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A/N: This gif blurb is thought of as being part of the LwR Universe but it can be read by everyone. It takes place 3 months after AJ’s birth at JiB 2016 - Gif submitted by @percywinchester27


Jensen turned to his right to face the next fan in line for questions, sending the rather nervous looking girl a calming smile.


“Hi I’m Sabrina and I just wanted to say congratulation on your little girl,” she stuttered, making Jensen smile widely at the thought of the newest addition to his family.

“Thank you so much,” Jensen responded, watching the girl shift nervously on her feet.

“Actually my question is about Y/N. We know she isn’t doing panels this year but there were some rumours she is still here?” Sabrina looked everywhere but at Jensen when she finished her question and he couldn’t help but smile. He knew she worried she was overstepping a line but actually Jensen loved the affection the fans had for Y/N. He knew they had been disappointed in her not taking active part in the convention, but he had agreed with her decision since it hadn’t been more than 3 months since she gave birth to their youngest daughter AJ.

“She is yes. We are visiting Y/N’s mom when we leave the convention, but she is back in our room with the girls resting. Going from waddling around pregnant to chasing after Becca has been hard on her,” Jensen smirked as the audience awed and laughed. Their amusement gave him the courage to push his luck a little further.

“As it turns out AJ also has Y/N’s temper and lungs so there is a lot of calming down a feisty baby these days,” Jensen grinned, before frowning as the audience erupted into cheers. Jensen quickly followed their line of sight to see Y/N standing at the side of the stage with her arms crossed over her chest, sending him her best bitch face with a still amused glimmer in her eyes.

“Shit. Looks like I am in trouble,” Jensen pulled a face looking back at the audience, just as Daniela handed Y/N a mic, with a huge smile on her face.

Y/N uncrossed her arms and pressed on hand against her hip, glaring at her husband as she started speaking, “so this is how my husband talks about me when I am not around? I think I need to start watching panels on youtube.”

Jensen faked panic, making a roar of laughter erupt from the crowd. Jensen turned towards Y/N and send her his best innocent smile, making her smile back at him as he spoke, “I love you sweetheart.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Y/N shook her head at him, “you’re changing diapers for a week.” She warned with a raised finger before leaving the stage laughing as Jensen’s real slightly panicked voice sounded behind her, mixed with the crowds laughter.

“I’m sorry Y/N/N. I didn’t mean it…”