Oh? I thought you hated sleeping next to me because I make you too hot?  The Human heater needs an AC button, remember?”

“I don’t remember ever saying that.”


Eren laughs again, a deep rumble that Armin feels since his hear is pressed against him. His unusually high body temperature has always been a subject of jokes between them, especially for Armin. But right now, Armin is too comfortable to even remember his jokes.

“You know I would love to keep you close to me like that forever but we can’t keep on walking this way. There’s a Coffee shop ahead. What do you say we make a stop there?”

Armin nods in agreement.

“Sounds good to me. Even if it’s nasty I’ll still drink it anyway. Not going to be picky when I feel cold.”

Eren orders a hot beverage for him, adding that he doesn’t feel like drinking anything since he isn’t cold. Armin rolls his eyes at that but doesn’t move from his position, unwilling to give up the warm body. He finally has to let go though, when the woman inside the food car hands down his cup of hot coffee.

There is surprise on her face when she finally sees him and Armin hides a smile. She probably thought he was a girl with Eren’s coat hiding him from full view. It happens at times when he and Eren go out. Eren pays for the beverage then hugs Armin closer to him again as they resume their walk to the train station.

Armin holds the hot cup with both of his hands, warming them slowly. It’s only after they reach their destination that he starts drinking his beverage. An appreciative moan leaves him at the first sip. Good coffee is good.

“I take it you like it?” Eren asks as he sits next to him.

“Oh I love it. It’s really good. Want to have some?”

Eren shakes his head and press a kiss on his forehead. With his hat hiding the blond hair and his pale cheeks rosy by the cold, Eren thinks Armin looks extremely adorable. He kisses him again, this time a small peck on the nose before hugging him to his side again.

“What have I ever done to deserve a wonderful and handsome boyfriend like you?”

“The same thing I did to deserve a smart and adorable boyfriend like you.”

They both smile at each others words and let a peaceful silence rest between them. Armin keeps on drinking his coffee while Eren watches the rail, waiting for their train to come.

“Tell me Mr handsome, has your boyfriend ever told you how much he loved you?”

“Hmm I don’t think so. Why? Do you know anything about that?”

“Well I know for sure that the young man loves you a lot. I’m pretty sure he would even tell you "I love you more than anything or anyone I ever knew” if he was here right now.“

In answer, Eren raises Armin’s head toward him, making them stare into each other eyes. Their lips join into a loving kiss.

"Then if you see him, would you be kind enough to tell him that this human heater promise to always be there to keep him warm and safe everyday? Tell him the human heater said I love you too.”

Armin smiles and leans up for another kiss just as the train enters the station.

Once they’re seating inside, it doesn’t take long for Armin to fall asleep against Eren, lulled by the train movement. Eren just keeps on hugging him, intent on keeping his earlier promise .

I hope you like it anon!

Note to self: when you wake up on a Sunday morning and think, “I don’t feel like going to the woods today; I’d really rather stay in bed,” you are wrong. You are wrong. You are wrong.

“No, do not fucking call a nurse, I’ll break your fucking fingers,” Salem snapped, pinching his nose in regret at the words that just left his mouth. “I’m sorry. Just… don’t. I’ll get my ass kicked out of school. Chill. I just need water and a cigarette and I’m good to go,” he said, sitting up slightly, chuckling as he pulled the elastic that he’d left on his arm, clenching his fist through the pins and needles caused by lack of circulation. He glanced to the clock, his eyes widening. “Nevermind. My classes ended two hours ago,” he mumbled, laying back down again. “Maybe next time.”

Gabriel, it’s 1AM and I have a big bio test tomorrow. Go to sleep.


Pushy bastard.
Okay, fine, but if I fail my test, I’m blaming you.
Also, don’t call yourself ‘Candyman’. It’s creepy.

Dress in black clothes. Preferably tight ones ;)


Usually, Sam didn’t really understand he was friends with the insufferable Gabriel Novak. But tonight, as he trudged his way up the cracked sidewalk to the bus stop between their houses, the only emotion he felt toward the hyperactive little turd was that of pure hatred. And possibly murderousness.

As he rounded the corner, a hand latched onto his arm and tugged him backwards. Sam jumped, reflexively whirling around to smash his fist into his assailant’s jaw. There was a high pitched yelp from the attacker as he lost his balance and fell flat on his ass with a dull thump.

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