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Why have been posting a lot of Overwatch recently?

Cuz I like overwatch 

like don’t get me wrong undertale is great but whats wrong with some expansion yknow? Like I try to cater to what yall ask for but it’s been really hard to get excited for undertale stuff just cuz its been done so much, there are only so many variations on the universe one can do before they all start to feel samey and it’s just been difficult to feel any motivation for undertale

I really wanna push more overwatch stuff in the future and I know a bunch of you are gonna bitch at me because I’m not doing AU compilation 17 but its like I have interests and things I wanna do that aren’t undertale yknow? I made a kobayashi comic dub in japanese about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t posted it because I know in my heart its gonna tank and people are gonna scream at me that ‘this is weird this isn’t undertale WHERE IS DRUNK CHARA EHHH” and I dont even read the comments anymore cuz with everything happening to Camila and Ania and everyone else I’ve come to the resounding conclusion that yall just care about our work and not our interests and lives and maybe thats why I’ve been so depressed lately

idk, sorry for the rant yall I haven’t been in a good place recently )_) I’ll try to keep it positive here after this lel

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How many asks do you usually get per comic upload? Just wanna know my odds of getting noticed by senpai...

oh, uh well depending on the update- anywhere from 5- 60 asks.

There are a few cases where i got 200 asks after a few updates but that was because i didn’t update for a couple of days, or something dramatic happened. (due to the global game jam, or conventions, or serious crunch time moments) 

but other cases, i get a lot of repeat questions too, so it usually makes the ask could feel more like 2- 15 usable asks without repeation- unless repeation needs to be there

I get like 30+ messages a day for plant advice and identification, etc. Its really hard to get back to everyone. If you send me a message and I don’t get right back to you right away, that is what’s up. I’m overwhelmed a lot of the time trying to answer everyone in detail and really don’t want to rush through my answers… So I’m thinking about starting a YouTube channel and just uploading a couple videos a week answering questions, giving tips and ID'ing plants. I feel like it would be quicker than typing out things. Maybe not. I don’t really know. Thoughts? Advice? :) thanks

Not Sex      By: Y. Black

Sex….. Can I really call it that? Its hard to say because this right here. This right here is an experience. Any nigga can slide a dick in and out. Most niggas will boast and brag on what they stroke game is like. I… I’ll take the ladder. And if you follow me you’d probably say otherwise. You know the way these words tend the flow, the depth in my voice. You’d say I probably talk supreme shit. And maybe so. Hell sometimes I even wonder if I can deliver on all that my mind conjures. Pick you up legs over shoulders. Hike ya skirt up anytime anyplace. Eat ya from front to back. At times I amaze me, is that crazy? Shit I’m probably all talk. Can’t even half way walk the walk. Yeah it sounds good in theory. I can’t be that good, that nasty, and that astute about pleasing a woman. Or can I?

But why question me? I merely have planted the seeds. Which in turn piqued the question, who is YB? Is he that sweet heartfelt gentlemen. Is he a savage who at any given moment is ready to ravage? Will he bring me flowers and open my doors? Is it possible he would massage my feet after a long day? Or is he the bedroom bully that will have me hoarse from screaming his name. Will he leave me sore and satisfied? Will his words be a stark reality? Can he really fuck me like “Art of War”? Maybe like “Missing Daddy” or “Chai Tea”? Mmmm…. Maybe I can be his “Confession”? But really, I want an “Hour Lunch”. Better yet we can make our own story, cause I want to inspire him to create some shit just for us.

Sex… I am not sure I can call it that. I don’t boast, I don’t brag. I plant seeds to make the inter-workings of you mind ponder. Your mind will run amuck with the ways I can please. Mere thoughts of me will become a tease. Unclench your angelic thighs, let her breathe. Let me answer all that your loins query. Don’t let the mess your mind made between your legs trouble you, no worries. I plan to clean you up twice, maybe three times over.
Yeah this is not sex… This is a journey.

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I know you dont ship it but in case you have seen some ,are there diamari doujins?

Unfortunately no, I haven’t seen any DiaMari doujins, at least on Melonbooks/Toraana. I’m sure there are a lot of them, just not available for sale through the net. I mean, I’ve only seen a few yohariko doujinshis, which is impossible because that’s like one of the most popular ships out there for LLS XD (though the majority of the doujinshis are all yohamaru)

And, if there are good DiaMari doujins, I will read/buy it. An example would be Senyuu’s NicoMaki - I don’t ship nkmk, but I will pretty much read any works Senyuu has. Based on their latest tweet, I think they ship kanadiamari bless :’D 

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Can you do a fluffy zen x reader or mc doesn't matter. I really need some zen fluff! Um yay can come up with whatever topic but if not uhh like some cuddling or like him helping out an insecure mc or something! You don't have to d this but thanks if you do!! I love your writing!! ❤️❤️💖💖

If I live for anything then its fluff.  

You had a really hard day on the way home it started raining and you where soaked. You just wanted to curl to bed and sleep. First you had to dry up. You get yourself a towel from the bedroom.

You barely notice that Zen is their on the couch. He just has to look to you and sees that you feel bad. You are reaching for the towels when he comes up to you. “Had a bad day babe?” Zen smiles kindly. “Yeah sorry I did not see you.” You feel bad that you not noticed him. “Its okay babe dry up I will make you some hot Chocolate.” Zen is not mad at all he has bad day too after all. You dry up and change into comfortable clothes.

When you done Zen is waiting for you with the hot chocolate he also got you a blanket since you seem to be a bit cold. You take the hot chocolate from him and you bot sit on the couch.  “Tell me what happened today babe why are you so down ?” Zen looks sad. “It was just really a bad day everything was going wrong. I feel like the gods are against me..”You sigh. “That sounds terrible I guess I will have to beat that gods up to make you suffer like that.” Zen pretends to be serious but he can´t help it and winks at you. “You are so sweet Zen.” You smile slightly. “Only for you babe.” Zen puts his arm around you.

You cuddle up to him you like how warm Zen is specially on a bad day like this. “How was your work today Zen ?” You feel a bit bad you not asked him yet. “It was just a normal day. The Director said that he might give me a bigger role soon.” Zen sounded proud over this. “That sounds great I know you will do great.” You smile at him and you can´t wait to see him on stage again.

“Of course no doubt I can do everything as long as you are here to support me.” Zen smiles widely at you and you blush. “Of course I ever support you. Will you invite me to the show again ?” You know he will but you love to ask him. “I will give you a front row seat babe.” Zen winks at you and pulls you closer to him. “You are the best Zen.” You smile back at him and hug him. “Only because you make me the best.” Zen winks at you.  “Hyun you have to tone the sap down or ill get a toothache.” You smile teasingly. “Ah come on that was not really that cheesy.” Zen is pouting. You giggle and give him a quick kiss. “Now that is much better.” Zen smiles at you. “Hm the kiss you mean ?” You wounder. “That too but I mean I missed that giggle.” Zen smiles at you and you blush some more.

You keep cuddling the rest of the evening with Zen and talk about this and that. You already forgotten about your bad day a long time ago.

Take a look at my Masterlist my requests are open so drop by !

10 hours until the vet trip. Im an anxious mess. Im trying to stay positive that its nothing serious, because chances are that its something easily fixed.
But its really hard because we literally have no idea whats wrong.
I’m just scared. I really want to just sleep but I can’t :(

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sana's relationship with her mom is so touching like she's the first on skam to have a loving relationship with her mom, right?

i think so, as far as ive seen. i mean eva really loves her mum too but its hard bc shes never around, and obv noora has no relationship with her parents, and even tho isak loves him mum there are some difficulties there too, but its actually really nice to see such a loving and wonderful relationship between sana and her mum bc it correlates so closely with the one that i have with mine?? and she smiles so much when shes talking to her like oh my god

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klebold-trash lost as soon as she put 3 kids at risk. No one had ever publicly posted those pictures of her kids or her husband's facebook with his name so everyone knows how to find them now. its really not going to be hard for some hardcore freak to track them down so anything could happen. All this just cause klebold-trash doesnt know when an argument is over. Y'all talk about rebsg0ddess freaking out over posts? all of this started cause klebold-trash didn't like people disagreeing with her

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I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.