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w4w guide to talking to girls at parties

wow. it sure seems like there are a lot of parties out there. a lot of girls also. “i am weak and unsure of what to do with this information or my life,” i’m sure you’re finding yourself mustering feebly. do not worry! it means you should be meeting girls at parties and that i am here to teach you how to do so!


people throw parties for many reasons, such as turning 1, turning 2, etc. there are also parties thrown for other more important reasons, like hedonism or the devil. unless it’s the type of party that you don’t think a girl who likes girls will be at, then it’s a safe bet that there will be at least a few. if it’s not that type of party then just stay home, re-read Nevada, order some za, and commune with the ancient ones that periodically burst through the astral wound in your bathroom. assuming you do go out, however, you have to be ready for everything a party throws at you.

getting ready

always, always, always wear your second favorite outfit. your first favorite is a) trying too hard and b) best saved for a first date. so you need to be showing off, but just not too much. anyway, this is a party you’re going to go to, so try and have fun! wear easy, semi-comfortable clothing. if you plan on altering your consciousness this is very important. you don’t want to be wearing heels that you stumble on or a ceremonial headdress that curses everyone. consider avoiding make up that actively mutates the wearer into something foul (but rad as hell). also avoid any mobile devices that might dilate the time stream, as you don’t want people accidentally showing up to work two years late the next morning. just focus on looking good, looking confident, and looking gay. the idea is that this will keep boys away while drawing in girls. this idea does not work.

dealing with boys at parties

yikes. these suck! often these are strangers and many of them will try to touch you without consent. outside of wearing a plate mail or carving protective sigils into your yielding human(?) flesh, what is there to be done about these? well, if ignoring them doesn’t work, just remember your ABC’s: Always Be Condescending. does he try to talk about the music? you’re above it. literally planes of existence above it. yes, you’ve heard of that band, you’ve also heard of a thousand bands beyond his pathetic range of hearing. does he invite you to dance? turn him to stone. does he try to give you a drink? dump it on the floor and consume the red solo cup. you’re above them, you’re above all of this. what you’re not above is seeking advice about talking to girls at parties from an alleged witch on the internet. 

the talking to girls part

what do you talk to girls about? well, that’s easy! if you’re a girl you can talk to another girl about anything! long bathroom lines, filing income, the unhealing cut on your neck that seems to keep producing more and more spiders. anything! girls, it turns out, love talking to girls. why? because they’re not boys. but how do you know if she’s one of those kind of girls? no, not a werewolf (see: how to talk to wolfgirls and their kin), a gay. this is literally impossible to tell. is she in flannel? then she could be a hipster or a lumberjane. pierced septum? maybe she’s just into jewelry. a howliing cavity in her a chest that beckons you inward? again, maybe she’s just into jewelry. what were often, in the past, common signs girls gave to each other to telegraph gayness are now often just hip shit that all girls do because, let’s face it, gay girls are fashionable as fuck. anyway, assuming you are talking to a girl, assuming you are getting a little bit of a vibe from her, just shoot her the old “I AM GAYBONES FOR YOU AND WOULD THROW MYSELF INTO A VOLCANO IF IT MEANT YOU WOULD KISS MY NECK IN THE BEYOND” look that we all know how to do. if that doesn’t seal the deal just try gently touching her anywhere from the shoulder to the fingertips and telling her she’s cute while smiling. works on me every time.

hope this helped! don’t drink and drive! use erowid if you’re iffy about the weird pills you’ve been given and the necronomicon if the dead start eating guests! bless!

there is a distinction to be made between the following:

  • supporting a politician for pragmatic reasons bc the electoral system favors a 2 party system and their party and their platform is less destructive than the platform of the other party/candidate
  • supporting a politician because you wholeheartedly agree with their mission and platform
  • being a fan of a politician on a personal level (treating them as someone would treat their favorite actor/musician, taking person offense to criticisms of the politician’s policy agenda and political maneuvering, etc)

and the democrats really need to learn it before 2020 rolls around, otherwise we are fucking doomed

A thought on the Reset theory

With the reset theory, where either 707 or Jumin (or both) know about the rests an remember even when you reset and all that just imagine what the actual reset is like.  (this is mostly written with Seven in mind, but whatever.)

First off, I’m pretty sure there are two different types of resets. 

1. The game resets after the party. The player does not go and watch the after ending for whatever reason, maybe they’re saving up hour classes or just aren’t that interested but for whatever reason the reset happens after the party.

2. The second type is with the after ending. 

This is the one I imagine to be so much worse. 

I imagine that time flows like normal. Eleven days is still eleven days, but two or three years still feels like two or three years. 

Imagine waking up next to MC for years. And imagine the terror that one day you’ll wake up and it will all be gone and being unable to fall asleep because of this fear (maybe one of the reasons 707 is always so sleep deprived) so just staying up all night looking at MC and trying to be happy because the reset hasn’t happened and just being terrified. 

And years pass.

And there’s no reset. 

And everything’s okay and you’re waking up together every morning. And you have a life together and it’s real and you’re growing old together…

And one day you wake up and you don’t open your eyes but something feels wrong

But no, MC would never have reset, not after so long. Not with all you knew about each other and after all you’d been through. She wouldn’t do that to you. 

So you open your eyes, about to laugh it off, to tell MC how weird it was, make a joke maybe…

And you open your eyes…

And your phone is on your pillow on the other side of your bed. Or maybe you’re sleeping on the couch (like you used to when you were still in school, or when you still lived alone and didn’t have MC to take care of you and make sure you went to bed.)

And worse yet, you’re completely alone. 

And you’re living in your old apartment, or your old room, or maybe just MC’s stuff isn’t scattered among yours.

And you just not knowing how to react or what to feel and you want to scream and cry but most of all, you want MC to come and comfort you and tell you it’s all a bad dream. 

Or you want MC to at least explain why they’d left you. What you did wrong. 

And your phone is vibrating. 

That’s what woke you up in the first place. 

So you open the RFA Messenger.

And Yoosung is complaining about school and this is all so familiar because you’ve been here before.

But that was years ago.

And you realise that the mark on your hand from when you cut yourself slicing an apple isn’t there. 

Because it was made two years in the future. 

A future that, now, probably won’t even exist. 

And MC enters the chatroom young and confused and utterly terrified (you never realised how terrified she was before) but you know her now.

You know her favorite songs, and sleep habits and too many little things and you’re so angry that she’d do this to you and just forget, but most of all, you miss her so much. 

And you say something to her because just maybe she’ll still remember. 

And instead she asks who you are and what is going on. 

And you know her and she doesn’t know you.

And maybe you mention something about her something that you remember because you know her very well. And she’s terrified of you. And very offended. And may be she tells you that you shouldn’t do a background check on someone without asking. But you didn’t, you hadn’t since the first time MC appeared in the chat room. You didn’t need to since the past few years told you more than any background check ever could. There was no doubt that she was to be trusted.

And she flirts with your friends again.

And that’s so wrong because you two belong together you were happy.

-Admin Unknown  

Thank you @ourlittletree and nonny! Right, ten facts…

1) I’ve been struggling with WiFi lately. Not only has it been broken at my college for two months now, it’s so shit in my room! Nothing loads on it, I can barely send messages or even receive tumblr notifications half the time because it’s that bad. My data is going down the toilet really fast because of these reasons :(

2) I went to a pool party today!

3) I’ve struggled with my weight for years now. My metabolism is naturally super fast which means that I’m really, really skinny and I honestly hate it so much. I hate wearing skirts/dresses because I hate how thin my legs are and I just feel like everyone’s judging me.

4) I’m currently in the painstaking process of scoping out potential universities. Of course I’ve narrowed my top 5 down to ones that are all Russell Group unis and have AAA/AAB requirements, why do I do this to myself :(

5) My worst trait is jealousy. God, I get it a lot for the silliest reasons.

6) Similarly, my worst fear is that I’m nobody’s favourite and that there’ll always be someone better than me/I’ll end up being abandoned for someone else

7) I may be going to America in September to see my mum get married! Key word being *may*. Depends on a few factors. If I do, I’ll finally meet my stepbrother!

8) I’m currently suffering massive writer’s block which is why Slater updates have been patchy recently.

9) Sometimes I wonder if my hard work will ever pay off. What if I graduate uni only to end up in a job I despise? I’ll be in minimum £27,000 debt (thanks, Tories) and uuuuggghhh

10) I still find it hard to believe sometimes that my best friend since the age of 3 lives so far away from me now when I used to see her almost every day. God, I remember the first week after she left (she actually moved away on my birthday :( ) I cried myself to sleep almost every night.

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Dr. Sidney Freedman


Things in common
1) the way we think/reason is like exactly the same
2) we know how to party but at the same time we never stop analyzing everything
3) avoids the drama but still casually observes it

1) I’m not very coherent when giving advice
2) I’m an especially bad comforter
3) I’m a bit more to the point with things, less soft.

when yoongi dropped his mixtape
  • *in class*
  • teacher: *to me* why didn't you do yesterday's homework?
  • me: agust d's 1st mixtape was released last night.
  • teacher:
  • me:
  • teacher: you're excused

con-stitution  asked:

ok i just wanted to ask something since i saw your post about a hamiltonian presidency. would industrialization have happened sooner because of hamilton as president?

oh!! and another question, if there was a second federalist presidency (that being hamilton’s), do you think that the federalist party would have lasted longer into the future?

[Man that post is old wtf did you guys dig it up?]

1. I believe so, tho I still think it would have stayed primarily in the Northern states.

2. Yes again. The biggest reasons the Federalist Party died out (at least at the federal level) were: 1) There was no strong Federalist candidate for the presidency after Hamilton died; 2) disproportionate voting power favored the Republican-majority South; and 3) the Federalists protested against the War of 1812, so the Republicans were successfully able to mark them as disloyal to American values.

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you said fav historical figures so... Lafayette ;) also please drag Hamilton he needs it my SinSon™ thanks fam <3

So Hamilton basically drags himself I hope you know this. But let’s start with Lafayette, because no one drags him enough.

1. Came to America illegally, because King Louis XVI didn’t want him to.

2. Almost got into a duel when he was like 14 because of a girl.

3. Got shot in the leg at Brandywine and didn’t notice until he collapsed.

4. When he was the leader of the National Guard he almost got himself killed by the radical factions in the govt.

5. He was a bit naive, or maybe he was just ignorant, but that almost got him killed multiple times.

6. He was part of a whole bunch of conspiracies during the Bourbon Restoration.

7. He made it hell for Adrienne and his kids, so I’ll drag him for that (also, Georges Washington Lafayette are you kidding me?)

And now to smol bean Hamilton

1. Kept bothering Washington for command until Yorktown.

2. He and Tjeffs are the reasons why we have political parties and a fucked up government in the first place.

3. The Reynolds Pamphlet. No explanation needed.

4. He founded the New York Post to talk shit about political rivals.

5. He destroyed his own career talking shit about Adams.

6. He knew about Phillip’s duel and did nothing (beat his ass Eliza).

7. Really had no reason to let his quarrel with Aaron Burr get so far that he ended up with a bullet in his spine but hey.

8. Lbr he probably had a uniform kink because it is historical record that he designed the uniforms for himself as Major General and all his men and was a snob about it.

9. Alexander Hamilton, the first Treasury Secretary of the USA, lost his check book and had to write the bank of New York for a new one, but he also had to write to request the balance of his account, which was in the check book, which he lost.

That’s all folks!

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I swear to God, if they called the paps to show us that Louis, his guitar, and his Xbox are all on their way to Danielle's birthday...

That would actually be ridiculous/hilarious for three reasons: 1. Who brings their xbox to a birthday party? 2. He supposedly has a newborn he should be chilling with. 3. Everyone forgot about her and her show premiers tomorrow so if they send him there and we get some proof of it tomorrow well…yeah obvious promo I suppose. 

I think the reason Malachite (a 2 party fusion) was able to somewhat overpower Alexanderite (a 3 party fusion) was because both Lapis and Jasper have a hatred for the Crystal Gems, which I think a lot of people forget. Their combined hatred for them was useful because they were working together, while the CG’s are still struggling a little to keep it together. — Anonymous

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hiiiii. i was just wondering, why is everyone saying it's the latinx Christmas tomorrow? i mean i'm assuming it's a latinx community joke or something but just in case it isn't i didn't want to miss out on wishing people a happy holiday or anything.

Latinxs celebrate Christmas on the 24th I don’t think there’s a real reason tbh we just like 2 party

Richonne Trash Tag

Hello lovebugs,

I wasn’t tagged…still relatively new to this side of the tumblr world but this looked fun so I mentally tagged myself. 

My name is Ashley Nichole and I am bonafide, certifiable, Richonne trash. My home for the last month has been in this tag (my dumpster) and its borderline ridiculous at this point.  

There are myriad of reasons why I love these two beautiful people, but I’ll give my top 3;

Reason 1)


I am a part of a blended interracial family and its crazy that it took a television show based in a ZA world in order for me to see something remotely related to my life on screen. (Mama Michonne had the locs and all!) And the back-lash this couple evoked from some [ignorant ass] individuals let me know this doesn’t happen nearly enough. 

Grimes family 2.0 is air in my lungs. It’s the foundation for Richonne. It’s precious and must be protected.

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Reason 2)


The reason I’m late to the got damn party is because I thought I was the crazy one. I noticed the subtle touches, the literal eye fucks, the stuff, and the thangs since the Fence…and I thought I was reading too much into it because I wanted it to be real more than it actually was. 

Thank God I was wrong. I have never been so happy to be wrong. Blessed.

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Reason 3)

The afterglow. 

This couple has me on literal high, like I’m somehow included in their relationship too. I’m a part of it. We fam now. 

I have been basking in the afterglow of Richonne for weeks. WEEKS. What is this life beyond this??? 

I have said it once and I’ll say it again, I got shit to do damn it! Kids to feed, bills to pay, homework …I am somehow managing it all but I have no idea how and clearly TPTB, Gimple & Co. don’t give a flying fuck either. They are willing and able to slay my heart every week. 

Last week all I got was a blimp of these two walking down a dusty ass road and I took it in like the addict I have become. 

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Long story short. I love them. And I love this fandom, I’ve never really been an active part of one before so I just wanted to introduce myself and list my reasons as to why you should let me sit at your lunch table. Or communal dumpster. Either way is fine. 

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