no reason

happy valentine’s day for people who are celebrating it right now!!!!

I’m always thinking of you. There’s no reason for when or why, but I am. I could be doing work or at the grocery store or with our friends and you will pop into my head like it’s nothing. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. Sometimes I smile and sometimes I want to cry. You’re always there even when I don’t want you to be.

anonymous asked:

Just curious, do you have preferred genders or pronouns for your versions of the characters?

You know all the actual pronouns that should be used if you’ve played Undertale yourself. However, many people call my Frisk and Chara “he” or “she” and I would actually prefer if they used the “they/them” pronouns?

On another note, for Mettaton, in this comic we’ll use the “they/them” pronouns for them too.