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Can you imagine tho, that the first scene where Lotor appears, it's him, taking a nice relaxing shower, then a device rings, he goes out of the shower with a towel drying his hair, and on the other side of the call Haggar explains him the situation, and he -smiles- with a smile full of sharp teeth? I just imagined it and felt 'wow dude I'm g a y'

long hair and sharp teeth ooh boy I’m g a y for that


that´s a thing I did for the comic thingy I´m planing to do. In an ulternative univers I also have time to start lol. This day was shitty so this is the only thing I was able to do… 

Hope you guys had a better day ♥ I´m trying to be more active next week ♥ 


So as of right now I have a few ideas on headcannons in the works… 

-MACUSA wand permits (and the comparison to the DMV as all teens get their driver’s permit, restricted and full licences)

-spring break for students

-field trips the students go to (both places and how they do it)

-languages offered at the school

-how student get to the school every year (due to it serving the entirety of North America and then some)

-including normal courses of study

-foods served for everyone

-getting used to the school (weather and society)

…and a couple more that haven’t been narrowed down into a solid concept 

“Why haven’t you answered my ask yet??!!” :/

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i'm not sure why you're feeling bad right now, or small, but your soul is kind regardless of its size. you've positively radiated from great distances to help out at least a few people who think you're wonderful. if you feel small, know that you've had a big, wonderful impact on people around you!

oh.. this is one of the kiindest things i think anyone has ever said to me maybe.. thank u<3

Just a random reminder to
-turn off/plug out unneeded/unused devices and lights to save energy
-don’t throw away the food you buy; if you have to much left, ask neighbors if they might need it or compost it
-don’t take unnecessarily long showers or baths and save water
-walk/ride the bike/use public transportation when possible
-remind other people to do the same ❤️

Sakata: Rather than (a scene of) people who are happy with their lives, I thought there was more of an image of party goers chiming in ‘Cho! Cho! Cho! Cho!’ *(interrupting) so that’s why I thought that

Mafumafu: Me too   I thought it was ‘Cho! Cho! Cho! Cho!’!!!

Sakata: Yaayyyyyyy I’m so happy to have a friend!! meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal meal ramen!! meat!!!!!

Mafumafu: Sorry   Today I had a recording so I couldn’t go sorry    meal meal   I can do tomorrow 5am for ramen     ramen     meal    meat meat

*The chorus bit where they go ‘Jump! Jump! Jump! Jump!’