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Things to remember about Book!Katniss Everdeen

-She loves her leg hair
-She is a fashion hoe™, she screams whenever she sees a clothes,
-“I act delighted, but I have zero interest in the Capitol people. They are only distractions from the food.” SAME GURL SAME
-She doesn’t know what she’s doing 100% of the time??
-She literally never asked for any of this romance BS and she wants it GONE
-Literally her response to bread boi saying something romantic is “ugh”
-SHE IS FRIENDS WITH ALL GIRLS, GIRLS ARE AMAZING AND SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO TEAR OTHER GIRLS DOWN ye I know she kills ppl but like,, Katniss Everdeen loves girls ok
-SHE’S 16 NOT 26
-She’s p selfish at first and only thinks about her own self preservation when it comes to the uprising, and is definitely no martyr-hero, both the Capitol and the rebellion use her as a symbol and romanticize her as something she’s not
-Literally when she figures out a rebellion is happening she’s like “GALE LET’S LEAVE” she’s not a hero/rebel at first she’s just a normal person who didn’t ask for any of this drama
-Also her “talent” is fashion except Cinna does all of it and I find that hilarious

[So I’ve been seeing discourse on my dash where a bunch of people are attacking someone for saying that GLaDOS is something other than a Lesbian. Look. I do ship ChellDOS, but GLaDOS is a ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE and it has never been stated that she is canonically a lesbian (at least to my knowledge). Please. I do not mind that you guys see GLaDOS as gay, that’s FINE, but please don’t attack other people for saying otherwise.
I don’t want this whole fandom to go to shit because someone has a HC that GLaDOS is something else on the LGBTQA+ spectrum.]

Okay but do Bruno’s zipper holes work like the portals from portal? Because I really want to see Passione getting really into Portal (the game) and then begging Bruno to make zipper portals around the house. I’m imagining Narancia getting stuck in one of those eternal falling portals and screaming his head off while Bruno takes another aspirin along with his 9-espresso shot coffee.

I’m so dang proud of Kevin because this boy, who has been terrified of Riko basically most of his life, got a tattoo to destroy the physical evidence of Riko’s hold on him and he just stands there and faces Riko down in front of stadium view of people and keeps his cool???

And can you even imagINE HOW PROUD WYMACK IS OF HIM??

Dear younger people who like the game Tattletail:

In 1998, I was 9 years old. Furbies were the big thing everyone had to have back then. If you ask anyone in my age group about them, you’ll a) learn why they make great horror characters and b) hear terrifying stories about how you couldn’t get them to turn off without removing the batteries. I know personally at one point my kid brother and I had to lock ours in the closet because it wasn’t picking up that it was bedtime and the lights were off and kept reactivating at the slightest sound or movement.

Furbies were a decent toy idea, but they antagonized nearly everyone who owned them, and therefore a game based around them was a great idea. But if you want to know the horrible truth behind Tattletail, ask someone in their 20s who had one of these things as a kid.

(Why hello there! How kind of you to ask~ It’s going great so far! As for the guardians, yes I have indeed seen them in my previous journeys. I’m sure I’ll see them again today too, heh.)

  • Me: I'm gonna participate in ship weeks this year !!!
  • School: lol
  • Finals: lol
  • Stress: lol
  • Life: lol

so i made nicos’s whole family in cc :O

  • Stephan Trevelyan-b. 8:82 Blessed, d. 9:41 Dragon
  • Lantha Trevelyan-b. 8:86 Blessed
  • Andreas Amalio Trevelyan-b. 9:6 Dragon
  • Sophia Alessa Antea Trevelyan-b. 9:8 Dragon
  • Lukas Ambrose Trevelyan-b. 9:13 Dragon, d. 9:41 Dragon
  • Mariah Augusta Alexandra Trevelyan-b. 9:16 Dragon
  • Nicos Antony Trevelyan-b. 9:18 Dragon

Super Moon tonight (13Nov16, the perigee will be on 14Nov16 at 5:52 am PST).  

1. 5:55 pm PST San Diego County, E by NE

2. 5:57 pm PST San Diego County, E by NE

3. 6:13 pm PST San Diego County, E by NE

4. 6:14 pm PST San Diego County, E by NE

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