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While Kennedy and I completely appreciate what these kids are trying to do with their modern take on drag: old school is the only school, honey! The two of them are in the corner playing dress up, like it’s kindergarten. 


The songs from the final in running order.

Simon has handled Zayn’s departure very oddly. He’s not been telling a consistent story.

On the James Corden show, he said he wanted to jump off a cliff, which was probably actually the case. Zayn leaving is going to cost him money. It’s going to cost Sony money. It’s going to cost everyone money. So, yeah, I bet he was begging on his hands and knees for Zayn to stay. He goes on to say that Zayn’s been unhappy for a while and has wanted to quit for a while and that when the decision was made, there was nothing he could do. Simon wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try and convince Zayn otherwise if it happened THAT day. I think Zayn decided he wanted out last year, and Simon and their team have done everything they could to get him to stay since then. After that angle was lost, I assume they went into solo career talks. Zayn would have been ripped apart by lawsuits if he left prematurely. Of all the research I’ve done, that’s mostly what suits come down to - artists leaving before their contracts expire. It must have been a litigation nightmare. I bet Simon is telling a version of the truth, but what he condenses into a couple of days probably was a couple of months. Zayn wanted to quit, Simon tried to tell him not to, solo contracts were arranged, Zayn left. Simon’s behavior in this interview is just weird. He keeps scratching his face, which is a sign of deceit. He’s not telling the truth here. And he handled the future of 1D question very, very oddly.

In the Sugarscape interview, he acts even more agitated. He rarely looks at the interviewer, he keeps fidgeting, scratching at his face, and that’s not the behavior I expect from Simon Cowell. He keeps stressing how talented they are, how Zayn needs a break, and how the other four have got a bright future. He says the other four were “surprised and shocked” but then “got over it” or “got used to it” which I’m not sure how that happened over the course of a few days. You don’t just get used to it when a fifth of your band leaves unexpectedly.

Now on Good Morning Britain, he says there was no warning, nothing.

The boys said on Corden that people on the outside could tell, that Zayn wasn’t happy, that they were angry and disappointed when he made his decision. They all repeat the mantra of it’s fine now. But, they’ve all handled this oddly, especially Simon. I would think he would have a very refined idea of what happened and how to spin it. They seemed to have been sticking to the party line of “he wasn’t happy for a while, we tried to get him to stay, he decided he didn’t want to, he left, they deal with it.” But, now, Simon’s acting like he had no idea and was completely blindsided. The timeline changes with every interview. With James Corden, it sounded like it was maybe over the course of a couple of weeks. With Sugarscape, it was long enough for them to get used to it. With GMB, it was completely sudden. The boys made it seem like they’d known it was going to happen for a while, almost like they expected everyone to have been able to see it for a while. It’s a messy situation, so I’m not surprised that the story has been a little erratic. What surprises me is that Simon keeps going back and forth, and he looks extremely uncomfortable when speaking about it.

you and me...

So, I saw this gifset by blowmiakisscolin, based on this post by fergus80 and well, this kinda wrote itself. I am 100% on board that beffudled AU Hook very well could have believed that Henry was his son. I took that headcanon and ran with it…

Days, then weeks, passing slowly at first and then all at once, no nearer to finding her or the whereabouts of Merlin. Every day they try a new land, helped by Ariel, sometimes even Ursula, always returning to Storybrooke with nothing but more questions. Finding Camelot abandoned shaking even Henry to the core, his fierce belief that this was where the answers would lie being ripped from him and settling the first sign of hopelessness behind his young eyes. Killian wishes he knew how to help the lad, his fierce desire to have Henry see him as his family growing stronger, despite the reason he would ever be so feeling further and further away.  

When the dreams start, he tries to find a way to hold on to the way they make him feel when he wakes, grasping for the shreds of the man who believed enough to sacrifice it all in hopes of something better. In his dreams, he doesn’t die. The cold steel of the Prince’s sword stays on the cobblestones as the man himself struggles to find his footing. The Evil Snow is rendered powerless by Emma, her light magic reappearing in her palms as she reaches out to protect him, this other version of him, who she seems to love despite his incessant bumbling. And then there’s Henry, who looks at him like a son does a father, with trust and awe and…love. Henry believes in this man, teaches him that he is better than this world has written for him and shows him the path to being a hero. This Killian, he doesn’t hold back from Henry, stands by Emma’s side as her partner and Henry’s parent, never questions that this is his place. He is happy, they are happy. They are a family.

But then sleep ends, grim reality rising with the sun and Emma is still gone and Henry is not his. The ache in his heart for the life in his dreams grows, fighting against the guilt and self-loathing licking in the corners each time he traces her name etched into the dagger. He’s holding the jagged metal in his hands when Henry comes to him, ducking into his cabin without a knock, but with a fierce look behind his eyes.

“Killian, we have to save my Mom.”

“I know lad, what do you think we’ve been trying to do?”

“No, we have to do it. You and me.”

“Henry, what are you saying, son?”

“Everyone else has someone, a family to fall back on if we never find her. They’ve learned to live without her before, spent years never expecting to see her again. You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma. We need her more than they do. We’ll fight harder, go to the end of the world for her. I just need you to believe that we can do it, together.”

You and me, our family doesn’t exist without Emma.

Killian sees the boy from his dreams in Henry at this moment, the truest believer, the hero in him looming larger than his teenage frame can contain. Feeling energized for the first time in weeks, Killian stands and gives the dagger one last look before locking it away and turning to face the lad.

“I offer my ship and my services, young sir.”

Part 2

Ok but sometimes I just think like how and why did I become Kuvira trash

So, I- I drew Bork Knight again. And he–

Yeah he didn’t turn out so cute this time.

Final Fantasy VIII. Seifer and Zell

You know what they say about Pulling someones Pigtails?

Despite shipping them so hard back then, I don’t recall drawing much of these two. They’re one of my first few yaoi ships.♥