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More Top Moments in Early American History

- James Madison “accidentally” buys prostitutes for foreign ambassadors

- Jefferson eating a tomato like an apple at a dinner and everyone rushing off to find a doctor because Americans thought tomatoes were poisonous

- Washington and Lafayette falling asleep under a tree after Monmouth

- Washington cursing out Charles Lee after his retreat

- James Armistead Lafayette, who was a badass spy during the revolution and gave Lafayette vital information which led to the victory at Yorktown. Lafayette freed him and James was so grateful he took Lafayette’s last name

- Lafayette being given an alligator as a gift and, not knowing what to do with it, regifting it to John Quincy Adams

- the Constitutional Convention going out and getting turnt two days before the signing of the Constitution, and some of the additional charges being a broken chair, cups, and chamber pots

- John Hancock being smol

- Alexander Hamilton’s argument against hanging John Andrè basically being “he’s too pretty”

- Aaron Burr sleeping through Valentine’s Day

- Lafayette naming his ONLY son after George Washington

- Ben Franklin and John Adams once having to share a room with one bed and falling asleep arguing whether or not they should sleep with the window open or closed

- Ben Franklin taking “air baths” which consisted of him sitting naked in a bathtub for hours a day

- Aaron Burr having a knife hidden in the handle of his umbrella, and then LOSING said umbrella

- John Adams’ kid Charles once ran naked across Harvard Yard

- Alexander Hamilton losing his check book and having to write the bank of New York for a new one, while also requesting his account balance which he didn’t know, which he wrote in the check book, which he lost

- Aaron Burr hitting his head on the same pipe twice jfc he’s such a mess

- Thomas Jefferson getting a terrible headache for two days after behaving awkwardly in front of a girl

- John Adams naming his dog Satan

- Alexander Hamilton’s letters to his totally hetero bro™ John Laurens being censored by his descendants

- George Washington running for the House of Burgesses and getting his constituents totally smashed so they would vote for him

down to brass tacks

happy valentine’s day, everybody!! <3 canon verse, 3k+


They finally get a lead on Kelly Kline on a Saturday. Spurred on by guilt and probably a bit of cabin fever, Castiel turns right around from the hunt he just returned from with Mary to chase her down.

“Oh,” Castiel says, turning. He sticks a hand into his coat pocket. “I almost forgot.”

It isn’t like him to forget things, so the move has to be calculated. Then again, he loses his phone all over the place. Maybe he really did just forget whatever it is. Dean’s startled out of his musing by a shiny projectile hurtling towards his face, which he catches gracelessly in one hand. The metal, whatever it is, feels cool in his palm. He blinks up at Castiel.

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chat noir puts a sticky ribbon on his head for christmas and tells lb that hes her present. instead of the "wheres the receipt" joke he was expecting, lb says "but you were already mine" and he falls over



(also consider: “regifting is so rude, you know?” as she kisses him on the cheek)

also there were so many throwbacks to the “oldschool” spn in 12.19. Dean’s mixtape, the Colt, Team Free Will, all of which were dismantled in one way or another. 

The Colt being broken was almost cathartic in a personal way, just because it felt like they were saying “we’re not doing things the old way anymore”. 


And Team Free Will…. All I can say is that they’ve all had a lot of character development from those who once formed Team Free Will against Lucifer, and now that it’s been broken apart, there’s only waiting to see the new Team Free Will they’ll form against Lucifer’s baby, if that happens at all. 

Unlike the old Team Free Will which was Dean and Sam’s codependency issues + Cas tagged on the side because they need him to do things for them, the newly formed Team Free Will will ideally be Dean, Sam, and Cas as individuals who don’t need each other to survive, but choose each other while also knowing that they can have healthy relationships with other people outside of their little group. 

Hopefully. Hopefully this will mean that the old way is finally going to be dismantled like we’ve been promised many moons ago (*sadly stares towards carver’s general direction*) in order to build a new way out of the old pieces.

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Taako gets Barry a shirt that says "I'd Fuck A Skeleton", to Barry's dismay and Lup's delight. Little does Taako know he's setting himself up for the most savage regifting in history in a few short decades.

i love this so much,, because it’s gotta be a constant thing that barry gets ribbed about and all of the tsc is just him getting teased for skeletal intercourse but this is horrible because you know they see krav go all skeleton once and they just fucking lose it and then the next day lup gives a ted talk on all the g spots on a skeleton and what lube works best for bone up the ass 

Favorite TAZ things

-“there’s one of us who’s got it, one of us who’s almost got it, and one of us who just started listening.”
-Taako’s I-don’t-give-a-shit attitude
-Magnus’s love for dogs (and Stephen)
-Magnus being very skilled (animal proficiency, carpentry, rogue, human fighter, rustic hospitality)
-Merle’s inability to help most of the time but he’s still trying and they love him for it
-Taako’s mistrust of everyone and everything
-Taako and Angus’s relationship
-Merle’s tendency to regift
-Magnus taking the lead
-Taako being dumb and gay
-“hey thug what’s your name I’m gonna tentacle your dick!”
-Taakitz (and the fact that the players started it)
-Johan. Just johan.
-the incredible production quality increase
-The entire Crystal Kingdom campaign
-Magnus actually being super sweet even when he picks on people (like angus)
-Angus being too good, too pure, please be nice to him he just wants to help
-Griffin’s voice acting abilities
-Griffin’s story telling abilities

Luke’s always scouring the markets he comes across for Jedhan items to bring home to Bodhi. Bodhi loves most of them, but still. “It’s an egg-slicer, Luke. Full points for trying to be romantic, but while it is a piece of my homeland, it’s still a blasted egg-slicer!”

Luke, undeterred, regifts it to Chirrut, who is thrilled. “Baze, we need to cook some eggs!”

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Hey would you mind recommending ur fav cophine fics?

You mean other than my own? Hahaha.

Oof.  You probably don’t know this, but I have always hated being asked for “favourite” anything.  I always feel these things are dependent on context, mood, memory (and my memory is notoriously poor)… all that jive.  It’s why I never make “Top 10” lists.  I realize I’ll have to weed out things I love for other things I love, leaving me a dull garden in the end.  

So I can’t always remember good stories, what they were called or where I found them. I feel like novelconcepts had a lot more fics than I can find, and other writers have purposefully withdrawn their fics. However—O, Happy Day!—The Never Home Girl by thecirclesquare, one of my all time faves (despite us coincidentally both writing WWII cophine fics at the same time and subsequently making me feel inadequate,) has just been reposted after the author finished reworking it as an original piece!

Of course, I recommend almost everything by OBFrankenfics, but especially Going Up, which I wish on a star will someday be finished. I’d really like to see Kindred Spirits finished, too.  It’s just one chapter to go, people!

So, here, in no sensical order, is a random selection that came to mind and I could find (I may find more later.)  You should know that I’m a big Cophine slut, so this is almost all Cophine-centric.  (Edit: I misread this as fave OB fics, so a few of these are NOT Cophine.) Also, Warning: I tend to like my fics long, which is fine, except that a lot of these fics are also unfinished—some still regularly in progress, some long dormant.  It kind of makes me feel better about the few I still haven’t finished, and kind of makes me want to suggest a mob of torch-wielding readers (okay, fake, battery-powered torches) show up at the authors’ doors to urge them to carry on. Then again, it’s not like fan fic writers get fame or fortune for their work. So, proceed at risk of your own frustration, or find shorter pieces by the same writers, mayhap, but either way, please share a little thanks for what you enjoy.  

Thank you for asking this question, because it gave me an opportunity to poke around and find some fics I hadn’t seen in a long time, make a nod to some newer ones that tickled my fancy, and remember some good reads that pulled me into the fandom, which I hope will continue despite the show’s end.


so! im in big need of money to help me pay for university, so i’ll be putting a bunch of different priced adoptables out!! [but this is only the first batch if they sell well, so don’t worry if you miss out ;3c] boosts always appreciated too! 

as a bonus: you can get a £5 discount on any talksprites bought of these adopts. [£20/$26 for set expression, £30/$39 for mix and match] 

rules & availability under the cut: 


  • i will hold a design for a maximum of 3 days
  • i can’t do refunds, but designs may be regifted, please don’t resell them 
  • payment will be through paypal, but please keep conversion fees in mind
  • if you’re interested let me know through IM or ask!  
  • designs can be changed as desired, but it would be appreciated if they were kept recognisable as the original! 
  • you don’t need to keep the personality tidbits. if you have a different idea for them, go ahead! theyre just for fun ;3c
  • please credit me the first time you draw them, and i’d love to see what you do with them!


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  6. TAKEN BY @etcheocs

get in loser we’re going shopping

requested by @ananou59​ (privately). thank you so much for requesting, i hope you enjoy! this was really fun to write, so make sure if you need anything, come again! <3


  • that guy that won’t shut up about how everyone has to totally shop at his favourite store
  • and when they go to his favourite store he’s like “oh just a sec let me buy the whOLE FUCKING STORE”
  • impatient when friends are trying on clothes
  • “just buy and we can leave”


  • your friend with unhealthy spending habits
  • the moment he walks into the store the workers are already working hard to pack all the shit in the store to him
  • y’know what, might as well just sell the entire building to him bc he wants every fucking particle he sees
  • the guy that buys items that people regift for christmas


  • fell asleep in the couch outside because chanyeol was too indecisive on whether or not the ugly christmas sweater would look nice on him
  • the guy that accidentally slips in a puddle of janitor water
  • probably in the food court if you can’t contact him bc food is the only entertaining thing right now
  • “why were malls invented”


  • if he’s in a good mood he’ll be like “oh there’s a sale over here”
  • but if soo’s in a bad mood he’ll probably just give you that “you better not fuck up” look until you buy something
  • don’t bother him when he’s looking at his shit bc he will fight you
  • and don’t rush him or next time he’ll rush your death


  • looking at everything and being indecisive af
  • “this teddy bear looks super super cute but the this one is pink and super  super soft aaa!!”
  • insisting that those clothes must look amazing on him and will cry if you tell him to “buy it later”
  • “no there’s a sale i have to check it out” —kim jongin about a cleaning supplies department store


  • when someone tells him it makes him look ugly he’ll keep finding looking for more so he can feel satisfied
  • “my taste is better than yours”
  • if he’s uninterested in the fact that kyungsoo wants to blow tons of money on a furniture store he’ll probs find himself in a lingerie store by accident
  • too busy being eyed on by thirsty girls


  • the guy that gets lost in the fucking mall
  • “oooh!! this hat reminds me of the time i went to dim sum and found a suitcase under the cart !! i must buy it for memories !!”
  • if he sees it and likes it, he’ll buy it
  • won’t simply waste money on useless shit because “what you buy is what you are”


  • too busy looking at new shoes that exo gave up on him and just waited outside for three hours
  • bargaining like a bitch
  • comes out three hours later like “i didn’t find anything i liked except this girl’s number” and proceeds to throw away her number for lols
  • spending too much time in the cosmetics store


  • he doesn’t go shopping because shopping goes to him
  • probably owns the fucking mall that he invited exo to shop at so he could make more money on the side
  • to get back at jongdae and chanyeol he purposely raised the parking fee of their parking stall lmao
  • but will generously buy whatever sehun wants


  • forcing the hyungs to buy him shit because “i’m the youngest”
  • “it’s christmas?” better buy all the hyungs some rubber gloves and tampons because they’d make nice christmas ornaments (otl)
  • what are these flappy things?? oh they have wings!! i can use them to fly !! maybe i should give them to luhan cos i always hear girls talking about buying them oh oh oh maybe i can use them to gift to my mother—
  • but the moment he walks into a high end clothing store he’s all like “peasants welcome to my realm”


  • “why take me to buy gucci?? i have them all shipped to my house”
  • criticizing everyone’s fashion sense because it’s “so bland, tasteless, and makes me want to puke”
  • the higher the price the happier the tao
  • “hyung i forgot my wallet”


  • the oldest hyung who fell asleep while supervising sehun because junmyeon wanted to make sure he wouldn’t kill himself
  • takes price and use into consideration
  • “maybe i should buy a gift for jongdae and junmyeon… nah”
  • using his natural aegyo to scam luhan’s money and succeeding in the span of three seconds

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"I don't know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now" with Tendou and Kuroo (separately) please?


Winter break had finally come after gruesome exams and non-stop studying. Tendou had invited you over to his house to hang out and relax after finals and you agreed, of course, you love your boyfriend!

You wanted to hang out with him but you weren’t expecting to be hiding behind your snow fort trying to protect yourself from getting hit in the face by his snowballs.

“(Name)~ Come out!” Tendou sang as your fort began breaking from the impact of his snowballs. Just how strong was he throwing these! It looks like it could break your nose!

“Satori! You’re going to hit me in the face!” You whined as you tried to patch your fort with the excess snow on the ground. Your cheeks were rosy from the cold winter and the snow on your gloves were slowly making your hands cold.

“I won’t hit you in the face if you come out and fight with me!” He responded back and you pouted, “Promise?” 

“I promise!” 

Sighing, you pop up out from the fort and immediately felt the impact of the cold and hard snowball. You whined and cried at the snow that was melting and sliding off your face, “Satori! You lied to me!” 

You could hear his laughter on the other side as you wiped the excess snow off your face. Looking over at him, his spiked hair was slowly falling down his face and his cheeks were a cute rosy color that made him so adorable.

You sighed with a little huff as you continued to watch him laugh, “I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now.” You say as you bent down to form a snowball in your hand. 

“I’ll accept either one as my present,” He answers and immediately feels the impact of your snowball on his face. Your laughter on the other side forms a smile on his lips as he makes another snowball with his hands, “I won’t go easy on you now (Name)~”


It was a tough and tiring day for you and all you wanted to do was sleep, so that’s exactly what you did; on Kuroo’s bed of course. 

Entering his house, you took your shoes off and greeted his mother before you walked straight into his bedroom and threw yourself on his bed, still in your school uniform.

Kuroo watched you from his desk and smiled at your tired form, “Tough day at club today?” He asked and you groaned into his pillow before wrapping yourself in his blankets. 

“Alright, have a good night.” He says as he turns back around and focuses on his studies while you slept on his bed. You loved his bed, it smelt just like him and for some reason, it was just way comfier than your own bed.

After half an hour, Kuroo stood up and stretched his arms and legs from sitting down too long. He looked down on his bedroom floor and noticed it was a bit messy with clothes and bags all over the floor but he shrugged his shoulders and walked over to the door to get a snack in the kitchen.

That was until he stepped on a bag and heard a crack with the shatter of glass. Quickly raising his foot to not accidentally cut himself, he bent down and carefully opened the bag just to find the cute gift you made him crushed.

You had framed a photo of you and Kuroo and gave it to him as a gift a few days ago and he forgot to take it out of the bag, thus breaking it.

Kuroo froze as he heard you shuffle on the bed before you tiredly spoke, “Tetsurou? Did something happen?” Your eyes were still closed and you pulled the blankets closer to your lips.

Kuroo quickly nodded and stood up, taking the bag with him, “Everything’s fine! Just bumped into the mirror!” He lied and watched as you nodded before you turned to face the wall.

Sighing, he quickly ran into the living room and planned out how he would fix the mess before you woke up and hated him for breaking your gift.

After a good 1-2 hour nap you finally woke up and sat up from his bed, stretching your arms in the process. You squint your eyes just to see Kuroo looking at you with a nervous smile on his face.

“What?” You ask still drowsy from your sleep and he scoots his chair closer to you as he hands you the new and “improved” framed photo. “What’s this for? Isn’t this what I gave you?” 

“Here’s the thing. While you were sleeping I accidentally broke it and I felt bad so I fixed it with my touch. It’s an apology gift.” 

You looked down at the photo framed that was badly decorated with glitter and flowers and colors. It formed a smile on your face because you knew he wasn’t good at art but he tried his best to make it look nice and it touched you.

“I don’t know if I want to kiss you or kill you right now,” You say as you chuckle at the photo frame. Kuroo blushes, “Don’t laugh at it! I tried my best!” 

“I know,” You say leaning over to plant a kiss on his lips, “Thank you, but you’re basically just regifting my gift.”