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“Did you find the boy?”

“Yes. Yes, I did, and he’s here, and this man is going to take us to him.”

“Moloch is in the East Wing.”


Start of Darkness (Riverdale) series [story titles + covers]
   ft. Scarlett Leithold as Caroline Grey

administer poison to, either deliberately or accidentally

containing or being poisonous material especially when capable of causing death or serious debilitation

a source of harm or ruin

I wish I could say I miss when things were easy
But this is as good as we’ve ever had it
Isn’t it just a damn shame I still can’t be content?
Isn’t it a crime that I can still want more, more, more
That I think you can possibly give me anything else
when I’m already draining you dry
Compare me to a mythical being
A goddess, a siren, a pixie
Compare me to a soul-devouring leech
Watch me love you to ruin
I wish I could be better
But this is as good as I get
—  I’m sorry I’m watching you bleed out || l.e.


This is how Max, Rachel, and Chloe are going to look in my smutty caulscott college au :D They definitely have a Powerpuff Girls vibe going on 

Max works in the tutoring center at Blackwell University 

Rachel is an aspiring actress that has just taken her first role 

Chloe owns her own mechanic shop because she befriended an old man who considered her a daughter and passed it on to her when he died 

Hope you like! 

My illustration for the @zenfanzine ! This is what happens when you’re extra greedy and you want Zen to have his hair slicked back AND his hair down AND a man bun. And glistening abs. 
It was a fun project and I hope everyone was as excited to see all the pieces on paper as I was!  
Also tfw you look at art from months ago and just. wtf was I thinking