no really what do we call this ship

Unlucky Steam key scammer calls electronics, gets the dumbest employee in the world

When I worked at Walmart, I went from cart pusher->cashier->electronics->security. Sometimes after I switched to security, when electronics was really swamped, I’d help out for a few minutes. One day, the phone was ringing and I was walking by and randomly answered it.

Sir Scamalot: “Hello, sir, this is Steam Support services with Valve.”

Instantly, of course, I know this is a scam. I adore valve and played so many of their games too. I can’t believe my luck! Of all the calls to answer! Surprisingly he didn’t have some weird accent.

Me: “Oh, uh… what can I do for you?”

Sir Scamalot: “We’ve had reports that game keys shipped to your location may have an error that prevents it from authenticating, specifically the game Counter Strike. We need to validate your game keys to see if your affected.” [I forget which CS was on sale then, this was 2008].

Me: “Oh, what do I do?” As if I didn’t know.

Sir Scamalot: “Well I just need you to open any copies of the game you have and read me the CD key on the instruction manual so I can verify them with our validation software.” [or on the jewel case, I don’t remember that either]

Me: “Sure thing, can I put you on hold for a minute while I get those?”

Sir Scamalot: [obviously happy] “Sure!”

So I put Sir Scamalot on hold while I called all the other area stores electronics department and warned them about the scammer and confirmed nobody had taken a call like this earlier. About 15 minutes later, I get back to Scamalot.

Me: “Thanks for holding, but I can’t find any CD keys. I looked all through the book and the packages.”

Sir Scamalot: [annoyed] “Well sir, just open any copy of Counter Strike and on the-”

Me: “Oh, COUNTER STRIKE! I thought you said Counting Strikes, that bowling game, ok, hold on!”

Everyone in the department is listening and we all laugh. 10 minutes later, I’m back on the line.

Me: “Ok, I got what you’re looking for! What do you need?”

Now I make him walk me through how to open the box, including interrogating him for 5 minutes about how to do it without breaking the seal, then pretend I can’t find the book, etc etc.

Finally, I’m ready to read the code!

First, I read him the UPC. This upsets him. Then I read him a part number from something. Now he’s livid. Finally, I ask if he means the code on the book that says “game key” and has like groups of four digits with dashes (like he’s said probably 50 times already) and he gets excited again.

Oh, ok heres the game key…

Me: “Ok F… like frank. U… like uncle. C… like cat.”

Sir Scamalot: “Sir, I don’t think thats right, normally a code would-”

Me: “No, its. F, U, C, then K like kite. Next four is Y like yesterday. O like owl-”

And he swore at me and hung up.


I met him when I was 19. We have loved and adored and respected each other since the beginning, since before we even met, just because we were fans of each other’s talent. We weren’t ready at all, though, to be together. It’s just timing. We both needed to experience some things, but the love has been there the whole time. There were times over the years when he would call me and hear that I was stressed or overwhelmed or not doing well, and he would call my mom. There were also times when he was really broken and sad – this was years ago – and I would come take care of him, because we love each other as best friends first and foremost.

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Comics batjokes is actually a very dynamic and also very abusive relationship. Please do not support people that promote romanticizing an abusive relationship! People that get hate for comic batjokes deserve it tbh

look man,

have ur opinion, its fine. its whatever. you can think how you want. i hate a lot of other ship dynamics myself, whether they be abusive or promote erasure or i personally just dont care for them or whathaveyou

but what i dont do - for those ships i dont like - is go out of my way to pick fights with people on this beautiful blue hecksite we call tumblr.

its not funny, its not cute, its not noble. its just showing everyone how much free time and lack of impulse control you have.

if you’re not into it, thats fine. i completely understand. honestly a lot of the material in some of the comics gets really disturbing and dark and scary. thats just how they are. heck, im a horror fanatic and some of the stuff spooks me. but just because you’re not into it, doesnt mean you have to grab a megaphone and charge into that wasps nest with all those wasps you hate so much. 

there’s a block button and xkit’s blacklist / whitelist function for a reason.

tldr: have your thoughts and opinions, just dont tag it if all youre gonna do is look for a fight.

Things i remember from Kim and Briana panel

-So apparently we have something to be excited about next season
-Producers make Kim sign contracts before she’s read the scrip caus she’s threatened to just not show up if they kill Jody
-About next ep “Sam smith and I are really good friends in real live” and there will be lots of feels
-“my character is mine until they call cut. You can do what every you want with Jody after.” in regards to shipping her

The rest can’t be repeated in polite company

This is Elitsa. 

She is inspired by a character in a book that I have started reading. It is a very heavy and sad book that is set in the past in Bulgaria while we were under the ruler-ship of the Ottoman empire, but this character was stuck in my head so much, that I really wanted to try and draw her.The book is called ‘Time of violence’. 

Also I meant for a her a different pose (which I hope will be able to do as well), but she picked this one for herself. It describes in a way what I think her character is.

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Cn & lb's weapons have Internet access & untraceable IPs so when they're bored on patrol they livesteam & do random shit on youtube & bc of that everyone sees them as people not just heroes & sometimes alya gets in on it & they stream to the ladyblog

have you guys ever seen that shipping video that thomas sanders and jon cozart did? this is p much based off that xD

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Summary: “We’ve noticed something interesting going on. An alarming number of people seem to ship Ladybug and I.”“

Yeah, it’s tricky stuff shipping real life people. People expect us to be romantically compatible. But are we?”

An exclusive Ladyblog Livestream Event with Ladybug and Chat Noir where they decide once and for all whether Ladynoir is a compatible (and acceptable) ship. Remember to like comment and subscribe!

“Okay, guys. Act natural, and remember this is just for fun. You guys cool with doing your own intro and everything?”

Ladybug scoffed. “Are you kidding? You’re giving him control of an entire video, he’s totally fine.”

“You can literally make fun of me until the end of time, I don’t care. Do you know how much I’ve fantasized about doing a YouTube tag?” Chat Noir bounced in his seat a little bit and cracked his knuckles. “I am beyond ready.”

Ladybug jutted a thumb at him and smirked at Alya. “See? I think we’ll be good.”

Alya snorted and finished setting up her phone on the little tripod mount she bought specifically for the occasion. Her hands were shaking a little bit because she was still finding it hard to believe that Ladybug and Chat Noir were actually sitting in her living room, not even a few feet away from her. 

It had always been her dream to do a Livestream to the Ladyblog that wasn’t just focusing on the superheroics. Yes it was always exciting to get details on fights, on their powers, on what goes through their heads in the middle of battles, but at the end of the day they were still the same age as Alya. She wanted to have the chance to just do something silly with them. News reporters very rarely treated them like the teenagers they were, and Alya was sure that her followers would get a kick out of them doing something humorous on camera. She’d made a whole blog post about it one night when she was sleep deprived and not thinking before she typed. 

But two days later, when she caught them right after another akuma fight, Ladybug pointed her out of the crowd and mentioned that they both saw the post she’d made. “Feel free to ring us up when you have an idea for a video,” she grinned.

It was almost too good to be true, but Alya wasn’t going to let go of an opportunity like this. The amount of views and followers she’d get after this would be astronomical. She was practically vibrating. “Alright, you crazy kids, I’m gonna read off the questions for you once you start. Whenever you’re ready.”

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Reaper: …you ever wonder why we’re here?
Widowmaker: don’t do this to me right now.

On Route 66:

Reaper: oh joy, another empty box canyon.

Talon lackey: this is our new ship! We call it “The Raptor”.
Reaper: …kinda looks like a puma to me.
Talon lackey: wait - what. What the hell is a puma?

Talon boss: okay so I’m not MAD that you failed the museum heist -
Reaper: Widow did it.
Widowmaker: excuse me?

Soldier: 76: Look we could really use you on our side -
Reaper: Sounds like a blue team problem.
Soldier: 76: …
Reaper: …
Soldier: 76: better than your red team problems, Sarge.

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And do you think you don't disrespect Gillian by shipping gillovny? what a hypocrisy!

Oh, anon… Gillovny is 24 years of pics, videos, interviews. Every time we see Gillian with David, she looks happy, she literally glows. She says she loves him, she cares for him, she respects him and admires him. She calls him her best friend, an adult friend, and he is her schmoopie. She has been knowing about gillovny for years and she never has stopped doing what she is doing (oh, maybe now bc she realized some ppl don’t really listen to her…). She did schmoopie t-shirt with the arrow pointed at David. Whatever you may think it was a joke or not, she did that, knowing that people shipping her with David. So unless she will do another shirt with “ex schmoopie’s girlfriend” no one does anything wrong by shipping her with David and I am sure she still approves it.

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Why do you gotta be such a bitch and hate on bughead

Hey anon, 

First, thanks for calling me a bitch! Its my favourite nickname. Especially when its over fiction relationships 

Second, I personally do not like the ship. I will tell you my reasons why though if you’re willing to listen. I really like the characters Jughead and Betty individually and I did enjoy their close platonic friendship.I believe we do not see enough close, strong, platonic friendships between males and females in TV and movies. (The issue of heteronormativity is something I will not even discuss right now though) What I dislike most about this relationship is how forced and awkward it feels. That’s why it makes me cringe. 

1. There hasn’t been a scene in which their romantic affection ever looks or felt natural. It always looked forced. From the first kiss in which after pulling away Betty seemed to have no interest in the romantic encounter and quickly changed the subject, to the kiss in this latest episode which was quick and resulted in her rushing off leaving Jughead confused and let down once again. 

2. There was no lead up to this romance. There was no appropriate switch from platonic to romantic. One second they seemed to have no interest in each other romantically, then the next he was kissing her. In the latest episode Betty claims that he was there for her through a difficult time. Yes he was. But there was no implication that he was there for her for any other reason than that he was the one that was there when she found out the distressing information, and that he was her friend. I’m 99% sure that Veronica would have done the same verbal comforting that he did if it was her with Betty through all this instead of her. 

This relationship ultimately feels forced. I would be okay with it if it wasn’t so awkward. Like I said earlier I really like both of these characters, it’s infuriating to see them fall into a badly written and forced feeling relationship. They both deserve more than that. If I was given any sort of romantic lead up and interesting plot around this romance I would be more than happy with it. You have your ships and I have mine. This could be one of mine if it was written better and more believably. 

Have a wonderful day, 

Love your local bitch <3

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About Shaladin Ships.

So, as a writer, I do try and understand both sides of every argument that I go through, and I’ve read through anti Sheith anti Shidge anti Shance and Anti Shunk (No idea that was Actually a thing) and I’d just like to point a little thing out.

In the first episode, when we meet the wonderful Garrison Trio, Lance says “In my first year of flight school, do you know what they called me?”

“First year of flight school.”

“First year.”

This is really an obvious pointer that If this really is a College/Military based operation, then it’s not their first year doing it. Obviously not, especially if we take into account how Keith and Lance already had unseen interactions? And How Hunk and Lance were already tight knit right when Pidge came along? There are already connections made between the characters except for Pidge and Keith. So, hence, if the characters joined the Garrison at the age of 17+, they would be at LEAST 18 by now, if not older.

Not only that, but it had to have been at least TWO years before the beginning of the first episode, one year for Hunk and Lance to meet, for Keith and Shiro to meet, for Lance to grow his animosity towards Keith. All of that doesn’t just happen in a day. And then Shiro went into space, right? Let’s please take a look at that.

While flying past Pluto, Pidge said it took Four months to get their on their normal piloting vessels. So, Shiro would have been gone four months before even getting captured. So. A year and four months. Not bad time so far, in my very humble opinion.

And then (This part is just a theory, please treat it as such) A year had passed AFTER he got kidnapped. So. Shiro was presumed DEAD for a year, not gone for just a year. He was gone for a year and four months.

So. Tally it up, and the time generally rounds out to nearly two and a half years since the characters began their journey into the Garrison. The first year was establishing relationships. The four months after that was Shiro gone, and then the next year was after Shiro presumably died. And that’s where our story begins. Two years and four months after.

Not only that, but we don’t know when the birthdays of the characters are, nor if the Garrison is a year round school or a School where summer is free. Hunk’s birthday could’ve been late fall, when the minimum age to join was seventeen. He’d be at least nineteen at the beginning of the show.

But again, this is just my take on it. I personally do not despise any ships, I think they all have their own perks and weaknesses. I enjoy every kind of relationship they might have, such as the Brothers AU for Sheith. I adore their platonic relationship and think it is a fantastic dynamic. But I also think if they weren’t related, the dynamic would be just as wonderful.

This is not an attack, just an observation of what I have seen. I adore Shallura, it’s gorgeous and the characters are so well rounded and compliment each other. I just don’t like people being crude to other people about opinions that don’t cause harm. And if it does, it is ALWAYS a good idea to block them.

Thank you for reading! And if you want to converse about it please feel free!

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Teacher! AU prompts, please, i really need them

Coming right up!

1. “I’m the cheerful, friendly teacher that all the students love, and you’re the grumpy, rude teacher that everyone hates. But now I know how much you love your students, and I’m never letting that go.”

2. “We have the same last name, and the students are convinced that we have a huge rivalry because of it, but actually, we’re married. That doesn’t mean we correct them, however.”

3. “We always debate random things in the hallways, and all of the students think we’re together, but I just really love debating with you.”

4. “You always stick your head in my class, at least once a day. Don’t you have your own class, or something?”

5. “I’m the grumpy teacher everyone hates, and I know it. You’re the perky new teacher who has decided to befriend me, and somehow isn’t scared of me. I don’t really know what to do with you.”

6. “If our students try to set us up one more time, we should probably tell them we’re already together.”

7. “We both somehow ended up locked in the school with no way to call for help. Now’s a great time to discuss the new teaching methods, don’t you think?”

I hope these help!!


Starjack in the early days: a summary

also i think im funny and my captions r great (not really lmao)

BTS’s reaction: You are and idol that has been shipped with them

***If you want me to make a BTS, EXO, 2PM OR SEVENTEEN reaction, feel free to request**

Y/S/N: your ship name 

Rap Monster

You two had gotten closer and have been hanging around each other a lot lately during different shows that you have been invited to. You posted a picture on SNS and people started saying that you two look cute together and should date if you already aren’t.

MC:“So did you guys know that Y/N and Rap Monster have been shipped by the fans? They even have a ship name. It’s Y/S/N!

RM: “Woah! Really?!?”


Jin appeared in your new MV and at one scene he kisses your forehead and since then the fans have gotten crazy saying that you two should totally date.

*when he reads the articles* *shy, shy*


You two had met each other during a show and later in an interview Suga had said that you are his ideal type. That is when fans started to ship you two.

*when you two meet each other again during a live broadcast*

“Now it’s your turn Y/N? Am I your ideal type?” (ignore V in the back. or don’t. i’m not your mum)


No one knows why but for some reason people just started shipping you with JHope. Some people had even started writting fanfics about you two!

“So J-Hope, Have you heard that people these days are shipping you and Y/N? What do you think about that?”

“Well, I’m not complaining.” *wink*


There was a rumor that said that you two were going to be the new couple on WGM. Even though it was confirmed that it’s just a rumor and nothing more, that didn’t stop the fans from shipping you two and requesting you two to be the next couple on the show.

“So what do you say Y/N. Do you want to be my bride?” 

((****Please Goddess of KPop, give me strength to finish this reaction request…****))


You two were both really similar. You were both said to be 4D aliens so people started to ship you two. You were called the Alien couple or Y/S/N.

Question: “Don’t you think that it is time to get married to Y/N already and make pretty alien babies?”


MC: “Don’t you know? You have been shipped with Y/N because you both have similar weird personalities and one of your ship names is the Alien Couple.”

V: “What do you mean Alien Couple! We are not weird! Everyone else is simply boring!”


You two recently had some couple photo shoots together for a magazine since you were both known to be the cute shy and magnaes of your groups. After the pictures were out, fans didn’t waste a second and started shipping you two. They even made a fan club! But you and Jungkook, weren’t complaining. You always had a crush on each other anyway.

*after reading the comments under the pictures*

JK:“ Well this is makes thing both a bit easier and a bit awkward.”

**i don’t own the gifs*

“'Okay, Menderash. Let’s go aboard.’

He hesitated.

‘What?’ I asked. I had worried from the start that a former Andalite first officer would have a hard time taking orders from me.

'It’s nothing, Captain. Just a custom. An Andalite custom. We always name a ship before the first crewman boards - it’s an old notion, a superstition, really. The thinking is that the ship must know who it is before the crew can know it.’

I relaxed. 'Fair enough, Menderash. Our own superstition is that a ship is never an “it,” it’s always a “she.” Even if the ship is named after a male, it’s a “she.”’

The six of us stood there contemplating our dangerous-looking new home, set against the sunrise over Earth.

'So what do we call her?’ Marco wondered.

<She’s beautiful,> Tobias said. <She’s beautiful and dangerous and exciting.>

I turned in surprise to look at Tobias. He stared back at me with his eternally fierce hawk’s gaze.

Marco laughed, realizing what we were thinking. 'She would love it. A scary, deadly, cool-looking Yeerk ship on a doomed, suicidal, crazy mission that no one can ever know about? She would love it.’

So it was that we went aboard the Rachel.”

- Book #54: The Beginning, pg. 144 (by K.A. Applegate)

alright, alright…I guess I’ll share my completely unsolicitied voltron/a:tla headcanons ((please feel free to add on to this if you want I would love it so much))

it’s long and detailed so I’ll spare your dash (I say to my four followers) and put it under the cut

BUT!!!! if you skip to the end there’s ember island stuff and I know u wanna see that so

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A Court of Flames and Curses - (acotar4) - chapter 2

“You look like you’re feeling better,” Amren says two days later, when Nesta comes up to join them on deck.

“That better have been the best dick you’ve ever had.”

Lucien spits out his water.

Amren smiles serenely. “It was fine.”

Cassian clears his throat. “Unless you want to tell us more…let’s get started.”

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I love how karmels stan abusive relationships when the abuser is white 😍😍😍😍

I love how antis keep calling Karamel abusive when we’ve been introduced to an actual emotional abusive relationship on the show, and none of the antis even mention or speak about it, aka. Lyra to Winn. 

The double standard and hypocrisy of this fandom is really something. Y’all are praising Maggie for wanting to find Alex no matter what, but if the roles were reversed and Alex + Mon-El had to find Kara, you would all go off on him.

I suggest you find something better to do, anon, than to call a ship abusive that is far from. Maybe focusing more on your own ship? Instead of spreading hate among the fandom.

But anyway, keep doing you boo, keep doing you.

When you watch the episode and you see Bonnie suffering so much that you realize that people really FAILED her.

Bonnie was always the one who sacrificed herself and when you see what she’s able to do to bring Enzo back to his side, and also that Elena is the first thing Damon think about, it shows what we all suspected:

Bonnie is not respected, it’s above happiness, dear Bonenzo, Bamon, and other ship fans. It’s FUCKING RESPECT.

Caroline LET MESSAGES. NO trying to see her so-called best friend. I’m VERY SORRY, Stefan can wait! You are a fucking vampire erase the memories with the help of all later!

Damon hears Bonnie “ Leave me alone “, I’m sorry, this is precisely the moment when you don’t leave someone ALONE!

Caroline CALLED her mother? Someone who ABANDONED her ? who is a vampire when she supposed to be here for her? What is your fucking logic? Stefan is right, you only think about your fucking marriage!


Also, I seriously want to see Bonnie slap Stefan. Or Damon. Or someone for fuck’s sake, she deserves a slap! WHen she almost killed Elena, she was under the expression influence but for once… MAKE THEM PAY. STEAL THE CAMARO. LEVE THIS SHIT HOLE. I DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT BAMON ANYMORE CAUSE DAMON FAILED YOU!

Let Elena burn in her fucking coffin and move on!

Ps: Kai is back, it’s probably the time to have payback.

PS2: Abby is a vampire. So why the hell can she do magic etc? Did I miss something?

Rajigaze Kai & Ruki Part 1 10.3

Please don’t repost and ask if you want to use my translation in any way.

Kai is stumbling on how to say that he hopes that the anniversary was fun for everyone (bc they recorded the radio before the show he had troubles with the words)

K: you know.. in times you don’t have money, many things happen…
R: … *lol*
K: you’re laughing!

K (reading fan letter): I’m listening to the show every week while I try to fall asleep
Ru: huh?
K: lol (continues)

They’re wondering if the thing in high school where you give the second button of your blazer to the person you like is still happening
R: Mine was stolen by a Sempai of mine
K: with force? (laughing a little)
R: as I was in first class of middle school it was taken by a 3rd year
K: lool what is this? A Yankee?
R: nono
K: ah that person graduated?
R: yeah
K: a I see! so the Sempai who liked you took the button?
R: yeah, on my way back home after the graduation ceremony she took it.
K: ah but then, it was someone you know….or better said someone you dated right?
R (really fast): exactly
K: I see (lol)

R: U-sans voice is quiet too right?
K: ah yeah Uruha-kuns voice really is like this yeah, but you know… lately I went to Uruha-kuns home for the Ballads best right? As he had his headphones on and was saying things like: it should be higher here and there…at that time it’s…
Ru: loud
Kai: really loud.
Ruki prefers quiet voices over loud ones. And he thinks it’s cute if someone with a low voice tries to speak loudly (he imitated it like: haaa!haaa!)

Kai has rarely a song that is stuck in his head
Ru: ah what was it again… this guy who’s really popular lately…
K: PPaP?
Ru: Noo!

Ruki is wondering why fans are complaining to them, when they don’t get tickets- though he does understand. Because he was lining up all night for X-Japan (bc there was no internet yet) and after a few people it was already sold out.
Ru: for fans there are lives they have to go and some they don’t have to go right?
K: yeah
Ru: like: I have to go to anniversaries! or I have to go to tour finals and ah I don’t need rural lives.. For us I don’t know which is good tho lol But there are fans like this!
K: what I do understand is, when they ask to do lives on Saturdays or Sundays right?
RU:yeah I understand,but they should tell THEM,right???
K: I know right… (they’re talking at the same time so I don’t really understand but they seems pretty excited lol)
Ru: but the big venues are all booked, because of the Olympics right? From now on the places to have lives in will decrease I think
K: yeah. I really wonder how it will be during the Olympics
Ru: are you interested in the Olympics?
K: you… LoL
RU: you aren’t interested in it all, you said!! lol
K: Well you know, for the Olympics people from all over the world will come! I think the most important for us will be to have good lives.
RU: you can’t really predict how it will be right? it will be like: why are you doing lives during the Olympics?
K: well yeah right lol

K (reading the pen name): the gorilla whose heart is destroyed both: burst out laughing

The fan wrote about in stores- that VK bands lately are not only doing signing sessions, but also ‘hugging’ sessions
K: that’s no the VK we wished for right?
Ru: to call this visual kei..ah how should I say this…
K: well for Idol groups it would be still okay… I think
Ru: but I really don’t like this. Such skin-ship is scary..
RU: for a hugging session.. if no one would come it would be all over right?!

K: cheki? what’s that? these artist picture like thingies?
Ru: eh? you do know Chekis, right?
K: lol yeah yeah, but I meant, what are you taking pictures of? private pictures?
Ru: You know there is just this one cheki- not a second one, this kind of picture

RU: I think everyone is sleeping though (with it being after the live)
K: eh really??? get up!!!!

Ru: there might be people who don’t know about this (Biab)
K: well it’s been 9 years right? Even we don’t really remember what kind of live it was lol
Ru: Eh, I remember all of them though!
K: well parts of it…
RU: first off all that it was raining!
K: yeah I remember nothing but the rain