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For friends turned into lovers, how would I show that one of the friends likes the other without saying "he realized he likes her" ? How do I show it without being so direct?

Thanks for your question, love!  I love friends-to-lovers <3  It’s probably one of my favorite romance dynamics – like 90 out of my 100 OTPs are friends-to-lovers.

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But there are a lot of these kinds of relationships that I don’t like, too, and it’s for the reason you’re stating.  They’re over-direct, and obvious, and unrealistic.  Two people don’t just go from a platonic place to, “Whoa, I guess I’m in love and never noticed.”

There are two ways to remedy this.  The first is to keep their friendship a little flirtatious in the first place, which is something we see with Andy and April from Parks and Rec, and Jim and Pam from The Office.  Though these two couples both began as strictly friends (and in both situations, one of the two people was in another relationship), they had a hint of attraction toward each other, whether it be purely physical or deeper feelings.  There was something there that you could sense – something palpable, so that when the relationship developed, you could go, “Oh, that makes sense.” 

You don’t have to do this, though.  There are other friends-to-lovers relationships that begin from a place of little or no attraction, like Monica and Chandler from Friends, or April and Jackson from Grey’s Anatomy.  In these cases, there was a particular instant of connection (in other words, a one-night stand) that caused them to view each other differently.  I’m kidding, though – it doesn’t have to be a one-night stand, and in fact, that’s kind of overplayed.  But any moment of connection, physical or emotional, can cause you to reevaluate someone’s role in your life.  Comfort over one another’s loss, a genuine display of friendship, or even a meaningless physical interaction (you know what I’m talking about, Community fans) can spark the random daily instances of, “Wow.  He has gorgeous eyes.” and, “She’s gonna be there, so I have to look nice.”

Overall, though, there are a few different ways to showcase (growing) affection without directly announcing romantic feelings.  Character A might:

  • Notice Character B’s looks, or reassess them from a romantic standpoint
  • Take sudden interest in Character B’s opinions, hobbies, or whereabouts
  • Engage in frequent conversation with Character B (often taking a passive listening role)
  • Feel more comfortable being themselves with Character B
  • Think about Character B while alone (”They would like this book,” “I wonder what they’d say about this,” “I hope they’ll be there.”)
  • Become more physically affectionate with Character B
  • Defend/explain Character B’s actions and intentions to others
  • Desire to improve themselves for Character B
  • Worry about Character B’s opinion of them
  • Have decreased romantic interest in anyone else (including current romantic partners)
  • Compare others to Character B (”My date isn’t as funny as she is,” “I’d be having a better time if he were here.”)
  • Rethink past interactions with Character B from a romantic standpoint
  • Ask other people for their opinion on Character B

Those are just a few ideas.  If you need more help, be sure to let us know!  Good luck :)

– Mod Joanna ♥️

If you need advice on general writing or fanfiction, you should maybe ask us!

Alright, that does it. You’re going to make me use my high school music teacher mode.

Let’s talk about passion and people who send death threats/kill yourself messages over other people’s passions that don’t align with theirs or worse, they hate.

I’m watching a dear blogger getting ripped apart for her love for Tony/RDJ. He is very special to her, who she is very passionate about, and loves to share her passion so others may enjoy. There are clearly people out there who despise him for one reason or another. But instead of just unblogging or blocking tags or just moving past something they’re not interested in, they feel that they have to punish those who enjoy/like/are passionate about that thing. That’s Dark Age/ Spanish Inquisition thinking. We’re in the modern world, we have the power to, with a click of a button, remove ourselves from things we don’t like and surround ourselves with things we do like. Instead, people think it’s easier to belittle others in the name of Why They Are Wrong And Must Be Punished rather than just move on. That’s Nazi thinking.

I’ll give you an example: I don’t like Taylor Swift. Never have. But am I going to go around attacking her, her fans, and those who are passionate about her and it’s what keeps them on this earth? Of course not. I might nudge what I think is better music at them, but telling them to kill themselves or send hate their way is rude, cruel, punishable, AND THEIR PASSION IS NONE OF MY DAMN BUSINESS. Unless it is physically, emotionally, mentally hurting someone else (like forcing someone to like something they don’t like, beating people up, going after a specific group), I just move on.

You like Furries? Not my thing but whatever. You live and breathe Pokemon? Go for it. You think Captain America is better? You’re entitled to your opinion. You tell me to kill myself because I’m a Tom Hiddleston fan? That will hurt. You don’t know that when I was at my darkest time he came into my life and I’m eternally grateful for that. You don’t like him? I don’t want to hear about it.

I work with students EVERYDAY who are learning to overcome the social fear of being passionate about something for this same reason. They know better than to attack someone for something they love. I see them in tears because someone on the outside in order to make themselves feel better attack my student about their passion.

You don’t know what passion is keeping a person on their earth, what’s keeping them from falling apart, what brings light into their darkness. There’s enough anger, fear, hate, and disgusting behavior that could use cleaning up than attacking someone’s passions.

If you don’t like someone’s passion: move on.

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I really like the Danti medieval AU idea, thinking of the citizens of the kingdom? It's just funny to think that the two evils are so caught up fighting each other, not able to give an inch, they they don't have time to actually do much evil to the people. And if they get together they're too busy bickering/f*cking to be evil. Visitors from other kingdoms are like OMG you poor things under the rule of evil! And the citizens are just like "lol not really?"

thank you! the idea for it kinda came outta nowhere for me tbh. i’ve been heavily debating turning it into a full fledged fic, but i’ll see.

i like to think in the au that dark is a reasonable king. that the whole “i can provide” spiel he does shows that he’ll do what he can for his people so he can have their loyalty. but the second his subjects cross him, you know they dead. he’s almost like a devil, like when you swear allegiance to him, you basically like sold your soul to him.

and for anti in the au, he absolutely hates the fact that dark’s people come into his forest and kill his animals only to leave their remains there. so anti brings these beasts back to life, but they’re typically zombie/skeletal-like and puppeteers them to wreck havoc in dark’s kingdom.

or something like that lol 💚

sometimes i feel like people on this site at least over exaggerate their hate for a character to the point that it’s… kinda ridiculous.

my thoughts about our main man john and him being a bitch

Keep in mind, for anyone that reads this: I don’t ship J0nsa or Jon3rys for multiple reasons. I’m not the shipper kind of fan for Game of Thrones, I like to dive into theories and such. Just need to put that in there. I love Dany and Sansa, and so some extent, Jon, I just don’t ship it. Also, all my opinion, which means very little. Just wanted to put my thoughts out there.

Okay, people have been wrongly comparing what D@nerys said to J0n: “Isn’t their survival more important than your pride?” To what John said to Mance, which was the exact same thing, and to be honest, that pissed me off. Johnny wasn’t bending because of his pride. But, well, even when Tormund said: “How many of his people died for his pride?” That entire call back just pissed me off. Oh, and when J0n actually bends the knee, I just lost it. 

Now, everyone (writers and Johny included) seems to have forgotten what Mance told John when Johny asked him that. Mance said: “Pride? Fuck my pride. This isn’t about that.” 

Johnny then told Mance to bend the knee, as Tyrion tells J0n to do, acting if it’s that simple. Mance replies with: “They followed me because they respected me. Because they believed in me. The moment I kneel for a Southern king that’s all gone.” 

J0n lost (hopefully) the North’s respect when he bent the knee to a Southerner. I won’t be shocked when they piss on him and declare themselves for Sansa. But if they don’t, if they completely forget what Robb stood for, then the writers and D&D lost my respect, as they seem to have pissed on the North’s Independence and what Mance stood for too.

Paralleling to what Tormund says in season 7, Jan replies with: “How many tens of thousands are out there right now? How many women? How many children? And you won’t go out and rescue them because why? You’re afraid of looking afraid.” 

They then talked about how Mance might be killed, Johnny tells him he’ll be burned. Mance says, “Bad way to go. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t t want to die. And burnt to death, I don’t want people to remember me like that. Scorched and screaming. But it’s better than betraying everything I believe.” J0n just did that. He betrayed the North. But unlike Jan’s next line, the Northerns won’t sing songs about Johnny. They won’t preserve his dignity. But if they do, I hate literally everyone on this show. Anyways, Mance tells Jan that he’s a good person, “But if you can’t understand why I won’t enlist my people in a foreigners war, there’s no point explaining.”

“I think you’re making a terrible mistake.” J0n tells Mance, and Mance acknowledges that. But all Mance wanted was the freedom to make his own mistakes.

So, yes, the call back to Mance happened, but, in my eyes, it’s been wrongfully interpreted by many fans and even writers. If they want to draw parallels between the two in that scene, remember the entire scene and its context, and don’t forget that thousands of Northern’s died because they didn’t want to be ruled by a Southerner. 

I’m (hoping) they aren’t just cool with Jan betraying everything they fought for, everything Robb stood for, because his dick got hard for his aunt. I also wouldn’t be too keen on John keeping the North happy by marrying his cousin, because that’s also just wrong on so many levels, plus why? Just let Sansa rule the North, she doesn’t need Johnny boy. The North doesn’t need him to be their King, he’ll still fight for them, plus he doesn’t even what the job.  

I’m not even going to talk about why I think Dany isn’t fit to rule, because this is just about me calling out Jan for betraying his home and overall, being stupid, and about the show writers seeming to forget some minor details. 

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the only people's art styles i make fun of are bad people's art styles

its just weird to me bc all our art styles on tumblr are p unoriginal and can basically be categorized into these 3

and for whatever reason each artist branch like HATES and thinks the other artist’s branches are ugly/unoriginal

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maybe kind of late to ask that but how do you feel about hp and the cursed child book? i adored it immediately but i just saw that there are so many people hating on it

It’s not that bad and not that good. It exists in the realm of things like popsicles and Burger King that people eat because they can not necessarily because they actually like them, except for the random few who adore them blindly with no real reason.
So, in my opinion so parts were alright. Others were really not.
I don’t care for it. 😅
(Please don’t attack me, it’s an opinion. I’m ranting but I don’t even hate it I just don’t agree with some parts. You’re opinion is yours and you can have it all you want.)
- Mel (the Slytherin)

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I remember sometime a while back that you like Sabine Wren from Rebels? Its nice to meet a fellow Sabine fan:D. I seen a lot people online who just hate her for either no damn reason or stupid reason(s). (I swear, she gets more hate than Ezra).

Sabine is definitely one of my favorites from the series. It’s a shame to hear that there are people who don’t like her, but I think people are allowed their personal preferences. 

Despite this, I know that there are still a lot of people who like Sabine. 

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Just a tedious quibble - but calling Harry's album "The Pink Album" like so many Harries have done is just…part of the reason Harries get on people's nerves. Like whenever I think, "OK, I've judged his promo & his stans far too harshly." Then I see "The Pink Album" & it just encapsulates every eye rolling aspect of Holo. I don't even know why. It's so - aggrandizing? Precious? Even typing that out is annoying. What's wrong with HS? Easier to write. And accurate. Infinitely more tolerable.

Thanks for the message. I didn’t know… this makes me very sad. I know I myself have criticized Harry’s team in the past, but I would like Harry’s album to be critiqued on its artistic merit. To me, it doesn’t really matter what handle it goes by (TPA was a cute moniker, but yes, HS1 is more accurate, and TEHS1 – The Eponymous Harry Styles 1— true as well, but more pretentious). The fandom wars are ugly and hurtful; I can’t say I stomach it well. It takes away from the music, which is so unfortunate.

And, in the end, the music’s what’s important, and what will matter in pop music history– the content. All of the BS in promo — the Tesses, Taylors, Townes, and Camilles of the world, the stunt-y interviews, the SM games H and L’s friends play for them, the fan wars– all will be washed away by the content of the music.

Not only the musical content, but hopefully their real relationship can be reported honestly one day. We’re here for music but also for our boys. We are rooting for them to win– I hope we all are.

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I often see people mention reasons why they hate naruto and one of them is often "sasuke is emo and it annoys me" I have noticed this in other fandoms too, I'm not sure why people consider it such a big deal if a character is like this. To me it's a trope that is much easier to ignore than some others.

It’s a shallow reason to hate naruto, but as long as they hate naruto, that’s a good thing.

Personally, I can like emo who’s out for revenge and destruction, but I can’t stand emo who’re just angsty for affection or respect, there’s only so much melodrama I can take when I read shonen. At least with revenge character like sauske and kurapika, they’re doing some real shit and killing some bitch. 

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how do you feel about people pretty much copying your style? I found someone but idk if I should report them to you bc they said it's just "inspiration" but it's not similar, it's like a bad copy. Idk what your policy on these things are as I'm a fairly new fan, so do you want people to tell you about these things or just report the person and move on, or ignore it completely

i feel like… as long as it isn’t flat-out /tracing/ it’s okay;; i wouldn’t recommend emulating my style (for many reasons HH) but if people are using it to practice– it’s alright !!

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hiya, I'm not sure if it has always been this way, but it says you only allow messages from tumblrs that you follow - perhaps that is part of the reason for the lack of interaction? I'm not sure, but I know sometimes people don't want their messages posted publicly but they'd like to communicate with you ... food for thought! (cont)

(cont) I’d love to reach out and be friends, but it seems like a lot of blogs are only interested in their mutuals….which makes it hard for a lot of your followers to interact directly with you and befriend you. Idk, I’m not meaning this as an attack at all, I want to help! It just seems like by keeping messages turned off for blogs you don’t follow that only certain blogs are deemed worthy, which can be offputting - especially when people really want to get to know you :(

My intention is not to only allow messages from those who I “deem worthy” it is just to avoid miscellaneous messages, more specially spam and virus spreading messages. I am sorry I am offputting because my messages are limited. It is really not meant to be personal! I turned them on for everyone, but I hope it is understandable that I have them off consider some of the messages I receive on the regular. I am not sure of anyone else has talked to people who brown nose you the entire time? Does not make for good conversation so I can usually avoid that by it being only open to people I follow.

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I saw y'all reblogged something about ddlg not being welcomed on your blog. I don't have any problem w that I was just wondering why and if you disagree w it in all cases, or if you feel like there are appropriate forms or whatever? I've heard so many different things from people who all consider themselves feminists so I'm just curious!

Oh man, well first the thing you’re talking about I mainly reblogged because of the TERF argument that was going on. 

Um personally I don’t know where I stand on sense I guess? Because personally it makes me very uncomfortable so I have a hard time separating how I PERSONALLY feel about it versus me feeling it’s problematic and it freaks me out for personal reasons, to the extent that I don’t want to know more..

Does that help..probably not.

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  • unfollow me
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I won’t get mad or anything. It’s important to make sure you feel comfortable and secure.

So I can’t be the only one who noticed right? Dan being smol in baking vids 😉

Do not repost. Reblogs are appreciated.

“I love Rouge she’s my fave”

“But her design is just awful, sexualization much?”

Fun fact!! cishet male survivors of abuse are just as deserving of love, comfort, understanding, and recovery as the rest of us. Privilege doesn’t negate trauma.

I went through a few looks, but liked this one the best.