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i'm so tired of you dumbasses uses his fucking mental illness as a fucking excuse for fucking everything. he's a fucking manipulator and liar just accept jt

his mental illness is not an “excuse”. it is a reason. his mental illness is not our scapegoat. it is our connection to him. we all know what it feels like to be in his shoes. we don’t go into a relationship to hide something from the people we love or to intentionally manipulate or hurt them. to imply otherwise is pretty “fucking” ableist.

maybe i can grant you being angry at even. maybe, and it really is a hard maybe. but if you think this makes him a terrible person, if you think this means his and isak’s relationship isn’t built on love and trust, then maybe i should refer you to the passe på meg clip again, where isak refused to clue even in on what he did in /his/ past, and even not once pushed him into it.

neither of them are saints, most likely. but neither of them are liars or manipulative people and neither of them would do anything to intentionally hurt the other. even feels ashamed of what he did and who he is, and i can guarantee you you have never felt even an ounce of what he probably feels. and i cannot begin to explain to you the guilt that comes with the knowledge you have to hide something about your life from the ones you love out of shame. but you sometimes feel like you do.

he’s not manipulating isak, the same way isak isn’t manipulating him for not telling him he broke his best friend and his girlfriend up (and then told her not to tell his best friend, which comes back to the subject of shame), the same way neither of them are innocent of being flawed. to think they won’t stand by each other after everything they’ve been through, to think they won’t protect each other – even if it’s by omitting a part of their lives they’re most ashamed of – is very ignorant of you, my love. 

and that’s all i’ll be saying about that. please leave your anger and prejudice at the door, and help yourself to the unfollow button, because this is, and always will be, a safe place for both even bech næsheim and isak valtersen.

Reasons I am Lumière.
  • Sings about food and meals.
  • very dramatic and over the top just to make sure people truly know I AM DRAMATIC.
  • CandelaBRAH.
  • Small and sassy.
  • Stands on tables to feel tall.
  • Both make the love of our lives shine a spotlight on us for theatrical effect.
  • actually Ewan McGregor in disguise.
  • Wicked accent.
  • I’d do tricks with candlesticks.
  • “The East wing, or as I like to say, OUR ONLy WINg.” AKA Puns that aren’t necessary but we try.
  • dab.
  • bisexual.
  • may seem nice but probably plotting something outrageous and once again, OVER THE TOP but that’s okay because most of the plans work out.
  • “puDDinG?”
  • Can’t give relationship advice but our friends still ask us for some.

“Ginny, listen …” he said very quietly, as the buzz of conversation grew louder around them and people began to get to their feet, “I can’t be involved with you anymore. We’ve got to stop seeing each other. We can’t be together.”
She said, with an oddly twisted smile, “It’s for some stupid, noble reason, isn’t it?” 
“It’s been like … like something out of someone else’s life, these last few weeks with you,” said Harry. “But I can’t … we can’t … I’ve got things to do alone now.” She did not cry, she simply looked at him. “Voldemort uses people his enemies are close to. He’s already used you as bait once, and that was just because you’re my best friend’s sister. Think how much danger you’ll be in if we keep this up. He’ll know, he’ll find out. He’ll try and get to me through you.”
“What if I don’t care?” said Ginny fiercely.  “I care,” said Harry. “How do you think I’d feel if this was your funeral … and it was my fault… ”

In all honesty guys, hating people JUST for being white especially mentally ill minors is fucking disgusting. and i see yall doing this everyday like bullying some kid for being intimidated by poc, us acting like this is the reason why we scare mentally ill white kids. at the end of the day its not ok no matter how you spin it im totally not fucking serious did i scare you. how was i

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Hey,I'd like to ask.Why is it that you draw an already established character,such as Nozomi,as fat?When clearly we can see in the anime that she isn't.Why though?I mean,I see no reason as to why she needs to be fat but if you wanted to draw a fat character wouldn't you draw an already established fat character or even better,your own?Why change someone else's design to fit your own liking?I know that Nozomi isn't my character but I'd like to know.This is really a curious case,isn't it?

ever heard of headcanons my dude? i’m not hurting anyone, i’m not saying it’s canon

i just draw something that makes me happy

also lol there’s nothing curious or unusual here, many people draw their headcanons

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no one ever said it was a complete impossibility they were dating. i've never shipped it and i've always accepted the fact that they could be dating. i'm just against shipping real life people (for a multitude of reasons that i can explain if u want). at this point i think it's likely that they're dating but honestly why does it matter? if they're happy together, great! if they're happy w other partners that is also great.

except there have legitimately been people who have repeatedly pushed the ‘straight and platonic’ agenda onto people who respectfully enjoy and discuss the concept of them being in a romantic relationship. those are the kind of people who that post was targeted at. it wasn’t targeted at people who have a mindset similar to yours because i completely understand that some people might not be down with the concept of phan for whatever their own reasons may be. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and their own views and i respect that. when it all boils down to it, i’m happy as long as dan and phil are happy, regardless of their relationship statuses

OH BOY ANONS ok so remember how i made that post about wanting to start a very long project? The crime boss/journalist AU is the very long project. I have a lot of thoughts swirling around me head for it right now but I might find it difficult to convey them in a succinct way so I’ll just give you a few, I hope this satisfies!!

Yuuri first goes to Viktor because he thinks Viktor’s group is behind the disappearance of one of his coworkers (JJ, probably, because he’s the one I’ll miss least) and Viktor basically tells him that his people wouldn’t have any reason to make a guy like JJ disappear. Yuuri doesn’t really believe him.

Viktor comes to him a few days later and explains that one of his informants has come to him with information that Yuuri might find interesting; apparently, one of the rival families in the area has been making noise about a guy they have in a basement somewhere. Viktor does’t know where, but it might be JJ. 

They track down the basement. No JJ.

Yuuri is frustrated and asks Viktor what he thinks he’s playing at. Viktor defends himself by explaining the way that he operates his people. 

“We don’t hurt children. We don’t hurt spouses. If we have a bone to pick with someone, we pick it with them, not with anyone even tangentially related. There aren’t a lot of families who operate that way. They’re fucking cowards, Yuuri. Cowards and criminals.”

You’re a criminal,” Yuuri mutters, refusing to look at Viktor and instead focusing on the food Viktor insisted on buying him. He isn’t really hungry, the worry over JJ and the situation he’s slowly getting himself embroiled in spinning in his stomach and taking away his appetite. 

“You’re not wrong.” Viktor is all understated elegance, slumped artfully against the wall of this dingy diner, stirring cold borscht and drinking hot tea. His haircut is expensive and his fingers are long. “But the thing is…I don’t regret what I’ve done. The people I take money from were taking it from others already.”

“Oh, and it’s so much better used in your hands,” Yuuri mutters, rolling his eyes.

“Yes, actually. Did you know the Nikiforov family sponsors six different homeless youth shelters in this city?”

Yuuri frowns at his food, chagrined. “No…I didn’t.” 

“I’ve single-handedly sent four of my people’s children through college since I took up my post eight years ago,” Viktor says, tapping his finger pointedly on the table. “One is a teacher, now. Another is going to be a surgeon. Yura had leukemia, Yuuri, and I was able to pay for his treatment. I don’t regret the things I’ve done, if they’ve allowed me to do those things. But killing someone’s husband or daughter because you’re angry? Because you want to teach someone a lessonThose are the things people regret. When people get involved with this family, they follow a code. Nobody in my group did this and, if they did–” Viktor sighs, presses a hand to his forehead. “If they did, it was their decision. Not mine. And they’ll reap the consequences.”

Yuuri watches the lemon bob in his coke for a moment before saying, “And what do those people do to pay you back? For…sending their kids to college and paying their medical bills?” 

“Yura was my choice,” Viktor says. “And as for the others…they make regular, non-increasing payments. And unlike a bank, or the government, I understand when life gets in the way and payments can’t be made. My people aren’t afraid of me. They trust me. Trust instills so much more loyalty than fear.” 

“You’re telling me you’ve never killed someone?” Yuuri mutters, disbelieving.

“I didn’t say that.” Viktor stands up and throws a bill on the table. It’s a fifty, Yuuri realizes, which is enough for their food plus an almost 200% tip. He swirls his coat onto his body, takes a card out of his pocket and taps it on Yuuri’s shoulder. After a moment, Yuuri takes it. “Organized crime is a choice, Yuuri. Some people do very well. You’d be surprised how many people who would be on the streets right now live perfectly normal and happy lives because of their involvement with the Nikiforov family. But some people choose this path for the wrong reasons. And there are many other families who don’t run things the way I do. I’m not so kind to those people.”

Yuuri watches Viktor go, his coat swinging around his knees. The card in Yuuri’s had reads Viktor Nikiforov - Feltsman Enterprises, which is the front for Viktor’s organization. It also lists a phone number and, on the back, Viktor has written another number in pen. His personal cell phone number.

Yuuri knows he should crumble it up and throw it in the nearest gutter. He tries, eyes squeezed shut and fingers clenched hard into the cardstock. Eventually, he slips it into the back pocket of his pants and walks home.

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Everybody's complaining bout Boruto and whatever (not a fan of him neither) but what's so great bout Sarada, really? I don't like her in the movie or any of the manga, be it personality or design. She kinda reminds me of a Sakura part 1 level of annoyance, but not for the same reasons as why Sakura was annoying in part 1, for different reasons. Could you explain what people like so much about her? Outside of the daddy issues I beg you

You’ve come to the right place. I can’t speak to why everyone likes her, just to why I like her. 

Most of the new gen kids are more or less clones of their parents (or at least they were until the anime started fleshing them out a little bit) and many people feel Sarada breaks that mold. She has her own distinct personality which takes bits and pieces from her parents but also contains aspects that are uniquely her. I don’t know why you feel she’s Part 1 Sakura levels annoying as she basically has none of the same tendencies (obsessing over a boy, violent outbursts of anger, overly emotional, etc). She actually behaves in a way almost antithetical to that in that she’s not forced to revolve around a male character (yet at least……I’m looking at you Boruto) and is incredibly capable and level headed for someone of her age. That said, I don’t actually find Part 1 Sakura annoying when she’s allowed to be her own character outside of Sasuke, but that’s another story. It might help if you specified what specifically about her you find annoying? 

Then there’s also the fact that Gaiden kind of made me love her because she’s like…..the shining example of Deserved Better™. I know you said “outside of daddy issues” but it’s impossible to separate the two because that does play a big role in why people like her so much. She’s this child who has been raised her entire life without a father figure and clearly craves paternal attention, which is why she idolizes Naruto so much after he gives it to her. There’s something very sympathetic about her character in that she is at her core a young girl searching for validation despite her monstrous strength and nearly unmatched physical abilities. Watching her character develop gives me the same feeling I had seeing the original chunin exams and cheering for the Konoha 12. She has so much potential and I just want her to do well and thrive. Granted, the anime and manga are gonna have ample opportunity to fuck up her characterization so that bomb is probably fast approaching, but for now I’m really gunning for her. 

There’s also just the fundamental fact that I prefer her to Boruto. I know you don’t technically have to ~choose~ but seeing as the main character of the new gen was only EVER going to be Boruto or Sarada, I would have highly preferred the latter. I find Sarada’s struggles and backstory so much more interesting than Boruto’s forced conflict with Naruto and the movie did nothing to improve my opinion of him. Sarada is the only Uchiha born after the massacre and I’d love to see her navigate that situation and come to an understanding about what happened (and actually be the one to redeem her clan since Sasuke’s clearly not gonna do it). I mean we just had a 700 chapter long story about an impulsive blue eyed blonde with a knack for getting into trouble, lets switch it the fuck up. In general I’m really partial to female naruto characters because they literally ALWAYS get the short end of the stick so when Kishi finally throws me a fuckin bone with a talented, rational, realistic young girl you bet your ass I’m gonna root for her all the way. She also drug sasuke into oblivion during Gaiden which vindicated me in a way I don’t think anyone is capable of fully understanding. 

Anyway idk, it’s 3:37am and I’m pretty sure I have the flu. Conclusion: I love Sarada Uchiha. 

I think this is why I love Hawkeye too. He has a tendency towards running in without a plan and ending up in trouble because of it, but paradoxically, trouble is the kind of situation he handles the best. He has this gunslinger-like coolness in him, this calm depth that is always evaluating the situation. He is the most in his element when he is able to utilise this ability to make quick decisions. Bad with plans, supernaturally good at making the right decision when he’s in the actual situation. This is why he never sticks to the plan either. He always finds a flaw, some unforeseen detail that changes his calculation and decides to just go for it. And obviously he also has amazing spatial awareness. I like to imagine him studying every room he enters, building a mental 3D map of the room. Just in case. He is like an extremely precise decision-making machine and it is the entire reason he can keep up with superpowered people as just an ordinary guy with a bow.

Confession:  I’m amazed at how many people love Zaeed. In his loyalty mission he sets a building full of prisoners being forced to work on fire and wants to just let them die! The only reason I recruit him and don’t kick him off my squad at the end of his loyalty mission is to give the characters I do like (aka everyone else) a better chance of surviving the suicide mission.

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ik its important to accept people but i dont think ill ever understand how asexuals fit under the lgbt category. its not like its a sexuality. its just the lack of it. and it makes me angry to see cis het aces throwing around that theyre lgbt for that reason ~ a fellow gay ace

asexuality is a sexuality in which you don’t experience sexual attraction. Just because you don’t experience it doesn’t mean you don’t have a sexuality.

Okay. So. This definitely has been said before, but I was watching the teaser again (for scientific reasons ofc) and really needed to put these two clips together. Because ever since I saw the teaser the first time, I always thought “I feel like these go together.”

Like the color gradient made me believe this.

 The clip is after the clip of Rey, making people think that he is fighting her (which they most definitely do,  at a different time) 

But, the clip of Phasma comes one clip after the Kylo clip.

Idk, just my thoughts.

ALSO: I have lot’s of idea’s, this is just one of the theories I have about the scene w Kylo LOL.

Montgomery De La Cruz x Reader: Go on,I dare you

A/N: So I really like this imagine I hope you guys do to. I’m thinking of maybe doing a part 2 of this but I’m not sure. If you want a second part then just let me know.

Warnings: Swearing

You were walking towards school when you heard a lot of people yelling and screaming. You decided to go and see what was going on and you saw a big group of people standing around something. You pushed people aside to try and find out what was going on. When you finally got through all the people you wished you didn’t come to see what was going on. It was your boyfriend Montgomery fighting with your best friend Alex. Well you couldn’t really say that Alex was fighting he was getting his ass kicked. You were just so mad that you dropped your bag on the ground and walked up towards Alex and Montgomery.

“What the hell Montgomery!!” You yelled as you pushed him of off Alex.

“Don’t get mad at me he started it!!” He yelled back angrily.

“I don’t freaking care!!” You yelled before helping Alex up.

“Are you okay?” You asked him softly.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He said wiping some blood of off his face.

“Hey hey what the hell is going on?” Mr. Porter said walking up to us.

“He started it.” Montgomery said pointing towards Alex.

“Y/N what are you doing standing between these two?” He asked looking at you.

“I’m finishing it.” You said glaring at Montgomery.

“Come on let’s go.” He said as he grabbed Monty by the arm and pulled him with him as he motioned to you and Alex to follow him.

“Everyone get to class!” He yelled to the crowd that was quickly running away.

You were sitting in the library between Monty and Alex holding an ice pack to Alex’s black eye in front of the Honor Board. The boys were explaining everything that happened while you just sat there.

“Y/N why were you there?” Marcus asked looking at you.

“I was there because I pulled Montgomery away from Alex before he killed him.” You said as you glared at Montgomery.

“I wasn’t gonna kill him.” He said softly looking at you.

You just rolled your eyes and looked back at Alex. The Honor board told Monty that he was suspended for three days while Alex just got let off with a warning. As soon as you could you stood up from the chair handed Alex the ice pack and walked out of the library.

“Y/N, Babe wait.” Monty yelled running after you.

“What!?” You asked harshly.

“Look I’m sorry okay but like I said before Alex started it.” He said looking at you.

“You always say sorry Montgomery and it doesn’t matter if Alex started it why do you have to be such a hot head and punch him back.” You said turning around and walking away again.

“Wait…What was I supposed to do just stand there and let him hit me like a little bitch.” He said starting to get angry.

“Yes actually that would have been better than being suspended for three days. Look Montgomery I really don’t think I can keep doing this.” You said getting tears in your eyes.

“Doing what?” He asked confused.

“This, being with you trying to defend you everytime you get into a fight. I’m sick and tired of it.” You said as a tear slipped out of your eye.

“Then do it.” He said angrily.

“What?” You said confused.

“Break up with me. Go on, I dare you.” He said just as angry but with a hint of sadness in his voice.

“Fine, we’re over. I never wanna see you again.” You said as tears streamed down your face.

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There's this theory that suggests Iverson turned a blind eye to Pidge 's breaking ins and infiltration, probably out of guilt for the Kerberos mission. What do you think about it?

I don’t think he turned a blind eye on it, since we do see him responding to the break-ins and I think his position would necessitate that. I don’t think he was aware “Pidge Gunderson” was a ruse- he responds with surprise when Pidge argues with him about Kerberos, when, if he was aware Pidge and Katie were the same person I don’t think that’d catch him off guard at all.

I also don’t think he’d just let a bright, promising kid infiltrate the Garrison and look at sensitive documents, for more than just security reasons- Iverson is a leader and an educator here, he’s used to taking responsibility for the people under him. If he knew about Katie’s infiltration and was choosing not to report her over it, I feel like they would’ve had a talk.

That said, I do think he probably did feel guilty, because we can see that when Shiro came down, Iverson wanted to be one of the people there to talk to him.

There’s more going on with Iverson than I think a lot of the fandom gives him credit- people treat him like an outright villain when I don’t think he deserves that. He’s certainly harsh and unpleasant sometimes but there’s a difference between that and “would sell Earth and humanity to the empire probably”

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I always figured the reason things like spiders or darkspawn carry money is cause the people they EAT carried money. Like, it's literally in them. Though, as to why warden, or hawke or the inquisitor is ripping into a corpse to find it is...up to headcanon lol

Ha, yeah. That’s what I assumed. But again… idk why my character would go “ok, I just killed this wolf/spider/darkspawn/dragon… time to rip open their digestive tract and see if they ate anything valuable.”

Like, damn. That is taking your looting to a whole new level my dude.

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Hi, so I'm really shy but I really adore your blog and when you followed my inexperienced self I freaked out so thank you so so much❤ I am really shocked at how someone who inspires me followed me and just wow. I'm in love with your blog and your story and I'm really glad you're part of the sims community.

d’wah!! This is so sweet! don’t be shy anon! If we’re mutuals we’re already friends hehe!! Whoever you are, I follow you for a reason; your blog is obviously wonderful! It makes me so happy that you like my blog and my story so much! I’m glad that sweet as pie people like you are part of the sims community! ❤

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how do you feel about fat shaming?

I don’t understand it from the perspective of, “You’re unhealthy and you’re going to die sooner.” Like, so what? That’s got nothing to do with me and if they’re confident and love themselves, then why would I go and be a fucking prick for no reason, you know what I mean? 

The people that go on about them being unhealthy are lying anyway. They don’t really care about their health, they just don’t like fat people. It’d be easier to just go and say you hate fat people, like, you’d still come off as a cunt but at least you’d be an honest one.  

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Let's Relax is wonderful, I have trouble finding playthroughs of games with no commentary and your videos are just wonderful, man. But a question--do you think you'd ever do a playthrough of a game with commentary? Just wondering, of course

Thank you!

Also uh, I don’t know…I usually don’t have anything to say, and thats the whole reason I started Let’s Relax?? I was like, well if I don’t have anything to offer in terms of commentary, maybe the lack of commentary is what I have to offer. I guess if I ever feel confident enough, maybe. Or if there’s like, something I absolutely have to talk over. Plus the other problem is the people I live with don’t really let me talk in my room cuz they tell me I’m being too loud? Even though they’re loud like all the time and I’m not allowed to complain about it….it’s complicated and I’m not gonna go too much into it. So I suppose it also depends on when I get a new place to live, which is looking very unlikely at this point in time.

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Something memorable about your writing is how realistic and healthy it is. Like, you don't rush things and make it reasonable and stable for the couple. I just love it because everyone does the COMPLETE OPPOSITE.. angst and abuse doesn't make a relationship deeper and I don't understand how people think it's hot or whatever

I see conflict and abuse romanticized a lot, which is kind of baffling to me- I guess you could say this AU is my way of writing things I like AND putting some wholesome content out there!

Generally I just like to make characters feel safe and loved, especially if it’s Victor and Yuuri!

Thank you!

Send me what you find memorable about my writing!

Sometimes I think I should just change myself to fit in better at school and more people like me. Change my music taste, dumb myself down, even wear less black. But then I remember, there’s a reason certain colleges only accept an extreme minority of people.

I’m unique. I have my own music taste, clothes style, life goals and aspirations, and not to brag but I’m hella smart. I’m completely different from everybody else, when you look at the big picture. No other person of 7 billion will have the same clothes, music taste, life goals, interests, youtube subscriptions, talents, desires, IQ, and beliefs as me all at once. And that’s something special.

I’m enrolled in high school and college at the same time, I’m a near straight A student, and I’ve got plans to almost desperately apply to MIT. I’m a total nerd, I love computers and technology and math and science and I also love heavy metal and French pop and Disney music all the same, and I love wearing black clothes unless it’s hot in which case I’ll wear white, no matter how much my mom pushes me to wear the frilly girly shirts she got me at the start of the school year, and I love conspiracy theories and I love psychology and I love the color blue and green and pink and purple and I love vsauce videos and the whole entire science side of youtube and I love the stupid video games like muddy heights and I love seeing people’s reactions to them and I love the triple A games and indie games alike and I love perfume and I love baking. And there’s nobody else in the world exactly like me.

But if I change myself, throw that all away just to be able to talk to more people at parties, I might as well give up any dream of reaching MIT or even any smaller dream I’ve ever had. Because changing to suit other people’s needs and to fit in is just stupid. I’m smarter than that. And if anybody has cared enough about whatever rant this turned into to reach this point, you’re smarter than that too. What’s the point in changing who you are, giving up your uniqueness, to follow a crowd? Turn yourself into someone completely different just to have 30 friends as opposed to 3? I’ll take 3 friends over 30 any day as long as I’m happy and I’m true to myself. I’ll naturally attract others that are similar to me, and if I don’t, then so be it. I can work alone, I can work in a small pack, but I can’t work if I’m too busy worrying about what other people think of me.

I feel like I just gave a ted talk. Sorry if you got this far.