no really these dorks i just can't


There are so many different storylines because ultimately everything is connected. But at first what you’re seeing is all these different characters who could absolutely be the stars of their own show. So it looks like they are completely disconnected and have no effect on each other whatsoever. - Samuel Barnett


Lexa only breaks out of her wondered daze when she hears Clarke giggling beside her. Her blue eyes are glassy when Lexa looks at her. She frowns in confusion until Clarke grabs her cheeks and kisses her messily. “Your face,” she whispers in explanation. 

“Just, your face. You look so happy.”

Yet another piece inspired by the amazing She


So I met these weirdos today.

But really, thank you guys so much. I’ve been having a rough time this past month and just getting the chance to say hi and thank you to your face means so much. Ethan, you’re an adorable unicorn. Tyler, ur fuckin hilarious and you do indeed give the best hugs. Mark, ur a dork but I love you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope I’ll get to be on time to this one day!!

I think it's pretty canon now
  • ***During Jaehee's route***
  • MC: I feel bad for Jaehee.
  • Zen: That's because Jumin is a jerk.
  • MC: He really shouldn't---
  • Zen: He's always making her overwork, like last year when he did that meerkat thing even though they were so busy?
  • MC: I didn't know---
  • Zen: Jumin has lots of projects that are non-profit and are all for de-stressing and giving something back to the community, and he takes them as seriously as he does the rest of his business.
  • MC: Ah, that's---
  • Zen: I seriously can't understand how Jumin manages to create more work, and it's not that he doesn't do anything, because he works just as much as everyone else, or possibly more, he's a workaholic and never gets enough rest!
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Jumin, that jerk -_-
  • MC: I see you're close to Jaehee.
  • Zen: Hm? No, we don't speak much. She might talk to you since you're a girl.
  • MC: ...
  • Zen: Omg, look at the time! I gotta go. Byyye!
  • ***Zen leaves the conversation***
  • MC: ...;;;

saltedfrosting  asked:

OOC: Hello again! Sorry for the random message, but I was having a really rough day the other day and your Post with Vani being nude and Ven getting all blushy gave me a much needed laugh. :) I'd like to give you a present as thanks but I can't draw! XD I can however write a good story! Are there any Ships you really like? :)

ah, you don’t have to make any present—it’s really okay! I’m glad you liked my recent photoset, I guess it’s really funny (lmao i laughed my ass off) all what I wanted was to bring joy to this place and I’m happy to see that’s happening right now.

buut if you insists, I can actually tell you my ships.

my moment to talk about ships has come!! jkjkjk.


ah well…it’s really tough to choose which ship I love the most….mmh

I don’t know…………

i mean, it’s not like they like each other or something….

i am crying this is too hard

ok i think i love vanven, yes, i love them.

I’m A Multishipper Really.

I just realized i ship everything of Voltron, litteraly/almost everything.

Klance? ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)

Sheith? I swear the first episode KEITH FRICKIN SAVED HIM

ShiroPidge?? O M G OTP 10/10 (I do not care about those age differences, or whatever, you can shut your mouth already, besides, they aren’t even confirmed, until then, i’ll be shipping it)

Kidge/Keidge???? Wait is that even a ship? *sees ship, doesn’t have much shipper tho) HEY YOU CAN TAKE ME TOO I SHIP IT TOO NOW

Lance/Pidge????? I think it’s a ship, oh wait i’m on it.

Hunk/Shay huh? *claps*

Pidge/Hunk??????????? Hell. Yes.

Shallura? PREACH


Coran/Alfor???? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Allura/Keith??? It’s a ship, yes, although i’m probably the only one on it ;-;

Lance/Shiro? I’m SO IN

ShiroMatt?? I. SHIP. IT

(almost) E V E R Y T H I N G

  • Marco Diaz: *does bruce lee impressions in karate*
  • Marco Diaz: *is really awkward*
  • Marco Diaz: *sends silly memes to his crush*
  • Marco Diaz: *has a cracking dorky voice*
  • Marco Diaz: *hides in his red hoodie*
  • Marco Diaz: *is insecure*
  • Marco Diaz: *is a stuttering mess*
  • Marco Diaz: *wears ballet shoes around the house*
  • Marco Diaz: *is just the biggest dork in the universe*
  • Magical warrior princess Star Butterfly, heir to the throne of the Kingdom Of Mewni: *has a crush on him*


Impromptu list of things I love in no particular order:

-Syaoran is still stuck on the time travel thing. (Which, I am too, so I support this)

-And Syaoran is stuck on the MORALITY of time travel

-He knows it ended well but he can’t help wondering about all the questions I had too. Is it really alright to change the entire course of history for his own ends? What will happen in future worlds? Are they prepared to do terrible things in order to get the feathers?

-His thoughts are dark enough that he’s only a silhouette in that bottom panel. Like Syaoran is worried you guys. 

-Fai listens to all of this attentively, if not with the same level of concern.

-Fai is kind of “eh” about the consequences of changing the future. 

-And why is Fai so casual about that. 

-Has he considered that already, or is it something he’s already familiar with? Is it actual Time Travel he knows or is it just Consequences in general?

-THAT FACE AS HE LOOKS TO THE SIDE WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT WHETHER THEY CAN BE FORGIVEN. (Fai what did you do? What can’t you be forgiven for?)



-Cat Dad is not allowed to let his son get hung up on things he can’t control ok. (Cat Dad doesn’t want his son to follow in his footsteps)


-Which is hilarious but is actually excellent advice for Syaoran.

-Fai is so genuine in trying to give Syaoran peace of mind here. He really wants Syaoran to feel better about this.

-but you KNOW where Fai is talking from here. I don’t, exactly, BUT STILL.

-Fai is very comfortable with the idea of trying to escape his problems and straight up not thinking about them. He’s been doing it for months now. 

-But there is something he couldn’t change. He wasn’t enough to fix the problem he left behind. 

-Fai is filled to the rim with regrets but does not want that for Syaoran.

Things that make me weak:

Giants who look like huge monsters who are actually timid dorks

Moments in g/t scenarios where the giant and tiny are just looking at each other silently, in awe of each other’s size

When people really describe G/T contact (like being held/picked up/kissed) in really good, precise detail

G/t kisses in general

Giant robots!!!

Intimidating and quite dominant/frightening giants actually being very respectful and careful around tinies because they know when to drop the act and respect people’s limits!!

Affectionate tinies who actively seek out attention and crave being held or interacted with!!!!!

Giants IN GLASSES!??!


[Captioned from this vid]

I just got through this scene in the game, and I can’t get over Mikleo and Sorey’s shared smile ;;w;; Mikleo knows his boyfriend so well aaahhhhhhh ♥♥♥

^^^ If this isn’t the look of love….! ♥ Also, the scene beforehand was super hilarious xD Sorey, you really suck so bad at lying

idk I kinda feel like shiat and these two dorks  really make me happy so I drew them to release some stress  :                                              ^) (btw the thing that rhys wears was inspired by elizabeth from bioshock )


Experimenting (rather badly) with comics!   The Trahearne in my head is a complete dork and has no idea how to feelings and it’s adorable.

Sorry for the weird quality and the extreme fluffy cheese.  If people like these I might fiddle with more?  They just eat a lot of time.  :S