no really nice fist

Kevin cares about people so aggressively. 

Like, “Take care of your fucking shoulder or I’ll rip your arm off myself." 

"Use this tiger balm or I’ll kick your ass." 

"Stretch like you mean it or I’ll throw you off my court. If one of you pulls a hamstring oooooooooooh." 

"Eat these orange slices and stay hydrated or so help me god I will break you over my knee like a twig.”

anonymous asked:

i came out to my friends yesterday and i was kinda drunk and they were kinda drunk and they were all really nice and my friend was like 'that's so cool' and fist bumped me and my other friend was like 'as long as you're happy we all support you' and i am just??? so happy??? like they didn't even make it a big deal