no really this is the whole game

i played butterfly soup today and i enjoyed everything about it!!! i laughed a whole lot and felt really good (and gay) throughout the story. 10/10 would recommend

Pregame Personality AU (NDRV3)

Finally ! Finally I’m going to talk about this au that I love so much ! It’s kinda a fanfiction to itself but since I’ve never finished the fan fiction I wrote I’m going to talk about it here. Let’s go !

WARNING ! : Contain major spoilers for the whole game !

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Far from Noise

“Everything, I think, does happen for a reason. Even the most horrible things in life, happen for a reason. Some people are taken from us way too soon but you know what? Maybe… Maybe they were needed elsewhere. Maybe, Maybe they were such a good person, that they were- that power was needed somewhere else? I dunno.” ~@therealjacksepticeye

When Jack said this, it really hit home for me. This whole game did. My mother passed away on November 11 and I thought that my life would just end there. There was no meaning anymore. My mother did almost everything and now that she was gone, I thought everything was meaningless. I’m not exactly a religious or spiritual person either, but I do definitely think that things happen for a reason. My mother was a good person, the type to help people if they needed money, a ride, or were homeless.

Jack, thank you so much for playing this game. It really helped me realize that everything has meaning and life is worth living even through tough times like this. It means so much to me. Thank you.

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What do you think of Forces as a whole good? bad? ok? Or meh?

On the whole, I think it’s decent. Whenever I get to actually play it for myself, I’m sure I’ll have some fun with it, in spite of it’s shortcomings.

It’s not going to make it on my top ten list of Sonic games, and it could have been a lot more than what it was, but at the same time, I really don’t think it’s that bad, and while it’s story and characterizations may not be perfect (ie: Tails), I think a lot of good was done too, like Knuckles having a respectable portrayal, or Robotnik being very intelligent and resourceful. I think if they take notes from the better aspects, it could lead to great things in the future.

I find the notion that it’s the worst game yet/worse than ‘06/it’ll destroy the franchise/etc just one more addition among the rest to the usual routine of fans being unbearably overdramatic and incapable of acknowledging grey areas.

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((For the mod: Thoughts on Forces now that it's dropped? I'm skeptical, but I'm open to having my mind changed. I haven't watched any of the leaks yet just in case I'm wrong about the game and want to play it fresh.))

( Hey, friend. This isn’t the only Ask I’ve gotten in regards to Forces as a whole, and now that I’ve myself played the game, beaten the game, though not quite 100% completion - a task that I don’t quite have such a huge amount of time for - my thoughts are probably in line with how most people seem to feel about the overall package.

I’m of the opinion that, while there are some good ideas that I would have liked to see come to fruition, Forces as a whole doesn’t really seem to make it there, and misses several opportunities to really sell us on the entire premise they built the whole game around. Some of the cutscenes don’t really flow really well, levels feel short and kinda disjointed with their overall design, and while the strongest point is definitely the custom character, they don’t really go the distance with the concept that I was sincerely hoping they would.

Is Forces a bad game? I guess that’s what people really want me to answer. I mean… to me, it’s definitely subpar. It’s not the worst thing I’ve personally played, but it definitely is probably one of the more disappointing. I don’t want to go into a ton of details, or spoilery bits, because some folks may not want to wade through a bunch of that stuff here, but ultimately, the game is a super streamlined, somewhat automated process throughout, that doesn’t go all-in on the concepts it’s trying to sell to us, nor does it really try to do anything new with stuff that we’ve seen before in other Modern-style games.

A point some folks bring to others’ attention is suggesting that the game is meant for kids and thus isn’t subject to criticism, or any need for real effort (which, sure, that’s definitely one of the core demographics they may have been aiming for, absolutely), however, to say that, I think, is kind of unfair to the kids, because it’s implying that they won’t care one way or the other about the quality of the thing they’re playing, because they’re ‘just kids’. Kids deserve more credit than that - they will totally see through something that seems bland, lacks presence, and doesn’t seem to want to try. Young'uns are definitely smarter than most people seem to give them credit for.

And, again - this is just how I feel. If you enjoy Forces immensely, godspeed be with you - games are meant to be enjoyed, and nobody has the right to dictate whether you’re allowed to enjoy it or not. For me, I feel like they could’ve done better here. They’ve shown in the past that they are fully capable of going all-out, blowing our socks off - even if something is kinda campy or weird, I’ve seen them go the distance with it because they believed in their idea to the fullest. Here, it doesn’t really come off like they believed in the concept that much? That is the general sense I got when I was playing the game in full.

So, Sonic Forces. Recommendation? Ehh… me, I would probably wait until a sale to give it a try. Full honesty, I actually can’t recommend going for it at the full retail price it’s tagged with. If you’ve played games like Sonic Colours, or Sonic Generations, before, you will likely come out of Forces feeling like you played the streamlined “Lite” version of both of those games. I did have fun a few times, sure - it wasn’t an awful time by any means. But, from my perspective, I feel like they could’ve tried a little harder. That’s all.

And, again - if some of ya’ll really like the game, awesome. Enjoy the hell out of it, make as many characters as you want, and have a blast. That’s what the game is there for, and don’t let anyone take that away from you and say you’re not allowed to enjoy it.

And, here – I did have fun making my own little dude, so I’ll share with ya’ll what I made. Two costumes I lovingly have dictated ‘Resistance Vers.’ (left), and 'Eggman Empire Vers.’ (right).

Happy gamin’ if you’re gettin’ it, and if not, well, hope you’re able to play something fun this weekend anyway. Thanks for checkin’ in, ya’ll. )

good as hell night tonight… went to a smash tournament, had fun, then afterwards i got invited by a bunch of guys to go to dennys and play board games so i did that. then one of them gave me a ride back to campus and we talked about movies the whole time and he said his favorite movie is cinema paradiso which made me SO happy because thats one of my faves too and ive never really gotten the chance to talk about it with anyone. anyway things are good, gonna go to sleep happy soon.


Today when I watched Jack’s video on Far From Noise, I couldn’t help but feel so grateful. I was so happy that he played such a relaxing game, but on top of that, that game made its mark in my mind. It was such an amazing game and I was so glad that Jack was the person I got to watch play it. 

So I just wanted to say…Thanks Jack, for making me feel a whole lot better today. I wasn’t really haven’t all that good of a day, I was in kind of a funk and I didn’t feel like doing anything. Like always, I went to watch Jack’s new video and I didn’t think much of the game at first, but as I got more into the video I felt more relaxed and happy. And Jack’s message at the end to all of us was so sweet, it honestly made my day. It’s just so nice to know that he believes in us, it honestly almost made me cry a little (because I’m a baby! I cried like 5 times during The Last Guardian haha) but anyways, after that video my spirits were brought up and suddenly my day was a whole lot brighter. I had a different perspective of things and I’m just so glad that I took the time to watch that video.

Sorry I kept rambling, I just needed to share this… So thank you so much @therealjacksepticeye for making my day better *hugs* :3

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hhey!! i know u get compliments for your mario art frequently nd frankly u deserve them!! ur mario art is very good and warm!! fr a long time i had mario assosciated w like bad memories but ur art helped me just. develop a whole new relationship to the mario series nd im just so happy to be able to love mario again thank you for this good good thing you have put into the world (i really love ur art!! for a lot of reasons!! its just so. nice!! in every way that something can be nice it is nice!!)

Aw man I’m? Really flattered and thankful for this? I don’t know if the Mario games were something special to you before you developed bad memories related to them but having things that are important to you tainted by Bad Stuff is just, sad, and many things that shaped me into the person I am are now untouchable for me for several reasons. I’m just glad you shared this with me thank you very much… hugs

Thanks Jack

I absolutely loved this game. The first few minutes I was like woah this is an hour and forty minutes long. But after watching the whole thing I’m very glad I did watch it. I knew that it was this type of game about at the start, and I knew that he was going to talk afterwards. And frankly I’ve been needing that talk for quite a few weeks now, with what’s been going on. And with the moving talk at the end, I really felt like he was talking directly to me. And those types of things is what makes me love him the most. Thank you for playing this game. And this wasn’t boring at all, it always made me think about things all the time. I actually really like these types of chill and calm games, for that long. Sometimes it’s good to not be so hyper and all over the place, with some types of games. And this is probably one the most impactful games like That Dragon, Cancer to me. I also do believe that the worst things happen for a reason, maybe because of fate or God. I think if you didn’t start you YT channel and I would’ve never found you, then I seriously don’t know where I would be, if I would be alive, or how lost in a mindset I would be. Thank you for doing what you are doing everyday. And simply just Thank you so much for saving my life. Thanks for making me smile and laugh everyday. I love you so much.

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Hi there!! Do you have any tips on not getting bored with gameplay? Ive been stuck and I miss playing :(

My advice is to do a challenge! The NSB challenge is great to make yourself interact with new parts of the game, and if you don’t want to do the whole color thing you can just do the challenge part! Other than that, stories really help! Even if you don’t post your gameplay, basing it all around a story makes it so much more fun bc you give your sims more personality!

and i guess if you’re already doing that stuff then you could start up a new save w/ an occult sim if that’s not something you normally do? Or just any new gameplay with a fresh perspective! 

If you are doing a story it’s ok too! i get bored all the time even with my story and taking a step back and reevaluating what you want to do is something that everyone does and it’s ok! Until you figure it out, play with a casual save that you can BS with and don’t have to worry about aesthetics.

basically, try doing things you never do! hope this helps a bit!

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Your ways of "educating" someone on what's transphobic, problematic, etc. is the real problem. Also, reapdecay wasn't abrasive at all in those IM screenshots.

listen bro. rn it’s really cloudy outside and we got a chance of rain, my hair is washed, my skin is getting better, my legs are smooth and i feel very comfortable in my own body. what does this have to do with anything? well, all this adds up to a rlly nice morning so far. i’m about to go watch some anime and play video games. my friends are out there living their life too, ain’t no one hung up on this anymore. so if u really want to discuss this? u come off anon. u clearly don’t seem to get the whole story. regardless of what u say on anon, nothing will be changing. i’m still gonna keep doing what i do. i’m still gonna defend my friends. u got a problem? face it. come to me. i’m not gonna publicly drag u or whatever for coming to me. 

(also dsfhjdg yes i know she wasn’t being mean or aggressive in those IMs, again! i never said that! those IMs were there for the sole purpose for calling out her use of anxiety as an excuse to own up. a good number of people here have a anxiety and depression, i have avoidant personality disorder where i literally AVOID anything i don’t like,,,,, i still own up,,,,,,, and that was the point)

anyways, any??? other anons are gonna be deleted, send me a love note instead pls.

ah sally face episode 2 came out today apparently! cant wait to see jack play it (hopefully) ^-^


“Proposal: Cease combat, fighting her at this rate would be irrational–”

“Pod 153, I order you to halt all logical thought and speech. This order… shall remain in effect until you confirm the death of either myself or unit A2.”


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite


For this to work Neil should both be a little shit and have exy balls with him at all times, so it seems pretty reasonable to me

Based on this

Also imagine Nicky shouting “Kinky!” in the bg for extra nonsense

Cayde-6 painted in with scenery from Nessus, the world in which we will find him on in Destiny 2. 

He is a part of a set I am working on. Expect to see the other two soon.