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So I don't think I've been following long enough to see why- but what is your reasoning behind disliking Kal? (I have reasons of my own but just curious).

So I’ve been sitting on this because there’s just so much and I knew there were posts that made the point more efficiently than me. But here’s an abbreviated list with some links to my stuff and to izzyovercoffee and cassiansfuzzyjacket’s stuff.

Please note wrt the below:  there is a fundamental difference between flawed and abusive (Gena says it better here) . Also, the entire narrative is spent propping up Kal and trying to sell us on how awesome he is without acknowledging anything he’s done as wrong . He is Traviss’s “moral compass” (rivaled only by Jusik) in this set up, and that’s fucked up. ( Gena, Izzy, and Krad discuss this even more in depth here)

His entire relationship with Etain is bullshit, misogynistic, and abusive.

Etain is my heart and while she’s a flawed character, the way Kal treats her re: her pregnancy is  not “appropriate consequences or “what she deserved”

I’ve typed this three times now, but I don’t actually want this part to get too long, so here’s more specifically about him basically setting her and/or her baby up in a situation with no medical care where he thought they were unlikely to survive and about her being absolutely terrified of him and him forbidding her even the power of suggestion in the process of naming her child.

  • Also not included in those posts, but upsetting to me as I reread: the part where he tells Etain he’d be okay if Atin knocked Laseema up (who he’s known for two weeks) but that her being a Jedi means this cannot be okay.
  • Notably, while I was pulling this post together, it also came up in the group chat that while Kal is going on about Darman being an unwilling solider while simultaneously ignoring that Etain was also literally fighting as a soldier in the same war with an inexperienced and unloved background and then sending her off to die in a war zone

But if anyone has more questions about her pregnancy, shoot me another ask cause otherwise this is going to turn into 13 pages of MLA formatted, text-embedded essay. I could write a term paper on Etain and Kal, and on her pregnancy specifically.

In True Colors Kal appears to be acting kinder though Etain still admits to distrusting and being terrified of him. Then after Etain gives birth her relationship with Kal would seem, on the surface, to improve dramatically…

..but it’s important to note that Etain has spent this entire time trying to convince herself she can trust and love Kal because a) she is desperate to be loved and b) Kal has arranged everything so that her relationships and everyone else’s must, to some degree, flow through him

and his treatment of her, while less hostile, is still not respectful

  • he repeatedly infantilizes her, dismisses her ability as a soldier, and is surprised when, after others give her the opportunity to be useful and apply her skills, she achieves measurable successes towards shared goals. he repeatedly dismisses her capability, viewing her only in relationship to himself (as a child), or to Darman or her baby
  • doesn’t ever once seek to make amends for his behavior or apologize or even admit that it might have been unjust until a year and a half later when she’s dead… and it becomes a narrative prop rather than something that leads to actual change. also his “regret” is still focused on him, and not her or how he affected her life
  • makes her death all about him and his feelings, to the point where he’s the only one other than Dar whose reaction is explored in depth, and his “regret” is just used as a jumping off point for others to tell him how good a man he is

Kal is abusive in general, and manipulative and ableist towards the Nulls specifically.

 He generally doesn’t actually help his sons at all with any of their problems and infantilizes them. He also seeks out vulnerable people and manipulates them into positions where their security and relationships are centered around him. Gena and Izzy do a way better job of explaining this than me so:

Kal is a misogynist

Again, Etain’s pregnancy is plenty proof enough, but we also have:

  • Him twice accusing Etain of promiscuity in a two week period where she was very attached to Darman, once somehow (nonsensically) implying that in the space of one speeder ride she (somehow?) seduced Ordo
  • The fact that Etain telling Kal the baby was a boy was the “worst thing” she could have said because of the special bond between male mandos or w/e the fuck, and the whole naming rule
  • his “Rav Bralor was twice the man most men were, which was quite something for a good-looking woman.”
  • his entire framing of the situation with Illippi who he removed to a planet she didn’t know, surrounded by a culture she didn’t know, got pregnant three times, and then abandoned by herself for long stretches of time before trying to bring her eight year old into mortal danger
  • repeatedly viewing all the women in his life only in their relationship to a) him b) whichever men they’re fucking or he thinks they’re supposed to be fucking
  • his repeated disparaging comments about women who try to look feminine
  • Honestly there’s a lot of small moments that could go here, but I don’t want to do a complete series reread and this post is so long

And again, like… the biggest problem on top of all of this is that it’s never called out. In no small part because Kal gets used as an author mouthpiece, but the narrative does it’s best to paper over how fucked up Kal acts rather than ever condemning him.

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Hey Robin :) Loving your videos, especially Skyrim, but I'm curious about one thing: Why do you not/rarely use a face cam? (This is not meant as criticism, just curious)

Well.. Two main reasons!

One, because I prefer to watch gameplay without cam myself. I think it’s more fun to imagine the players reaction, and usually with most games you’re supposed to “be” the character you’re playing as and immerse yourself as that character. Especially for a roleplaying game like Skyrim, I think my face in the corner would kinda take away from that experience.

Two, I don’t like being on camera.. It’s a lot more fun for me to record, and edit, when I don’t also have to “perform” for the camera, and keep in mind to be more visually expressive than I otherwise would. Instead I can focus on the game, and pay more attention, rather than missing something because I made eyecontact with the camera. And also I don’t have to look at myself when I edit :P

Curiosity Takes The Cake

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Genre: Smut / Fluff

Summary: When Hoseok agrees to satisfy your curiosity of whether giving head felt as good as some fanfiction said it did.

Word Count: 1,679

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why did u drop out? just curious!

couple reasons:

1) it was 100% just not for me. maybe it was the school itself or the classes i was taking but it made me miserable. i dreaded going in. 

2) the benefits of graduating no longer outweighed the costs - both time and money. i was behind on my classes anyway so i would have needed another two years to graduate even though i technically just finished my “junior” year, so that’s even MORE time and money. 

3) i want to be a freaking writer. my degree was in management and marketing. to be fair, i’ve definitely used some of the things i’ve learned in accounting and marketing classes, but the basics were the extent of it. 

4) i’ve had to miss a lot of great opportunities because i had to go to class or couldn’t miss exam week or whatever, which sucked. but now i’m free as a bird!

honestly, things are going really well for me right now, and i knew i’d regret not riding the wave. i can always go back to school if i need it, but there’s so many exciting things to come in the immediate future.

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why do you think porn shouldn't be normalized? I swear i'm not trying to come after you i'm just genuinely curious

So many reasons: it causes brain damage, it’s incredibly addictive, it dulls the sexual response, which leads people seeking the same high into more extreme fetishes, it destroys the intimacy, sanctity, and privacy of sex, it destroys trust and bonding capacity between sexual partners, it encourages objectification of both women and men, and not to mention the drug abuse and human trafficking and rape that goes on behind the scenes of a lot of “productions”

It is one of the very last things we should be considering acceptable

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I? Am sobbing?? Another minjoon lover holy fuck it seems so rare this is gonna sounds stupid but like can you name some reasons why you love it bc i'm just curious cause FUCK THEY CUTE this is confusing my b ILY THO YOU'RE HILARIOUS AND CUTE ILY :'D


ok well i mean *cries*

they’re so CUDDLY

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namjoon dotes on jimin like crazy

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yeah thats why they are my otp

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would you say chara or frisk is the main character of this story? Like, if their plots take different paths will we still follow frisk or will we swap to more chara storyline? Also, are we supposed to interpret chara as a complete badguy or as a 'misguided goodguy' who only does bad things for good reasons? Just curious

Consider the title of our AU, and you will have your answer as to who is the main character! As for interpretation, just like in Undertale, the interpretation solely falls on you.

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So I was just wondering why you like Pansy? I think the poly relationship between Pansy, Ginny and Luna (or any combo) is cute but I was wondering why Pansy? In the books she is actively portrayed as a mean, bigoted bully. Not to say that all Slytherin's are like that but that's how her character is developed. I was just curious as to why you like her? I think she's sort of one dimensional (like most HP girls :( ) despite being mildly interesting. Not trying to be rude or anything, just curious!

Andy: I think the only reason I, and a lot of the fandom, can portray her as a good person (deep deep down) is because of how little information we have about her. We have not even one scene with her per book, and even less per movie. All we know for sure is that she was a bully.

You can be a bully in high school, and still learn to be a good person.

Pansy Parkinson, and all the Slytherins in Harry’s Year, have room to grow as people. They are not Severus Snape who has lived with his actions for 30+ years and had no sign of remorse. They grew up in a war zone and under the influence of their parents- while that doesn’t excuse Pansy’s actions- it isn’t her final sentencing. I believe, that because we only catch glimpses of her in the books and there is no Post War information, that she has the ability to grow.

My Pansy has good inside of her (although she rarely shows it) and isn’t completely condemned because she was only a child. And I am allowed to give that to her because there is such little information about her.
She can be excused the same way the fandom excuses Draco.

We have very little information about Slytherins and even less about Slytherin girls. There are only so many girls out there and this fandom is in definite need of girl love. Plus, there is such a variety of types of girls and I think it’s important to show that they can be bitches but not be bad.

Because Pansy Parkinson is such a vague character, I’m taking the liberty to play her as a child on the wrong side of the war, who sees the error of her ways.

Side note: The Parkinson’s, The Greengrass’, and The Zabini’s were all neutral families during the war. MEANING none of them were Death Eaters, nor mixed up in Voldemort’s crowd. Their only tie to the dark arts were through Draco and the prejudice that was in Slytherin house.

Which if you want to talk about in greater detail, I have theories.

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I wanna see the reason why people like tordtom,, I don't hate it,, I'm just curious about this ship,, can u help me,? Could u screenshot all of your favorite moments with tom and tord together from all of the eddisodez? :D thank you


Okay so, I don’t know about every one else, but I love TomTord because I’m a sucker for love hate relationships!!!!! :3 The fact that they hate each other is what fuels the ship for me….


so… yeah like i said, I dont know everyone else’s reasons why they ship TomTord, But I ADORE LOVE/HATE RELATIONSHIPS!!!!!

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Ummmmm if it's okay to ask... is there a reason anon is off? I don't want to be rude I'm just curious... so sorry if I sound rude.

#because if yall wanna talk shit you can do it to mah face

just kidding XD I was getting a lot of anon spam so 

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Never read Sarah j Mass (?? Idk how to spell her name) books but I saw a post where you said you disliked her? Is there a reason? I'm just curious I'm by hating lol

When I said ‘disliked’, anon, I didn’t want to offend any of my followers - I’ve got quite a few users with SJM lit-related URLS. 

But ‘dislike’ may be too brief of a word. When I say I ‘dislike’ SJM, I actually mean I absolutely detest her and her writing, and both of them need to stay the hell away from me. 


Ok, so we’ve all made headcanons about us being in fictional worlds, like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Etc etc..
So, reblog this and either tag, or add headcanons you’ve made and name the fandom(s).

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I saw you use ftm to describe yourself, rather than the more common (at least on tumblr) afab, is there a reason for that you would mind explaining? (No judgment! I'm just curious especially since I've seen some issues with it being appropriative of intersex people, and those issues never seem to be dealt with at large...)

I thought FTM (to be clear: female-to-male) was the more common usage, at least in the world at large.  I also don’t know of the intersex issue?  I have heard it criticized on grounds of “trans men were never female,” but I’m comfortable using it for myself at least.

My issue with AFAB (assigned female at birth) is that on its own, it doesn’t say what I am now.  Trans men, agender people, bigender people, genderfluid people, and cis women can all be AFAB.  The only actual gender-describing word in it is “female” and that’s what I’m not.

I dunno.  I’m mostly not fussed about terminology for myself, just looking for a compact and widely-understood way to communicate “dude with a vagina.”

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May I ask why you train the wolves? They aren't dogs and that's habituation. I understand you may have some good reasons, of course. I'm just curious to understand why you would do so. I thought you guys like to keep them as close to their normal/natural behaviors as possible (which is difficult as it is given their environment), but maybe I'm mistaken on that. Could you just explain a bit more on that? Thanks! :)

Hey there! Sorry if this is a late reply, this blog hasn’t been super active until recently.

We mostly socialise and train our wolves for their benefit. It means that veterinary procedures won’t need to be stressful for them and it means that we have more means to provide them with ways to engage their brains and enrich their lives. Another important reason is that it allows them to be confident to approach humans and therefore allow the public to see them up close. Wolves are naturally neophobic (fear of new things) and therefore would usually find contact with something new that they haven’t been exposed to quite stressful. Observing natural behaviour is difficult in wild populations since wolves have a natural flight distance of new things, especially humans. So in Wolf Park, because we have animals that aren’t trying to avoid humans or are stressed by the presence of humans, we can research and observe their natural behaviours - social dynamics, breeding ect.

By reducing stress on our animals through training we’re able to improve their longevity. The average life expectancy of a wolf at Wolf Park is 16 and a half years. Our oldest wolf lived to be 19 years old!

Renki is a great example of why socialisation and training is so important.

Renki was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg and had to have it removed. Due to his training and socialisation, Renki was able to cope with being indoors with people he knew and be able to cope with a potentially stressful environment. There’s an awesome video of Renki, just days after his massive surgery, hopping around on his merry tripod way as he pulled every single piece of foam matting out of the room and into the outside run.

Here’s Renki hanging with one of the staff in a room stuffed with blankets. This is a huge thing for a naturally neophobic, human-avoiding animal!

Hope this answers your question!

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do u have any thoughts on fallen angel parnasse and enjolras interaction on keeping their secret/being the only angels they know? do they meet up for cofee every few months to discuss and check in? are they defensive of each other but in a 'i'd rather choke than look at u but if someone was trying to fuck w u they'd be very dead very quickly' kind of way? when parnasse meets jehan is enjolras smug or concerned or protective? ❂‿❂ i loved ur au and have so many questions!!

Ask related to this post about Enjolras and Montarnasse being fallen angels

It would be an understatement to say they don’t like each other. They don’t understand each other. Montparnasse doesn’t get Enjolras “boy scout always fighting for the greater good” mentality and Enjolras doesn’t understand Montparnasse’s egotism and pleasure-seeking lifestyle. They both think the other feel for stupid reasons.

But at the same time, it’s hard, being one of a kind. There are things they can’t tell their friends. Montparnasse can’t tell Claquesous he can feel his wings sometimes, like a phantom limb. Enjolras can’t tell Combeferre about how he misses the feeling of his grace glowing in his chest, that feeling of inner peace.

It’s hard. So they do keep in touch, no matter how they dislike each other.

When Montparnasse and Jehan start revolving around each other, Enjolras gets concerned. Montparnasse fell out of sheer narcissicm and corruption, didn’t he? “I swear to god, Parnasse if you corrupt Jehan I’ll-” “Oh Enjolras,, don’t you know it’s bad to speak Dad’s name in vain? Maybe that’s why you fell, you potty mouth.”

But Montparnasse has no intention to corrupt Jehan. He’s just… curious. And charmed. For some reason he can’t fathom, Jehan isn’t scared of him in the slightest, and they’re equally curious. He likes that. Plus, it’s not like Enjolras is unsensitive to human charm, is it?

“Maybe you loved humanity so much that you finally fell for that human of yours.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you don’t.”

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Wait when did everyone in BTS give Jungkook permission to speak to them informally?

They gave him the opportunity at the beginning but JK declined.

Anon: sorry to still bother you about this, but what i dont get is if all the hyungs allowed jk to talk to them informally, why do they correct him if he does it? I know he chose not to, but if he slips up, usually they correct him (i think some anons noticed it w tae in a VLive some time ago). And im wondering, is it like absolute? Like if he says “im gonna talk formally to u” that’s that and unless he says “im gonna talk informally to u” they treat him as if they didn’t allow it? This is confusing~

I will give you my best guess based on my own experiences:

Some people will say they’re okay with it…and be okay with it… until they’re suddenly not.

That is why I personally just don’t bother speaking informally with people who are older than me (unless we’re dating or we’re family). When you have a big group like BTS whose ages range quite a bit, it’s just better to have that firm social structure in place so when there are conflicts (whether it’s business or personal), it can be quickly resolved without bruising too many egos along the way.

But no, it’s not exactly absolute. Relationships are fluid. Jungkook was given a choice and the hyungs respect it but they also, more or less, expect him to stick by it. Like JK will try to test their authority is some ways - that’s just his personality, it’s just how he is - but both sides will know when and how much it’s appropriate.  

Anon: I hope this hasn’t been asked, but from a non-shipping point of view, what reason do you think there is for jungkook to drop the hyung so much recently when it comes to jimin? I get that informal speech means they’re close, but isn’t referring to someone as a big brother even more of an indicator of that? jkdfj I can’t word this to sound like I’m not wearing a fashionable tinhat or like I’m not trying to say they’re not close at all….I’m really just curious what reasons there could be though!

The non-shipping view is nearly identical to the shipping view - because Kook/min are 1) comfortable with each other, and 2) very close.

As for your second question - Yes and no. You’re kind of stalling/stuck at the thought process that ONLY calling somebody hyung = love & respect. It’s more nuanced than that.  

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Luna SOS (Fred x reader)

Anonymous said: Can I have an imagine where reader is a Ravenclaw and best friends with Luna, and is like head over heels for Fred and Luna tries to wing man and is terrible at it but it ends all happy :D Thank you!!! Love your blog!!

This is such a good idea!! Ravenclaw myself + love Luna, so it was so fun to write!! <3

You and your best friend Luna were just about to go up the Ravenclaw tower, when you noticed Fred and George coming towards you. Words stopped in your throat and the temperature of your face raised up to 1000 degrees.

George was just saying something when you came shoulder to shoulder, although you couldn’t hear him over the surprise. Did Fred just smile at you? Your brain recovered from the shock just in time to smile back and in the next second, Luna was pulling you up the stairs to the tower with a big smile on her face. You turned around at the last second to make sure you weren’t dreaming and saw his face, smiling back at you and at the same time answering George.

“What was that?!? You looked like god spoke to you on the spot!” was Luna surprised. “Are you not telling me something? ‘Cause you know I would hex you!”

“Oh stop it, it’s nothing to tell,” you looked at your feet, still all red in your face.

“Yeah, you are just shy for no reason. C’mon, talk to me!”

“Okay, you curious little creature. Wait until we get to our room,” you smiled at her happy face and listened to the puzzle to get past the door.

“So. Do you like Fred Weasley or not?” She asked you as you finally got up to your dorm and sat on your bed.

“I like him, but not like like him. Or maybe I do. I don’t even know! How should I know?” It was a hard subject for you, you were very shy around boys in general.

“Look, y/n, I know it’s hard. And when things are hard, I’m here for you to help you fix them! Now tell me, do you see yourself kissing Fred?”

“Yeah… Yeah.”

“And do you like it?” The excitement on her face grew.

“Yeah… I do, I want to be with him!” You looked at her in sheer joy and found the same amount of excitement in her expression. But the reality came back into your head as quick as a small mountain creek.

“Luna, I still can’t talk to him. You know how I get, I’m even nervous around boys who are my friends!”

“That’s where I come in. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it,” she stood up and smiled at you.

You sneakily watched them over your newspaper. She came near the Gryffindor table and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Can I talk to you?”

“Sure, Luna. What’s up?” he turned to her and took a sip of his coffee.

“So. Do you know my friend y/n? She’s really great, I would so go out with her – if I would be interested in girls,” you blushed to your core. She said she would be subtle! “If I would be you, I’d hurry up before someone else swoops in.”

Fred laughed and – you were far, but not that far away to not see – blushed a bit, as George, who was sitting next to him, nudged him with his elbow.

“You can tell your friend I would love to go out with her, but I need to ask her out properly. This would be just wrong,” he said to Luna, then unexpectedly looked at you and winked. You blushed even harder and smiled back shyly.

Luna came back to your table and sat down opposite of you.

“I told you I would get you a date with him,” she smiled widely at you.