no really there was a hole

Not so hypothetically, but actually, a date

aka, what could have happened if Chase’s minions had been so kind as to hold off on their kidnapping spree an extra 24 hours

for my friends on twitter who told me I should write this and know I can’t say no to them :) 

psa: this is unbeta-ed and it’s past my bedtime, so read at your own risk of grammatical errors lol

Felicity opened her refrigerator in search of the leftover takeout she could’ve sworn was still in there somewhere. To her dismay, all she was greeted with was mostly empty shelves. She was not a big grocery shopping person to begin with, and with everything they had been dealing with over the past couple of weeks, she couldn’t remember the last time she pushed a cart through those fluorescent lit aisles.

“How did Oliver manage to be the Green Arrow and keep our refrigerator stocked,” she muttered to herself as she checked a container of yogurt to discover it had expired months ago.

Her eyes caught the box from Oliver’s party the night before and she slid it out, remembering that there had been a few leftover slices of cake. They were on summer break after all, so cake was an acceptable dinner… right?

She was debating eating it straight from the box versus preserving some of her dignity and getting a plate when she remembered that she didn’t have to spend her evening sitting at her counter eating cake alone.

Setting the box down and reaching for her phone, she hit her first number on speed dial and waited while it rang. Which wasn’t a long wait since he picked up before the first ring had finished.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes… Am I only allowed to call when I’m in danger?” she teased.

There was a pause. “Well, no I just—“

“Do you want to come over tonight?” She needed to get the words out before he gave her enough time to talk herself out of it. She could practically see his eyebrow rise in that way it did when she said something that could have multiple interpretations and she hastily added, “There’s just leftover birthday cake and I was about to eat it but I realized that you should probably get dibs on it since it was for your birthday.” And also, I just really want to see you. “I promise this isn’t a ruse. But if you’re busy I understand and—”

“No,” he interrupted her. “No I’m not busy. I’m just finishing up at City Hall and then I can be right over.”

The corners of her mouth flicked up in a small smile at the eagerness he was trying so hard and yet failing to hide in his voice.

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let’s not forget that lance says some really really gay innuendos in quite a few episodes like:
“they call me the tailor because of how i thread the needle
“relax hunk, i’m just getting a feel for the stick” (the stick can be heard as this dick)
“and keith keeps flying into asteroid fields and black holes and cool junk like that”

When We Collide (Part 22)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

”You’re still here? I thought you were supposed to be off at 5?” The confusion was clear on Nicole’s face when you glanced over your shoulder to see her stand in the door frame to your office. 

“I was supposed to.” You mumbled and wanted to roll your eyes. The work in front of you was insane, the pile was only growing bigger and you couldn’t see the finish line.

“But with Luke’s busy schedule and lack of planning he forgot to mention that I had to make 200 invitations for an event he has coming up soon. This means I will be staying here until the early hours of morning before I manage to finish any of this.” 

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Our history teacher tells us about his intimate life. "I don't have sex - I've just slipped and fallen into my wife twice. Anyway here's some pics of my 2 kids-". Our math teacher also confessed to us that he pokes holes in the condoms he uses with his wife because he really wants kids and she wants to leave it up to fate (because apparently if it breaks then it's meant to be??)


don’t keep it all together. [linstead oneshot.]

- Hey guys! Sorry it’s been awhile, I needed to make sure this one did the prompt I received justice. Thank you @snufflesandfluff for the idea and I sincerely hope you all enjoy and let me know what you think! (Jay tries to deal with PTSD while Erin is in New York.)

[there’s mention of death and injuries from war so just a fair warning it’s kind of dark!]

She’d been gone three weeks now. Three weeks in the Big Apple with her nice new, hopefully cushy job and with her hopefully kind and welcoming boss and with her hopefully significantly larger paycheck.

He wanted the absolute best for her, he did. There wasn’t a doubt in his head that he did but there was that nagging feeling in the pit of his stomach that he needed her to come back, because the nights were getting longer and darker and his sleep was getting to be less and less and the only thing that could bring him any semblance of comfort anymore was a bottle of alcohol when it used to be her hands and her lips and her tongue and he seemed to be going backwards in all the progress that he had made in going to therapy and in talking to other struggling soldiers and he really, really hated himself for that.

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Why I really liked Detective Conan Movie 17

When I was first watching DC movies, I understood surprisingly that some of them are not as good as the original series. Some of them are flat-out absurd, some have uninteresting motive and some of them have plot holes. Recently on DC Discord we did a podcast about movies and the only movie that got 10/10 for me were First and… 17th. 

Why 17? Well, I have a lot to tell about it.

1) Full cast

This movie had Conan, Detective Boys, Shinichi (as voice), Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Heiji, Kazuha, Agasa, Haibara and Tokyo MPD, Osaka MPD, Kyoto MPD. That was impressive. Everybody got their own role, nobody was on the background, this movie seemed like a good puzzle, where every piece has its own place.

2) Team Work

I must say: I love team work! When everybody execute their own strength in order to achieve something together. Man, that was great. When Police shared their face-recognition software, when Heiji and Kazuha were in Osaka, searching for spy, when they met with Haibara and Agasa… No, seriously. Conan, on ship, takes a picture of the female staff member. Sends it to Agasa and Haibara. Then tells Heiji to investigate. Heiji stealthy takes the liquid from the body and gives it to Haibara to analyze. And when Heiji and Kazuha were caught at the camera at Osakan park, while Conan and the others watched the monitors to try to catch the spy. It’s hard to explain, but the fact that it happens simultaneously kinda makes me happy. 

3) Nobody Noticed 

MAJOR Japan problem was about to occur, global national-wide problem and nobody noticed a thing. Civilians, I mean. Usually when stuff happens in DC movies, it’s big stuff and it involves massive panic, avalanches and/or rolling… Ferris… wheels… *eye twitches* 

In this movie nobody noticed a thing, and it was well-hidden. Even the helicopter was disguised as a training. Makes me wonder, how many national problems we faced without even noticing it.

4) Romance

Not a prominent part of the movie, but it had its moments. For example, Tropical Land flashback and the call from Ran to Shinichi. And Kazuha and Heiji moment, where he saves her from the bullet. Also little off-topic, but I like how Kazuha was involved. 

And obviously last scene…

5) Ran’s fight and Yuki’s courage 

Ran’s fight. Reminds me why I love this character so much. She only lost because the spy used a dirty tactic, but man, she fought great. Also Yuki. Oh, dear little Yuki. I loved how Ran and Conan behaved like adults towards him, comforting poor guy. Also I loved how he found courage to fight in his own way. Remember, he is 6.

6) Everything is connected

Mitsuhiko’s waterproof watch he gives to Ran at the beginning of the movie saves her in the end. Kogoro’s golden cards show her whereabouts. ‘I will always find you’ motive. Conan screaming her name made her lift her hand from the water, and that’s why Aegis was able to detect her.

7) Motive 

The motive of this movie’s case was not petty ‘I killed her because she didn’t appreciate me’ or not petty but cliche ‘I killed all those people to avenge my beloved’. Oh no. This movie’s case was espionage, national security and betrayal. Also even the ‘murder’ happens accidentally, so this movie doesn’t even have a criminal (apart from the spy of course).

8) Feels

When Sonoko cried for Ran. When she shouted ‘who cares about the sunset, FIND HER’. When Detective Boys flat out cried, and Shinichi felt like he doesn’t deserve to be the detective. When MPD felt at loss and Sato tried to comfort Sonoko. When Conan stopped caring about ‘nee-chan’ at public and just gave the commands to them. 

Feels were strong in this one. I must say, I cry in the end all the time.

9) All in all

All in all, it feels well-paced, doesn’t have plot holes, is really Japanese in all terms, shows the unity of the nation, uses all main cast, shows the power of team work, doesn’t have a petty murder motive, is clever, has an interesting case, heavy emotional, characters are not OOC, and all in all it seems extremely well done.


I kind of want to punch a hole in a wall white-boy style right now because of how little people are talking about how amazing sana is like just as a person . like she really is the best character out there: such a loyal friend, will always stand up for what is right , super intelligent, respectful despite being treated like DIRT, on top of that gorgeous and going through a really hard time right now. And where’s the posts flooding the skam tag talking about that, valuing her??? praising her and feeling for her??????? where? this is so wild

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I haven't seen the episode and probably won't be able tomorrow either but like WHAT HAPPENED?! Is Mon-El dead?! (I'm so sorry for asking I just really want to know)

Today in the News:

- Houston just announce that Mon-El of Daxam was sucked by a black hole. 
- National City is safe, thanks AGAIN to Lena Luthor.
- Cat Grant haven’t see Star Wars…. And she KNOWS, SHE KNOWS.
- Prepare your dress, we are having a wedding!!! 
- The comercial was the best thing in all Season 2.
- M’gann feat awesome white martians.
- Winn is more in love everyday …. Of Superman.
- Lena and Winn? BROTP.
- Vogue said that Lena Luthor it’s the most gorgeous woman on earth.
(By Vogue means me)

That’s it in the news!! Have a great day/night my dear Anon! 

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how'd lili make it worse? no hate just wanna know your opinion

She sounded super defensive “I have a pansexual friend” that’s like what white people say as an excuse to be racist “I have a black friend” she kept saying she didn’t mean to and she thought beronica was a friendship name when she damn as hell knew it was meant romantically. People tweeted her “girlfriends” all the time and fan art of Betty and Veronica kissing. She never really felt bad about what she said imo she was just trying to get the rep she had with the LGBT community back. She needs to be more like cami. Cami has said what she thinks about beronica and has left it at that. Lili keeps trying to dig herself a hole.

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I fell into a tumblr hole last night and was clicking around when I saw that you're tentatively writing for Sherlock again. I'm not sure I can adequately express how happy this makes me through text... THIS IS REALLY GREAT NEWS. You are absolutely my favorite writer and I read your fics over and over - they inspire me, inform me, and fill me with joy. Whether you decide to stick around for a couple ficlets or whatever, know that you are adored and supported. THANK YOU!!!!

I am so glad to hear that my fics have had such an impact, and it’s wonderful to be supported and I’m thrilled that you’re excited I’ll be coming back (eventually…) Thank you so much <3


Okay I’m sorry for the bad quality, but at the moment my phone camera is letting me down…
Here’s the first part of a lot I got of off Buyee! I payed 300€ including tax, fees, etc! I think it was a good deal!

I’m especially happy with the vacation boy! His face is really adorable! He’s quite happy about his girlfriend’s kiss :3

Also I got the black & white monotones to accompany my pink one! They’re happy to cuddle together~

The only downside was the blue neon. I have to restuff him and he has a hole T.T Most likely I’ll have to ask my Papa for help as I still can’t sew well and I don’t want to ruin him…

You can expect another box soon. Two pacas arrived too late at the warehouse so I had them shipped afterwards…

Also the giant box was a gread hiding space! I surprised my boyfriend when he came home by hiding there and suddenly jumping out :D!!

One of my best best friends just bailed out of my baby shower. She was just booking her flight now (<2 weeks out!!!) and surprise, it’s $600.

She’s buying a house and the move in date isn’t fixed, so that’s stressing her out, plus the cost of the ticket. Im trying to be understanding and remembering how stressful it was when we bought the house, and then I lost my job two months later.

But honestly? We survived? And I’m glad I didn’t crawl into a hole and never go see my friends.

I know she feels really bad and she wants me to be like Oh it’s ok no worries!!! But I did tell her about this months ago and she could have bought a ticket then for much much less. I just said I understand which is true, and told her I remember how stressful it is but it will be ok. You will not be broke forever.

Unless you keep ordering avocado toast.

really love how male movie nerds will bend over backwards & tie their spines into sailor’s knots to defend their faves’ glaring plot holes as ‘cleverly subversive’ and ‘ironic’ but a female writer-director has a character say a word that was coined a Year after the setting of the story and she’s off to razzie hell

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Where I would want to time travel: probably some really ancient time….

Fictional character I would hang out with for a day: how do i decide? why not all of them?!

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: *sighs* home…

Current Fandom Obsession: bungou stray dogs hahaha

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1. Plasma Gate Quest - Melt-Banana
2. Garbage Man - Hole
3. Six Six Six (feat. Sherri Dupree-Bemis, Andy Hull and Jon Simmons) - Say Anything
4. Evil Dildo - Placebo
5. I Wanna Be a Cop - The Magic Fountain
6. Here Comes Your Man - Pixies
7. Goodnight, Sweet Ladies - Emilie Autumn
8. On A Plain - Nirvana
9. Guilty - Marina and the Diamonds
10. Rhinestone Eyes - Gorillaz

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I feel like an a-hole or phony or just generally no good because even though this girl I like isn't interested, I want my feelings to grow and to fall in love with her and just keep choosing her (even though that's the equivalent to running into a wall over and over again) and yet still try to be friends with her. Maybe it's because it's been a few days since we last messaged or because she's been busier as of late and can't really message me back, I just don't know why I'm like this at times

None of this makes you an ass or a phony or anything like that. You like someone and want to be with them. That’s to be expected.

Found out that my coworker not only watches SPN, but is a Destiel shipper. Although she didn’t know what shipping was, as she’s not really in the fandom, and I’m like….. ohh, I could drag her into the rabbit hole with me…. or I could be nice and not subject her to the same fate I have given myself.

But anyway, it’s nice to have a Destiel shipper to talk to in RL. Although she’s transferring stores again in June, so ugh

And now I must inflict Cockles on her. Because I’m not a fucking saint.