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i love looking at strangers because i really do believe there is something beautiful physically on everyone. every person has a striking feature and i fully believe that embracing the traits that make us unique only makes a person more appealing. i love strong noses, wrinkles, crooked smiles, birth marks, moles, scars, dark brows and everything that makes a person who they are. beauty is so diverse and subjective and thats what i love about it.

some Golden Adonis Anakin ™ for @the-far-bright-center

I had to back out of the last non-private commissions I did because of a Brain Crisis (read: i started antidepressants and they suplexed the hell out of my entire creative drive) but I’m feeling ostensibly energetic and driven enough to open up maybe two slots for full bodies (like this one) because i could use the dosh

absolutely nothing i have said here is encouraging from a buyer’s perspective and i’m conducting myself with the professionalism of a socially inept 13-year-old who just discovered deviantart points but i have to get back into this hot tub at some point SO uh if you are a patient sort and don’t mind being a guinea pig sometime in the much later evening i will probably be opening up a commission form and picking two from it 

being that this will be a Test Run i will not accept payment until i’ve presented a sketch, and will not withdraw it until i’ve finished the piece

Need Nalu Fanfic Recommendations

Hey guys! So I recently got a request for Nalu, but I haven’t read much of them. For those of you who don’t know, I’m more of a Gajevy reader/writer, but I’d love to try and take the request. I do want to branch out from gajevy, but they’re the only couple whose relationship I feel like I have a solid grasp of. So does anyone have good nalu recs? I want to make sure I do them justice if I choose to write them. So oneshots, drabbles, multicaps, ficlets. Any piece that you think shows good characterization of them as a couple. Bonus: great artwork/comics help too! Thank you for any help :) even if you don’t have recs just a signal boost would be great so those who do can find this!

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@cooper-alterni aaaawwwww~! that’s so sweet of you, thank you! x//DD
heh, i’m glad i made you smile~ (you made me smile all day long with this <3)
Hope you have a beautiful day/night as well :DD

I really like the theme of “controlling the narrative” that runs through THG. There’s a constant struggle between the story the Capitol wants to tell and the story that’s actually unfolding.

In ch 4…

“The commentators are not sure what to say about the crowd’s refusal to applaud. The silent salute. One says that District 12 has always been a bit backward but that local customs can be charming.”

They know that D12 has gone off-script and they have to rescue the narrative. Sanitize it. Rob it of its impact and power. Keep the Capitol in control, feeling superior.


hiatus notice

so uh due to some very sudden developments, my father is moving to california to pursue a library job. HOWEVER, he currently owns a bookstore, and i can’t just let it close since it’s so dear not only to him but to our entire downtown area, it’s been decided that i’ll be taking it over. this is going to be difficult because not only am i disabled, i am very new to this whole thing, so it’ll be a while before i’m fully used to the job.

until then, i’ll make sure to at least log in a couple times a day, however i’ll be low on energy and will probably be unable to do much rping, so i’ll likely be posting less than usual. i’m sorry for any inconvenience! if you wish to contact me, my personal blog is @cinnabarite, and my twitter is over at maverickiris, i’m always over there!