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Aliens vs 'Red ones go faster' and other bits of very human nonsense

Simon surveyed the ship through the viewport. He’d been brought on by the Karrat’s Hiranthi Spaceport ship construction crew to ‘consult’ on the first ships being sold to the humans. While very good at marketing to all other local species, humans were a new problem all together.

Simon stared at the blank silver hull shining in the spotlights of the construction station. He looked perturbed, frowning at it.

“It’s a little dull… can you make the outside of it red or something? Give it some colour?”

“Which one is ‘red’ again?”

“The colour of that armour plate there, on your shoulder.”

“I see. Why that particularly light-refflecting frequency?”

“It’s… an old Earth saying… ‘red ones go faster’”

“.. Why would the outside colour of a hull affect the speed?”

“It just does, ok?!”

That cycle, Hiranthi Spaceport ship construction outsold all other constructors and had the highest ratings, with many humans commenting on the awesome colour choices and design aesthetics. 

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hear me oouttt in the mv they say they will not let that happen (the shooting thing) so in the end they practically refflect the bullets, and in the last part they make a ''wall'' and protect the dancers, they said HECK NO and became bulletproof (it's more noticeable in the live dance than in the mv)


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my biggest pet peeve with fandoms is when fans say they're allies and shit but when their problematic ship (often include an adult and an underage teen/ abuser and their victim etc) gets pointed out and provided with evidence and facts on why it's problematic in the first place, suddenly we're overacting and being ' political correcting sjws' when in reality these 'sjws' are csa survivors, queer folks and poc. it's 2k17 when will people realize fiction DOES AFFECT reality???

It’s easy to say that ‘fiction doesn’t affect reality’ when you’re not part of any of those groups, and therefore none of those matters affect you whether it’s through fiction or ‘real life’ stuff. I mean, a lot of people seem to believe that fiction exists in a vacuum and thus anything goes, when in fact fiction both refflects reality and affects it directly.

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Seto was very confused as he looked at Yuugi, or at least who he thought was Yuugi, only as a girl. "What the hell happened?!" He asked his lover, alarmed.

“Gods, I have no idea!” She gasped, instantly covering her mouth with her hands. Yugi’s voice now was… that of a girl too! Rushing to the nearest mirror, she looked at herself… yes, her refflection confirmed it, definitely a girl all over. She blushed furiously as she stared at herself in the mirror.