no reason not to love


This day last year someone I had a huge crush on and I started talking, teasing, and flirting together. After a whole night of texting and finally realizing we had both been feeling the same way for a long time - we were together. And every day since then I’ve been a happier person. I’m lucky enough to have fallen in love with someone who makes me laugh, who ways says the right things when I need them, who fills my dreams with possibilities and thoughts of cosy lazy days when we’re together, finally. 

I love you. 

I love our silly drunk texts. I love falling asleep and waking up to messages from you. I love how you always support and cheer for me. I love sharing pictures of our food and complaining about our rude dogs.

I love you so so much. 

I love my girlfriend, my other half, my partner in crime, my sweetest puppy, and I hope you know just how much I do.

Happy first anniversary to my love, @puppyvegeta x

before our spring feels like a warm blanket in a cold day, even if I’m crying listening to his sweet voice, he makes me feel so at peace, like everything is okay, like he is okay. I’m so incredibly happy but sad at the same time, there’s a lot of mixed emotions that I dont know how to put into words while listening to his album but he makes me feel like it’s okay to feel like that. Even now he still manages to calm me down, to make me feel okay, that’s something that no matter where he is he will always be capable of doing, and im so grateful for that


So….. I’ve been dead for a while now, haven’t I? It’s been so long since I updated the blog seriously (i.e answer an ask). I feel kinda bad??? I’ve left ya’ll in the dark. So I made a picture for you all because I felt bad. You all deserve an explanation.

Short Answer: I’m still super lazy.

Long Answer: Look. I’m terrible at time management and stuff. I want to do this stuff, but I just end up putting it off like everything else. And yes, I’m going through some more personal stuff (nothing to be worried about, I assure you) that has ended up spiking my anxiety and stress levels. Along with that, I’m trying out a new art program AND am in need to give my wrist a break because it’s started to hurt lately. There’s a lot of stuff going on in my life and I just need to take a step back and relax for a bit.

Currently, my inspiration levels are actually through the roof. I can’t physically bring myself to draw (for sake of anxiety/stress/wrist pain/ etc.), but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Re-watching my favourite shows from childhood coughcoughyugiohcoughcough is helping me fully recover from my inspiration/art block that I denied I was in. I’m just not fully ready to get back into the groove of posting.

The point? I’m apologizing for not updating you all and making you all aware of this. I’m also using this post to announce that this blog will be going on hiatus until my mental and wrist condition improves. I hate to have to do this, but this break will be beneficial to my mind and body (my wrist and super messed up index finger are killing me just typing this), and I need to do this for myself, and especially for you guys. I don’t have to give you bad quality things, now would I?

Don’t worry, I’ll be back eventually!!

~the Mod who encourages you to re-watch your favourite shows from childhood so that they can re-inspire you and remind you of your oldest memories.


you know i almost forgot how fun it is to play the snide antagonist. the guy who knows he could take you in a fight any day and come out with his life regardless of the outcome. that kind of cocky antagonizing, especially when he knows he will always have the upper hand. i missed this kind of play dlkajgs


Hi! This is Not Mystic Messenger ^_^;

{{Lowkey screaming cause highkey I wanna give all those who gave support and encouragement about the AU -> Original Reboot a really big hug}} ♥♥♥

So here are some small doodles I did for the new series :D Nothing is really final yet in terms of designs but all I’m sure of is that I want it to be a slice-of-life series (no plans for a serious plot yet - just your usual crack/angst scenarios in chapters - kind of like how I randomly updated with MM crack/angst comics + mini comics – & I hope to draw mini comic sets about them too; but mainly these will be about the day-to-day adventures of these college losers etc :D)

Also I’m going to add new characters because I want to practice drawing different people too :D I will be definitely open for HC’s & suggestions from everyone (i kinda of want to build this series with the help of the community) but more info on that later ^o^ Thanks for all the kind words everyone ;;o;;

Sorry to those who are confused, I know I haven’t really made a proper announcement about this (been super busy with stuff) but yes I am rebooting Taemin’s AU into an Original Series (No Mystic Messenger Characters/Elements anymore - which means the AU kids get new names, slight/new redesigns/personalities and new families) :D I’ve been really attached to my AU fancharacters and I want to make them grow ;v; And also, I don’t want to be forever known as ‘that one girl who only drew MM for life’ - I also see this as a chance to be more creative and free and be able to grow as an artist as well ;;v;; TBH I feel super inspired when I draw them because I know they’re mine - and it’s good motivation so I will be able to make new content that will make more people happy (which is the main reason why i started making funny comics - because i want to make people smile) :D

I will still draw MM fanart from time to time, please don’t worry about it! But I do hope you still support me in this project - because it’s something important to me ;v; If not, that’s okay too! Thank you so much for having supported my MM content in the past ♥ I’m glad I was able to make some of you smile with my comics and stuff :D

i absolutely adore namjoon and he honestly deserves so much more recognition than mentioned. this is the boy that had music as his escape from the negativity of the world, the boy that went against the odds and is the leader of one of the most well known kpop groups worldwide, the boy that spent endless days and nights writing raps and lyrics to convey his messages only to be told that he wouldn’t make it, the boy that is the only member to remain from the original lineup to being the leader of the group and is the main reason that bts exists, the boy that when he was given the choice of either staying in the group or going solo, he chose bts without hesitation, the boy that holds his thoughts to himself in fear of adding worries to the other members, the boy that talks about issues that other people don’t talk about, such as mental illnesses and injustice, the boy that openly voices his supports, such as lgbt+, feminism, etc. and why they’re important, the boy that always looks out for the other members and takes care of them before himself, the boy that makes seokjin laugh with his antics and is there for him when he needs support, the boy that struggled alongside yoongi and cried with him when they won their first daesang, the boy that always compliments hoseok and always supports his same age friend, the boy who finds everything jimin does cute and reassures him whenever he feels down, the boy that loves taehyung dearly and encourages him that his english is improving, the boy that took care of jungkook and is the main reason why jungkook decided to choose bighit amongst other well known companies, the boy that always mentions armys first whenever giving a speech, the boy that always includes international armys and speaks english to us even when he doesn’t have to but still does just so we don’t feel left out, the boy that constantly reminds us that we should love ourselves and is always telling us how much he loves us. he is so beautiful, both inside and out, and i wish he could see what i see. namjoon deserves all the love and appreciation and i hope he knows that we are thankful for his existence and that we love him.