no really. how do you color

Theres a difference between helpful and unhelpful criticism

Saying whats bad about a piece is not a FULL crit unless you follow it up with WHY it looks bad. u do the same thing when u say something looks good.

Unhelpful crit: That looks bad.
Somewhat helpful crit: That looks bad bc the shade of blue is too dark.
Helpful crit: That looks bad bc the shade of blue is too dark. It overpowers the other colors and doesn’t achieve the relaxing affect you said you wanted.

(A really helpful crit might go into ways u can FIX it, but that’s not always the case, and might not be ideal to hear from someone if they’re less experienced. It can also depend on how well u know an artist’s intent. The artist is still able to learn from this statement–they’ve learned their current choice is bad and why it’s bad.)

Unhelpful crit: That looks good.
Somewhat helpful crit: That looks good bc the shade of blue is very dark.
Helpful crit: That looks good bc the shade of blue is very dark. it compliments the other colors in your piece creating a relaxing mood, which was your aim.

(Many argue (me included) every crit needs a point to improve, but that can vary based on how experienced the person critting is, and, once again, knowing artist intent. The artist is still able to learn that their current choice is successful, and why.)

I see ‘this is what happens in art school’ ALL THE TIME when ppl are trying to defend their unhelpful (and downright nasty tbh) crits. My profs have literally stopped critique to lecture us when one of us gives an unhelpful crit, whether it was positive or negative. Just saying something is bad w/o explaining your reasoning would NOT hold up well to more serious professors.

Like, criticize/critique all u want, but realize unless you go into WHY you think a certain way, ur ‘crit’ is ultimately useless and easily disregarded.

((Extra art school tidbit, ‘bad’ and ‘good’ are just example words, a lot of profs dont even like you using either of those words lmao.))

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Hi! Do you have any tips on how to match colors? Like what colors would look good together? I usually wear punk/grunge so I only know how to work with black and I feel so lost in fairy kei (and colors in general tbh) but I really want to try it. When I wear colors I usually focus on one color, like with a black shirt with a red design I'd wear red red shoes, red choker, red makeup, etc. Could something like that be done in fairy kei?

Hello! I’d recommend looking at coords you enjoy like, and see how they coordinate them ♪

Generally, these are safe colour combos: 

  • Pink x Yellow
  • Pink x Sax
  • Lavender x Pink 
  • Lavender x Mint

You should keep on as you are by focusing on one colour, and building your coord around it. If you base your outfit around a main piece, you can also look at the print it. For example, if your sax t-shirt has a pink print on it, you should incorporate this elsewhere in your coord!

Here’s an example:

You can see the mint cutsew, socks, and bows match in colours. The pink of the t-shirt matches the bottom layer of the tutu, and I’ve expanded on the purple using it as an accent on the socks and shoes! 

Item sources: T-shirt, Tutu, Socks (Listen Flavor) Bows (Chocomint @ Dreamy Bows) Shoes (Reebok)

I hope this makes sense, and if you need any more information please let me know✨

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Hi! Your art is so colourful and adorable, it always cheers me up. How do you choose the colours? Specially the shadows and lights. I know you're really busy right now and I hope I'm not bothering. I'm really sorry if I am. Good luck with everything and thank you very much!

Okay, I made a little uh… sort of tutorial! 
I grabbed one of my Soremiku sketches to show you how I do it :) At least for generic drawings without colored light/setting!

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wr3h  asked:

Hey! Your art is great! Just wondering, do you have any tips on shading? I really like how nice the colours are in your drawings.

Sorry I’m late..!   (P’_`)q

There is so many ways of shading.

for shading, move to diagonal line is not absolute way.
It just tutorial for who just don’t know how to choose the shading colors.

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Hi, I love you blog and your edits. I was wondering if you could possibly do a tutorial on how you make your solid colored background gifs like you did in in your most resent Sansa meme gif set? I am so horrible at it. If not that's fine but if you could thank you in advance. :)

omg thank you sweetie!!! (if anyone’s curious this is the gifset) of course, i’d love to, these are some of my very favorite types of gifs to make. it may be kinda hard at first but once you get used to it it’s really fun! i hope this helps x 


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All right, you know what? I think I need to send out a little disclaimer.

I’ve been getting a couple of new followers due to my increasing amount of posts dedicated to Supergirl and anti-karahell, anti-man-ew discourse. 

But I’m also noticing a certain amount of… pacifism… from some of you?

Like, you’ll sit there and reblog our posts and like everything we say about how awful the representation is on this show for women, queer people, and people of color. 

But then I’ll see a post come across my dash defending the people who DO ship karahell. And disliking all of the fandom in-fighting between ships.

Listen, it’s not ABOUT ships. Why do none of you GET that?

This isn’t Karahell vs. Supercorp/Karolsen or even Sanvers vs. Supercorp.

This is just a lot of people who are recognizing some pretty blatant racism, sexism, and homophobia being portrayed on a show that is trying really, really hard to tout itself as feminist and progressive and liberal.

And a lot of that racism, sexism, and homophobia tends to STEM from the karahell ship and Man-Ew himself.

I’ve written plenty of posts talking about how this ship is toxic and unhealthy and how selfish and sexist Mayo-El is. 

So if you’re going to agree with me, then you inherently have to recognize that people who SHIP karahell and LOVE Mongoose-Eggs, DO NOT SHARE THE SAME VALUE SYSTEM. 

They DON’T CARE that he is treating Kara like shit. They actually literally think that this behavior is romantic. 

They DON’T CARE that the Black male love interest got sloppily written out in favor of a white male slave-owning love interest. Whether you saw chemistry with Karolsen or not, the inherent racism in that decision is obvious. It’s part of a larger pattern in media of interracial couples getting broken apart or getting shit from fans for “not having chemistry.” And it’s always the Black person who gets the short stick in favor of a straight, white couple. I have literally been told that I’M the racist because I’m the one bringing race into the discussion. I’ve been told that someone can’t be racist because they see chemistry in other interracial ships (this person specifically brought up two couples in other CW shows that are both side characters and their significant other). 

They DON’T CARE that we want to headcanon Kara as bi or pan or, hell, even lesbian because queer people hardly ever get representation in genre TV and when we do, it’s basically NEVER the main character. I have been told that I “erased Kara’s identity” as a straight person by wanting to headcanon her as queer and bringing up that there is no conclusive evidence that Kara is straight. 

Certain Sanvers shippers don’t recognize that there are a lot of racism issues with the fact that they cast a white woman in the part of an explicitly Latina character. And while we can enjoy Sanvers as a fictional couple and stand for the representation we’re being given, we’re not about to call out the racism with karahell and ignore the racism with Sanvers. Because we can recognize that intersectionality exists and we are here for our woc wlw sisters, too. They deserved accurate representation and this is just a slap in the face.

I literally cannot just “ship and let ship” because letting people ship things like karahell means that I am also saying it’s okay. It means that I am also condoning people’s sexism, racism, and homophobia. It means that I am not recognizing the inherent power media has in our culture and society. It means that I am telling them that it’s okay to use me as a doormat because I won’t stand up for myself.

And I refuse to do that. They can call me “hateful” all they want, I honestly don’t really care. 

So if anyone who followed me wants to unfollow me now, you’re welcome to. I’m not just here to critique the fictional people. I’m here to call out the real ones behind it, too. This includes the writers, the actors, and the fans. 

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How long does it take you to edit your screenies? Do you do anything new that you havent listed in your faq?

Hi there, thanks for asking! Since I last edited my FAQ, I’ve actually started using Reshade. I use this preset by @pickypikachu - this completely eliminates the need for a Photoshop color action. (I do turn off some of the filters, like Bloom, for most of my screenshots, since they really only work for scenery.)

I still crop and resize my photos using Photoshop, but that only takes a few seconds! Obviously, some photos need more love than others, but I like to keep my legacy screenies as simple as possible since I take so many.

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Do you have any art advice? Sort of like obvious tips that all beginners should know?

I’ve been getting this ask a lot and I’ve finally thought of a way to answer.
I’d say watch speedpaints and watch how people color and draw. Go to streams and watch how people sketch. Start with basic shapes to help with anatomy! I don’t really know I am awful with words

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You cannot get mad at people for art or ships or critiques on you and send your followers after artists because they accidentally color something wrong or design something "racist" and then go cry to your own followers when you get told someone doesn't like something you write. You are playing the victim card and it not only makes you look like a shitty person but also immature and makes me question how good of hands your students are in.

…WOW that got personal fast? I have no issue with people disliking my work. I really don’t care. This is fandom I do this for free. I create specific content that some people like, some people don’t. 

The only two things I can think of “crying” over are that time someone called little space “creepy” because I think that’s like…ignorant and such. And sorry that the abusive way some ships are written in this fandom, you know, actually trigger me? But instead of going after them and yelling in their anon box or commenting on their stories like a goddamn coward, I just…avoid that content. I only have bitched about Jamilton because I get asked ALL THE TIME to write it, so I laid out the reasons I won’t write it. Sorry if it was blunt and hurt people’s feelings.

The reason sometimes I get upset or whatever, is I am actually a pretty sensitive person, and my feelings do get hurt easily, which is why I never say anything PERSONAL when in the middle of the discussion. (You know, like: “You are playing the victim card and it not only makes you look like a shitty person but also immature and makes me question how good of hands your students are in.”) 

So you know what the solution is? You don’t like my content, what I write on MY blog, my opinions, me? Unfollow me, block me, black list me. I really don’t care! Easy peasy lemon squeezy my friend. 

risky asks

1. “@” people you want to be friends with

2. screenshot the tabs you have open

3. the last text you sent to someone?

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

5. i dare you to _____ 

6. screenshot the first page of your search history

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story

8. how often do you take showers?

9.  what was your first blog URL?

10. if you draw or write, show some of your really old work

REALLY risky asks (watch out!!! super Risky)

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

3. whats your favorite color?

4. if you have pets, what are their names?

5. do you like a warm bed or a cold bed?

6. whats a really good memory you have?

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?

I had an interview today and I totally rocked this question:
  • Interviewer: How would you explain DNA to an 8 year old?
  • Me: I would tell them that DNA is like Legos. Like four different colored legos. Individually, they can't do much, but when you build them in a certain order, you can make different things, like a house or a tree or little lego people. It's the same in your body. Four different DNA molecules fit together to create the unique you.
  • Interviewer: *brief pause* That's a really good answer.
  • Me: Thank you. I like Legos and science.
Owl Emoji Ratings

Really good solid owl here. He looks strong and brave, he wants to protect his loved ones. Love the details. Love the colors. Love those big ol’ eyes. A perfect owl, to be honest. 10/10

More simplistic approach, but still very good. Eyes gazing at you lovingly. Sweet lil ears. He wants to make new friends but he’s a little nervous. I’ll be his friend. 10/10

This sweet boy went for a more dynamic pose, and appears to be more of a barn owl! I’d love to hear him hooting outside my window at 3 in the morning. 10/10

A purple girl!!! She looks like she walked (or flew) right out of an enchanting fantasy realm. She would be the greatest friend imaginable. 10/10

A tiny fluffy friend…. I would die for him, but he wouldn’t want me to. He would be that one friend who pays attention to you when everyone else in your friend group doesn’t realize you’re trying to talk. 10/10

This LARGE owl is the friend we all need. He’s strong and powerful but he’s also polite and good hearted, and his ears are nice and big, so he can hear if you’re ever in trouble and come to your aid. 10/10

A cute, sweet little guy who is very nervous about being on this list. Luckily there’s room in my heart for all owls, and I think he’s magnificent. I love his sweet eyes. 10/10

This more stylized, colorful owl is really unique and gorgeous. I hope he isn’t worried about standing out too much. His unique patterns are admirable and he’s the envy of all. 10/10

This owl is just a head but I still love him. There’s a sparkle in his eye and you can sense warmth and kindness radiating off of him. He’s the wise old owl you read about only in fairy tales, but never imagined you would see face to face. I’m blessed just looking at him. 10/10

i just want to choose something small every day to fall in love with. how often do i really just like… study the heck out of a sunbeam. learn a new word and find out how to use it, teach it to others. watch birds because birds are nice. find a new favorite color. to find out something about each person in my life to compliment them on that’s genuine and better than “you’re pretty,” i mean realizing they always get water for other people before they sit down at lunch or how neat their notes are or how they always have a good pun. i want to listen harder and talk a little less and say more important stuff. and i want to watch out for stuff to just obsess over like a cool cloud or a tree and just. learn stuff from people. ask more questions about how her hair is so silky and just. fall in love with everybody.

The studyblr community has pooled in a lot of amazing, aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and fun ways to take notes and study. However, over the past few years, especially last semester when I took college classes, I realized that having one system really wasn’t helpful because I would have to scramble for different strategies when the classes drastically differed from one another. So, I made strategies for certain types of classes that were created specifically for those characteristics but flexible enough to adjust a bit if needed. Here is how I study:

  1. I want to start off by saying ALL strategies including reading. DO NOT SKIP IT. It’s hard, it’s boring, and it’s slow, but in the end you learn and create a strong foundation for yourself.
  2. I do not skip a word. I use three different colored post its, some page flags, and a writing utensil. I abhor highlighting on textbooks and books with a passion so I use post its instead: one for writing notes and key concepts, another for terminology, and the last color  for any questions I have. As I read, I write all of my notes and then stick them in my textbooks in the corresponding area. The flags are for when I feel like I just couldn’t get the information completely and I want to come back and double review. Finally, after I go through a chapter, I get my notebook and from the beginning of the chapter, I rewrite my post its into notes with the same color coding system.
  3. For the classrooms with power points: This is pretty simple. I print them before hand into handouts if they’re available before lecture and write everything that the teacher says in margins or highlight information. if they’re not available before hand, I still take notes from what the teacher is saying and writing and I make tiny notes of which slide it corresponds with. Then, I print the powerpoint later and write it into the powerpoint slides. To study, I just read over them. 
  4. When the teacher usually writes on the board, speaks all the time, and doesn’t use pp: This is where reading the textbook becomes your best friend. You won’t get as much details in lecture since a person can only talk and write so much in an allotted time period. Instead, I copy everything off of the board and don’t miss anything. At the same time I try to get everything he says onto my notebook also. As a back up, I have a voice recorder going on at the same time. Once I get home, I IMMEDIATELY and ALWAYS rewrite those class notes since they probably look terrifying. After all, people speak faster than they can write.
  5. Finally, online classes. Most of it is learning by yourself so stay motivated and determined and you can do it! First, video transcripts are not your notes. Take notes from the video themselves while you’re watching them. For all of those online resources, write notes in every way you can. Print out all of your assignments that you do or put them somewhere where you can print them later to read over. Any reading excerpts? Print those and highlight all you want. Finally, READ THAT TEXTBOOK.
  6. The last part of my studying strategy is really only useful when it comes to tests. Do any and all practice questions that you can get your hands on. I don’t care if it says there’s 100 questions. Do them!! If anything got me through my classes, it would be all of those damn practice tests and textbook questions (Do every problem in the back of your book. Do them. When you do them, your teachers can throw anything at you and you’ll be able to do any scenario.).

All classes are different. Some are a mixture of the traditional powerpoint and traditional lectures. That’s why I really like my strategies because they’re at like two different extremes and I can use them at different amounts to meet that perfect spot where my class is.

Finally, I will say that my study strategies do rely on my organizational systems. I have different notebooks for different things, different binder arrangements for different classes, and so on. If you want a master post on that just give me a message (it’ll probably come at some point but i’m also really lazy and forgetful).

Good luck with studying. Just remember to stay healthy no matter what you’re doing <3

♡ Magical Girl Essentials!  ♡

This was really fun to do, I kinda made the drawing up as a went and although it took a lot longer it’s nice to just get and idea and put it on the drawing when you get it. I love how the color scheme turned out too!

I recorded the entire process of drawing this and it’ll be up on youtube in a little while!

Also you can get it on Redbubble :]

i know i´m a bit late with my #meettheartist. but i was very busy and i normally  don´t like doing things everyone is doing. but in this case i got tons of requests and messages and i thougt, because i don´t post personal stuff very often, it would maybe really interisting for you.  so…, i am not doing this BECAUSE everyone is doing it, i do it EVEN THOUGH everyone is doing it. i hope it gives you an idea of how or who i am.

Garnet lied about Blue

When the latest batch of episodes leaked I could not for the life of me get over how different Blue Diamond was from how she seemed in The Answer. I mean look at this shit

In her story, Garnet portrayed Blue as as a calm, cold, ruthless queen who would had no issue with ordering Ruby’s death on the spot for stepping out of line, that’s a pretty far cry from the big moping blueberry that we got here.

Now you can go and say that this was before Pink Diamond was shattered, but look at Blue’s court. It’s all bluish and pinkish gems with none of any other color, and the rubies assigned to Sapphire didn’t have a diamond on their uniform to show who they were working for. This was right after Pink Died!

Now take a moment to rewatch how Garnet acted when Blue Diamond was involved. Garnet was scared, mortally terrified of Blue, to the point that she didn’t want to get anywhere near her.

Do you think someone this terrified could really have given an accurate recollection of what happened on the day she was sentenced to death?

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t doubt for a minute that Blue called for Ruby to be shattered, but I don’t think it was because Garnet broke some insane interracial love taboo. No, Blue had her sister’s murderer right there in front of her, and Sapphire had confirmed that she would face judgement…


Does this mean Blue Diamond was right to have Ruby executed? Fuck no it doesn’t, but all the same Blue here isn’t the insane, bigoted, love-hating tyrant that Garnet told us she was. She’s a deeply hurt, deeply flawed individual in a position of power struggling to hold it together after she watched her sister’s killer escape justice because a bumbling guard distracted everyone!

So yeah, she may still ordered an execution, but give Blue a break. At least half a break. This definitely was not in cold blood.


i’ve had a couple screwdrivers and i want to talk about colors for a sec.
so, a tip from your mom.

the tip: don’t use black and white for your shading and highlighting.

(pls forgive the quick doodle for the purpose of an example)
one of these is clearly softer and more vibrant. it can play up your palette choices, even if they’re not that exciting by themselves- but pink or brown shading makes everything look really nice.

how bout this one?

black and white values for your art won’t completely ruin it. but there’s way more you can be doing with it. low opacity black to shade an art piece is a lil bit boring. it doesn’t make any of your colors stand out, it doesn’t take much creativity on your part. won’t stretch the muscles.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever use black as shading. but to work it at its best, you have to actually use black. the purpose?

contrast! it’s great for drama. black shading is used for sharp graphic styles- you’ve seen it in a lot of comics before. it commands attention for a serious situation.
imo, black should be used as its full self, or not at all. low opacity black just looks gross and boring. it’s way more fun to use other colors, i promise!

this has been a chat about shading with ur mom.


just two guys….bonding… i can’t believe this is my first contribution to this amazing show…

Noah fence, but like you know what’s really great? trans boys. mlm trans boys. and trans boys with floppy hair. trans boys with colorful hair. trans boys who get really excited when they talk about their binder, but also trans boys who don’t feel like they need or want a binder. trans boys who wear t-shirts and jeans every day. and trans boys who wear eyeliner and lipstick. trans boys with big eyes. trans boys with arched eyebrows. trans boys with strong jaws. trans boys with big lips. trans boys who use the butterfly snapchat filter and excitedly send you photos because look how handsome they look. and trans boys who don’t know what to do with their hands in pictures. trans boys in backwards snapbacks and trans boys in button downs and trans boys in joggers. wow I love boys so much. and trans boys are so pure and perfect.