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You know, the Great Fairy spells being written down wouldn't even bother me if, say, they took months or years of training or something to be properly used, which is why Cana needed to learn hers through Deus ex Machina, but no, Lucy flips through some pages and throws out a bubble in spacetime, just like *finger snap* that.

Add it to the list of other spells Lucy mysteriously learnt in the space of about… a minute, along with Urano Metria and Aqua Metria. 

It’s not even like Lucy’s that impressive with magic - she’s always been pretty average at best, so I’m not loving her suddenly being able to rewrite one of Zeref’s books and throw out one of the Grand Spells so casually. 

Fairy Sphere specifically being left in a book makes sense if you read it as having been left there in case of a guild emergency, but it’s really weird that this spell in particular is the only one that can be accessed that. And I still can’t believe that it was in a book in the basement and Makarov didn’t know it. Really? 

Jerome Valeska x Reader: Daddy’s Little Doctor - Part Two

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thanks so much to everyone being so nice with me! i’m glad you enjoyed daddy’s little doctor so much! here’s a part two just for you!



‘Oh my God. What the hell am I doing?’ [Y/N] kept asking herself as she ran hand by hand with Jerome.

‘This is so crazy.’

“Ha! Do you see what I see, Baby Cakes? We’re just like Bonnie and Clyde!”

[Y/N] didn’t have enough time to answer, she gasped loudly at Jerome who just shot a random guy who was about to get into his car.

Jerome laughed. “We have our own vehicle now.” He took a driver’s seat and waited for [Y/N].

She sat beside him and as his hand moved to reach her thigh she took it like she wanted to hold it.

‘Shit. Don’t you dare to blush!’

He only smirked at the situation, not letting go of her hand. Both of them didn’t say anything about it. What if he didn’t really wanted to reach her thigh?

She could feel how awkward it was, at least for her, that’s why she decided to say something.

“So.. Where are we going anyway?”

“We’re.. going to get my face back, [Y/N].” He giggled.

She liked his giggle, it was adorable.

She turned to look at him. “Why do you want your face back though? I kinda like the new look.” She said with a smirk.

He chuckled. “Oh Darling, you never fail to make me smile. I know I still look hella fine but you should’ve seen me with my face on.”

“Well, I’ve seen you.. that day when they found out you killed your mother..”

“Ah good ol’ days!” He said happily. “So tell me Gorgeous, what did you think of me?”

“Nothing!” She said a little too fast. “I mean yeah, uh, nothing.”

Normally, [Y/N] wouldn’t have a problem with lying but Jerome really made her nervous at the moment!

“Awww, c’mon, you gotta tell me.” He looked at her with puppy eyes, not caring about the road, wheels of the car meeting an innocent man because of it.

“Sorry! Didn’t see ya!” [Y/N] looked at the scene with wide eyes.

“Okay now, where were we? Oh right, answer my question, Toots.”

‘He really enjoys giving nicknames… Anyway, I guess I have nothing to lose.’

“Well.. I thought you were kinda.. cute?” She couldn’t help but looked down at her hands and blushed. She felt bad for feeling like this because of a sociopath. But he was really sweet to her, ya know?

She could feel like.. herself with him. Everybody always expected her to be perfect. She was so tired of this.  She was only a human being.

He smirked still gazing at the road.. “Don’t cha too sweet for me, Baby?”

“What do you mean she left with him?!”

“Look, Jim, I couldn’t stop them. I already told you, she just left.. like that. She didn’t even protest.”

Jim made a weird face at her words so she added “That’s probably because she was too scared..”

Inside she knew she was wrong. [Y/N] looked shocked, then shy but definitely not scared. Lee had no idea what to think.

“We need to find her. We need to find them.

[Y/N] sat on a table where Jerome was lying 3 hours ago, when Dwight was trying to bring him back from the dead. She was looking at Jerome’s back for 5 minutes as he moaned in pain. He was “putting” his face back on and he was almost finished. [Y/N] felt bad for him, she didn’t like him being in pain. He was handsome in her opinion when he had no face, so she was 1000%  sure he’d be still handsome with staples.

Finally he finished his work and looked at Dwight.

“So, how’s the look?”

Dwight was really nervous. He was praying Jerome’s not mad but he noticed that [Y/N] was. 

“It looks good..” He wasn’t very persuasive, was he?

“You wouldn’t.. lie to me.. Right, Dwight?”

He shook his head. “N-no. I-it looks good.” Jerome was smiling the whole time. 

He looked like an angel in [Y/N]’s eyes.

Jerome noticed a gentle smile on her face and returned it.

“Now Dwight, would you stand over there? Me and Sweet Cheeks need to talk about something.” Dwight nodded quickly and almost ran to the place Jerome pointed out.

Jerome and [Y/N] moved aside and he explained, what he wanted to do. He wanted to leave a message for Gotham.

[Y/N] couldn’t be more excited.

“Testing, testing… Are we live? Are we on air?”

In the background you were able see Dwight, tied up to incendiary bombs.

“C’mere, Gorgeous, no need to be shy, you’re too pretty for that.”

She skipped to Jerome. “Hiya everyone!” She waved, giggled and kissed Jerome on the cheek. She was way more confident by now, thanks to her Puddin telling her not to worry.

“Some of you may know I died. Take it from me - death is dull! But coming back… that is something. Leave it to dying to give you a whole new perspective on life and I would like to share that with you.” He looked over at [Y/N] and blew her a kiss.

“Tonight, Gotham - in the darkness - there are no rules! So tonight, Gotham, do what you want, kill who you want. And when morning comes you too shall be reborn!” He took [Y/N]’s hand and fired an explosive.

“And, uh..”


“.. I don’t forgive you for my face.”

They started laughing like maniacs. ([Y/N]’s favourite kind of laugh) And left. Just like that. Again.

On daily basis, [Y/N] would feel bad. It wasn’t normal anymore, but on the other hand, she couldn’t be more happy to be with Jerome. They were in love! It felt like magic.

Like he was a Clyde to her, and she was a Bonnie to him!

You may wonder, why all of this had to happen?

I guess we will never really know. Maybe it happened because she was too tired of being a perfect child?

Too tired of having straight A’s?

Or too tired of rules?

Or maybe tired of always having to speak with respect?

She was too tired of one thing, she always had to be.

 She was tired of being Daddy’s Little Doctor.

Meet You Downstairs

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As Jack descends in the elevator to the basement, it strikes him that he never knew his condo building had a rental suite. Between his hockey commitments and hermit tendencies, there’s still a lot about his own home he doesn’t know despite living here for six years. It’s part of the reason he offered to help out around the building: to keep himself social during the summer season. His parents talked a lot about building a community of friends outside of work, and he knows his way around a toolbox so. Why not?

The basement is… really creepy, actually, reserved for the storage lockers and recycling bins. Even the parking garage is a level up and more inviting than this. There’s only one hallway so Jack follows it, certain he’s going the right way when he hears the voice through the wall.

“It’s fine, Mama. I know you wanted to help me pick out a place but this one is great. It’s in a nice neighbourhood, very secure… Yes, I got your pepper spray in the care package, but please, this is Providence, not New York City.”

Jack doesn’t mean to eavesdrop but he can’t help but notice how young this guy sounds. In a building where the average condo sells for over two million dollars, most of the neighbours he sees in the halls are retirees or working professionals. There aren’t many parties, which he appreciates.

He knocks on the cheap wooden door which rattles in the hinges. No wonder they’re renting this room out instead of selling, he thinks. There’s shuffling on the other side, and Jack hears the boy… man say “Goodness, I think the custodian is here already… of course I have pie who do you think I am? Call you back, love you.”

The door opens and there’s a lingering moment of silence as they each look at the person across from them. This guy looks to be a few years younger than Jack, a bit shorter, lean but with well-defined muscles he can see quite clearly thanks to him wearing the shortest shorts that could possibly be considered not-underwear. He’s staring. Oh boy, he’s staring and he needs to not be doing that so he drags his eyes up and they stall on the loose neckline of his tank top.  

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So I've been thinking about the retirement au a lot today (work has been slow...) and I was thinking. Yuuri strikes me as the kind of man not to talk about his accomplishments, but he will gush about his friends. Like, "My friend Phichit just won Gold at the Four Continents!" "Chris was so good at the European Championships!" "My unofficial son Yurio just won at Worlds!" things like that. I imagine him talking about these things, but like his friends don't know he really knows these (cont.)

(Cont.) people. Like they think the beautiful, untouchable, hot Yuri Katsuki-Nikiforov is just like a massive fanboy for figure skating (which, true he is, but he’s also been known as Japan’s Ace so…) and think it is just a cute little character quirk that makes him even more adorable. After all, his friends are not into skating so they have no idea who these people are. They do however know Yuuri is gay (or at least bi) because he regularly refers to this guy Viktor as his husband (apparently he’s some big shot figure skater that Yuuri has the cutest little (massive) crush on, can you even believe how cute this guy is?). But Yuuri isn’t really married because he would wear a ring on his left finger if he was, like come on. It all comes to a head like it does in your retirement au by Yuuri being recognized by fans, with some added hilarity of “I talk about my figure skating friends all the time?" 

"We thought you were just a really big fan!" 

"I talk about my husband all the time?" 

"Yeah and Jenny talks about her rock star "wife” all the time too!“ 

"wait, you’re not really married?" 

Bc of course Yuuri would not find it weird to be married to a rock star. He married Viktor Nikiforov after all. (fin.) 



And completely and utterly plausible omg. Because that is literally exactly the kind of language we use here on tumblr XDD Even I call my favs as my sons or daughters, or how I call JJ as the king of my heart.

Wowow, okay, so the only plot hole in this au has been filled, we finally have a good explanation for why Yuuri’s friends don’t know he’s married!!! This is totally canon…in my headcanon XD

But then also can you imagine when his friends do finally find out that the person Yuuri has been calling his husband all this time is actually his husband, they insist on getting to meet him.

Except maybe that week Skate America is going on or whatever.

So all these famous skaters are in the US, and Otabek’s competing too. And Yura wants to spend some time with the bff, so Yuuri and Viktor decide to have a house party after the competition is over.

And Yuuri’s college friends are invited over.

And they get there, and they just kinda stare around at everyone like OAO

Because they’re all lowkey terrified and highkey intimidated because???? This party is basically a who’s who of the figure skating world??? Their little Yuuri knows and is comfortable with so many celebrities? Their little Yuuri IS a celebrity!!!!! This is more famous people than they’d ever thought they’d meet in one place!!!

But before the night is over, they’ve loosened up and gotten to know the skaters. Chris is probably missing his pants. Yuuri has a bottle or two of champagne in him (nevermind the fact that those two bottles probably cost more than any of his friends make in a month). And you know Phichit has told a very attentive crowd the full story of how Viktor and Yuuri met, in detail. Never mind the fact that Phichit wasn’t even at that banquet in the first place, and he himself had gotten the story, heavily embellished, from Chris.


I’m just gonna go straight into what’s been bothering me. Let’s take a look at the how each of the members became a part of the RFA.

Rika started the RFA. V’s her significant other, so of course he’d be in it. Jumin has a lot of connections and resources, plus he’s V’s best friend. Seven has hacking skills and can ensure the security of all of the RFA’s files. Jaehee is Jumin’s assistant and he realised she’s a very good worker who can contribute a lot to the RFA. (This is canon by the way, Jaehee explained this to MC through a phone call.) Yoosung is Rika’s cousin and she knows he loves to do volunteer work.

It makes sense why all of them were invited into the RFA. But then how did Zen get into the RFA? Like I’m not trying to be offensive because I absolutely love Zen, but all of them knew each other pretty well before the RFA was started (besides Jaehee of course, but at least that was explained). Why does Zen stick out like a sore thumb to me here? DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL THE SAME?

Rika brought flowers to one of Zen’s shows, before he was famous, and asked for a picture with him. And then somehow after that V followed him around and was taking pictures of him???? But we completely overlooked that fact because he had saved Zen’s life after he crashed his motorcycle.

Why aren’t we asking more questions about this?

Why was V even following Zen in the first place? Why is he so suspicious?

Why did Rika want Zen in the RFA?

Let me just move on to the theory I heard that has left me so weirdED OUT. I’ve also added on to it and provided my own evidence.

If you’ve watched MeliZbeauty’s theory about Seven being a wizard and Zen being in love with you in every route, this other theory will make more sense to you. I haven’t played Cheritz’s other games so I really don’t know how to explain this “Seven is a wizard” theory, but basically if you’ve been paying attention, Seven has hinted at the fact that he’s a wizard numerous times in different chats.

The theory goes that Seven created the entire Mystic Messenger universe specifically for Zen (BRACE YOURSELVES) under the request of V. This makes sense considering the April Fools DLC where EVERYONE but you and Zen wasn’t real. It shows that that universe was designed for you and him.

V, as you know, was very in love with Rika and would do anything for her. But while they were together, Rika fell in love with Zen. Jealous, V convinced Seven to make another universe so that Zen wouldn’t reciprocate the feelings and instead fall for another girl, who is MC – us.

I don’t know why Seven decided to still provide other routes if the motive was to get Zen to fall for MC, but I feel like there’s an underlying sadism going on there. Zen is being tortured time and time again and has to watch the love of his life fall for other people. This part supports the theory that Seven is a bad wizard, from MeliZbeauty’s video.

Maybe this was punishment? Maybe Zen was starting to fall for Rika too. Maybe Rika was actually the original MC, Zen was coming too close to getting her, and V could not stand that. Okay I’m straying away from my original theory let’s save that last sentence for another post.

I don’t have a lot of evidence for this theory. It’s actually almost just a scenario or headcanon, really. I forget whose damn route it was from, but there’s a particular phone call with Jaehee that actually kind of supports this.

In this call she says that ever since Rika died, everyone in the group has been different, and the only one who didn’t change at all was Zen.

If Rika and Zen had been close enough such that he had been welcomed into the RFA, why wasn’t he at all bothered by her death? Was this because of Seven’s tricks?

V was in love with her. Jumin had a crush on her. Seven had a crush on her. Yoosung, romantically I don’t know, but he did love her a lot. But Zen? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So what exactly was their relationship? How did Zen get into the RFA? Is Seven really a bad wizard? Does V actually have it in him to do such a thing?

Running Out of Time: Bellamy and His Feelings

Obviously, there was a lot to unpack from the Bellarke Beach Scene 2: Hugless Boogaloo, but what I thought was most interesting was what it tells us about Bellamy’s emotional status.  The line I think was most telling was It’s pathetic, right?  She hates me but I keep coming back for more because there’s just so much desolation in those two sentences, starting with it’s pathetic.  That line lands like a value judgment on himself– he is pathetic for still loving his sister, despite her hatred of him.  It also speaks to his feelings of helplessness, both with Octavia and with their larger situation: there is not a goddamn thing he can do to make his sister forgive him or stop the end of the world, but he’s still going to keep trying.  But even though he’s not giving up, he also sort of has– he’s given up on the idea of surviving, really.  He’s got faith in Clarke (and Raven), but the cynic inside of him keeps whispering there’s no surviving this so he’s decided he’s just going to do his best to make things right.

And where things stand right now, there’s two important people in his life: Clarke and Octavia.  Other people matter to him, of course, but those two women are his primary concern.  Things are pretty good with Clarke and pretty terrible with Octavia, so when faced with the choice of “where to go from here” he chooses Octavia because Bellamy doesn’t want to die with her hating him.  He knows that still might happen but he has to at least try to fix it, even if it seems pointless.  He could have chosen Clarke and gone over to Science Island and spent his last few weeks on earth with someone who trusts him and loves him and supports him, but that would mean sacrificing any chance to put things right with Octavia.

And make no mistake: Bellamy does not see them coming out of this alive.  He thinks this is the end, and that’s part of what is hanging over his head when he says it’s pathetic.  Because he’s not just talking about returning to Octavia for more abuse, he’s talking about how he’s spent the last nine months fighting to keep everyone alive, often at great cost to his own moral values, only for everyone to die anyway.  He hasn’t reached Jasper’s level of nihilism and I honestly doubt he will, but there is a certain fatalistic attitude leaking through in this scene that punches me in the gut.  He feels pathetic and pointless, and so all that’s left is to try and get his sister to love him before they die.

But there is one thing left to tell Clarke, and that’s how he feels about her.  Guys, when he says Clarke, if I don’t see you again, there’s really only one way to end that sentence.  He has made it clear he loves her through his actions time and time again– letting her go in 216, going after her in 302, telling her he doesn’t want to be angry with her in 313, trusting her in 315 and 316, being there for her at her absolute lowest in 403– but he’s never actually said it.  It’s literally the last thing left to do, and standing next to her on that beach, he really does think it could be the last time he sees her, and not just because of praimfaya.

It’s because over the course of the last few days, Bellamy has thought his sister died and watched their best hope for surviving the apocalypse go up in flames.  And in the course of the previous twelve hours, he thought Clarke was dead and/or that he would watch her die twice.  Clarke might not make it back before the radiation hits, or she might die from a stray arrow or an ambush or 400 other things that could go wrong.  He knows that life is uncertain in their world and he’s not sure he’ll ever see her again.  Thanks to Echo, Bellamy knows what it feels like when someone you love dies with things unsaid, so he steels himself for what is about to be a painful admission because he knows he loves her and he knows she loves him, but he also thinks Clarke doesn’t love him in the same way.  He’s not planning on telling her this because he thinks she’ll reciprocate, he’s planning on telling her he loves her because that’s all there is left to do.

But Clarke stops him.  First of all, guys, she fucking knows what he’s about to say.  They just spent an entire episode being Drift Compatible as fuck, and she just said she’ll see how special you are which is a weird fucking thing to say about someone’s sibling (I don’t really need to see how special my brother is; I  need to remind him of how we used to play chicken while sledding and I won every fucking time because he’s a goddamn chickenso you cannot tell me she would have been surprised if he said I love you.  Clarke was talking about her feelings for Bellamy here and pretending it was about Octavia because right now, feelings are painful for Clarke.  (If you’re special wasn’t a significant admission for Clarke she wouldn’t have broken eye contact after she said it.)  She’ll see how special you are is as close to I love you as Clarke can get at the moment, and I do think that if Bellamy was wavering (do I tell her I love her?  Or do I leave that unsaid because she’s not ready to hear it?) having Clarke tell him he matters was all he needed to decide.

Except Clarke sees where this is going and stops him, but not just because hearing Bellamy Blake say I love you when she’s still a tangled mess of grief and fear would be too much.  She stops him because she knows he’s saying it because he’s giving up hope, but she hasn’t yet.  She believes they can survive this so there’s no need for last minute love confessions.  In Clarke’s mind they have a future, and letting Bellamy say this might be the last time I see you so you need to know I love you is just too painful to contemplate.  Bellamy was ready to say goodbye, but Clarke isn’t.

I’m honestly not sure if Bellamy would have said it anyway if Roan hadn’t interrupted them.  He wasn’t looking convinced, at any rate, and I suspect if Roan hadn’t blown the Time Out From Feelings Whistle, Bellamy would have gone through with it.  Not because he doesn’t consider Clarke’s feelings important, but because he’s desperate.  This is it: the finish line is approaching, so make your peace and get ready for whatever comes next.

But Clarke didn’t stop Bellamy because she didn’t want to hear that he loves her; she stopped him because in her mind, there’s still time.  It wasn’t “If you love me I’d rather die not knowing,” it was “Please don’t say goodbye to me because I haven’t given up hope.”  Clarke is an expert at last-minute love confessions but she’s not ready to say they’ve reached that point.  She has hope that there will be time later to talk about this, so she doesn’t say I don’t want to hear it she says we’ll talk about this later.  Because Clarke has decided there will be a future for Bellamy, whether he believes in it or not.


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Jeff Atkins x Reader
Request: Could you do jeff x reader where they’ve been best friends since they were kids but she’s dating Monty and jeff hates him but doesn’t wanna let her know, so they kinda drifted slightly, then something happens n Monty and her break up and jeff kisses her in the heat of the moment at a party in the middle of everyone
Word Count: 2,023
A/N: Not even going to lie, spent all day on this one! I’m really trying my hardest to get an imagine out a day and it’s so much work lol. Hopefully this is a good one, I have a few other requests I’m going to be working on so if you’ve requested something hang tight please! I’m trying my hardest to get everything out. Sorry for any mistakes, I literally had to retype this like five times. I hope you all like this one, enjoy! :)
Warnings: None
Italics = You, Bold = Jeff, Italicized Bold = Monty

           You and your boyfriend, Montgomery De La Cruz, walked down the Liberty High hallway hand in hand. To you, it was a perfect relationship. You’d always thought that both of you complimented each other perfectly, and frankly you knew you had changed him. Despite what others said about Monty, he was different. Sure, he had slight anger issues, but he could control them. The biggest thing he had learned during your relationship was self control and you were so proud of him. Both of you stopped when you reached your locker, you’d let Monty push you up against the metal and lean in for a deep, passionate kiss. It didn’t bother you that other people were watching, Monty loved showing you off to others so you were used to it. When he pulled away, both of you were out of breath and you smiled. “You know I’m hanging out with Jeff today, right?” His body became tense as he nodded. You knew he didn’t really approve of you spending one on one time with another guy, but Jeff Atkins was your childhood friend and you needed to make time for him too. “Well, he’s coming. We’re going to hang out now babe,” you giggled looking at him. He whined before giving you one last peck on the lips, “Have fun, I’ll call you later okay?” “Okay, love you!” “Love you too.” He walked away just as Jeff had gotten to your locker, you could see them give each some sort of glare, but you just shrugged it off. “Hey Jeff, how are you?” you stood up in front of your locker, grinning up at him. His face started to relax when he looked at you, and you were glad you couldn’t feel any negative tension. “I’m better, now.” You laughed and tugged on his jacket, “You ready?” He followed you out and you both of you started to walk to your house. “So….I was thinking and I can to the conclusion that we should watch something scary tonight, I’m in the mood.” You wiggled your eyebrows and Jeff laughed. “I don’t think your boyfriend would appreciate you cuddling under me, even if it is because you’re scared.” Gasping, you put a hand over your chest, “How dare you underestimate me! I’ll prove to you I’m not a scaredy-cat!” He shook his head, chuckling at your cuteness. Picking you up, he threw you over his shoulder, “Whatever you say princess.” The nickname he gave you stuck with you throughout your childhood, so it didn’t bother you. You kicked your legs and yelled, “Jeff put me down!” Looking around you, it was obvious people thought you guys were a couple. You decided a long time ago that you wouldn’t let things like this bother you because you loved Monty and he knew that, and that’s really all that mattered.
           When the two of you had reached your house, Jeff put you down so that you could open the door. You guys walked in and he immediately laid down on the couch. “It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to hang out. We’re drifting don’t you think?” “Everything happens for a reason.” You eyed him suspiciously, confused about what he was getting at. “What are you trying to say?” “Nothing, what do you want for dinner?” Walking over to the drawer, you pulled out a menu for your favorite Japanese restaurant. You had decided to forget about what he had said earlier but you knew it would bother you. “I think we should order sushi, trust me, you’ll love it.” he gave you a thumbs up, taking the menu to browse his options. “I’m paying!” You both shouted in unison, and you giggled. “Split the bill?” You asked, but of course he denied. Jeff always ended paying for the food. He never let you pay, and at times it made you feel bad. But on the other hand, it made you smile that he insisted on being the gentleman.
Later on, when you both had finished eating, you let Jeff pick out a movie for you two to watch. He picked out a scary movie, as you requested, called ‘The Strangers.’ You were almost positive that you would get scared, but you were determined to prove Jeff wrong. That was definitely easier said than done. Not even halfway into the movie you were shaking, and hiding behind Jeff. He laughed and offered to hold you but you refused saying that you weren’t scared. As soon as the movie was over, you got up to turn the lights on. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” “I knew you’d be scared.” You shook your head while walking back over to him, “It’s late we should get to bed.” “Alright, I’ll take the couch.” Pouting you looked at him, “You can’t make me sleep alone, in the dark.” “Why? You scared?” He smirked, thinking the situation was funny.  “Shut up and hold me.”
           The next morning you woke up with your limbs tangled with Jeff’s. It was weird because you were used to feeling Monty’s body against you. He had a tight grip around your waist and it took a while before he let you get up. He groaned at the lost of contact and you giggled looking at him. “Mom made pancakes; I’ll race you to the kitchen!” You got a head start as he jumped off the couch and ran after you.
           Sunday night approached way too quickly and already Jeff was on his way out of the door. He had stayed at your house for the whole entire weekend. It wasn’t weird at all considering you guys were childhood friends and your parents loved him. They thought it was a good thing that you had put aside time to spend with your best friend. You stepped towards him, giving him a big hug before he left. “I’ve missed you, you know. I’m glad we got to spend time together. Stop being a stranger!” “I won’t, I promise. See you tomorrow.” You waved at him as he left to go home, “See you tomorrow!”
           To say this week had been hard was an understatement. Everything had seemed to be going downhill for you and you were really hitting rock bottom. Your grades were slipping, teachers kept on piling up the homework and not to mention Jeff won’t even look at you anymore. After the weekend you both spent together, you thought he would’ve kept his promise to you. It was weird because you’ve tried all week, but he just wouldn’t talk to you. You had no idea what had happened, because everything was fine when he left your house on Sunday, but now he won’t even give you the time of day. You missed him, you missed your best friend more than ever. The two of you had grown even more distant now, and you had no idea why. 
Staring back at the homework in your lap, you groaned. Sitting on the bleachers, you watched Monty’s baseball practice. He persuaded you to come, but you were tired and ready to go home. You occupied the rest of your time by playing on your phone. Time went by fast, and before you know it, it was time to go. Quickly you packed your stuff and met Monty at the bottom of the bleachers. You leaned in for a kiss, but he leaned back almost instantly. “We need to talk.” Your heart dropped and you played with the hem of your shirt, something you did often when you were nervous. “I think we should break up.” You were confused on where this was coming from. Yes, it was true your relationship wasn’t at its best right now, but it wasn’t burning either. “Why? I thought…I thought we were in a good place.” “I just…I don’t want to be with you anymore. We can still be friends though.” He gave you the fakest smile before turning and exiting the gym. “W-wait!” You called out for him but he kept walking, not bothering to turn around. You stared at the ground for a few minutes before leaving. The guys who had witnessed the breakup tried asking if you were okay, but you ignored them.
           When you got home, you slammed your door and leaned against it. It seemed like nothing would ever get better for you. Things were turning out worse than expected, and you didn’t know how to deal with them. You needed some type of escape from it all, and you decided Jessica’s party would be perfect. The party was tonight, and at first you decided against going, but you thought it would be an event that would help you get over Monty. Even though you knew he’d be there, as long as he didn’t try to talk to you, everything would be fine. Picking out one of your favorite black dresses, you set it out on your bed and went to shower. You did your hair and makeup before getting dressed, and then walked out of the door. Your parents didn’t really mind that you went to parties, as long as you took care of yourself. The first person you saw when you walked in was Jessica. You tried avoiding her, knowing she would ask about Monty, but seeing her was probably inevitable. “(Y/N)! You made it! Why didn’t you come with Monty?” “He didn’t tell you?” She shook her head, and started to look concern. “We um, we broke up.” She gasped, before a look of anger crossed her face. “It’s fine really, I just want to have a good time.” You smiled and she patted you on the back. She sent off to find Justin and you went to sit on the couch. You sat there with a cup of beer in your hand, not really wanting to talk to anyone. It was disappointing because you were supposed to feel better, but seeing all these people together just made you want to leave. The spot on the couch next to you dipped, and you looked to the side seeing Jeff. You sucked in a breath, and continued to stay silent. “Hey, how are you feeling?” You snickered before answering the question, “Shitty. My grades are slipping, Monty broke up with me and I’m surprised you’re even talking to me because you’ve been ignoring me all week.” He looked deep in thought, searching for the right words to say. You got up, deciding that you needed another drink. “Excuse me,” you said, having to walk through a game of 'suck and blow.’ Before reaching the other side, you felt someone grab your arm. You turned around and they swiftly captured your lips in a kiss. You heard people cheering in the background and relaxed into the kiss knowing it was Jeff. When he pulled away you just stared at him, “Jeff, not that I’m complaining, but why did you-” “I love you.” Shocked by his words, you grabbed his hand and pulled him into an empty room. Before you could even say anything, he spoke, “I’m just going to be honest, I hate Monty and the reason we’ve been getting distant is because you’ve been with him. I know it’s bad but I’ve loved you ever since we became friends and I hate the fact that he got to you first.” You knew that you felt something with Jeff, but you weren’t exactly sure if you were ready. Your heart was beating and you started to feel nervous. As much as you did not want to turn him down, you knew that you had to do it. “I don’t know if I’m ready, but I do love you Jeff. I really, really do it’s just…Monty broke up with me today, it’s hard to just bounce back so quick.” Tears ran down your cheeks but he wiped them away. “Hey, don’t cry. I’m going to be here when you’re ready, okay? I’ll wait for you.” You smiled while leaning in to hug him. “I love you Jeff.” “I love you too (Y/N).”


Yo-Yo, Philip Hamilton x Reader

Prompt: First words of your soulmate are tattoo’d on you + Philip Hamilton (Modern AU)

Words: 523

Author’s Note: Dialogue is not really my strong suit, but soulmate AU’s are usually all dialogue so…I also messed with the prompt a bit to fit my idea better. I really wanted the first sentence he said to be a surprise. Hopefully it is.

Warnings: Philip being weird af.

Askbox | Masterlist | Prompt list

You were an unmarked one.

You had yet to meet your soulmate, the only unmarked one left of your siblings.Soulmate. Jesus, just the thought that someone out there in the world was destined to be with you.

Some met their soulmate on their first day of school, some died before they met theirs, meaning they would have to try again in the next life.

Some cheated the system and surgically added watches. Those were for the rich and impatient to know when it would happen. Your family couldn’t afford it, and you were fine leaving it to the elements. Although, you couldn’t help but feel anxious as the New Year approached.

Another year without a soulmate.

Living in New York meant there was thousands of possibilities just walking to a coffee shop. Maybe the man you bumped into would strike up a conversation and you would be marked. Maybe the woman you sat next to on the subway was feeling particularly chatty and you would be marked. Maybe you would never be marked.

You tried to go out whenever possible. The more you went out the higher your chances, right?

Every morning you would return to a hole-in-the-wall cafe a few blocks from your work. Order the same drink. Watch the same customers walk in and out. Unmarked.

One morning, you decided to change your order. Some spiced frappuccino with an elegant name. Again, you watched the same customers. Until two boys around your age walked in, chatting loudly. They ordered their drinks and took the table a few from yours.

You didn’t usually eavesdrop, but the pieces you were able to pick up on were rather interesting.

They continued their animated conversation as you sipped your drink. The curly haired one finally sighed loudly, prompting his friend to exclaim, “Fine! Ask anyone in here and they’ll agree with me!”

The curly haired boy seemed to like the challenge and began scanning the room for someone to interrogate. Finally, he landed on you and immediately brightened. He leaned out of his chair towards you, lifting his eyebrow.

“If someone had mad Yo-Yo skills, would you be turned on?”

It certainly wasn’t the question you expected. You decided it was probably best not to question him.

“Hard pass.” Suddenly, a burning began under the skin of your left wrist. You hissed in pain, rolling up the sleeve to investigate.

‘If someone had mad Yo-Yo skills, would you be turned on?’ Was marked on your skin.

The curly haired boy was also staring at his wrist in confusion before looking up at you with the most innocent smirk.

“Philip.” He introduced himself, nothing more or less. He was straight to the point, oddly charming. You gave your name in return.

“I can’t believe I have to live with this stupid ass line on my skin for the rest of my life.” You giggled, showing him your new marking.

“At least yours doesn’t look like your soulmate turned you down.” He pointed to the ‘Hard pass.’ he would live with until he died, “Especially because I thought you would agree with me. Yo-Yo’s are hot.”



  • riches and wonders by anathema (azirapha1e)
    Summary: In some universes, love blossoms in swimming pools. In others, there are kittens involved.

  • #hashtag by Bellakitse
    Summary: Even gets Instagram, it’s all about Isak.

  • sickeningly sweet like honey by tomlinsoln 
    Summary: coffee shop!au; Even likes to write pickup lines on Isak’s cup.


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Power Rangers + Summer Camp AU

~The rangers are hanging out at Billy’s house when he gets the call about Mission Creek. He signed up to be a counselor there the summer before his Junior year. Of course he wasn’t allowed to be one at the time but Mr. Martin, the head of the camp, let senior campers sign up before they left and once their old enough he calls them up and ask if they still want the gig. Most kids say no, but Billy jumped at the chance. He’d had some of the best times of his life there and he wanted to relive those memories for as long as possible.

~ The rest of the rangers have no freaking idea what he’s talking about when he starts babbling about how excited he is once he comes back from the call. He’s mentioned it to them before, but that was during battle and they weren’t very focused on what Billy was saying.

~“I’m finally going to be camp counselor. I’ve missed Mission Creek so much. I can’t believe I’m going to be gone for the whole summer-”

~That’s when the protests begin, the louder ones mainly coming from Jason.

~“You can’t leave! I nee-I mean the team needs you for battles and stuff.”

~Billy watches in confusion as Jason’s face turns red at the statement while the rest of the rangers just smirk knowingly.

~“I won’t be far, the camp is in the mountains and Kim’s house is about thirty two miles from the grounds. I’ll be there when there’s an impending threat. Don’t worry Jason, I still be able to defend world.”

~“But still what if it comes at night and you’re sleeping and-”

~“You think I’d sleep through a monster attack?”

~“Maybe and who knows how long it’ll take you to reach us from cam-”

~“Two minutes and fourteen seconds. I did the run a few days ago.”

~“Oh.” Followed by complete amusing silence as Jason tries to come up with more excuses as to why Billy shouldn’t go.

~“I’m sure Billy will be just fine  Jason.” Kim tries to reason with Jason but he’s not having it.

~“You don’t know that. You don’t know that.” He mutters and it’s then that Billy and the others see just how worried Jason really is.

~“I can ask if you guys can come with me. We’re usually short a few counselors, I’m sure Mr. Martin will appreciate it.”

~Everyone agrees and Jason can breathe easy again.


~ They leave a week after school ends, which happened to be a week before camp starts and the majority of the gang is ecstatic. Except for Tommie and Zack.

~Tommie hates kids, they’ve never liked them and they’re dreading this trip altogether. And Zack doesn’t like the idea of leaving his mother alone for so long, sure she’s gotten better, thanks to the rangers and their families pitching in for her medical expenses,  but she’s not at perfect health yet and he’s not sure he wants to take that risk.

~Ms. Taylor has to literally shove him out of the house for him to go.

~They take Billy’s van, after the crash his mom’s van was replaced. After she got a significant raise at work, she gave it to her son and brought herself a Toyota Camry.

~Trini, Zack and Tommie won’t stop calling it the mystery machine.

~ Jason gets the Aux Cord taken away from him after he put on Nickelback.

~“It soothes me.”

~“You’re a disgrace y'know that.” (Trini’s Remark)

~They listen to Kim’s playlist and when Mayores comes on she brings up the fact that Becky G. looks exactly like Trini.

~The rest of the rangers, including her girlfriend,  just don’t see it.


~The drive isn’t long and when they get there Mr. Martin runs through everything they need to know within the hour. They have the camp to themselves for a whole week.

~The first thing they do, after Jason makes sure everyone is packed, is hit the lake. It’s fun, until Zack loses his trunks in the water.

~“It’s not my fault, the current’s strong in here!”

~“There’s is no current dip thong.” (Tommie’s Remark)

~They spend the majority of the week hanging out together, when they’re all not in a group they split off into two. Kim and Trini disappear to do god knows what. At least that’s what Zack says but they mainly just hang out in the kitchen eating all the cheese balls, talking and joking around with the occasional make out session taking place. Zack and Tommie usually go do some dumb shit, like hike up the mountain and see if they can jump off into the lake without breaking anything. And Billy and Jason  hang out in the media room, playing ping pong and pool.


~Billy loves kids but its easy for him to get uncomfortable around them. Kids are touchy feely, Billy’s not. By the second day, Jason and the others make sure the kids know to ask Camp Counselor Billy to touch him before doing so.

~Tommie spends a lot of their time explaining what it means to be non-binary person. Some of the kids are little shits about it, but the majority are pretty accepting.

~Zack has these two little girls who follow him everywhere. Bria and Mimi. At first they thought he was cute but once Bria caught him staring at Tommie she realized that he likes them. After that they mainly stick around to give him advice. Sure there like eight years old but Zack takes a lot of what they say to heart. They even set up a tea party date for Zack and Tommie. They made sure to paint Zack’s fingernails and to put his hair into little ponytails so that he can look ‘pretty for Tommie’.

~Billy and the others get to name their designated cabins, they chose the dinosaurs of their zords.

~After a particularly bad nightmare, Billy sneaks into Jason cabin. He can’t sleep and Jason always puts him at ease. Shelby, another counselor, is in his cabin too and he makes sure to let her know where he’s going before he leaves.

~A weird conversation takes place with Mikey, a seven year old, in the morning when he wakes the two up.

~Jason struggles to explain what it means to be gay until Trini walks by and sighs. “Hey Mikey, boy can like boys and girls can like girls. Love isn’t always shared between a man and a woman.” She holds Kim’s hand in her own for emphasis.


~And that was that.


~Tommie discovers a secret love they have for kids when they, Bria, Mimi and Zack are hanging out by the fire. “Kids don’t suck, they’re alright I guess.” She tells Zack as she watched the two run off for smores. Zack nods in agreement, turning away from the little girls to meet Tommie’s eyes.

~ Their gaze intensifies before they close the gap between them and BAM!!! Fireworks!

~“I told you they were gonna kiss, I told ya.” (Bria)

~They pull away laughing and the rest of the gang cheers. It took forever but they finally got together.


~ Kim and Trini escape to the mountain the day before the last day of camp. They’re joking around., laughing, kissing and then Trini just kind of blurts it out without realizing.

~“I love you”

~Kim takes a moment to take in what she had just heard before smiling and pulling the shorter girl into another kiss.

~“I love you too.”

~They spend the rest of the night up there, wrapped up in a pillow and blanket. Kissing, watching the stars and just reveling in the feeling of being together.


~“What are we Jason?”

~ It was an unexpected question, a question that Jason didn’t really know how to answer. They had been closer, closer than friends but not yet together. It was a weird predicament that Jason was unaware of how he got into or how to get out of it. He wanted to take the leap but he didn’t really know how to.

~“I don’t know.”

~He didn’t meet Billy eyes, just stay focused on picking up trash and cleaning up around the camp fire. Everyone else was gone, back to the cabin and now they were the only two left.

~“I like you Jason. More than a friend should like their other friend.”

~“I like you to Billy but-”

~Just as he looked up to face the brown boy who was incredibly close to him now.

~“I’m going to kiss you now, is that okay?"  Jason didn’t know what to say, so he nodded. Overwhelmed by how forward Billy was being.

~Billy’s hands came in contact with Jason’s cheeks and his lips crash against his. For a second Jason froze, he didn’t know how to react. It felt good, it felt better than good. He moved in sync with Billy, melting into the kiss.

~He forced himself not to whine when the brown boy pulled away.

~"We should date. Do you want to date me Jason?” He nods, still recovering from the kiss.

~“Can we uhh, can we do that again Billy?”


~When camp is over, the rangers are reluctant to leave. College starts in the fall and although their all attending Angel Grove community college, they know their summers will be to filled with jobs and internships to even think about doing this again.

~Tommie and Zack share a teary goodbye with Bria and Mimi as they leave. Zack’s is the main one shedding tears.

~The next day, Billy says goodbye to Shelby and thanks her for filling in for him for all those nights he spent in the T-Rex cabin. She says it was no problem before hugging him and Jason goodbye. Her fiancé Tyler is waiting for her in the car.

~The car ride back was bitter sweet.

~“At least we’ll always have the memories.” (Jason’s comment)

~They nod in agreement as they leave the grounds.

~“Hey can I see the aux cord?”



The End.

Sorry this is so long, I got carried away.

Summer’s is almost over and I was just wondering why no one had done this yet, lol. And also if you caught that Dino Charge reference I love you. I really hope this doesn’t suck, please enjoy.  


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Zach Dempsey x Reader
Request: No.
Word Count: 820
A/N: This is my very first imagine! I’m excited to share it with you all, I’ve always been interested in writing and now I can finally show you guys what I’ve got. Again this is my first, so I apologize if it’s not very well written or if there are any spelling errors. Requests are now open, I will be doing imagines, ships, etc… I hope you guys enjoy! :) Also an additional side note, this has become my main 13 Reasons Why blog now! So if you happen to follow @ans-dempsey and look forward to more imagines, I will be posting them all on here! Also it’s Friday so I might have a few more up today. :)
Warnings: Slight mention of self-harm.
Italics = you, Bold = Zach

You had stayed up late tossing and turning. Throughout the week, your family has really been pushing you to get your grades up. You weren’t usually like this, you were a straight A student, but your insecurities were really starting to get to you. Recently you had gotten out of hand, more drinking, going out, and it had even gotten to the point of self-harm. You knew Zach would become furious with you if he were to ever find out, but you needed something–an escape. Everything was just going downhill for you and you were beyond frustrated. Despite the choices you’ve made to handle the ugly from the week if it wasn’t for your boyfriend Zach, you don’t know exactly where you’d be right now

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Theater Mode, aw yeah! I have never enjoyed bad horror more. @officialah

Featuring, from left to right, “Fetal Pose” Jeremy Dooley, “Just Kill Me” Geoff Ramsey, “THEY THANKED WINDOWS 7″ Ryan Haywood, “Mad” Michael Jones, and … Jack Pattillo. Just Jack. (I ran out of funny. So sue me. It’s 1am and I’ve been working on this for like six hours.)

This was trippy as f*** to make. My eyes went weird at the end with the purple and red and rotoscoping the guys took a really long time.

Other art by me!

Albus’s as-yet-unnamed familiar from Heroes and Halfwits

Wraith Ryan being dorky in Dead By Daylight

Oh, Ryan (Orion’s Belt Dumb Art Pun)

Overcooked Chefs

Heroes and Halfwits strip

Geoff’s Portrait

AH Harley Quinns & Mista J Group Shot

Achievement Hunter Hockey League!

lifelike Ryan in pencil or  Creepy Ryan shirt!

Jeremy’s Portrait

We Got Married (Zico x Reader)

Requested by anon. this was so much fun, I always wanted to write a we got married scenario, and keep this scenario in mind cause I got some plans. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ukwno

After you won on Unpretty rapstar you wanted to show a different side of you. You were aggressive, especially on the diss tracks you were pretty ruthless, at the finals you performed a very vulnerable song called “For the ones i loved” which was dedicated to people that passed or people that still are on your life, from the love of your mother to the heartbreak of your ex you loved so much. You wanted to show the world the normal funny (y/n) so your manager suggested on going for we got married. You were a pretty big fan of the show so you knew how it worked, and also being a mixed race would make it even more interesting. Soon enough it was time for the interview.

“Hello, i’m Katana a.k.a (y/n) I am 25 years old and i’ve been a professional rapper in JYP for 5 years”

“What made you come on we got married?”

You pushed your lips together thinking of how to answer properly, but also honestly.

“Well I always wanted to get married, but my life has been chaotic and I never had time to invest in a relationship, so I felt like it will help me get a taste of what’s about to come. Also, I’ve left a very… Rough? I guess image on the world, being on Unpretty rapstar meant I had to sharpen my knives and that had an impact of how people see me, so this is me letting people get to know another side of me”

You smiled at the end, you were pretty happy with your answer and you could see that also the producers were, they were smiling and nodding.

“What do you look for in a man?”

“The ideal man that I would marry would have to be very… Supportive and understanding. The image that I have is very cold and aggressive and I don’t want to change it completely, I understand that many guys don’t like their wife cursing and being… Scary. I want him to be powerful, on his career but also on his personality, there’s nothing more sexy than a successful boss man, also I am a very opinionated woman so I need him to have a bigger attitude than me. But, he has to be sweet and goofy sometimes, I love a tender man that can hold me and whisper in my ear.”

- ———————————

Soon enough it was time to meet your “husband”. You were wearing skinny ripped jeans that complimented your figure, a tight black long sleeve bodysuit that only showed your collarbones, you had your hair up in double buns and for accessories you wore your silver hoop earrings and a necklace with a silver small heart, you chose to rock your black high heel booties (get your mind out of the gutter) and your long black jacket with the hot pink fur inside.

“ I am nervous”

You confessed to the camera crew that rode with you and recorder every move. After a few minutes the car stopped in front of an arena.

“He has rehearsals here”

They let you know, since they saw the confusion on your face. You nodded and took a deep breath to calm your nerves.

“Are you ready?”

“Hell no, let’s do it”

You said and opened the door. The chilly air hit you right in the face and you rushed inside. They led you in a room and you sat down in one of the chairs, taking of your jacket.

“Does my make up look alright?”

You asked, feeling insecure all of a sudden. The cameramen giggled but gave you a thumbs up. You looked around trying to find clue. You snapped when you heard the door clicking. Your breath hitched your throat and you wanted to jump out of your seat

“No way”

You said in a loud voice. He seemed shocked to see you two, he froze in his spot and his mouth opened as his run his tongue over his teeth. He took a bow and you stood up to do the same.

“Hello, i am Jiho”

“Hello, I am (y/n). Nice to meet you”

You both sat back down and stared at each other for a few minutes. You were a fan of his for the longest, you always dreamed about collaborating with him. Now he was going to be your husband.

“This is weird”

“I never expected you to be my wife”

He spoke. You smiled at him and placed your hands on your thighs


You asked him, placing your hnds on your lap and a smile never left your lips. He hesitated, probably thinking of how to phrase it without being rude.

“Cause you look like a person that does not really care about marriage”

“That’s the biggest lie, I started thinking about marriage since I was a child”

That was true. You wanted to have someone by your side, to think of and to love and respect, to have kids with.

“What do you think of each other?”

The staff asked. You turned to him and motioned him to answer

“I was a fan of hers on Unpretty rapstar, she is a very talented and hard working woman, she is also very… Beautiful”

“Awwww thank you”

“She is blushing”

The staff pointed out. You immediately put your hands on your cheeks to cover them, but your guilty smile was all it took for him to start laughing.

“I am not, no I am not”

“You’re so cute”

He complimented you between his laughs. You controlled your blushing cheeks and he controlled his laughter, now you were able to answer.

“I have been a fan of his for a long time now, so I am very happy I got to meet him. I hope we can be a good couple”

“Of coure we are going to be, I am your husband who’s better husband than me?”

“Give me a month, I’ll give you a list”

You snapped back, making everybody laugh and cheer you on. You started to feel more comfortable with him, you were optimistic about this whole thing.

“What’s the best case scenario between you two?”

“Ahhh tough question…. well I hope we can at least develop a nice friendship”

You answered truthfully. You haven’t really thought of that and how it could really turn out or how could the other person react to this.

“What about you Zico?”

“Well…. a friendship is a standard for me, we are going to be husband and wife which means that we will share a lot of moments with each other, but you never know… we might be our one true love”

“Boy you trynna fuck is that it?”

You joked and winked at him. He laughed and clapped his hands, you were feeling confident about this as time pasted by. He seemed like a good man and you were very curious to know how he was in his private life.

“So would you like to mention something that the other person should know about you?”

“I love hugs, so get prepared for a lot of sudden hugs out of nowhere”

“Getting hugged by THE (y/n)? that’s an honor”

“How about you?”

“I am sure you know about the whole scandal that happened and the aftermath of it. So I hope we can be honest with each other and maybe help my… relationship skills”

You nodded at his honest words. You were sure that what happened with his previous relationship was not pleasant.

“Can I hug you?”


You got up and wrapped your amrs around his frame, resting your chin on his shoulder as placed his hands over you.

“See? We love each other already”

“This is going to be the best we got married couple ever”

like….. on the one hand i Get It, he’s been Tamlin’s right hand forever, but it would have been nice to see a little nuance re the inner circle’s treatment of Lucien in the night court? From anyone. Even Feyre was just kind of vaguely dismissive of him until the end of the book post-war. I’d expect Nesta to be [knife emojis] but everyone else was so uniformly “breathe wrong and we’ll kill you lol” especially when he so much as looked at Elain, and it’s like ???? Rhys???? You really have no sympathy for this dude who’s clearly left his abuser and is in a weird situation with his mentally ill mate????? Cassian??? your impeccable people skills aren’t detecting someone in need of befriending??????? Az??? your shadows aren’t telling you “hey this dudes fine and doesn’t pose a threat to anyone”?????? anybody? no?

Disposable pt. 7

Being friends with benefits with Min Yoongi can be complicated (at best) by itself. But when you accidentally tell your family (and his boss) that the two of you are dating, things get messy.

Angst, fluff, slight smut at times.

Yoongi x Reader

Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Warning: this chapter has a knife in it and a minor injury. If you are concerned about it, please message me and I’d be happy to give you a summary of what happens in the chapter. <3

Yoongi didn’t think of himself as a disagreeable person, he just never seemed to agree with you, specifically. He put this down to you being so stubborn, and ignored the part of him that said maybe it was also because he might be subconsciously sabotaging any chance of the two of you being friendly. As long as you didn’t even get along, there was no chance of feelings, right?

He was being a coward and he knew it. He could rationalize it into him doing you a favor. He hardly knew you (he realized this only after finding out that your brother was his boss), but he knew you well enough to see that you didn’t need someone like him. Not that there was anything wrong with him (he was fantastic, thank you very much), but he wasn’t exactly a “boyfriend” kind of guy. If you were to develop feelings for him, you’d just get hurt.

So really, by acting shitty towards you all the time, he was actually being quite considerate of your feelings.

God, this was ridiculous.

He wasn’t sure if he was more annoyed at you at this point or himself, but he had to make a conscious effort not to slam the door when he left your shared room. You had just called him a snot-head, and he didn’t appreciate it. Hadn’t he just helped you clean up the glass? Hadn’t he finally agreed to sleep in the same bed as you? But no. He made one comment about the weird picture hanging on the wall and suddenly he was a snot-head (whatever the hell that actually meant). How was he supposed to know that you drew it when you were eight?

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Cuddling With Peter Parker Would Include...

Originally posted by spideycentral

Request Are Open!!!

  • Being super nervous when you first start cuddling
  • Both of you are kinda stiff because you’re scared that you’ll hurt the other person somehow
  • Holding in farts
  • Having little awkward moments that would end up with the both of you laughing
  • After a while you both feel more comfortable and make a cuddle a everyday thing
  • You would probably cuddle while watching Star Wars but end up talking about everything and anything, including the really weird things
  • “What would happen if a turtle and a cat had a baby?”
  • “They would call it a catle! Get it because cat and turtle put together makes a catle!”
  • “You’re such a dork”
  • Aunt May being your number one fangirl and always ends up taking pictures of the two when you both fall asleep
  • It would probably go to the point where Aunt May wouldn’t have any storage left on her phone because of all the photos so she takes your phones
  • Peter inhaling your scent without you knowing
  • You knowing about it but don’t mind
  • Him playing with your hands or drawing patterns on your stomach 
  • Him letting you hog all of the blankets so that he could see you smile 
  • Probably making a mess when you eat and cuddle at the same time
  • “Peter you got popcorn butter on my shirt!”
  • “Well you got some on my new jeans so we’re even”
  • So many forehead kisses and nose kisses
  • Stroking the other persons hair when one of you falls asleep
  • Peter memorizing ever single detail of your face so that he could always picture in his mind when things get tough
  • Looking in each others eyes in a comfortable silence
  • When one of you is upset the other doesn’t say anything and you both just cuddle until the person feels better
  • Peter being an addict to cuddling
  • When Peter felt confident he would do something cheeky
  • “Peter did you just grab my ass?”
  • “I was massaging it”
  • One of you would sometimes be pushed off the couch or bed 
  • Most of the time you would be the little spoon but when Peter felt sad or vulnerable you would be the big spoon
  • “I love you”
  • “I love you too”
  • “Aww you guys are so cute!”
  • “Really Aunt May!?”
505 headcanons

- 505 thinks he’s still a small cub. He will climb into your arms. 

- Being a genetic experiment, he’s got a few weird quirks. He never really tires, his fur can serve as armor, and he has healing saliva. Takes licking your wounds to a whole new level. 

- His flower does more than broadcast his moods- each petal reflects a member of his family. Blackhat is on top, Flug is on the left, Demecia the right, and 505 himself on the bottem. If one petal starts to wilt, that person is hurt. 

- He’s pretty much the emotional stability of the whole group. Take him out, and things get nasty. 

- Every now and then he gets memories??? That??? He never lived through???

anonymous asked:

So I first read your name as "There must- Oh. Er, Sirius." which had inspired me to ask for the probably cliché post in which it's Remus x reader and they're like being cute in private or making out or something and Sirius walks in, not knowing that they're in a relationship. This is probably really weird and confusing, sorry.

Oh my god no I love this idea! Sorry its so late btw! Also I tried something different and wrote this in Remus’ perspective


          The boys had left y/n and I the dorm for the day as they had a “very important thing to tend to” meaning they would be harassing Filch…again. Here we lay, my head propped against pillows, y/n burrowed in the crook of my arm, her head on my chest. The Hobbit held in my left hand as I read out loud to her. It was one our favorite things to do in our offtime.

“Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good this morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?” I yawned after I spoke as her finger trailed sleepily up and down my chest.

“Hey, you cant be sleeping when we finally have some time to ourselves. Very rarely do we have time without Sirius around.” y/n giggled sitting up to look me in the eye.

“I’m sorry, Gandalf makes me tired.” I yawned again, causing her to cock an eyebrow.

“Maybe, I can wake you up a bit.” she smirked as she straddled my waist, bending down and kissing me passionately. I couldn’t help but moan into her mouth, causing her  to whimper.

My hands slowly trailed up her thighs,  resting on her hips, her hands still resting on my chest.

She pulled away and started sucking on my neck, when I heard a noise at the door.

“There must- oh er,,, Sirius.” I said quietly alerting y/n, her whole body freezing.

“HOLY FUCK.” Sirius shouted.

“Sirius for fucks sake.” I said defeated  as y/n climbed off me, and I sat up.

“Wait til Prongs hears about this! He owes me five galleons! We fuckin knew you lot were a thing.”

“Jesus Christ” I breathed out pinching the bridge of my nose.

As Sirius ran out of the dorm, y/n just snorted with laughter.

people (especially people that are somewhat on the left) being really against veganism is the weirdest fuckin thing. like most of the people don’t actually think vegans are making the world a worse place or anything, they just don’t like how vegans talk about veganism or something? so fuckin weird