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Another version of the AU where Ladybug and Chat Noir fight an akuma that turns people into kids. This time, Ladybug gets turned into one x)

CLICK HERE if you wanna see Chat Noir’s version~

You survived to the end my friends, and not everybody survives. You survived ‘till the end of the show, survived the end of the tour. Don’t know if I told you this, but I can’t think of a better place to end this than right here so thank you so much. Now I’m thinking of all the people I mentioned, or I thought of, and we wouldn’t be here without them. There’s so many of them in this room. I’m not gonna name them all. But before last night, the first and only time I’d been in this building, I was nine years old and my grandma took me to see the circus. And my grandma June is here tonight to watch u play on this stage. You know, I also need to mention, my old band mate, Chris. He was the first guy that really showed me what to do to put on a show. He said: “Hey, you see this chord? You plug it in to here, and this is how you get the piano to come out of the system.” He taught me everything I know when it comes to this stuff. He actually is the one who built that piano over there, seven years ago. And he’s here tonight. So thank you Chris, for everything you’ve done for us. We’ve got guys on this crew that have been here from the beginning, Daniel, Mark, Snider. Some I forget. Chris and Brad, you guys have believed in us from the very beginning. I know this feels like we’re accepting an award or something, but honestly, this kinda feels like one. Listen, we wouldn’t be up here if it weren’t for a lot of people, if they didn’t exist. It is very important to know that if you, our fans, The Clique, were not here tonight, this would not be possible. So thank you so much for making this possible. So grateful for you guys. There’s one other person I’d like to talk about- who I would not be up here on this stage right now if it weren’t for- Josh Dun on the drums. Please give it up for him. Listen, I know you’ve been cheering all night, but I know you’ve got something else. Josh Dun on the drums everybody, c'mon. And you know I brought Michael out and it made me think of a lot of older shows, and we’ve bee closing out with a certain song for year now. It’s very cool for us to be showing this song to people. This might be my favorite song live and  I invite you to be apart of that tradition with us as we close out this show. We’ll give it everything we have, friends. We only have a little bit left in us, but we promise by the end of this, we will be nothing. So, join us.
—  Tyler Joseph’s Trees speech at the last ERS show at Madison Square Garden
Supergirl Editorial

So I’m a writer, I’ve written fanfiction, I’ve written short stories, I’ve written poems, I’ve written scripts, I’ve done a lot of writing. I’ve done enough writing to know that what they’re doing on Supergirl this season, well let’s just say, it’s been missing a few marks. Look, I just have one question for the writers of this show, just one. What’s going on with you guys this season? I mean truly, what is going on? Last season was strong in character development, action, good storytelling, and it seems that a few of those things are lacking this season. Let’s start with a certain new character who goes by the name Mon-El. Now before I get started, I want to make one thing perfectly clear, I actually really like Mon-El, I am not even joking. I think he’s fun, he has a good sense of humor, Chris Wood is clearly having a blast playing him, and his positive attitude is freaking contagious. Yes he was a jackass in the beginning, but he’s coming around. Not only that, I think his story arc is really interesting, I’m curious to learn about his past, whether or not he’s the prince, and I’d actually like to see him develop his powers and become more like his comic book counterpart. However, all of this seems to be taking second banana to a romantic story arc that is forced, not entertaining, done with actors that have zero romantic chemistry, and something that literally a huge majority of the fans don’t want. But here’s my problem, with it. Well I have a lot of problems with it, but let’s just go with the basic. It lends absolutely nothing to the overall story. And as a writer, that really bugs me. You give us the potential for a fun and great character, a character who could actually have a future on these shows, and you turn him into the arrowverse equivalent of Mary-Jane from the Sam Rami Spider-Man movies. Oh that’s right, I went there. A romance based on some “Dude-bro” guilt tripping a girl into liking him is not only a terrible plot point, but a pointless one at that. Now on the other hand, maybe making them a non healthy relationship is the idea, which if that’s the case, ok, but you’re giving us no reason to think that. For example, in season six of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Buffy sleeping with Spike was purposely meant to be a destructive relationship. It was meant to show how Buffy hated being back on Earth and how she was using Spike to help quench these feelings. And it was very clearly meant to be non healthy. Here, it’s just “oh Kara’s friends are all abandoning her and she feels lonely (Which by the way, Alex ditching Kara on her birthday? Really guys? Really?) and Mon-El is the only one who is there to comfort her”, I mean give me a break. And as I stated before, Melissa and Chris have absolutely no romantic chemistry, they have great friendship chemistry, hell they even have a bit of sibling chemistry, but no romantic chemistry. Which brings us to another topic (yea you all knew this was coming), let’s discuss another new character who goes by the name Lena Luthor. Here is a character who is interesting, complex, well written, well acted, and who has flaming hot chemistry with Kara. Now please, writers, please explain to me why we can’t have Kara and Lena together? Cause of Alex and Maggie? It’d be too much to have two lesbian couples on one show? Come on, its 20freaking17. Same sex couples on tv shows are not as taboo as they used to be. Now one could make the argument that they’ve already had one coming out story, and two could be redundant, ok, a fair point. But remember what Mon-El said last episode? How Daxamites didn’t care about sexuality? Who says the same can’t be said for Kryptonians? Hell, you could just have Kara and Lena get together, and when she announces it, everyone being confused about her liking girls all of a sudden, that could actually be really funny. Or if you prefer the dramatic way, Kara being inspired by Alex to question her own sexuality as well could be good, as well as believable for Kara as a character, given the bond that her and Alex share. And I’m sure there are quite a few other ways you could do it. All I know is, it would probably be a lot better than the current romantic arc you have for her at the moment. Also, I don’t think we can talk about Lena without bringing up the giant elephant in the room that is the supposed “spoilers” for 2x15. I’m gonna be blunt, I don’t know if these rumors are true or not, but if they are, I got a few words. First of all, if Lena really does become a villain all of a sudden, it will just be plain stupid. Not only stupid, but lazy as well. If you write her entire arc on her trying to be better than her family name, and prove that not all Luthors are evil, then have her just become the villain randomly, that is not interesting character development. And I’m perfectly aware of the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time a good guy was really the villain the whole time in these shows. But here’s the thing (SPOILER ALERT for those of you who haven’t seen The Flash) Eobard Thawne and Hunter Zolomon were pretending to be people they weren’t (Harrison Welles and Jay Garrick), and they are established villains in the comics. Lena Luthor is not a villain in the comics. Nor was she in Smallville (SPOILER ALERT for those who haven’t seen Smallville). Yes for those who remember, Tess Mercer was in fact Lena Luthor. Now she was unbelievably shady and sinister as all get out, but in the end, she was still one the good guys, she was loyal to Clark and everybody to the very end. So making her a villain would not only be stupid and lazy, but it also wouldn’t make any sense. I also read somewhere that the idea of Kara and Mon-El is that they’re supposed to be “Star crossed lovers”, I’m sorry but nothing would be more star crossed than a Super and a Luthor, even you guys have to admit that. I’ll say this, there are only two ways I can think of, that maybe, just maybe, you can make Lena a villain to where we might buy it. You could either make her the villain for the rest of the season (which given the fact that Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher are looking to be the villains this season, I doubt that’ll happen) or make her descent into villainy expand over the course of seasons, like Lex in Smallville or Morgana in Merlin. So basically, making her a villain and just killing her off would be one of the single most moronic moves you guys could even think of pulling. I’ve had people tell me that it’s not the writers jobs to please the fans, a notion to which I respectfully disagree. When the writers continually write what the majority of the fans don’t want, they will stop watching, the numbers will drop, and the show will get canceled. If they do give what the fans what they want, they will watch, the ratings will climb, the show will stay, and you will make money, it’s literally that simple. And you know what? The majority of the fans want Supercorp, I know there is a percentage that do want Karamel, and I don’t mean to sound like a prick, I really don’t, but Supercorp fans vastly outnumber Karamel fans, and the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. I hate to say it, but guys, if you look at the chart, it’s pretty clear. And like I said before, I don’t even know if these rumors are true. And if I’m wrong, cool, this post will be irrelevant. We’ll watch the show, peacefully, quietly, we’ll enjoy it. But if I’m right, you will not only lose respect from me as both a fan and as a writer, but you will lose respect from quite a large amount of fans as well. So please, we’re begging you here. These plot lines are a total mess and they are not hard to fix. Hell, why don’t you reach out to the fans for advice? I’ve seen plenty of fan fiction plot lines that are better than the current ones. I mean the fans already know what they want, giving it to them is not that complicated. I love Supergirl so much, it’s become one of my favorite tv shows ever, please don’t let some stupid, very easily avoidable, romance plot line ruin it. This has been an editorial from That Writer Guy. Hope you enjoyed.

Touring with Black Veil Brides would include

• Calling the guys by their last name
• Tough decisions about what to eat
• “How about pizza?” “Jake we’ve been eating pizza for the last week no.”
• CC being really hyper all the time
• Andy making fun of your height
• “Y/N I’m scared I’ll step on you.” “Shut up, Biersack.”
• Always making dirty jokes with Ashley
• “I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination.” “I bet you do.”
• Them hearing you sing in the shower and making you come onstage and sing the next day
• Bryan Stars interviews
• A bee getting on the bus and everyone freaking out except you
• “Come on guys, it’s just a bee. It won’t hurt you if you don’t hurt it.” “Y/N WHAT ARE YOU EVEN TALKING ABOUT BEES ARE DANGEROUS”
• “Be right back, I gotta change.” “You’re fine right here.” “Can it, Purdy.”
• Stealing their clothes
• “Is that my shirt?” “… It was yesterday.”
• Nonstop music
• Having to use Mom Voice and full names
• Them coming offstage all sweaty and chasing you for hugs
• Them getting war paint all over you from post-show hugs
• Falling asleep on each other
• Making sure they’re happy
• Them making sure you’re happy
• Them taking care of you and reminding you to drink some water and take your medication and get some sleep because nothing can happen to their precious little Y/N
• “I am a grown woman and I do not need a bedtime. Seriously, another hour awake isn’t gonna kill me.” “That’s just the tiredness talking. I’ll come cuddle with you if it’ll help you sleep.” “… Fine.”
• Having a great time with your best friends

Prince Yuuri can’t see anything without his glasses. It normally isn’t an issue, but when Yuuri goes to the royal ball without them he can’t see the man who captures his attention that night and can only remember him by his voice. Determined to find the ‘mystery man’, Yuuri goes through the entire town in hopes of finding the one who won his affections. But what happens when said mystery man turns out to be a beautiful guy named Victor, and why is he acting like they met before last night?

(A Cinderella AU)

Written for Day 7 of the Yuri on Ice Week 2017 challenge and inspired by this post on Tumblr.

[AO3 link]

Prince Yuuri’s eyesight has always been, for lack of a better word, shit.

Really, without his glasses everything turns into a blur of colors and lines, even if said object is right in front of him. He went approximately five years of his life not being able to see anything concrete until his tutor caught on and slapped a pair of thick, wire rimmed atrocities on his face, and only then did he see things clearly for the first time in his life.

It’s normally a non issue. He goes about his day as normal, the only indication that the glasses are even there coming from him pushing the bridge up every so often. It’s almost as if he can forget that he needs help to see. The frames are big enough that he can almost get by without noticing the thin border around everything he views, and even though they are probably the thickest glasses a twenty-four year old has ever worn, nobody dares taunt the crowned prince.

So Yuuri’s sight may be the like a blind bat’s, but at least it’s never caused him any problems.

At least, that used to be true. But after the ball last night, after him, his bad eyesight is the reason he’s screwed beyond belief.

“Are you really going to go looking for your mystery man?” Mari complains, breaking him out of his reverie.

Yuuri shakes his head back and forth while he laces up his shoes then turns a glare on his sister. “Of course I am.”

“And how are you going to find him, huh?” she challenges. “What are you going off of? A blob of grey hair and a Russian accent? News flash, Yuuri, there’s a lot of guys who fit that description.”

He finishes making work of his boots and gets up from the couch he’s perched on. Mari’s leaning against his doorframe, hip cocked out to one side while she balances an unlit cigarette between her teeth. If he was in a better mood he’d chastise her smoking, but her lack of support isn’t exactly rubbing him the right way.

“You don’t need to come if you’re going to complain the entire time,” he snarks back. Yuuri grabs his best coat from the closet and puts it on without preamble. “I can take Yuko instead.”

Mari takes the cigarette out of her mouth and glances at it once before tossing it in the nearest trash can. “No, I’ll come with you. But tell me one thing. Why this guy? Why go through all this effort over someone who’s face you didn’t even see right?”

Yuuri quiets and grabs the lapels of his jacket. It’s a valid question. By all intents and purposes, he’s being ridiculous. He danced with what felt like hundreds of people at the ball last night, blur after blur passing him by due to him not wanting to wear his cumbersome glasses to such a high profile event. He could barely even see a general outline of the men and women he waltzed with, only remembering certain colors or conversations.

But there was one who stood out beyond the rest. A man whose face Yuuri couldn’t see, but whose voice was like a melody, soft and accented and warm. He approached Yuuri after getting paired up with the Duke of Switzerland, a promiscuous man named Christophe known for his inappropriate and lewd behavior at balls. He was whispering in Yuuri’s ear about his latest sexual conquest when he came forward, asking to could butt in and have one dance with the crowned prince.

Christophe graciously handed Yuuri over with a bid farewell, pleasantries falling off both their lips before Yuuri turned back towards the new suitor in front of him. He couldn’t see anything really, just the sharpness of the man’s cheekbones and a hazy halo of platinum hair that could pass for silver. But his eyes. Oh, his eyes were clear as day, bright baby blues bursting through the blurriness.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your meeting with Duke Christophe,” the man murmured in a low voice.

Yuuri remembered smiling back as the man’s hands landed on his shoulders, a soft violin wailing in the background as they began to fall into a familiar waltz.

“Don’t be. We were just finishing up,” he responded back, ever the diplomat at these events. “May I ask for your name?”

The man laughed a little and leaned in close, minty breath brushing against Yuuri’s lips. “If it’s okay with you, Yuuri, I’d like to keep my name a secret. I’m a man of mystery, you see, and I’m returning to St. Petersburg in the morning. We only have tonight, so let’s enjoy it while it lasts, hm?”

He’ll never forget the man calling him Yuuri. Not ‘Your Highness’ or ‘Prince Yuuri,’ but just Yuuri, as if they were old friends reconnecting after years apart. It made his cheek blush red as they fell into easy sways across the dance floor, murmuring in one another’s ear until they were both breaking out in fits of laughter over something the other person said. One dance turned into two, then two into three. Hands gripped tighter as they both realized the night would be over soon and they’d part ways, never to see the other again. Conversations became deeper, frivolous talk about their mutual love of dogs fading into discussions of fears for the future. Yuuri admitted he was worried about taking the throne one day, if he’d be a good king, while the man implied he was scared of never finding his lost love, if he was forever destined to ache with lovesickness.

They danced, talked, touched for the whole night, until the castle clocks chimed at midnight and the man broke away from Yuuri’s grasp.

“Wait!” Yuuri cried out, fingers catching on the man’s shirt sleeve.

The man turned back and through the blurriness, Yuuri made out a tiny smile.

“Goodbye, my prince,” he whispered, then leaned in without another word and left the faintest of kisses on Yuuri’s mouth before escaping through a door and out of sight.

“Yuuri? Yuuri!”

He practically jumps out of his skin at Mari’s insistent knocking against his arm.

“What?” he snaps back.

She sighs. “You never answered my question, dummy. What is it about this guy?”

Yuuri just pulls the lapels of his jacket closer around his body and sighs. “I can’t explain it. I was up all night thinking about him, Mari. I…I can’t get him out of my head and I just need to do this. You understand, right?”

Mari appraises him for a few seconds then sighs in return. “Y’know, this all could’ve been avoided if you just listened to me and wore your glasses, but yeah, I understand. Let’s go find your boyfriend.”

He glares at her back as she walks out of the room but doesn’t comment, instead focusing on the one though that goes through his mind like a mantra as they prepare for a long journey ahead.

I’ll find him if it’s the last thing I do.

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600 special prompts set
  1. Why didn’t you lock the door?
  2. It sounds dangerous, I don’t know if I like it
  3. “What did I do? OW! Why are you hitting me?”
    “You told him? What’s wrong with you?”
  4. There’s a German guy in the bathtub. Why?
  5. I think the cleanest thing this house is that shoe right there
  6. I got three pounds seventy on me. What you got?
  7. If you drink one more cup of coffee, I’ll punch you
  8. How should I know her last name? I don’t know her first name!
  9. ”Did you say something to her again?”
    ”Other than sorry that I hit you?”
  10. ”What happened to your shirt?”
    ”I fell asleep with a cigarette.”
  11. Sure, she’s a sarcastic son of a bitch, but she doesn’t deserve this shit
  12. I really think this counts as aunt abuse
  13. Doesn’t it feel good to be in control?
  14. “Would you let me take you out for a dinner?”
    “Why are you asking?”
  15. He has shinier shoes than my life!
  16. I mean yes, she’s hot as hell and probably grade A manipulator, but you my friend… You have the cutest sneeze that I’ve ever heard.
  17. “So you’re gonna just sit on your ass while I have to make breakfast?”
    “At least it’s a cute ass.”
  18. “I really thought I was going to die”
    “I know. But you’re alive, right”
  19. She’s bit awkward, right?
  20. So what you’re saying is.. your twin owes twenty hundred pounds to the crime boss of Latvia, and you want us to kill him so you don’t have to pay it up?

I’m sick as balls, my fever is down but everything fucking hurts.. Sorry.


Side Note: Y/B/N = Your Boyfriend’s Name (didn’t really know what name to put, so you guys can make it up yourselves).

“Greetings from the dead”, were the first words to fall from his mouth. While you were standing near the doors threshold, at a complete loss. Kol Mikealson your former flame had been un-daggered since the last time you saw him in Mystic Falls. How he managed to know you packed up and left to live in New Orleans didn’t concern you, however what did was his intentions and why he was here.

“Is that suppose to be some sort of joke? Because if so, it isn’t funny Kol”. You glanced at him, but your eyes couldn’t help but scan his body. For an 1,000 year old vampire he looked beyond handsome. “I can sense your anger, and believe me darling I’m quite angry myself. Being locked in a coffin and daggered for centuries isn’t a joy. But I’m back and now we can continue our lives together, just like we did back in Mystic Falls”.

His foot tried to step through the door, when he realized he hadn’t be granted permission to enter. He looked to you and asked, “Aren’t you going to invite me in, love?”. There were many reasons why you weren’t willing to invite him in, the biggest one being you’d moved on. But Kol would get his way, he might be the youngest original but that didn’t stop him from being overly confident and charming. “Come on in”, instantly feeling a sense of regret while uttering those magic words.

Kol’s eyes scanned the living room, more specific the photos placed all around. “I don’t want to seem rude, but I’m not exactly a fan of this guy who seems to be getting rather close to you. Who is he by the way?”. He waved the photo frame in the air, before setting in face down on the fireplace mantel. Walking over and fixing the picture, you turned to Kol. “Who he is doesn’t matter right now”.

“It matters very much indeed. I need to know who he is so I can rip his throat out,”. He seemed rather satisfied with that outcome, you on the other hand were not. “Kol! You can’t just come back and think everything will be as you left it, That’s not how life works. You were daggered by your own brother, repeatedly I might add. Who not only keeps you in a coffin but controls when you get to wake up. Do you even realize how messed up that is! So forgive me if I didn’t feel like waiting around for Klaus to un-dagger you”. Your outburst wasn’t planned, but it sure got Kol’s attention.

A dangerous game of who could maintain eye contact the longest was in motion. Kol’s eyes went dark and within seconds backed you into the nearest wall, asserting his dominance. “I came to New Orleans to be with you Y/N, and I can feel that you still love me”. Your mind was telling your body to not react, but of course it did anyway. Kol’s touch was something you longed for and now he was here, in front of you…all you had to do was reach out and he was yours.

“I’ve missed you, I’m not going to deny that. But Kol while you were asleep in that coffin, my life didn’t stop. I’m with someone else…and your going to have to find a way to deal with that”. Half of you expected him to lose it, instead his composure stayed the same. Running his fingers down your cheek, it was the ultimate test. Kol knew what his touch could do to you, how easily it made you weak at the knees. He leaned in, making sure to take his time to drag out the anticipation of what’s coming next. “Darling, if you think I’m just going to walk away from the girl I love, then you don’t know me at all. May the best man win, and we both know who that man is going to be”.

The sound of keys jingling snapped your eyes to the door, before the door could even fully open Kol was no where to be seen. It was just you standing alone in the middle of the room, trying to reign some control over your emotions. “Hey, are you okay? You don’t look so good”, asked Y/B/N.

Looking towards the window, the same one that Kol disappeared out of just a few seconds ago. You whispered, “I’m fine”. Expect that was one massive lie. What scared you the most was with Kol back, history had begun repeating itself. He’d come back, you’d fall for his charms and right when the two of you found happiness, it would be ripped away. And that was the price you paid time and time again for loving Kol Mikealson.


to vld writers: how to write lance

okay imma split this into dos and don’ts so it’ll be easier for me to write and you to read.


lance swears in spainish its really annoying tbh

lance says random words in spanish for no reason

giving him the last name mcdoodlydoo (use Gutierrez instead it sounds better and more accurate until we get an official name)

making it known very annoyingly often how he “rolls his r’s”?????? why do people do that??? he has an american accent in the show?????

 people like to assume so many things like comparing his dick to churros???? what the actual fuck u guys?????? thats so gross like why??????

dont ever make him a stereotype latino like theres so much more to us and him???? like dont ever do that????? thats what this list is for????

dont name every single fucking character maria and jose?????? like use its available??????


he can speak spanish like i like the thing where he calls his crush little pet names in spanish cause thats something we actually do even if we mostly speak english

let him swear in english its okay trust me

you can let him be proud of where hes from like he def can mention it and say how proud he is of his country like that is okay all good

he can also mention his fav cuban dish (or literally any latino dish from any one of those countries) ike this is okay u can do this

he can speak spanish like he can use sayings like thats also okay cause my fam says a bunch of stuff i catch myself saying

a PSA from an actual latino person thank for reading :D

(feel free to add more if u r a latino person who likes voltron but hates how some writers write my bby lance)


Hey guys! Sorry for the inactivity and random posts, (lol what’s new) but ive actually been working on my story. It’s far from being ready, but i at least wanted to show you the main character. So this is Amara Moore. There are more main characters, but she’s like the main main character you know?  

Things and stuff...?

We all know there are a ton of real-life skating things referenced in Yuri on Ice and that Yamamoto-san and Kubo-san are huge fans of Johnny Weir,but I’m always curious how much stuff like this is on purpose and how much is just unconscious influence? This is nowhere near a comprehensive list it’s only what I can think of right now + things I noticed at 2am last night because what is tumblr for if not overreacting about questionably significant info?

1)  In addition to the fact that Yuuri’s Eros routine is probably modelled after him (see below), and Victor’s flashback aesthetic in episode 7 was obviously modelled after him (see below): 
a) he was coached by world famous figure skater Viktor Petrenko*
b) he married a Russian named Victor Voronov (unfortunately that didn’t work out very well in the end though.**)

…I can’t with this? I mean, I know Victor is a really common name, but……. but really. REALLY? There are other names? Awkward.

(*Victor Petrenko is Ukranian, however during much of his skating career (approx 1986-1994), “Russian” team and “Ukrainian” team were the same team, because of the Soviet Union.)   

(**I wonder if that explains this tweet he made? :/ ) Am I reading too much into this? Probably.)

2) Although it’s probably taken from everywhere, out of all the figure skating I’ve seen, IMHO the Eros choreo reminds me of Johnny’s Poker Face performance somehow

See: this video

EDIT: aaahhh wtf, a few days after I posted that video, Yamamoto-san specifically mentioned that exact choreo in her tweet to Johnny o_o! I guess that validates my hunches, then… ^^;

3) The costumes:

a) Victor:
Everyone’s seen this by now right?

b) Yuuri:
Call me crazy, the Eros costume looks like a mashup of Johnny Weir costumes to me? Androgynous skating costumes aren’t all that uncommon but Johnny is more well known than most for for fashion and androgynous outfits, many (most?) of his costumes are clearly inspired by women’s fashion; off the ice he is no less fabulous (and not afraid to just wear an actual dress) - there’s way too much to include here, if you just google johnny weir + “costume” or “skating costume” or “yuri on ice costume” or “dress” or “fashion” you’ll see what I mean.

- Side-skirts are not common on men’s skating costumes, but:

Here you get the things like the reflective “broken glass” areas, black-on-black textural-contrast design/asymetry / black mesh / lower on the right side / thing going on here. (Again, not something you never see in other costumes but…)

Okay, I’m done. I’m sure there’s more, but I need to go like. Live my life and stop thinking about Yuri on Ice for 5 minutes D;

Bedtime || Dan Howell x Reader

A/N: Hello there! welcome to my blog, my name is Kailyn and I am here to share my writing with you! Not gonna lie, I wanted to have this up sooner than tonight but yesterday was my birthday, and I didn’t get home until late last night, and then when I tried to write it my internet crashed, and it was a mess. But it is here now! I really hope you guys enjoy this, seeing as it is my first Dan x Reader ever done. So, please tell me what you think. Send me messages, like it, do whatever, but please do not just leave me hanging, okay?

Quietly, you opened the door to Dan and Phil’s flat, kicking off your shoes and setting your keys down gently. Dan had warned you beforehand that he was going to be filming when you got off of work, and you wanted to disturb him as little as possible. 

As you crept up the stairs, you could hear Dan talking to the camera. You paused for a moment, loving the sound of his laugh, knowing that his dimples would be poking out at the camera. You set your bag down by one of the chairs, quietly cursing as you remembered that you left your laptop on Dan’s bed this morning. Sighing, you drop down onto one of the sofas, unlocking your phone and starting to play on it.

A few minutes later, you feel something shaking you. Grumbling, you open your eyes to see Dan’s face in yours. “Hello there.” You say, smirking at him, your eyelids drooping.

“Come on, sleepy girl. Let’s go to bed.” He says, pulling on your arms. You shake your head, groaning. 

“Carry me.” You tilt your head upwards, your eyes still not open, a small pout on your lips.

“Come on, then, love.” Dan says, bending to scoop you up in his arms, bridal style. Your arms automatically wrap around his neck, your head falling onto his chest. Dan pushes the door to your shared bedroom open with his foot, gently setting you on the bed.

You sit up, your eyes opening to almost complete darkness. You stand up and move to get pajamas, sitting back down on the bed. You start to change, not even caring that Dan is in the room. At this moment, all you want is to get some sleep, and some cuddles from Dan. 

“Someone must be really tired.” Dan mumbles in your ear, as he crawls into the bed beside you, one arm wrapping around your waist and pulling you into his chest. You murmur happily, nodding. “Goodnight, Y/n.” 

“Goodnight, Dan.” You say, and moments later you have both drifted into a content sleep, not waking up until the sun bathes you in light the next morning.

Ashton Irwin Smut; Bed Buddies

Hey guys! Here’s my last smut of 2014 *sob*.

I really hope you guys enjoy it! It’s a long and dirty one! :-) Please let me know what you think of it! 

All my love and best wishes for 2015,




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Hey guys it feels like forever since I posted the comic (5 days really) sorry for the wait. It’s really short this time, a transition upload maybe?, it just didn’t make sense to continue further so bear with me. I really hope to get another update in this week idk I’ve just been feeling very stressed and down recently. I haven’t really been doing my work well and even drawing or watching anime has been… meh. and i guess i’ve been kinda lonely, or actually…  jeez I’m not good at words sorry for being a downer. I still promise to make an update a week no matter what (ok maybe finals will ruin that)

Part 26

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My idea

Hey guys. I would like to tell you about the idea that last bit I thought. So quite often I find a au where Penny and Rob swapped places. I really like this au and I eagerly looking for related images. But I got a different idea. What would happen if Gumball and Rob swapped places? I think it would look something like this: 

Rob would be the main protagonist of the series and we gonna watched his adventures. He’s would be a very close friend of the Watterson family, but always would have trouble remembering the name of the oldest child an Penny’s boyfriend (Gumball), at least when Gumball was not erased, or somewhere on the season 1. His two closest friends would be Darwin and Penny. From Darwin was connected to him almost brotherly bond, and Penny was that his best friend, no romantic overtones. After the Gumball would be regarded as an error and sent to the Void, his relationship with Wattersons even more to be deepened. However, after the episode “The Void”, Gumball would comback to the world, deformed with a deleted memory. However, he’s does hide in his old hause, because he dosen’t remember that he had a family. He retreated to near the Rob house, until Rob found him. However, the Gumball it took a week to recall who he is. And in that time, watched Rob’s life and his relationships with his friends. And when he finally remembered to who he is, and after seeing how Rob, that person who is in some way responsible for his condition, being friend with his family, girlfriend and friends who have forgotten about him, Gumball alone, without any incentives swore revenge.

But Rob does not understand him unaided what he meant, because Gumball would be too busy planning his revenge to explain to him why he hates him. However, after many failed attempts to Rob at the end would help him be an effective villain, including a complete success. Then the story had been going to the same way as in the tv series. However, in the episode “Re-run” Gumball in the end would explain to him why is he hates him. He would tell him about it as every day must pass key for it people who have forgotten about it. That pop just wants to get back with his old life, which had a loving family and a girl. Then again, action was fought by the same way as in the tv series.

I think that Rob as the protagonist would be much more carefree and relaxed than as an antagonist. He would be a lot more intelligent main character, but with a great tendency to indulge emotions and a spur of the moment. Would be also the type who says then thought, which often put him in trouble. I think that often would say the things about which the falls did not speak, and always would say what he thinks, regardless of the situation.

I also think that Gumball would be the same person, but that would not be the main character. However, after escaping from the Void and remember everything, would become more embittered and vengeful. Would become more tenacious and ruthless, at any cost in order to get revenge on Rob. But in the Middle still would have been a nice compassionate person who simply wants to his loved ones remember him. And he would become more serious and mature, by his experiences with the Void.

Bet - Draco x Reader

Hi, I hope you guys like this! This went up sooner than I said it would, but I really liked this request… Let me know what you think!! :)

Y/N - Your name
Y/F/N - Your first name
Y/L/N - Your last name
E/C - Eye color

Request - anon: Hello love! I loveeee your imagines, you are an incredibly talented writer xx could you do a Draco x reader imagine, where Draco has a huge crush on the reader, but she’s hesitant because she knows how evil he is towards others that aren’t his kind? so he has to prove that he can be kind and a good person, and she changed him for the better?Ex that I think would be cool; crabbe and Goyle pick on her, and he stops them/defends her?can the reader be a ravenclaw,thank you xx sorry if it’s too much!

Warnings - a little bullying.. let me know if there are more!

Originally posted by perfectfeelings

Y/N sat in the Transfiguration classroom, waiting for class to begin. She’d had a good morning so far. Her toast had had just the prefect amount of cinnamon and her Pumpkin juice was exactly what she’d needed. She observed the other students in the classroom.   As she turned around in her seat, she glanced to the back of the room. There was a group of girls giggling loudly and walking with a tall blond hair blue eyed boy. Her E/C eyes met his and she quickly turned back around to face the front.

“Hey gorgeous.” the boy whispered in her ear.

A pair of hands rested on her waist. She turned around quickly and rose from her seat. Between when their eyes had locked and now, he’d lost the group of girls. Standing in front of her now was the most annoying boy in the Slytherin house - Draco Malfoy. She raised her hands to rest on his chest.

“Hi Malfoy.” she whispered. He smirked and Y/N rolled her eyes, pushing him away.

“Ah come on, you know you want me, Y/L/N.” he replied.

“You wish.” she scoffed and took her seat. Draco sat in his seat next to the girl.  She opened her mouth to tell him to move, but she wasn’t quick enough because  Professor McGonagall arrived and began their lesson for the day.

After an annoyingly large amount of time spent by Draco trying to mess Y/N up while she was taking notes, they had about five minutes until class let out. They were supposed to be practicing vanishing spells, but the mischievous boy had other plans. His hand danced its way across the desk towards the girl. She was so focused on trying to make the snail in front of her disappear - and perhaps making the boy next to her disappear - she took no notice of the pale hand making it’s way towards her.

Draco’s hand slid off the desk and rested on Y/N’s knee. She squealed and jumped away from him. Scowling, she grabbed her books off the table and slid them into her bag. As she turned to leave, he caught her arm.

“Why do you hate me?” he asked.

“I don’t hate you. Hate is a strong word.”

“Then why won’t you date me?”

“You’re mean to people, Malfoy! Why would I, or anyone else that has half a brain  want to date someone like that? Why would I put myself in that situ-“

“Alright then, let’s make a bet.” he cut her off. She scoffed for the second time that day, looking into his eyes.

“Why would I make a bet with you?”

“If I prove to you that I can be a nice person, you have to let me take you on a date. If I don’t prove it, I’ll leave you alone and we never have to talk again. Deal?”

She considered his offer. Y/F/N Y/L/N falling for a Malfoy - or any Slytherin- was highly unlikely. If he proved to be a good person, maybe she could have feelings for the boy. If he proved that he couldn’t abandon his ways, she’d have the satisfaction of him never talking to her again.

“Alright, you have yourself a deal.” She decided and stuck out her hand to shake on it. Draco stood up, grabbed her hand, and pulled her closer. She squealed again.

“You’ll be mine in no time little Ravenclaw.” he smirked. Dropping her hand, he picked up his bag and sauntered out of the room. Flustered, Y/N followed him out into the hallway.

A few weeks had passed and Draco had kept up his antics. He flirted with Y/N whenever he could. She liked to brush it off, but she couldn’t ignore the fact that Draco was being nicer to people. He’d notice her paying attention and he’d purposefully do something nice. If someone needed extra ink or parchment, Draco was always the one to offer. He had stopped making fun of people and to Y/N’s knowledge seemed to be holding up his end of their bet.

Until one day - after Draco had relentlessly flirted with her throughout the entire Potions test and she had let his arm touch hers and his fingers travel down the small of her back - did she see that Draco wasn’t holding up his end of the bet. They had made their way into the hallway. Y/N was walking slowly behind the big group of students heading who knows where when she saw Draco shoving his way through the crowd. She picked up her speed until she was a safe distance behind the boy. A small first year Gryffindor had accidentally bumped into the tall boy and he grabbed the boy by the collar of his robes.  

“Watch where you’re going, Mudblood! Why can’t you lot just keep to yourselves? I’m so sick of bumping into you with every corner I turn.” Draco shouted at the child. Y/N gasped as a circle started to form around the two. A pair of blue eyes met her E/C ones. Draco’s hand dropped the first year’s robes and his mouth formed an “o” shape.

“Y/N, I- I- I didn’t mean it. I was just upset because of the test week took I-“ he stuttered. She ignored his out of character stuttering.

“Save it, Malfoy. I knew you couldn’t change! Don’t ever talk to me again. The bet is off.” she interrupted and pushed her way through the gawking crowd. Draco watched as she walked away from him and out of his life. How did he always mess up everything good in his life?

Two months had passed and Draco’s attempted flirtations had stopped. At first, he’d tried to keep it up, but she pushed him away every time he tried. Y/N was currently making her way down a hallway and towards the library. There were two people blocking her path and a third leaning against the wall.

She sucked in a breath as she saw the tall blond boy. It was the first time she’d looked at him in weeks. He was paler than usual and his eyes were downcast. His hair stuck up in a few places. His arms were crossed and his lanky figure was leaning on the wall with one foot raised and pressed against the wall. Crabbe and Goyle were in a sumo wrestling position in the middle of the hallway. Her feet came to a stop and she hugged her books to her chest. Turning around, she was determined to find a different way to her favorite spot. Crabbe and Goyle had different plans.

“Hey Y/L/N, where are you going?” Crabbe shouted after her. Draco’s head snapped in her direction. She turned around and glanced at him before setting her sights on the hallway in front of her. She’d just go to the library this way. They already saw her and avoiding them seemed stupid now.

“I’m going to the library to get smarter. You should try it sometime.” she replied making her way past them. Before she could safely cross, a hand came out and knocked the books from her hand.

“Can’t get smart without your books, now can you?” Goyle laughed as he kicked one down the stone hallway. Crabbe snickered and kicked two more in the opposite direction. Y/N sighed, annoyed by their boyish actions.

“Leave her alone, you bloody idiots! She’s smarter than the two of you combined. Now go find food to stuff your faces with and don’t bother coming back!” Draco barked. The two boys jumped at the loud voice. Their eyes widened and they backed off down the hallway.

“If you think that defending me is going to make me forgive you, then you’re wrong. You don’t have to defend me, I’m fine all by myself, thanks.” Y/N replied. She bent over to pick up her books while Draco made his way to retrieve the one Crabbe had kicked earlier.

“It was one time, Y/N. I slipped up. I was having a bad day.” Draco tried explaining. Y/N paused in her walk down the opposite end of the hallway.

“So who’s to say that you wouldn’t snap like that if I dated you?” she asked, picking up the book that Goyle had kicked earlier.

“Because I’m so bloody into you I can’t see straight! That’s not a reason, but these months without talking to you or touching you have killed me. You keep me sane, Y/N! Don’t you understand?” he yelled and she jumped. The hallway was void of anyone but the two teenagers. The two stared at each other without a word for awhile. Finally, Draco crossed the distance between them. He handed over her books and she put them all in her bag - a lesson she wouldn’t have to be taught again.

His hands slowly reached out towards hers. She let him intertwine their fingers. She looked around the hallway before settling her gaze on his face.

“Are you sure you can’t forgive me? I promise I’ll be better… and you can punish me if I start being mean to people again.” he winked and she laughed.

“How about we give it a try? If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.” she suggested and his eyes lit up. He grinned.

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes, I’m being serious. Now kiss me, you git.”  Draco grabbed Y/N’s face with his hands and their lips met. Y/N felt sparks she didn’t think she would feel. She hoped she had made the right choice. Draco was glad that he had been so persistent. If he hadn’t taken a chance, where would they be now? Pulling away, Draco spoke.

“By the way, I think I win the bet.”

Ok, judging from the last episode, I think we have all the evidence needed to show how much of a self-aware villain Killian really is. He remembered the fucking WEAPON (a tiny ass knife) that he killed his dad with. 

Hell, I sometimes can’t even remember what I ate for lunch yesterday, but this guy remembers his victims (ex. his rings from 5x08), details such as their name and when/where he killed them. Killian works to rectify his mistakes. He let his half brother punch him, because after his crime of orphaning Liam II, he said “he wasn’t going to hurt him”. He knows he’s done bad things and accepts full responsibility. 

Now, let’s compare that to the other villains on the show. When confronted with Marian in episode 4x01, Regina couldn’t remember her (a woman ordered to be KILLED), because “she was awfully vanilla”.

In episode 2x04, Rumple couldn’t even remember turning a butcher into a pig. Come on, a crime that ridiculous? Not even a sliver of memory of that? 

In my opinion, the most important step to redemption is confronting your past. Understanding and REMEMBERING your sins and knowing that you can atone for them, if you have the patience and remorse for them. 

From the way I see it, Killian’s redemption arc is the best developed from any other character. 

Current status: crying because of flying lesbians

[Shuumatsu no Izetta ep 11 spoilers]


And if I’ve understood how the world goes, it will bring a lot of pain in the next episode.

I really don’t have many things to say, just that I really love how they have developed each character (especially my cutie pie Izetta) and the plot is really really interesting. It was never boring.

I’m still dying on the inside because Izetta finally called Finé (who’s still waifu af) by her name and their relationship reached a point where c’mon we can say it’s canon.

But besides, it really got very very interesting and I can’t wait to see what will happen on the last episode (not too much angst pls thnx).

I don’t really trust that grey hair nazi guy (the betrayer, you know who I mean), but we’ll see.

Still, the OST is fucking awesome.

This is all I have to say right now.

So yeah bye, I’m going to pray to the goddess of yuri for canon Finetta and not angsty Finetta in the last episode.