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Snake husbandry is important, but a grief post about someone's LOVED DEAD ANIMAL is not the place to do it. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you? "Your snake died because you killed it." That's so fucking rude. I used to respect you before this shit. That's a total overstepping and EXTREMELY INSENSITIVE to someone who SUFFERED A LOSS. You wouldn't show up to someone's grandmother's funeral and say "Well, if she'd have eaten better she'd still be alive." You of all people should know better

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Ayato deleted Scenario

Hello hello my second translation! Basically Ayato and Yui are having alone time in the garden but Laito suddenly appears…Enjoy!

Ayato: …

[Ayato gives a kiss]

Heroine: Nn…

Ayato: Haha. It’s here, isn’t it? A place where women tend to enjoy, isn’t that right?

Heroine: It’s a wonderful place. I usually take walks here.

Ayato: Haa. I guess it’s not it (special)?

Heroine: I don’t care about it…I just would like to do something like a date.

[Ayato pushes back the fabric of clothing along the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: …chu…

[Ayato kisses the Heroine’s neck]

Ayato: Ahh. Haha, the smell of your blood is getting sweeter.

Heroine: Ah, Ayato-ku–

Ayato: I’ll be in trouble if you push me down like this, I’ll be hurt by the rose thorns. Haha, get on your feet, do your best to stand…

[Ayato starts kissing down her chest]

Heroine: Nn….

Heroine: (N-No good. I can’t stand…!)

[The Heroine is suddenly embraced by Laito from behind]

Laito: He–llo~!

Heroine: !!

Laito: It’s dangerous. It seems Ayato-kun needs a bit of help.

Ayato: Asshole…What are you doing here?

Laito: What indeed…

[Laito faces the Heroine, sniffing her neck]

Laito: How could I not be attracted by such sweet smelling blood? …Ha…smells soo~ good

[Ayato pulls the Heroine away from Laito]

Ayato: Tch! Don’t touch her! Freaking Hentai!

Laito: Fufu~ I don’t want to be told that by Ayato who was doing such a thing in a place like this.

Ayato: Shut up! Just get lost already! Stop bothering me!!

Latio: …that’s just like you. Wouldn’t it be ok to let me smell sometimes?

Ayato: Funny.

Laito: I’m not joking. Her scent recently keeps coming out. It’s so unbearable that I’m going crazy…

[Laito gets a little excited]

Laito: This desire…if you don’t hold back a bit, you’ll end up taking too much, you know?

Ayato: Asshole!

Laito: If you let me enjoy the scent a little right now, I promise not to take too much. Sound good?

Ayato: …

Laito: Of course, it can continue like this. I can hold her up, and that way Ayato can concentrate on loving her.

Ayato: …Just sniffing her, right?

Heroine: Eh..??

Latio: Mm. Just her scent.

Ayato: Just for now?…Then keep your promise. Or else…

Laito: Fufufu. I can tell you’re troubled even without looking at you. I get it.

Heroine: I-Is this really–??

A.) It is difficult

B.) Look towards Laito

A.) It is difficult

Heroine: Ah…this would be difficult.

Heroine: (To be touched by someone other than Ayato-kun…it’s embarrassing and impossible!)

Ayato: …Ah, I see. It might have been a good plan.

Heroine: Eh…?

Ayato: It’s been a while since I’ve seen the shame in your face.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: Heheh. Don’t worry. I definitely won’t let him touch you.

Heroine: Th-That’s not the problem…

B.) Look towards Laito

Heroine: …

Laito: …Bitch-chan, when you look at me with such inviting eyes, it’s unbearable~

Heroine: (W-What? I’m not looking at him like that)

Ayato: Oy!!

[Ayato grabs the Heroine’s arms]

Ayato: That’s why, you don’t have to worry about the Hentai! Hey, look only at me. If you look anywhere else…I’ll kill you.

Heroine: !!

Ayato: That guy…

Laito: Ehh? Me?

Ayato: Obviously!

Laito: Aahh~ Well not looking at my face is fine. The smell alone of her blood can be tasted. Then, Bitch-chan~ Don’t look at me.

Laito: Haa…the scent of this blood is so strong I’m getting dizzy just leaning in.

[Laito sniffs her ear]

Heroine: …Nn..

Ayato: Oy, you should be concentrating here.

Heroine: Nnntsu….

Ayato: …tch. Forget about the Hentai behind you.

[Ayato continues to kiss the Heroine]

Laito: It’s so painful…nee, could I lick a little?

Heroine: Ehh…??

Ayato: Oy, this is good enough.

Latio: Ahh, so unfortunate. Ayato-kun is so stingy. Wouldn’t it be ok to lick? It (her blood) won’t diminish.

Ayato: Don’t touch her with a dirty tongue!…That sort of thing…belongs to me alone.

[Ayato licks her neck]

Heroine: Nn…

Laito: Heeeh…Bitch-chan’s neck is a weak spot?

Ayato: Shut up and watch.

Laito: Yes yes….I’ll just endure this scent…fufu…

Heroine: …nn.

Ayato: Haha…are you excited from being watched? Your scent has gotten stronger…

[Ayato licks her]

Heroine: T-That…

Laito: Ahhh…It really is an amazing smell…

Ayato: Haha! Are you heating up? …ha….nn…

[Ayato sucks her blood]

Heroine: Ahh…nn…

Laito: Ahhh~ Your blood is flowing…it’s going to pour right into Ayato-kun…

[Laito making gurgling noises with his throat]

Ayato: Heh…

Laito: What…such sweet smelling blood…

[Laito licks her]

Laito: More and more I’m really…reaching my limit…

Heroine: It hur–! Laito-kun, your arm–it hurts!

Laito: Mm…!

[Laito tries to bite the Heroine in the arm]

Ayato: Oy.

[Ayato pulls Laito off]

Laito: !!

Ayato: Motherfucker…do you wanna die?

Laito: You…well…so mean, Ayato-kun.

Ayato: Shut up!! I’ll kill you right now!!

Heroine: W-Wait, Ayato-kun!!

Heroine: (Ayato-kun will…s-seriously!)

Laito: Ahhh-ahh. Ayato really became serious….you are really loved~

Heroine: Eh?

Laito: O-k~ The disturbing one will leave. The two of you can relax.

Ayato: Wait, you Hentai fucker!

Heroine: (I am loved…gahh)

Ayato: Fuck, this guy trying to get other people’s prey…The next time I see you I’ll kill you!!

Heroine: (Even if it’s a twisted sort of love, I’m happy. I think I’m becoming a bit strange…)

Kyaaaahhh so cute! Haha I love Ayato <3 Ty for reading this far! Reblogs are appreciated but please do not use without permission.


Reblog if you think Martin Freeman is Freaking Hot as Venus😉

Seriously though, Benedict gets pointed out as being the super Sexy Sherlock.
And Martin as being the adorable John Watson. Which is fine! John is super adorable, Martin is super adorable…
But!!! He’s also super hot!! (photos above prove that point) personality wise and body wise! I don’t know about temperature wise though… (Bad pun..)


Merle was a drug user, Daryl wouldnt date a drug user because he saw what it did to his brother. Plus all of you are fucking romanticizing drug abuse when its a horrible fucking thing that kills people and ruins relationships and tears familys apart. Plus where the fuck are you gonna get drugs in an apocalypse? Unless the reader was hiding the drugs from the group and keeping them for themselves which would piss Daryl off and cause Rick to kick them out of the group. Plus what about when they cant get drugs often enough? Do you even know what its like to go through fucking withdrawls? Its the worst and it could literally KILL the reader and if the withdrawls themselfs didnt then their need for the drugs would become so strong they wouldnt be focused on staying alive and would probably end up bit by a walker because they werent paying attention. SO FUCKING KNOCK IT OFF! DONT ROMANTICIZIE DRUG ABUSE! DONT ROMANTICIZE MENTAL ILLNESS! DONT ROMANTICIZE SELF HARM! DONT ROMANTICIZE ABUSE! LIKE SERIOUSLY THESE THINGS SHOULDNT NEED TO BE SAID

And if you agree with this post dont just like it. reblog it, let more people see it because I feel this needs to be said

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Are you aware that a maxvid saw your post and decided it'd be a great idea to make a maxvid week just because you didn't want them to participate

Kinda expected it to happen honestly. I knew they couldn’t keep their noses out of places they weren’t wanted. And I knew it would upset them to exclude them from something.

And now they’re going to make themselves known as gross shippers (if they weren’t already), making it all the more easy for people to block them and blacklist them.

Either way, it’s like I said in the main post for Dadvid Appreciation Week: Don’t harass them (SERIOUSLY DO NOT HARASS PEOPLE OR TELL THEM TO KILL THEMSELVES, YOU’RE ALL BETTER THAN THAT) but don’t give them attention. Make it clear that their art isn’t worth shit if they’re that petty and disgusting. The worst thing you can do to an artist is give them NO ATTENTION AT ALL. Don’t reblog it, don’t like it, don’t do ANYTHING. Don’t even like their other art that has no connections to the ship because those implications carry over to their other stuff.

They’re not wanted here and we need to make that clear without resorting to methods that are seriously harmful, like callout posts or death threats.

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Hey, so I absolutely adored what you wrote for my last request. Can I request more of Jackaboy with a pregnant reader, please? Maybe they've been trying for a while and the test is finally positive and Jack just can't wait to announce it to the world? Thanks in advance!

It was time. The minutes had passed, you kept your eyes clenched tight. Sean was pacing outside the bathroom door. The last three tests - in about as many months - had been negative and you weren’t sure your little heart could take it again.

“We can always go to a doctor to help us?” jack called through the door, his ceaseless fidgeting quieting for the moment. “If it’s negative, I mean. See if maybe it’s something wrong with one of us?”

Your heart broke a little at the anxiety in your beloved’s voice, knowing he was just as desperate for the little plus sign as you. If not more.

Playing Dream Daddy did seem to have increased his desire for a child.


You took a deep breath, neglecting to answer in favor of slowly turning the pregnancy test to look.

“Oh my god.”

Your voice cracked and you let out a tiny sob. Assuming the worse, Sean flung the door open. Tears were already threatening his ocean blues, and he wrapped his arms around you. “Oh sweetheart… I’m sorry. Tomorrow we can schedule-”

“Sean, look!

Four months passed and the Septic fandom had noticed you were reluctant to come on camera. Had you been harassed or something? Were you and Jack having problems and you didn’t want to be involved with them anymore?

Many were worried, sending you messages on social media, drawing cute pictures of you in attempts to cheer you up.

“They’re so sweet,” you commented one night, curled up in one of Sean’s hoodies. He was editing a RYC, and you were munching on your favorite snack. A mug of peppermint tea was on standby, as was coffee for your fiancé. “Someone drew me and Sam.”

“Aww, look how cute!” He grinned at you, kissing your cheek. “Just like you.”

“Have you told Mark or the others?” You asked after a moment of comfortable silence. You’d been prompted by a Dark and Anti fanart, which had ended up in your tumblr tag. Probably because you jokingly said you preferred Dark.

“Felix knows, and I’ve been hinting it to to Mark and Ethan but I dunno if they just haven’t figured it out or if they think it’s me saying I want a kid.”

“Bet you a coffee Ethan gets it first.”

“Only if you get decaf.”

They were getting really concerned now. You were mentioning feeling sick and tired in tweets and Jack was saying you just didn’t have the energy to sit and play a game with him right now.

Were you seriously ill?

Jack would’ve told them, right?

Was it leading to an Anti reveal?

You laughed at that theory, reblogging it with no tags just to watch people set things on fire. “They think Anti’s gonna kill me.”

“Maybe they think Anti’s gonna take you over?” He suggested, setting a bright purple mug in front of you. A fan had given it to you after your engagement to Sean had been announced. On it was a large Sam Septiceye, and the words Mrs. Septiceye in radioactive green cursive.

It was one of your favorites.

“Ooh I like that idea, let’s do something with it.” He laughed at you, nudging the ginger tea towards you. The morning sickness had mostly subsided - it hadn’t been super horrible but neither of you were fond of vomit- but the ginger helped a lot.

“Maybe after our wee bab finally joins us?” He suggested, turning back to the tv. “We should tell them though, you are over halfway along.”

You sipped from your mug with a grin. “How should we do that, Mr. Eye?” Sean sat back, an arm around your shoulders.

“A video probably. Let them know you aren’t dying or somethin’. We can Vlog going to buy baby furniture and not tell them it’s for us until the end.”

“How’s my favorite preggo?”

“You can’t just call her that, Ethan. That’s rude.”

“It’s okay Mark-”

“You gotta ask how miss preggo is!”> Ethan and Mark dissolved into giggles on the screen, and you sighed. Sean was giggling too, trying to hide it in his coffee mug. Amy looked sympathetic, flicking Mark’s ear.

“For real though, you’re doing okay right?”

At that, the boys settled and sat eagerly. You smiled at them all, nodding. “Yeah. Doc says we’re both healthy as can be, and my delivery shouldn’t have any complications.” Ethan looked relieved suddenly, and it dawned on you.

The boys had been nervous for you, but hadn’t wanted to stress you out.

“We just filmed a trip to the furniture store too,” Sean cut in. “To announce the baby ya know?”

“At last!” Mark giggled. “Jack’s been so patient but all I’ve heard is how excited he is to tell everyone.”

A look of betrayal took over your fiancé’s face and he leaned close to the camera so the others could only see his bright eyes. “Traitor.”

The video went up not too long after that. Your stomach was kept out of frame for the most part, but was hidden under an oversized sweater when it was shown.

“So what color is the nursery?”

“I think the light grey and purple they showed us?” You answered, referring to the people you’d gone too for paint samples. “So maybe a purple bedset for the bassinet?”

“It’ll go with the big ass teddy bear Felix bought.”

“I found the cutest pajama thing!”

“Sean that’s… okay, yeah that’s pretty cute.”

“We’re getting it.”

It wasn’t until you guys were back at home, and you led Sean into the spare-room-turned-nursery that the pieces finally came together.

You guys weren’t shopping for someone else’s baby, but your own.

“Surprise!” You both shouted, standing beside a large sign with your due date plastered in green and purple letters.

I love doing the pregnant fiancée thing! For @foxinaforestofstars 💚

Since everyone is quick to reblog how veganism will kill you and make your hair fall out (in that order I guess), I’m going to share some positive health benefits I’ve had from being vegan for 12 years. Some of it gets personal, so be forewarned.

  • I rarely experience my IBS anymore (undiagnosed, but I missed days at a time of high school from chronic constipation and stomach cramps that would leave me bed-bound)
  • Seriously, it’s rare I’ll need more than a couple minutes on the toilet now, whereas before I would spend 30+ minutes in the bathroom, in agony
  • Chronic sinus infections and upper respiratory infections hit me every few months when I still ate dairy; now I only get sick after flights (from the change in air pressure on my sinuses)
  • I rarely get the flu or colds, especially useful since flu shots give me extreme fatigue (though I still recommend getting them if you can)
  • I have not lost weight, and actually gained weight when I was only a vegetarian as opposed to vegan, but I’ve found weight management is a lot easier now since I don’t have to even think about cholesterol and saturated fat intake
  • Even though I’m technically obese according to the BMI, my blood pressure, HDL, LDL, glucose, and triglycerides are always very good
  • I no longer go into a “food coma” after a meal, even if I overeat
  • I never have to worry about biting into something and finding a bone, gristle, blood veins, or other mystery body parts (which happened to me before many times)
  • I never have to worry about biological contamination of my kitchen from raw, bacterial-ridden meat
  • I once got food poisoning as a teenager from undercooked chicken that left me in such horrible pain I should have gone to urgent care. I have never had an experience like that again over 12 years of eating plant-based foods. My ex, who would eat burgers at least twice a day, got food poisoning on the same pain scale at least once a year.
  • I feel like I’m making a tangible difference in the world. Even though I’m not always involved in animal rights activism, it gives me a sense of purpose and drive to realize that animals are worth fighting for. And I didn’t have that before.

That’s all I can think of for now (it’s hard for me to even remember what it was like to eat meat because it’s been so long). Obviously this won’t be the same for everyone who goes vegan, and you may not have the same health issues I do, so be sure to do your research first.

I hope this was a nice change from all the anti-vegan posts. This will sound very cliche, but veganism really did change my life for the better. I honestly don’t know what kind of person I would be today if I hadn’t taken the leap and gone vegan.

So if you’re thinking about going vegan…

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I’m screenshotting instead of reblogging because I don’t want to give this shit notes but seriously?? You draw your ocs boiling trans people alive and killing and baking them into food and then claim that you’re oh-so-innocent and that its all the evil trans faults for overreacting and seeing your events wrong uwuuwuwuwuwuwu… umm you’re disgusting???????????

Advice/Thoughts for New Fans/Stans Coming Into the TK Fandom

1. Have fun!

2. Like the stuff you wanna like–dislike what you wanna dislike. Don’t let anyone make you feel forced to like a song/album/etc. if you don’t like it. Maybe explain why you don’t like something constructively/discuss it, but don’t force yourself to change for anyone. FYI- you will be attacked for not liking something/disagreeing with the norm–it’s hard, but try your best to ignore it and keep going.

3. There are 4 people in The Killers: Brandon, Ronnie, Dave, and Mark. It’s not just Brandon. Each person brings such a special, unique component to the band, and everyone is important.

4. This band is good at being frustrating, and they ARE NOT perfect. They make questionable choices like everyone else.

5. The band has families/personal lives, and it’s important to respect them and their privacy. They are people too. There are certain members that scour all kinds of social media profiles to leak/post around personal family photos. I can’t tell you not to reblog/share them obviously, but I would suggest that you think about the situation. 

6. There are people in this fandom that take things too fucking seriously–don’t let them mess with you just because you don’t like something/etc. They have no lives and aren’t worth your time and/or energy.

7. This fandom is good at being exclusive/clique-y, depending on the subset of people. Don’t feel bad for not being included and don’t kill yourself trying to join in certain *groups*–you’ll find your own friends over time. Trust me. Don’t be someone you’re not.  

Missing: Part Seven

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Virgil and Aubrey were sitting silently in the darkness as they had been for most of their stay. Distortion hadn’t interacted with them at all since Virgil’s arrival. This both relieved and frightened the two prisoners. But then she decided it was time to check up on them. And she had a surprise.

A dim flickered on, causing Virgil and Aubrey to have to squint until their eyes could adjust to the sudden break from the darkness. Once they did, they could see Distortion standing in front of the cage with an impish smirk of her face.

“Hello, Virgil, Aubrey,” she said. “You seem so sad. So… lonely.” She started to glitch, vanishing from her spot and reappearing inside the cage. She got on one knee in front of Virgil and lifted his chin with her pointer finger. He stared at her blankly.

“Why such sad eyes?” she said. He gave her no answer. She stood up again and made her way over to Aubrey.

“You know, Aubrey, I’m feeling a little bored,” she said, squatting down to look her in the eyes. “Why don’t you entertain me a little. You like singing, don’t you?”

“I’d never sing for you,” Aubrey growled. Distortion smiled and straightened up, glitching back out of the cage.

“Well, if you won’t sing for me… how about her?” Distortion gestured behind her, where another light, brighter than the other, turned on. Aubrey gasped and ran toward the edge of the cage when the light illuminated Pansy, tied up and gagged.

“Release her!” Aubrey demanded, wishing she had her sword.

“Feeling left out Virgil? Don’t worry, I have a friend for you, too,” Distortion said, ignoring Aubrey. Another light flickered on, revealing Patton in the same situation as Pansy. Fear flooded over Virgil when he saw his captured friend.

Distortion chuckled upon seeing his reaction, then snapped both her fingers. Pansy and Patton appeared in the cage, still tied up.

“Bye bye,” Distortion said before vanishing.

“Pansy!” Aubrey exclaimed, rushing over to the emotional trait. She quickly untied her friend and removed the gag. As soon as she was free, Pansy threw herself onto Aubrey, sobbing into her chest.

“It’s okay, Pansy, I’m here. You’re okay,” Aubrey assured her, soothingly rubbing circles on her back.

While Aubrey was busy with Pansy, Virgil untied Patton, who was just as shaken as Pansy. Knowing Virgil didn’t like a lot of physical contact, however, he kept to himself. But Virgil opened his arms, welcoming Patton into a comforting hug.

After the two emotional traits had calmed down a bit, the four sat in a circle, trying to form some sort of plan.

“This is hopeless,” Virgil said. “We don’t know enough about Distortion to form any sort of plan. And even if we did have a plan, she’s probably been able to know about it.”

“Then what do we do?” Patton asked.

“We wait,” Aubrey said, still holding a frightened Pansy. “We wait and see what happens. We may be stuck now, but I doubt Distortion will just leave us here. She wants us for something. We just have to wait until whatever that thing is comes.”

The trait in her arms whimpered softly. Aubrey smiled warmly down at her.

“She was right about one thing,” she said. “I won’t sing for her, but…”

“Please,” Pansy said, sitting up. “Your songs are so calming.” Aubrey nodded, stood up, and cleared her throat.

“Healthy is the heart that goes on, even when everything feels so wrong,” she began. “Turn off your senses and let go of all those defenses you built up so strong. Lucky’s the one who breaks free—free from himself and his hopes and his fears.” Aubrey walked slowly over to Patton, playfully pulling him up by the sleeves of the cardigan around his neck. “Take from your shoulders the weight that you don’t need to hold anymore cause I’m here. I’ll be your protection, darling.”

“Nothing will harm you tonight,” Aubrey sang, leading Patton in a little dance with the intention of putting a smile on his fearful face. “All of your darkness will turn into light. Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away.” The smile she hoped for grew on his face and she spun him around. He even let out a small laugh. “No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

“Happy is the heart that holds on—onto the knowledge that it won’t be long,” she continued, letting go of Patton and making her way over to Pansy. She took her hands and pulled her to her feet. “Until I’m back in your arms and you’ll make like a guardian through till the dawn. You’ll be my protection, darling.”

“Nothing will harm you tonight. All of your darkness will turn into light,” Aubrey sang, twirling Pansy around as she did with Patton until a smile appeared on the other’s face. “Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

Virgil hadn’t realized he had zoned out until he was pulled back to reality when Aubrey took his hand and pulled him up as she did with the others. He knew very well it was Aubrey in front of him, but for some reason, he wanted so badly to believe it was Roman serenading him instead.

Although his eyes showed him Aubrielle, his mind told him it was Roman. The dramatic trait seemed to vanish, replaced by Roman. The song she was singing also sounded like it was in his voice.

“Crumble like ashes away from the fire. I’m here to catch you and hold you a while. I’ll just hold you a while,” “Roman” sang, leading him in a slow dance. “Nothing will harm you tonight. All of your darkness will turn into light. Your shadows will fly away. Your ships will sail away. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

As “Roman” let go of his hands, Aubrey returned. She stood in the middle of the room to finish her song.

“Nothing will harm you tonight. No, nothing will harm you tonight.”

It had been a while since the incident with Distortion. Roman, Sawyer, Logan, and Piper were back on their way to where the first two knew Distortion had their friends captured.

“Look, I’m really sorry about earlier,” Roman said to Sawyer.

“It’s fine,” they mumbled, then after a few moments of silence added, “I may have overreacted, slightly, I guess.”

“And… and I’m also sorry for everything else. For not listening to you when you told me to stop. I almost got us both killed. We probably would be dead if it weren’t for Piper and Logan,” Roman continued.

“Drop it,” Sawyer said.

“No, really,” Roman insisted. “I should have—”

“No, seriously, shut up.”

“Look, I’m trying to be sincere here and you’re—”

“No, you idiot, we’re here!” Sawyer said, pointing to the large castle in front of them.


The next chapter will be better and songless, I promise!

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Hi! It’s Queue Flowy! :)
I have to pass a message to you from the real Flowy:

- If you are reading this, it’s already too late.. I’m dead. This heat has killed me. The world is in grave danger and the only way you can save it, if you like and reblog the shit out of this post. Good luck! -

But seriously though. I managed to build this apartment in the morning ( when the weather was cooler.. around 6-7 am :D ) I made a few pics.

So.. I won’t be here today. I’m too busy playing Life is Strange in my bathtub full of ice…  *-*

Queue Flowy out!
buh- bye! :*

I hate the fact that I can’t fucking reblog pictures of characters showing affecting to family members without worrying about a)the op meant it in a shipping capacity or b)someone else is going to thing I ship them as a romantic relationship

Like when the fuck did this become normal?? It’s fucking gross and I’m tired of worrying about what the potential implications of ‘I love you’ are in a fanart of a grandfather and a grandson is this shit is seriously fucked up

Regarding Asgore hate

TDLR; I detest the fact that people are hating on a depressive, broken and possibly suicidal character and will never give him a second chance. Also, the Dremurrs are as good/bad as each other.

Long version:

This post got me typing! Also, please reblog if you agree, thank you!

I seriously detest how cruel most of the community are to Asgore. It’s like wow, that guy is going through depression and is broken.

  • He even fucking smiles when you kill him in neutral route, like he wishes for death.

  • Or he commits suicide when Flowey doesn’t kill him, saying his wishes are a fantasy and that Asriel would have wanted freedom for you.

Do people know what they look like when they bash asgore mindlessly? Do they? That’s right. Assholes who don’t bat an eye at broken people with depression. Assholes who don’t care that Asgore suicides to give YOU freedom, after being forced on all sides to fight you, hence destroying the mercy button to force you to fight him. Either way,depending on who lives, someone will benefit, and in both cases, it’s not him.

Asgore would rather offer you a cup of tea. He tries to comfort you about death in case you’re scared, and even give you many chances to back off. Hoping you’ll do it.

Forced to kill or be killed with no chance of a third option unless someone gives him one, right? He never intended to live if you win, without outside interference. Think about that for a moment.

Or do they hate Asgore because it gets in the way of their SansToriel shipping? That’s even worse, isn’t it :D The fans are still doing what alphys discourage people to do, ship people who have very real lives.

Disclaimer: I have nothing against shipping in general but when people use what alphys say as a reason, it’s really an excuse when they’re shipping other characters.

Asgore still loves Toriel, and will do anything to reconcile. Even tries to be a better person.

Does he not even deserve a second chance? Why doesn’t he? It’s understandable she’s distraught after losing 8 children, it’s really really painful to experience.

But is Asgore not suffering due to the loss of his family and the despair of his people? Sure, he could like, not proclaim that and try to find another way to get out. The latter which he did try with Alphys. But look at how well that went. It didn’t work.

Which would you rather, the lives of 6 children, or the suffering of an entire race? There’s no easy answer to this, really. 

Both are bad and anybody would like to avoid that if they could. And remember, when Toriel uses the more moral approach when she is queen, they never quite got out of the underground, did they.

Toriel rebukes him very harshly, which is unfair as hell especially they’re both grieving in different ways for the loss of children.

This is not saying that Asgore is innocent. He did after all place a target on all humans. This is saying, Toriel is no pure angel goatmom, she is as bad as Asgore is when it comes to personality and a woman with very real flaws. She is as likeable as he is, but can be a tad unfair to those she doesn’t agree with. She even blames him for the deaths of the children, even though, in reality, he never killed anyone before you reach his castle. To add onto this point, if you pause to think for a moment, none of the equipments that the children used are near his castle. In fact one of them died in the Ruins! It’s the girl with the faded ribbon and toy knife. Likely fell to her death climbing down, as her toy knife is all the way up to the balcony, but her ribbon is at the bottom.

Hell, if you fight him, his attacks when your hp is low(like 2hp) always bring you down to 1hp even if they could have been more, showing a reluctance to actually kill you. You die if you get hit at 1hp, but he will always not kill you if you are above 1hp.

Think. If she knew the fastest way to stop the suffering, why doesn’t she act on it when her husband is too wussy to? That’s right, it’s because of her own morals and kindness. Because she doesn’t want to kill. The same morals and kindess that makes Asgore reluctant to proceed. It’d be more forgiveable if it’s more hiearchy reasons EG. Queen cannot override King’s decisions but we’ve always seen Toriel not really caring about that and kicking Asgore’s butt.

However, she doesn’t have have the pressure that Asgore faced. Her stakes aren’t as high, so she can get away with the moral high ground of not killing and turning her nose up to it. She can afford not to have blood on her hands.

Asgore however is constantly pressured by the monsters who place so much hope on him, I’m sure we all know just how much. You’ve read the text. He couldn’t let them down, when they need hope.

Does he not know that they are suffering? Of course he does! That’s why all the more he couldn’t let them down.All the more he couldn’t retract that statement, because his people will suffer even more and chaos will ensue when there is not enough hope E.G the endings where people overthrow Toriel.

And all because of a statement he made in anger and grief due to the loss of two children.

How many of you never say brash things when you’re upset not even once in your life? That’s right, didn’t think so.

I guess this is why most pictures of SansXToriel irks me so much, if because they’re cruel to Asgore. It is likely unintentional but it’s very cruel. I don’t blame most for shipping them, but please also think about Asgore, okay?

As much as Toriel keeps personal boundaries she still have some stuff that reminds her of him subtly.

Look for it. One of them is the golden flower in her room. Try looking for the rest. It’s not as obvious as Asgore’s but it’s there. And she still bakes butterscotch cinnamon pie. The pie that he LIKES.

It’s like she’s subconsciously thinking of him and still have him in her heart while saying she doesn’t want to be friends. Given, she has the right to personal boundaries. But who’s to say they won’t reconcile?

The fitting punishment Asgore deserves for placing a target on humans is getting his ass kicked by Toriel. Not to say go seperate ways as a couple, but the punishment he deserves is this, which he did get in the True pacifist end!

And in closing, here’s a quote from sans himself from the official tumblr

“it’s not good to dismiss people, either. i mean, even the person who posted the lies shouldn’t be written off as a “bad person.” something in their life led them to this point, you know? just remember: there’s a difference between protecting your friends and destroying someone for your own justice. for honesty’s sake, investigate the truth for yourself, then ask: how is this going to help people? “

Show some compassion, won’t you?

Edit: Wow so many likes and reblogs! Thank you for being so supportive and kind to spread the message, everyone! P.S you’re also fighting a king who dresses up as Santa Claus to give presents to children(Papyrus is too old to be receiving gifts haha)

Edit 2:my gosh it’s still going? Thank you so much!!Love you all!

anonymous asked:

Hi again! I was the anon who asked about Zero is selfish. I fully agree, the double standard in vk fandom irks me. I just happened to see an old reblog where a yume stated her hate for Zero. When I saw the reblogs, many agreed with how Zero is a coward and selfish. I even remember how Zero should stop being emo because it's only one vampire who killed his family, not the whole clan.

(2/2) Sorry I continue to rant haha. You remember the scene where Zero pleaded Yuuki to stay with him in the end after Kaname is n ice block? Haters think Zero is awful and selfish for guilt tripping Yuuki and that he’s like a dog begging. I seriously believe they forget the fact that Yuuki loves Zero and that Zero is trying to save her. I find it weird that the things they hate about Zero also applies to Kaname.

“Zero should stop being emo because it’s only one vampire who killed his family, not the whole clan,” LOL yet Kaname supposedly decided to kill every pureblood because of one attacking Yuuki - not even killing her! - and that was totally cool. Again, double standards. The hate for Zero used to always confuse me, too, because I could understand preferring one over the other, or even indifference, but hate? How do you hate a character like that? One whose story we explored so much in the original series, he seemed more like a main character than our actual main character? I do think part of it is also attributed to Zero fans, because fans of a character or ship can turn you off of the character and ship very easily (as I’m sure we’ve all probably experienced).

Anyway I don’t mind the ranting! I saw a similar post last chapter in the tags about Zero guilt tripping Yuuki into holding his hands and actually lost my own chill for once, which doesn’t usually happen. It’s not that I was mad at the statement so much as I was mad at the double standards, because Kaname literally threatened suicide to make Yuuki stay. And whether or not he “meant it” (a popular counter argument to this) Yuuki thought back on his words repeatedly, because she believed that he did. Like, no honey, that is guilt tripping. Sometimes I feel like people are so offended by us making comments like that about Kaname that they deliberately try to use it to describe Zero because they know it’ll get a rise out of his fans. 

During that scene you mention, yes, Zero was desperate, but it was to save Yuuki’s life. He knew she was suicidal, Yuuki talks about how dark of a period that was in her life, and he had to watch helplessly while she lost herself to that darkness. Of course he’s going to do anything he can to try and pull her out of it. The difference between Zero’s “begging,” and Kaname’s begging is that Zero did it for Yuuki’s benefit. Kaname did it for his own. When Zero did it, Yuuki snapped out of it and moved forward toward her own happiness. When Kaname did it, Yuuki spiraled further and further into despair and lost her smile. But you could explain that until you’re blue in the face and it wouldn’t matter.