no red lights for me

gf: *about to run a red light*
me: babe that light is red
her: oh shit um ok yes don’t talk about it don’t say another word (as she goes through the light)
me to myself: am i gonna die

my bf and i had so much fun yesterday!! we went to the mall in halifax and then came back in the same day, overall we were probably driving for like 7 hours and it was so nice spending time together. i’d never been that far without my family before and i loved it it was a tiny adventure and it was so gay and we just kept saying i love you and when we were at a red light he would lean over and give me a quick kiss and i just ahhhhh i love him so much

Kiss me in public. Put your arm around me so people know I’m with you. Call me babe in front of our waiter. Pull me in because I’m just not quite close enough to you. Make me watch that one tv show that’s your guilty pleasure. Tell me your biggest fear and I’ll promise to protect you. Kiss me at red lights because if you don’t then I’ll kiss you. Show me the one song you can never listen to without crying. Don’t hide the tiny details about you. Because I’ll remember every one of them.


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isabelle lightwood or clary fray


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