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Loved Javik showing off his awesome wings! But how come we always see Liara admiring Javik? Is he immune to the universal asari charm, or does he just have no fucking clue how to deal with his doki dokis? ;)

oh absolutely not, i’ve drawn him plenty of times having the dokis for her but it’s been awhile i admit ;) i have some ideas i wanna draw tho

I imagine that he’s immune to the asari charm except when it’s liara lmao

“did she just roast me..”

It’s canon that he sees strength and potential in her so he keps pushing her buttons to see what she’ll react to, so i can imagine that’s what sets it of for him

at first it’s really just a 5 year old having a pathetic crush on a girl in class and he shows it by kicking her sand castle to tiny pieces, so yes he really has no clue how to deal with it

i didn’t add the anime blushes and sparkles btw that’s literally his reaction



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I have this rly huge feeling that like it's a situation of unrequited love between tyler and ethan. Like have you seEn the way ethan look at tyler and how giddy he gets when tyler gives him attention and shit like. But tyler is str8y mc str8erson and so ethan keeps on trying to flirt and shit with tyler but tyler doesn't realise and awh

idk anon me and one of my friends had a discussion about this a while ago and I can’t remember the exact specifics of it but basically while your theory may be correct.. we think it’s Tyler that’s in love with an oblivious Ethan

I mean, Ethan’s an excitable and giddy boy so a big part of what he does is just his usual thing, with some added parts that could point to him being in love with Tyler

But TYLER - he doesn’t show much emotion but when he doeS its like aaa and you can tell he really likes Ethan, you know, the full blown-pupils and the tiny smiles and stuff that he never really shows to anyone else

Plus, Tyler’s never confirmed that he’s not gay, whenever ships are brought up it’s always “im not in a relationship” or “im single” as opposed to Ethan’s “im straight”

@ronyascribbles and @sakudrew I saw your Battle Royale AU art, and I HAD TO DRAW ART OF THE AU TOO!

So far, I only saw the movie, but I’m getting into the manga now!! I was really happy when I saw you two do art of it!! :D

Since this is Younger!Pulchrit, there are quite a few differences….. As Younger!Pulchrit is more expressive, happy-go-lucky! Sorta like a ditz as she never went to the war, therefore, didn’t gain her emotionally dead self! 

However, in turn, she is more emotionally unstable, paranoid, and more violent… :’D Haha….

my fave thing in the filler episodes of ace back in alabasta is the scene where filler kid #2 shoots a gun at ace and ace freaking deflects the bullet at point blank range with a tiny rock

like i don’t really buy that he could even do that first of all, because the amount of speed and precision it’d take is astronomical, but the fact that he does it DESPITE BEING A LOGIA DEVIL FRUIT USER WHO THE BULLET WOULD HAVE GONE STRAIGHT THROUGH ANYWAY is even more hilarious to me omfg.  like wow way to be extra ace i love you 

Important unanswered question

I’m rewatching 610 and Jessica doesn’t even look sad that her daughter was just killed and buried.

On my list of questions, I’ve stated that it’s confusing how Jessica buries her, yet later launches a lair to go find Ali. How did she know to go looking for Ali if she witnessed her ‘death’?

I am praying for a flashback to Grunwald pulling Ali out of the ground, and we see Jessica hiding behind a tree, witnessing Ali being saved. THAT is why she never stopped searching for Ali - she saw her get saved, but didn’t have time to run up to Ali because she had Wilden and Charlotte to take care of first. It’ll also explain why she wasn’t so sad after burying Ali; she knew she made it out.

It is the tiny details that really make a difference in the quality/strength of a mystery plot. I don’t expect them to touch on this, but I sure as hell need to know why Jessica launched a lair to find Ali if she was the one to ‘kill’ her.

#SaveWOY -Trending Twenty-Sewenth

I must confess that I’m a shipper deep inside … maybe not so deep. And of course, I have my favorite “couples” in my favorite animated show, where without them. So, I think Black Eye is example, the most close to the canon. However, this is not the main thing that attracted me to WOY. I think it’s not surprising that it was friendship (in a show with such a concept). In my case – it’s the coolest villainous duo, what I saw.

In fact, if someone had told me in the past, that a powerful energy skeleton and a tiny minion create something really harmonious, effective and thrilling, I would say … come on. It would seem, everything is clear with this concept: a skeleton - is a powerful main villain, leading the army and strike fear into the minds of mere mortals; shorty – is just negligible henchman, his only advantage is, perhaps, the “brains” … and brazen subservience. Maybe, for the first time in my life I was so glad that I was wrong so much.

Instead, we got so stormy, unpredictable, unexpected, but “correct” formula that just want to shout a question: “Did it work ?!”. In the body of inspiring powerful creature (the devil, in fact) there is a teenager - dolt, spitting on someone else’s opinion. Instead the spineless subordinate - single-minded strategist, really right hand of Lord, who, if desired, can shake his boss. At the same time, these images are not standing still. Characters develop. We are starting to see them as something more than the empire of evil. They also have inner fears, complexes, problems with the interaction with people and the world, dreams and hopes … that’s all that there is in each of us. That’s why we are starting to really feel sympathy for these characters.

But most importantly - Why do they appear in this post? The fact, we understand them precisely through their interaction. They develop with the help of each other. They need each other, and this idea is absolutely clear. 

And we see how this narcissistic goat suddenly apologizes and protect his partner in the fight. We see how this squeaky commander comforts his lord in the room or, on the contrary, he fights back, trying to save a friend from the wrong decisions. They really care about each other, in a peculiar manner. Together they create something really powerful, a force to be reckoned with. Alone, they are useless, together they are unbeatable - the words of one of the creators. Yes, this is truly a real friendship. A strange, embarrassing, confusing thing, but it’s still fantastic and real. @disneyxd @savewoy

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Really Tiny Small Note

The character blog for Kurt changed the url, it used to be HAUTEKURTURES, and now it is HAUTEKURTURE

Just for your information, in case you can’t find the blog anymore! Don’t worry, Kurt is still there! haha

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I came here to originally ask you if you have been following Kard, because I'm about to stan them so hard lmao. BUT THEN I was personally attacked by Namjoon having abs™ I've always pictured him so like, squishy ig. His dad look has fooled me haha

honestly I’m a little shocked not that many people know about joons abs??? but like again he wears really baggy clothing so you don’t even notice how tiny he is until he wears a deep scoop shirt where those collarbones come out and woah there’s a gif of him in a white shirt walking behind someone in a bangtan bomb and like digdjkfkhgjs jsdkg he is tiny but yeah it’s the loose clothing that throw people off

but hi kinda, I like them, I can’t wait to see what they do next but I haven’t really focused on them much but they are a++++++

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oh my god rachel i'm crying?? i'm watching master chef junior and there's this kid who looks like he could be stiles and lydia's son. i know everyone always pictures them with a daughter, and i personally don't picture them with kids at all, but this kid hit the spot for me. he was in plaid, had green eyes and was pretty tiny compared to the other kids that he had to stand on a stool. sorry, just needed to share that! hope i'm not bothering or offending anyone!

OH MY GOSH that’s so so so cute. The fact that he was in plaid makes me wanna cryyyyyy???

also how cute would it be if Lydia had a really tiny son. Omg. 

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Everyone talks about G!Markiplier, Jack and Ethan. BUIUUT what about Giant!Tyler?? He deserves some love to!! He would probably be a huge jerk to tinies and not let them go in any circunstances! (without being mean of course, just a little bit annoying >:)

I mean here is a small comic I made of G!Tyler a while ago

But he deservers more love so here are my headcannons:

  • He doesn’t ask if he could pick someone up. He just does it 
  • So he’ll just pick a Tiny up and fiddle with their arm
  • Sometimes likes to be an asshole and just watch them climb up instead of helping them
  • He keeps an eye on the Tiny all the time 
  • Because he secretly really cares that they are safe
  • Just flops his hand on top of them and traps them for no reason
  • Or holds them in his hand without letting them go
  • He can be a huge jerk sometimes very often, but he wouldn’t do anything that really scares a Tiny though (like holding them only by their leg)
  • Teases Mark about his height even more

I’ll do another post if I get any more ideas


Back at it with some process work for my @dates-anthology comic, featuring a set of panels that I really liked! Here it is right from the beginning with tiny layouts, reference photos, and a 3D model modified from a google sketchup asset, all the way to the final you’ll see in the comic if you back the….

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