no really i am the most annoying human being i wish i could not be how i am

how I see the signs and what I want them to know
  • (side note - View of a Virgo rising, Leo sun in the 12th, Libra moon in 2nd, mercury Cancer in 11th, venus Leo in 12th, mars Leo in 11th)
  • Aries: was once my best friend, she made literally everything in my life brighter and always helped me to just enjoy things and stop worrying all the time. Also great hugs. Just simply has that energy, wherever it may be - physically, mentally, staying up until you binge watched that show, giving you their last money so you can get yourself something to eat before you starve to death, always down for a talk and a walk even if they had a packed schedule. Please don't miss out on times when you just have to take a day off to get your beautiful and strong energy back. I care about your health so please don't forget to eat properly and don't miss out on that quality time if needed.
  • Taurus: a girl from my drama class and my little sisters moon sign, I am just so in love with your sense for aesthetic. Total sunshines. I feel like I can always rely on you, super compassionate and knows how to make you feel comfortable when youre not. I love that when you have a goal in your mind, you will give your everything to achieve that! Also so humble but like I want you so desperately to know how beautiful I think you are!! I enjoy your company a lot. Please don't be afraid of changes, I know that's such a mainstream thing to write for Taurus but I really do believe that maybe sometimes you need to be reminded that life can also begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Gemini: a guy and a girl from biology class, I am literally stunned at how much these people know. Eloquent fluffballs. I could listen to you spreading knowledge 24/7, make great jokes in my opinion and just kind of knows... everyone?? Get along with so many people, can be very chill but also full of energy when they're talking about things they are interested in. Also fun-fact kings and queens. Please remind yourself to stay loyal to your true friends, you may know many people with whom you get along with so well and for sure everyone is intersting in their own way, but it's very possible to feel lonely in a crowd. Your closest friends will always get you out of that and help you, I promise.
  • Cancer: a close friend of mine, literally the most caring person I've ever met. Actual comedians. I don't know I just straight up fell in love with your humour. All the Cancers I know have or had some extreme physical problems going on, please get well soon if you read this and you're also not feeling well. Mentally on the next level, strong and kind of unbreakable. Don't hide their feelings because they just know that when you bottle up your feelings it's never going to end well. They just get you and will be there for you no matter what. Please take care of yourself just as well as you do with your friends and family, you are a true blessing and it's definitely okay to rant or cry or just let it all out.
  • Leo: my english teacher and a guy I used to be close with, very often completely misunderstood and taken for granted, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Will make you feel great after a plain shit day. I strive to be this talented at just expressing myself or being confident, even if you just want the world to think you are confident when you're actually not. Cuddly queens and kings. Better not hurt their pride because it took them a lot of time to actually get to that level and in a world where people hate on you for loving yourself, to them it feels like, despite all their work, they are not worth of loving themselves. Please don't forget that although sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see, there are caring and warm-hearted people who love you just the way you are.
  • Virgo: a girl in my class I simply adore, I always annoy you with my endless compliments. Kind of just in love with these down-to-earth and sweet people. Either super chill or worried a lot, I wish I could just hug you until you feel less stressed. Smol but strong beans you can learn a lot from. So reliable, I actually hate doing group projects and always want to do everything myself but since you share that opinion we created something I was really proud of and now we always do them together. Please remember that passion is something you shouldn't be ashamed of, you simply don't have to be because it's something you love and your needs are valid. Also dreaming big, it's possible, especially for you so why not?
  • Libra: a girl I recently got to know and am already completely amazed by, literal social butterflies who sometimes only know in hindsight how much they enjoyed the company of someone because they adapt so easily and it's rare to find someone where you can just simply be yourself. Love how they view life and that they make me want to talk more. Very open and you never feel excluded because they just know how to include everyone. Please don't forget to remind yourself who you truly are and not to lose yourself in another person, because there really is only one you no matter how good you are at adapting to literally every social situation, you are amazing and I want you to be comfortable as well.
  • Scorpio: my dad and my ex boyfriend's mom, two very caring peole in their own way. I always love how sharp their sarcasm can be. Can comfort extremely well when they want to. So many secrets and things to know about them that I can lose myself in them wanting to explore whats actually behind their shell. Teaches you life lessons. Please don't forget that humans aren't flawless and that's completely okay. You don't have to hold onto old grudges, communication is key and talking about these things, confronting these people who did you wrong will help you grow as a person.
  • Sagittarius: an old friend of mine, very cute people who get interested in so many things and they are so versatile and adventurous I absolutely love their lively nature. Memes™. Total dorks you can fall for in a second. Are actually the best partners to just talk to about anything because they will be interested and share their opinion with you. Please remind yourself that cutting off people can be a very wise decision and you don't have to keep up with everyones shit if that's just not what you're in for.
  • Capricorn: I am literally so attracted to these people it's unreal, although I kind of always think that they don't like me...... anyways, my bigger twin sisters are caps and they are humble souls who really had to fight for a lot in life sadly. So proud of you. Keep up with the hard work, you really deserve everything. So realistic and pure I have heart eyes. Supportive and extremely loyal. Will stand up for you if you need it. Straight face™ but still manages to make even the most serious people laugh. Please remind yourself to not overdo it with the work, take a day off to relax and let yourself go maybe, even if it's hard - with the right people you don't ever have to be afraid of being yourself.
  • Aquarius: my ex boyfriend whom I had a crush on for like 4 years, teached me great life lessons. Will always have a weakness for aquas, they just attract me so much, how much of a fluffy dork can you be tbh? Capacity of acceptance is incredible. So much fun to be with. Are kind of just good at everything? You can talk to them about anything, it won't feel weird, they won't question it and just talk to you about that topic. So friendly, an underrated trait in my opinion, just complete and simple friendliness you enjoy to the fullest. Please remind yourself to let people not only see your amazing shell but also your stunning core, there are people who love to talk about the same things you love and nothing about you is weird, you are special and I absolutely love it.
  • Pisces: a very sweet guy I've been texting with for the past months, very open minded and also have that sensitivity I strive to have. Very inspirational smol puppy. Actual daydreamers™, may be late to school but love deeply and would never neglect your love. Kind of hate almost everything that's planned out? (I'm sorry I just love to plan things out) will hug you no matter what. Does not fear to dream big, is very talented at artsy stuff in my opinion. Please don't forget that even if it seems hard, and yes our school system is kind of very bad,we get to have that education and your dreams will be reality if you work hard enough to achieve them. You have so much potential, please don't ever waste it.
It’s Only Logical - Chapter One

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Swearing, implied sexuality

Patton didn’t exactly know what he expected when he walked into the florist shop, but this definitely wasn’t it. The man who was presently looking at him with an impassive expression was…hot. Like, really hot. He was tall and slim, with hazel eyes peering curiously at him from behind black glasses and hair that had that effortlessly mussed look that either took five minutes or an hour. Well, if he didn’t get the job, he was definitely getting his number. Patton blinked twice before mentally slapping himself. He was here for a job, not a date!

“Yes, I am hiring. I need someone to assist with customer service, handle the cash register and take phone orders. If the correct candidate proved capable, I might consider allowing them to assist me with arrangements, propagation and landscape design. I presently have a six-man crew to assist with the landscaping arm of my business, but I am handling the shop and greenhouse alone. Do you have any experience?”

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the posh boy problem

you are at part one.

part two: the posh boy solution

also available on: AO3


Posh boy left his mug on the papers again. It will leave a rim on the sports section.

John goes over to the living room table. Then he stops in his tracks. It’s happened again, hasn’t it? More and more often he finds himself giving Sherlock silly petnames in his head. He was never a friend of those, can hardly explain why he is doing it now – in his own thoughts – but something about it calms and provokes him at the same time. He picks up the half-emptied mug of cold tea and thinks this over on his walk to the kitchen sink.

He likes Sherlock. He knows this, has known this for literally ages. That he likes him, and that he likes him in a way that Sherlock most definitely won’t find appealing. Sexually. There, he said it. In his head, of course, never out loud. But Sherlock, with his many frustrating qualities, of which many where outrageously attractive to John, is practically forcing him to feel provoked. Those feelings then lead to … petnames, apparently. He’s had stranger coping mechanisms before.

In his head greets him with hey, handsome in the morning, those wonderful mornings where Sherlock has actually slept and still looks all soft and not quite awake. He calls him genius when he is being too clever again and doesn’t notice, calls him pretty man and silly git and sweetheart when he’s feeling like it, and, of course, posh boy. He doesn’t even know what it is about that one in particular, but he finds that to be the worst. For his sexual frustration, that is. Every time it comes up in his head, which is more and more often, it fuels his imagination vividly. So much that it has even made it to his bedroom and he has dreams, half-asleep, half-awake, about teaching posh boy a lesson, getting posh boy a little dirty, treating posh boy a little rough. These are all terrible thoughts. Because they will stay just as imaginary and sexually frustrating. Posh boy won’t love him back, after all.

One morning Sherlock sits in front of his microscope on the kitchen table. He hasn’t moved for at least two hours. Nothing unusual. In fact, it was how they spend most of their Sundays now. John doesn’t really date anymore, and even if he did, he would not trade these days for anything. They have fallen into this pattern a while ago, the pattern of staying in on lazy Sundays, waking up later and waiting for the other to have breakfast together. Now Sherlock occupies himself with some experiment on maggots and fingers (John doesn’t even ask) and John is sitting in his chair. He is reading a novel about an incredibly clever and cunning explorer who kind of reminds him of Sherlock (he can’t help it, as much as he would like to). Being absorbed in the book, he is confused at first when Sherlock calls him from the kitchen.



With Sherlock this is either going to be of highest importance or an absurdly unnecessary request.

“Care to pass me my phone?”

John sighs loudly. The latter. Thought so.

“Where is your phone?”

“Breast pocket.”

With his eyes rolling at the ceiling John puts a bookmark in his book, places it on the table next to him and gets off his chair. Walking into the kitchen, he murmurs under his breath.

“I see posh boy’s being a lazy butthead again…”

He takes the phone out of Sherlock’s breast pocket and holds it out for him. But instead of taking it and paying no more attention to him, Sherlock is suddenly staring at him like his face was on fire. John frowns at him. Sherlock, in turn, raises one brow.


John’s eyes widen in shock and his heart jumps once in his chest and then stops, he thinks, just stops, and he wants to melt and become one with the floorboards. This is bad.

“I’m not posh,” Sherlock complains.

He must notice how John is only blushing more deeply. How? How did he say that out loud without noticing? How the bloody hell could he?

John clears his throat and decides to go along with it. There is no more turning back from here on anyway.

“You… are, actually. Just look at you, you with your… cheekbones. Your… perfectly tailored suits, your annoying British accent and deep voice-”

“We all have British accents.”

“I know!” John is enormously embarrassed, and he feels that if he doesn’t take a long walk right now, he will punch something to calm his inner unsettlement. “I need air.”

But Sherlock isn’t finished. “If anything, you are the posh one, John.”

“Hah! How so, Sherlock Holmes? Have you looked at yourself?”

“Have you looked around this flat in the past years? There are piles of magazines in the corners of every room, there is a Cluedo board pinned to the wall by me, I leave my things wherever I please, the kitchen is a mess of syringes and human body parts – an organised and well structured mess if you know where to look, but not the point right now – and I am currently examining maggots. In contrast to this you, John Watson, are a doctor, you wear your chequered shirts buttoned up to your chin, you’ve lived a clean life not suffering from a drug addiction, have had girlfriends and relationships and altogether live as part of the middle-class society in Central London. You wish for a wife and children and probably a German Shepard and a house in the suburbs, or at least that’s what you think you want, so tell me, John: How am I the posh one?”

John has a hard time finding a response to this that doesn’t only consist of loose vowels. It takes him a good minute, but Sherlock is oddly patient with him.

“First of all,” he manages then, “ I don’t think I want a wife and children, thank you very much. And maybe… maybe I’m not that serious when I call you things like that.”

“So why do you?”

“What?” John’s heart began beating faster once more. He’s so tense.

“Why do you call me a posh… boy?”

Oh fuck, hearing those two words spoken out loud and together and out of Sherlock’s mouth, for God’s sake!

“I- I don’t. Why- why should I even tell you? You read my mind all the time, can I not be allowed to keep this one thing to myself for once?!”

Sherlock narrows his eyes and observes him from head to toe. Oh please no. “No, that’s not it.”

“Alright, you know what? It’s you. Okay? It’s your fault! You just make me so angry all the time. No, don’t- don’t look at me like that.”

Sherlock’s eyes have gone wide and very blue. He looks genuinely hurt by this. Scared even. Scared at what John would say next, what this would mean for them. John feels and shares his pain, and he hates himself for every word he has ever said that would make Sherlock look like this. He is vulnerable and human, after all. Even if he tries to convince everyone around him that he isn’t, John has to stop falling for Sherlock’s own defence mechanism.

“I didn’t mean it like that. It’s just… what you said. There’s no wife and there is no house in the suburbs for me, Sherlock. I just can’t see it. But I see this.” He means Baker Street, means 221B, means … Sherlock. “This life. With you.”

Sherlock’s eyes are still so very blue. He wants to lose himself in them.

“And that makes you angry?” Sherlock asks.

“What? No. I’m just. Forget it.”

John finally has the courage to turn around and go, or maybe he lacks the courage to face him and stay, but either way he walks back into the sitting room, prepared to put on his jacket and leave the house for at least two hours. Sherlock jumps up and follows him.

“John! Wait. We never say what we want to say.”

John swirls around, his mouth a thin line of held back emotions. He stands close to the door. Ready to flee. “And what do you wanna say?”

Sherlock takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. When he opens them again, there is courage in the one and fear in the other.

“Me too.”


“Me too. I see this, too. Us. This life we share.”

John bites the insides of his mouth because his whole skin feels hot with disbelief and wonder and hope, oh god, so much hope that he doesn’t let himself own.

“What?” he asks instead, going for a weak smile, “You don’t see yourself with a wife and children?”

Sherlock huffs a laugh. “No. Weirdly I don’t.”

They smile at each other.

“So ‘posh boy’,” Sherlock says after a while, “is actually about…?”

“Me being an ungrateful moron? Me never saying what I should say before it’s too late? Me trying to get my anger at all of this under control? Yes. Yes, I suppose it is.”

Sherlock looks down at the spot between his feet. He’s thinking. But not as he usually is, not fast and calculating and mechanical. He’s thinking about the right thing to do. The things he has always wanted to do, but never thought it to be right or appropriate or good for them.

“I can wait for you to figure this out.”

“Wait for me?”

“As long as you need, John. We both agreed, didn’t we? Both of us don’t plan on leaving or getting married and reproduce anytime soon, so.”

“You don’t like waiting,” John points out, but he is already incredibly relieved and impressed by Sherlock’s words.

“No, I don’t. But I like you.”

John doesn’t flee to take an hour-long walk that day. He would never trade a lazy Sunday with Sherlock Holmes, after all. Sherlock continues with his experiment, and John reads. Later they watch telly together and Sherlock yells at the incompetent game show host on BBC One. He said he could wait till John figures this out, whatever this is. But maybe they both don’t have to wait that long. Maybe, just maybe, posh boy could actually love him back.

…to be continued…


I like you better as a dog -  Sirius Black x Reader

[Request: Hiii can I request a Sirius x reader where she is super cute and he as Padfoot finds her in the woods reading, and she doesn’t talk but pets him and he eventually falls in love with her, so then tries to find her in the school but she doesn’t trust him?xo
Hope you like it nonnie!  
Warnings: um, one swear word?my English? Idk!
I don’t own the gif nor the photo. Credits to their original owners!]

You have always found solace in the forest. It was like everything fell into place. Peaceful-somehow you were always searching for serenity.  You were currently sitting under a tree, reading a muggle book you loved and hated equally.
It was about two young star-crossed lovers whose deaths ultimately reconcile their feuding families. But why did they have to die? It was frustrating, to love someone that much but not being able to be with them. Damn you, Shakespeare, you thought.
You were so caught up in that beautifully chaotic world of his, that you weren’t paying any attention to your surroundings.
“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume” you murmured out loud. It was then that you heard a low bark. Your head snapped towards the direction of the sound. Standing there, was a huge black dog. It looked a bit familiar to you, but you shrugged it off. It was sitting there, next to you, eyes never leaving your gestures. In all honesty, it made you think that the whole scene was awkward, to say the least. But when he came closer and placed his head on your lap, your heart grew a little warmer. It was a stray, you thought. It had never felt the love of a human being. All alone in this world. It kind of reminded you of yourself. Sometimes the world didn’t seem to get you.
“Hello there” you said quietly. The dog was staring at you like it could understand what you were saying. You smiled widely and returned to your book. Without even realizing it, your right hand was petting the fluffy excuse of a dog. You moved your hand through his fur, surprised by how soft it was. Your movements gradually stopped and at some point, you noticed the dog poking you with his paw, demanding your attention. You rolled your eyes causing the dog to bark. Sure, animals were sensitive to that kind of things but this particular one… was more human than many humans you’ve met. If you wouldn’t know any better you would have sworn that he smirked at you. A smirk rather familiar.  It might have looked a bit terrifying at first, but really, it was just a marshmallow. Definitely a boy, you thought.
A couple of hours later, after spending almost all afternoon under that tree, petting the dog and reading, you figured that you should give him a name.
“Do you have a name? No? What about Noir? It’s French for black, you know since you’re… black” you rambled while you could have sworn you saw a mischievous spark lit up the dog’s eyes. So familiar… weird. Was he smiling? Pull yourself together, you thought to yourself. Dogs don’t smile or smirk or stare. But here he was.
“Okay, I am terrible at naming. Bear with me” you said to Noir, apologizing for your lack of imagination. He just licked your hand. You burst out laughing.
“You’re disgusting” you mumbled between your laughs. Noir was just wiggling his tail like a propeller. However, you had to get going since it was almost dinner time.
“I have to go but um… never mind” you trailed off. You were talking to a dog for Merlin’s sake. You stood up and walked away, but not before glancing once or twice back at him. It was strange.

Τhis soon became a habit; Every time you would sit under the tree inside the Forbidden Forest, the dog would appear, out of nowhere (you haven’t figured out of which direction he came) and sit down next to you. Usually, you would read a muggle book, and ruffle through his fur absent-minded, sometimes reading to him, while he was sleeping or just being there. Other times you would tell him about how crap of a day your day was or stories of your childhood or even some of the feelings you held for a certain heartbreaker and he seemed to smirk approvingly. Honestly, you could have sworn that this dog smirked more often than most humans did.
After a while, you started bringing him all kind of treats, cookies being his favorite.
Yet, the past couple of days, you have waited and waited under that particular tree, but Noir never showed up.  You wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but you were actually sad.
Today was a rather gloomy day. You had just finished your breakfast but stayed in the Great Hall a bit longer, because you desperately wanted to finish off the last chapter of your book.
“Come on Pads, you can’t be serious!” you heard the familiar voice of James Potter saying. Who was Pads? You stopped paying attention to the book but never raised your head.
“I am always Sirius”. You wanted to facepalm yourself. Sirius Black. Annoying, arrogant, narcissistic little git. Handsome as the devil with eyes full of secrets and a smirk-wait a second. You knew that smirk. Yeah, but how? Where?
“She is cute, but she hates you” Peter stated. Of course. It was a girl-oriented problem. But since when does the infamous Sirius Black have a problem with a girl?
“Nah, she doesn’t. She is just like Lily, really. And you are whipped” James continued. Who was that girl? And was that jealousy that was boiling inside of you? 
“Have you even talked to her?” Remus reasoned. By that time, you had closed your book and started rising from your seat. You really didn’t want to listen to anything more.
“Y/N!”. You were pretty sure your insides froze. That was Sirius. You halted and looked at him. Those eyes. That smirk.
And your eyes widened in realization. Your mouth shaped an “O”. You turned around and exited the Great Hall, heading towards the Forest. It couldn’t be. It just couldn’t.
Somebody was calling your name. THAT somebody.
“What?” you snapped turning on your heels and facing him. Extremely close.
“I-I… look, I want to come clean. Can I?” huh? You were left utterly puzzled.
“No. I don’t trust you Black” you said in return. How could you trust him?
“You don’t trust Black but you trust Noir. Ironic, isn’t it?”. Your jaw hit the ground. How on earth did he know about Noir? How – Everything fell into place.
“You are an Animagus, aren’t you?” you whispered. You really wished to take back everything you’ve ever told him. He was the black dog you thought of as a friend.  Merlin, you even had admitted that you had feelings for him when he was in his Animagus form. Well, not exactly… but you were pretty sure he had put two and two together.
“You’re cute when you blush” he breathed out. You batted your eyelashes abashed. What exactly was going on?
“And I enjoy it very much when you read to me” he continued while he took a step closer. And another. And another. Until your back was pressed against the tree trunk. You couldn’t regulate your heart beating and you knew that he knew it.
“But I love it when your hands are on me” he whispered against your lips. He kissed you and you melted into his touch.

It was perfect. 

Love Hate Relationship

One Shot

Description: Jungkook was a horrible boyfriend to you. He was mean not very caring but good at pleasing you.You were pretty sure he didn’t give a fuck about you, but when you cheated on him, things turned out to be different.

Pairing: Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Cound: 4200k

Warnings: Rough sex, Disgrading names, Dom!Jungkook, Thigh riding,  just filth.

A/N: A short but very effective smutty smut with our Maknae on the streets,God in the sheets.

“Jungkook, I am going home!” You said sighing out loud in annoyance. It’s been four hours since you came over, thinking you’d fuck but you ended up watching him play some game on his computer.

“Fucking stay here and shut up Y/N, it’s important.” He just cussed out, his eyes never leaving the monitor. Jungkook was a fucking piece of shit who treated you badly but his sex game was on point. And before anyone could judge you, it was not just the sex, he was very rarely not rude to you, and when he wasn’t, he was very likable. You were dating him for two years and you didn’t feel like leaving him despite his attitude. You couldn’t imagine what life would be without him so you chose to just ignore his arogance and put up with his shit as soon as he gives you a good dick.But lately, things were getting out of hands. He’d call you to come over, then make you wait for hours for him to come back from his soccer practise, he wouldn’t want to go out, he wouldn’t fuck you, he was really giving you nothing. You were suspecting him in cheating, but when you went through his phone you couldn’t find anything, when you went to his practises, he wouldn’t do anything suspicious. Yes, Jungkook was giving you his phone the moment you wanted it, that’s one of the few good things for you, he wouldn’t keep it in secret, which led your suspicious past.

You rolled your eyes. This was the third time he said that since you were here. Usually you’d just watch some drama on his TV or go talk to his roommate Taehyung who was way kinder than him, but today you were not in the mood.You had a bad day at work and you needed his comfort, you needed him to be gentle to hug you, kiss you and fuck you gently.That’s exactly what you needed but he didn’t seem like he was going to give it to you anytime soon, so you just stood up and walked towards him. “I am leaving. Play your stupid game, I’ll see you tomorrow.” You hissed as you took your bag and leaned closer to him. He tilted his face towards you, trying his best to look at the screen, as he pouted his lips which initiated a kiss. You gave him a peck as he mummbled an “Okay babe,” before returning his attention towards the screen.

You gave him a look before leaving, and even though it lasted a second, hundreds of thoughts passed right through your mind.Yes, you were basically living with him, you were used to his presence, but yet you felt so far away from him, and that didn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. You had good moments but most of them were in the bed, when you two had sex. That’s the only time he showed any interest in you, the only time he looked at you like you were a goddess, and thanks to god that he made you beautiful and sexy. Jungkook was a very very attractive man, he had killer body, he had a nice voice, he had soft lips, everything from his outside was the bomb. People who didn’t know how things between you stood, would say you were the best couple and the hottest couple ever. They’d ship you two hard. And you were, but just in bed. Jungkook was a cold hearted motherfucker and you hated him for that. From the outside he was glowing but he was really rotten from the inside.

“Fucking bastard.” You hissed as soon as you closed the door. “I’ll just leave your pathetic ass if you keep this up.” You continued talking to yourself, letting your anger out in the elevator.You had enough of his shit, and attitude and you were actually considering on leaving him. The thing was that he ruined you emotionally, and leaving him wouldn’t get him to care, you thought. Maybe you had to do something nastier to make him hurt atleast a bit of the pain you had to endure trough those 2 years. All the crying nights, due to his lack of interest in you, all the time he cussed at you, everything you had to endure. You wanted to make him feel hurt atleast for a bit, just to give him a taste of what real pain felt like.

A few days has passed since the last time you saw Jungkook. You were not mad at him anymore, you were more ignorant. You really did have enough of his shit, and you decided to not ruin yourself over him anymore, all you needed was a little push to do the thing you deep down wanted to do, for a while now. You got a call on the morning from Jungkook, him inviting you over tonight. You agreed ofcourse, you missed him, and to be more exact you missed his dick. All you wanted to do today is go to his place, have sex with him and consider if you were going to leave him finally. But first, you needed to get your needs fulfilled.

The day went by fast because your work was stressfull today too. You worked in a company where you had to do so much paperwork, it made your head spin. You hated your job but it paid really well so you didn’t have that much of a choice. Your boss would always make you do extra work, because he tried hitting on you and when you rejected him, he couldn’t take it, so he tried his best to make your life there miserable as fuck. You had woken up early and you were working all day so you were definitely tired. You dragged yourself up the stairs of his apartment complex because the elevator was out of order and you had to walk up 10 floors. Of course it took you a while since you were tired enough. When you reached his apartment you put your keys out and let yourself in, because Jungkook would never come welcome you.

You sighed as you took your heels off, and undid a button or two of your white shirt, that was tucked in your black skin tight skirt. You threw your beg on the couch, and realised that the apartment was pretty quiet and dark. Usually Jungkook would be yelling at the computer or his music would be banging as he did his push-ups or some shit, but today it was unusally quiet. You looked around, and just when you were about to enter his room, your phone started ringing and his name popped up,


“Where are you?” Jungkook spoke.

“I was just about to go into your room, where are you?”

“Oh damn. Well I am going to be late, you can wait or you could go home because I don’t know how long it would take.”

You rolled your eyes, as you breathed out in annoyance, “Jungkook.. we haven’t seen eachother in days, I need to see you today. Don’t you get that?”

“Really?” He teased , which annoyed me ten times more but atleast you knew we were going to fuck, when he came back, he was in the mood.

“I need your bomb ass dick.” You chuckled.

“Atleast two hours Y/N , sorry.”

“Fuck your two hours, I’d just get myself off in your damn bed then!” Too long, I’d be sleeping in two hours.

“Well, do as you wish, I can’t do shit right now.”

“Fuck you Jungkook.” You yelled.

“Yea yea, I gotta go now. Bye.” He rushed you as he hung up on you, and you swear you wanted to throw you phone at the ground in annoyance.

You heard a door open as you saw Taehyung, Jungkook’s roommate exiting his room. You snapped your eyes at his direction as he froze on his place, staring at you confusingly. You smirked as you walked towards him. And that when you made the mistake.A mistake or not you didn’t even feel sorry when you fucked Taehyung against his door. It was that little push you needed to figure out what to do next. That same night, after you had a quick sex with Taehyung, Jungkook didn’t even came home, so you left after getting what you came.

The next day you were once again in Jungkook’s place but this time he was home and again, he was playing his games like usual. You stared at him the whole time wondering how to tell him what you needed to tell him, or if you should just break up. Your tried to catch his attention once or twice as you kissed his neck  but he shrugged it off everytime. You breathed out as you stood up and took a deep breath. It was now or never.

“Jungkook,” you started but he didn’t even acknowleadged you, so you decided that he probably wouldn’t care anyway, so you just spat it out, “I fucked Taehyung yesterday.”

Jungkook stil didn’t move, but you realise he actually, didn’t move. His hands were still, his character was getting attacked as Jungkook just stared at the screen for what seemed like a age. He then slowly spun on his chair around so he could face you, with an expression you had never seen. His eyes were dark, his hands were holding the chair’s arm, like he was about to break them, and more importantly he didn’t seem to give a fuck about his game, which is what shocked you the most. You gulped hard, suddenly feeling nervous due to the lack of response from Jungkook and his intense glare at you, when you finally heard him speak,

“What did you say?”

The shock and anger were more than visible in his eyes. They grew a tone darker, his lips went dry and more importantly his game that was going, and he was actually dying in it just stayed at the background, completely ignored. His eyes were piercing yours and you felt a bit uneasy, but then you reminded yourself why you did what you did.

“It’s all your fault! I am a human being Jungkook, you should have treated me like one!” You raised your hands in the air in defense, getting nervous and angry at the same time. Jungkook’s eyes only grew darker and scarier, he pursed his lips in a thin line, forming a disgust on his face.He stared at your for a second that seemed like a year to you, as you began sweating in anticipation of his answer.

Suddenly Jungkook jumped up from the chair, making you jump in your place, as he grabbed both of your shoulders and pushed you against the door so hard, you whinced in pain, knowing if he was just a bit harded he would have broken a bone in your spine. Even thou you whinced in pain, squeezing your eyes shut both from pain and fear of what he’d do next, you heard him speak, but his voice was deeper than the devil, you could hear the spite and anger in his low husky tone,

“You horny slut,” he began as you slowly opened your eyes and looked at him, to see him actually smirking, even thou it was a twisted smirk that was scaring the shit out of you, “you deserve to be kicked out like the fucking bitch you are, but I am not that rude,” yea sure, you thought.

“No, you are even more rude,” you spoke back, which wasn’t much to his liking at the moment.

“Shut the fuck up,” he began as his left hand let go of your arm and wrapped around your throat but instead of choking you, like you thought he would do, he just held you gently in place, “I’m going to teach you a lesson, for cheating on your boyfriend.”

He was beyond mad. You could see that.Seeing him flip like, meant like he cared about you, which made your heart flutter. So he did give a fuck about you and who you fuck, and that formed a little smile on your face. He was so sexy at the moment that you couldn’t refuse looking at him. You hoped he’d tie you up and fuck you like a little bad bitch,but little did you know.

“Are you jealous?” You raised your hand and put in on the side of his neck, slightly pulling him closer to you.He left out a chuckle before he slightly tightened the grip on your throat,“I am beyond furious, I am ready to go to the other room and beat Taehyung to death, but it’s not his fault that you are a little, needy, horny bitch.” he moved closer to your face, his lips barely touching yours as he spoke,“ I want to dump your trashy ass for what you did, but that pussy is mine and only mine, it can never be anyone else’s, do you understand that bitch?”

You nodded eagerly, feeling the arousal you were feeling for a while,water the thin material of your panties.“Yes , yes Jungkook, it’s only yours!” you felt defeated as you felt yourself needy for his touch, for his cock. You felt his cologne hitting you and it almost made your head spin in delight. Jungkook’s scent was something you would never be over at. You felt his breathing in your face, and it was the hottest thing ever. Since he didn’t say anything you leaned in and locked your lips with his but in a response he pushed your throat back, pulling you away from him,“Fuck no. You don’t get to kiss me now, get on your fucking knees.” he ordered as his hand traveled to the back of your hair as he got a grip of your hair, and forced you to go down on your knees.

“Suck my cock, like it’s the last time you’ll get the chance,” he ordered and you nodded, immediately grabbing the hem of his shorts and boxers, as you took his dick out and began leaving worshiping kisses all over his length. It was easy for you because he was already hard, Jungkook was always hard for you, which boosted your ego to the extreme.Jungkook pulled you head backwards as your brought your eyes up to his,“Don’t fucking tease me, suck!” he ordered as he pushed your head closer to his dick, as you wasted no time, being the needy slut you were, you immediately opened your mouth and bobbed down as much as you could. Jungkook’s dick was pretty big so you were not able to take it all in but you took most of it. You heard Jungkook moan when his head hit the back of your throat, and his sinful moan made you so wet you thougth you were already dripping to the floor.

You slowly proped up your head before you slided back down as much as you could. You began sucking his dick in a steady pace, licking it, your saliva running down his length. He hissed and squeezed your hair when he felt really good, and every moan that escaped his mouth made you hornier and hornier, “Fuck, just like that baby, suck my cock,” Jungkook hissed, and upon hearing him use that gentle word for you, you moaned on his dick,which made him twitch in pleasure. He slowly slided his hand to the sides of your neck and you already knew what he was about to do, so you opened your mouth as much as you could, as Jungkook began thrusting his hips back and forth, his head hitting the back of your neck, making you and him moan loudly with each trust.

You had your hands on his firm thighs that were beyond flexed at the moment, and you were dying to ride them at the moment. His thrust became faster and rougher as you knew he was about to cum any second.When you needed to take a breath you dug your nails in his thighs, as he came in your mouth immediately, while pulling his dick out. He waited for every drop of cum to end in your mouth as he smirked, “Swallow.” and you did as you were told. Your mouth was abused and red, your lips trippled their normal size, as Jungkook put his dick back in his pants and placed his hand under your chin, holding it up so he could look you in the eyes as he spoke, “You look so hot after I fucked your mouth, I’d cum on your face if I could. Get up, we are not done!” He said, as you let go of his thighs and proped up on your legs as they wobbled at the weakness of your knees.

He grabbed your arm for support or whatever, as he pulled you to the bed, where he sat and forced you down on his lap. The moment you sat, you jumped on him, kissing his mouth like crazy, immediately rubbing your drenched pussy against his bulge. He kissed you for a second before pulling away smirking,“Slow down, you are –”

“Please Jungkook, kiss me, touch me, fuck me!I need you so bad!” You bascially cried out loud in his face, not letting go of you hold of him , at the back of his neck. Jungkook smirked as he placed his hand over your clothed pussy and felt how wet you were immediately ,“Fuck you are dripping,” he commented as he slowly rubbed your slit with two fingers, making you moan, before he grabbed your waist and adjusted you so you were sitting on his thigh as he spoke, “Come on, cum on my thigh and if I like it I may fuck you.”

I closed your eyes as you hips rolled up his thigh as he flexed it and increased your sensation as you immediately let out a needy moan of his name, and began rubbing yourself against him, moaning every two seconds. He placed his hands on your ass as he gave it a firm squeeze before he helped your grind on his thigh, as he pushed you even further to the naked skin on his thighs, since his shorts went up to his crotch almost. You could feel his skin burning in hear, and with the heat of your drenched pussy you were so near to cumming you could feel it. You burried your face in the crook of Jungkook’s neck, when you kept moaning and panting his name, your hips never stopping grinding.

“Fuck, you sound so needy.. you fucking cunt, you are dying for me to fuck you, aren’t you?” He spoke as you cried out a muffed “yes” and he chuckled, tightening the grip on your ass.You felt the wave hitting you as you whined loudly, “I’m cumming, oh my god, I am..” as you felt it hit you like a storm, wetting your pantied to the point were they were more than dripping, as you felt how your fluids leaked down on Jungkook’s thigh to the soft material of his sheets.

You stood there for a brief second breathing heavily, trying to collect your thoughts as much as you could. Just then you felt Jungkook’s arms wrap around your waist as he actually hugged you. Your eyes widened as you felt him hugging you, since you couldn’t remember the last time he even hugged you as you immediealy  spoke, “I love you, you fucking bastard, I fucking love you.” As you hugged him back even tighter.

“I know,” he responded quietly, which to you meant he loved you too, because he’d never tell you that anyway so you smiled, as you felt him standing up a bit before he turned around and threw you on the bed, immediately getting himself between your legs, “One "I love you” won’t cut it thou.“ he said in a serious tone, as he grabbed your panties and basically ripped them off of your legs, as he placed one of his fingers inside of you immediately, as you grabbed the sheets in response, moaning out loud. "Nah, scratch that.” he spoke , as you felt him taking out his finger, and before you could ask what was he doing, you felt him pushing his dick inside of you to the fullest, moving your whole body upwards as he settled himself inside of you. Both of you moaned at the feeling, as Jungkook placed both of his hands by the sides of your head for support as he fixated his eyes on yours, and began rolling his hips in and out of you slowly but deeply.

You stared at him, your mouth constantly open due to the strong feeling of joy you felt between your legs, but his piercing eyes were arousing you even more. He was staring at you with a different stare, a hungry yet apologetic look, and you knew he was upset you cheated on him,but now, you were fnally upset and actually sorry too. You hated that you did what you did, but in the end maybe that was the turning point your relationship had to meet. You wrapped your arms around his head again pulling him in for a kiss. A kiss, he finally responded to. His hips began thrusting harder into you, the hunry kiss lighting both of you on fire, it was a kiss like never before, it was a kiss like the one you’d have when you haven’t been intimate for weeks, it was a “I fucking missed you kiss” and it was beyond amazing.

When your lips finally parted Jungkook  panting , and you breathing hard, his tempo was getting sloppier faster and harder, as you knew his release was coming, but so did yours. “Jungkook, yes, just like that!” you moaned out loud ,as he hissed in response. Suddenly he pulled himself out, and before you could ask why, he spun you around, your face now facing the bed, as he lifted up your hips and slammed his cock in you from behind. You basically yelled at how fast and rough he thrusted, and you were sure the whole building fucking heard you yelling.

“Shut the fuck up, you are gonna wake my neighbours,” Jungkook hissed as he held your hips and thrusted in you harder and harder. You could feel your orgasm knocking on the door again, and you felt Jungkook getting even harder and bigger and you knew he was about to cum any second. You felt him hovering over your back, as he grabbed your hair and pulled your hair backwards, as he spoke into your ear in a low and seductive voice, “Come on baby girl, cum all over my cock.” which was more than enought to push you over the edge. You came with a loud whine of his name , as he kept thrusting inside of you until he came too , filling you up to the fullest with his cum.

A few seconds later you both collapsed on the matress, trying your best to collect your breaths. None of you spoke for a minute or two, as you slowly propped up and laid on top of Jungkook, “Baby-,” you began but you were quickly cut off ,as Jungkook spun around making you the one on the bottom, as he held your wrists to the sides of your head, pinning them down to the matress as he spoke in his usual but still breathless voice,

“You are only mine, is that clear enough Y/N?”

“Yes,” you nodded as you smiled,

“If you ever do that again, I’ll make you regret it, and I won’t be this gentle.”

“Never again.” You shook your head, the smile on your face growing bigger.

Jungkook’s serious face suddenly softened as he let out a barely visible smile, but you caught it immediately, and it made your heart melt, Jungkook rarely smiled at you and this time you saw it as clear as water. He slowly collapsed on you again, letting out a deep sigh in the crook of your neck, before rolling to the side next to you,

“I probably died 25 times , but atleast it was worthy. I had to claim back what’s mine.” He spoke as you snapped your head at him, grinning like a kid. You stared at him for a second before , shooting a question you rarely asked but never got the answer, “Jungkook, do you love me?”

Jungkook froze upon hearing your question, his eyes fixated on the ceiling as he remained silent for a while. You could hear your heart beating in your ears, your whole body anticipating the answer that you so much wanted to hear, even thou a big part of you knew it was not going to work again. You used that time, after an amazing sex like that to bring him to say it but he’d never fall for it, he’d just brush the question off, that’s why the next two words made your heart stop,

“I do.”

Stages of heartbreak: When they leave without an explanation.

Heartbreak is probably the most painful thing anyone can possibly go through. It could have been a fling, or a long term relationship, but the brash reality that the person doesn’t want you anymore is absolutely mind changing and you’ll probably spend the next 6 months wondering what the hell is wrong with you.

But the reality is, there is nothing wrong with you and you couldn’t have done anything different. I can tell you this right now and your friends can tell you this when you’re crying in your room at 2 am wondering how this happened and your mom can tell you this when she asks why you’ve been so down lately after you were on such a high because of a single human being. Don’t even bother asking him “why?” Because you will never get the real answer. It’s really scary how much a single person can effect you.

I’m not going to say that “everything happens for a reason” because that’s the last thing you’ll want to hear right now.

“Well, what’s the reason?”

And really, no one can tell you that except time itself and that’s the worst possible advice ever.

Having your heartbroken is so tragic, but so beautiful. And I know that sounds sick and twisted and that’s probably because it is. It’s like saying someone died and how beautiful the death was. But it’s crazy the way the mind works.

A friend of mine studying psychology told me that psychologically, the mind tends to remember scent more than anything else. More than touch, more than sight, I don’t know what it is about it, and neither did she.

You’ll catch yourself remembering the smell of his cologne when you buried your head into his neck. And maybe you’ll remember the smell of his car where you ended up in the back seat one too many times. It’s all mind games, just like how he played you.

And you don’t deserve games.

“Why can’t everything be easy?”

If he was easy, if your situation was easy, you wouldn’t have wanted him as bad as you did. The sad reality is that we always want the people we can’t have. And we always want the people who don’t want us. And then when someone finally comes around and treats us the way we deserve, it’s “creepy” or “annoying.”

But it’s not at all. We’re so used to being used and treated like we’re like any other girl who will do anything to be with someone. But you’re NOT that girl. He must have you confused with someone else if he thinks you’ll take any shit he throws at you.

If he doesn’t want you anymore, fuck him. He’s missing out on something truly incredible. You’re incredible, and just because one dumb-ass guy doesn’t realize it, doesn’t mean your anything less. You’re going to wish you regretted everything that happened between the two of you, but you won’t. And you’re going to hate it.

It’s almost scary how much a person can change your life in such a short amount of time. And you’ll never really understand it until you go through something so real and raw that you feel his imaginary fingertips trailing down your spine at 3 am when you’re laying in bed wide awake staring at your ceiling and asking anyone in the world who is listening to your thoughts why he had to do this because he was “so different.” And maybe he was different, but maybe he just wasn’t for you.

You’ll still feel the burning in your stomach whenever you see him, and you may spend some nights crying into your pillow while blaring the playlist he made you called “songs that remind me of you” as loud as you can and then you’re going to realize, through all the tears, that everything he said was absolute bullshit and that you were so used. And then you’re going to regret everything that happened between the two of you and every time someone tells you that “you’re over reacting” and “it was a learning experience,” you’re going to want to puke. Just do it honestly, I don’t blame you.

You’re not over reacting, and you’re not obsessed, and anyone who tells you that doesn’t know what it’s like. People think you can switch your feeling like a light switch, but it reality, you can’t. And you’ll learn that. And it’ll suck.

The good news is that you will be past the stage of being depressed and you’ll be into the stage of complete anger.

Deleting pictures and texts won’t get rid of the memories so don’t even try. He may delete anything that ever showed you guys had any contact with each other, but don’t do it. You don’t have to.

A piece of advice is to avoid wearing your heart on your sleeve and expressing your emotions to just anyone. I know it sounds awful, but people will take advantage of the drama and somehow it will be made into a huge ordeal and trust me, that’s the last thing you’ll want.

Don’t talk to him, I know you’ll want to come up with every excuse in the book as to why you have to text him and it’s all out of routine, but don’t put yourself through that for your own sake.

Eventually, with time, you’ll come to the realization suddenly when you see him talking about his music with that glimmer in his eyes he gets when he talks about something he loves and you just won’t feel it. You won’t even realize it until you don’t have the urge to stare at the way his lips move and the way his lips will curve into the little half smile he does.

At that point, you’ll see that you could live without him.

There will be times you’ll see him with other girls or people will bring up what the two of you had and claim they know “exactly what happened” and it’ll be so fucking infuriating and you’ll want to go through the stage of crying whenever you even saw him again, but you don’t want him, because you know he’s not what you deserve. And it’s a weird concept to understand, but you’ll get there eventually.

And then, he’ll be out of your life for good with a final goodbye when he graduates with a “good luck with everything! Keep in touch!” But you know you’ll never talk to him again. And it’ll be a sad reality at first, but it’s something you need. You’re never going to get the closure you want. There’s no point in asking for an explanation even months after the fact. But you don’t need closure anyway, you just need time. The point is, he’s just a person, he just happened to change a lot of things, now it’s time for you to take those changes and broken pieces he left for you to handle on your own, and fix them.

—  Things I wish I knew when going through it

An Old Friend

Kai Parker x Reader
   (x Kol & Rebekah Mikaelson)


(Events happen a few months after TVD 8.16 and right after TO 4.02 …
Kai and Reader are having fun at the Mystic Grill when some old friends of Reader show up. Kai gets jealous and … - keep reading to find out :P )

*not my gif


It was around 7PM , Kai and Y/N were at the (surprisingly empty) Mystic Grill sitting at the bar drinking and laughing. Y/N had challenged Kai to do tequilla shots. He always told her she doesn’t want to see him on tequilla which only made her want to see it more. Downside was as vampires their alchohol tollerance was higher than the ones human have , so they kept drinking. So far Kai was winning. Y/N looked at him , smiling. Kai grinned back and put his hand on her waist leaning in to whisper in her ear “You will loooose.” before kissing her neck.
“Even when I lose , I still win..” she had replied to him.
Suddenly Y/N felt someone’s presense close by. At first she thought it was the alchohol getting to her but then …
“Hey there , Trouble.” Y/N heard a familiar voice with an accent and froze in place completely stunned. There was only one person who called her that. Kai looked at her and then at the surprise visitor. Slowly she turned around and when Y/N saw who it was ,  a wide smile spread on her face.
“Kol ?” she leaped from her seat and wrapped her hands around the new comer. Kai finished his drink , he wasn’t happy they had been interrupted but tried to hide it.
“Oh my God ! How are you back ? I thought I’d never see you again after the Other Side disappeared…“ Y/N said excitedly.
“Mother dearest pulled me and my brother Finn back before it collapsed. Of course ,you know how my family is - she came back from the dead and tried to kill us again. …"Kol trailed off. Y/N’s eyes widened.
Kai cleared his throat and both Y/N and Kol turned towards him. Y/N took a step closer to Kai and he wrapped his hands around her , the look on his face clearly stating ‘Hands off. She belongs with me.’
“Sorry.” Y/N apologised to Kai , kissing his cheek. “Kai , this is my very good friend -”
“Best friend.” Kol interrupted.
Y/N smiled , “My BEST friend Kol Mikaelson. He is an Original vampire.” Kol smiled and nodded at Kai who pulled Y/N even closer to him. “Kol , this is Kai Parker … my boyfriend.”
Kai outstretched his hand , Kol doing the same and they shook hands ,  a few moments  longer than normal. Y/N took a deep breath… The situation was getting more and more awkward by the moment. Her eyes darted between Kai and Kol , there was a tension building in the air and she had to think fast before any of them did something stupid but before she had had the chance to speak …
“So , Kai … ” Kol started saying as he took the seat on the other side of Y/N “I hope you are treating Y/N with respect…” he said trailing off. “Because if you aren’t - ”
Clearly Kol’s time away hadn’t changed him at all. He had always acted like Y/N was his little sister , ready to protect her from whatever or whoever would ever want to hurt her.
"Don’t be mean Kol.” said a female voice. Behind him had walked in another old friend of Y/N… well , more like frenemy.  "I am sure if he had tried to hurt her in any way, Damon would’ve ripped his head off. You know how protective the vampires here are over their human friends.“  Rebekah said reaching behind the bar to grab a bottle with bourbon. Y/N and Kai exchanged looks.
"Hello Y/N … Y/N’s boyfriend.” Rebekah said nodding towards Kai who gave her a small smile in response.
Y/N tensed.  "Rebekah … long time.“ she said pausing for a second. "What are you doing here ? Looking for Matt ?”
“Not exactly but it would be nice to see him. Where is he ?”
“You might wanna try the police station.Ask for sheriff Donovan.” Y/N said shifting uncomfortably.
Kai whispered in Y/N’s ear “You OK?” Y/N only nodded turning her attention back to the Mikaelsons. Clearly Y/N wasn’t OK. The girl , Rebekah made her feel uncomfortable for some reason.
“Any particular reason you both decided to drop by ? Kol being here - I like … You ? Not so much.”  Y/N said , her voice slightly trembling.
Rebekah visibly got angry by the remark and reached for Y/N’s neck but Kol pulled her back as Kai quickly pushed Y/N behind him.
“Sister .. calm down. You don’t want to cause a scene , do you Bex ?” Kol said calmly.

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Cheer me up (Sirius x Reader)

Can you do a high school AU where Young Sirius is the football captain and and the reader is a cheerleader and at a game, Sirius get’s hurt and the reader just stops cheering and runs up to him and you can make up the rest? Thank you!!❤

A/N: Idk if this is what you imagined but i hope you like it. I did my best but there are probably mistakes due to the fact i wrote it late at night. Still, please let me know what you think ♥

Warnings: none

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

This evening was the first football match for the season and our school was a host so everything had to be perfect. To be one of the best students in school and at the same time a cheerleader is not an easy job especially in those kinds of situations. My graphic was full and I barely found time for things such as talking or even thinking.

“Miss (Y/L/N), I hope you are ready with the preparations for today.”, the headmaster asked me for maybe the 10th time.

“Oh, yes. We did everything we could to make the coming team feel comfortable.”, I answered nicely putting a fake smile on my face. Making an excuse I managed to get away from him and went straight to the football pitch.

We used to have training like two hours ago, but I had to fucking search for special towels for our guests. So here I was, hours later, dressed in my tiny skirt, exhausted as hell, going to have a three hour long exercise for tonight…

“Hey, (Y/L/N)! How are you today?”, a familiar voice appeared just behind my back.

“Not in the mood for you flirtations.”, annoyed I didn’t bother to spin around and see the well-known boy in the whole school – Sirius Black, the captain of the football match, the most hot and sexy guy, probably the heartbreaker of the school. Usually I flirted back as a joke but now, hungry, tired, sleepy and angry I wasn’t able to deal with this.

“Don’t worry, babe. I am not gonna flirt for now. Just wanted to make sure you’ll be screaming my name tonight.”, and the famous smirk was now on his beautiful and yet irritating face.

“You wish! Can you leave me alone, cause I wanna finish with everything as soon as possible and go home and fucking rest for god sake!”, kind of screaming I turned away and went straight to the girls waiting for me to began.

Hours passed and due to my eyes shutting almost every minute we had to repeat some of the movements but everything was just perfect. While the boys were practicing and so were we, I couldn’t stop the feeling of someone’s eyes landing on my back. But me, being me, I didn’t give a fuck and continued my job.

I hate when people tend to think that of you are a cheerleader, you are definitely a stupid hollow bitch. My dear human beings, stop believing at what you see on your favorite TV shows. Not all of us are that bad! As one of the main cheerleaders, we are too occupied to find time for you. Honestly, you are not that special and you would never be. And we are definitely not sluts!

“(Y/n), wait!”, someone screamed and got me out of my trans of anger. When I looked beside me I saw the pretty footballer coming my way.

“What do you want?”, I retorted back.

“You don’t have to be so sharp, sweetheart. I just wanted to ask your pretty little angry face on a date.”, he stated while walking next to me.

“Okay”, was the only word I gave to him.

“So, that’s a yes?”


“But you said ‘okay’.”

“Look at me Black! I don’t have time for you! My schedule is full and even now you are losing my time! Don’t offend but you better find another girl to mess up with.”

“I am not messing with you!”

I didn’t say anything neither he did. He just stopped and went another direction while I continued my way towards home.

It was 7pm. The match was about to start after 30 minutes. I remember how at the beginning I was so anxious to go out and dance in front of so many people, but now it’s like a routine. As I was checking if everything and everyone was ready, Roxanne came towards me for chitchat as per usual.

“I heard you ditched Black.”

“Yes, I did. Why?”

“I’m just interested why you did so. I heard you really hurt him and that’s not good for tonight match.”, the girl stated.

“Better him that me.”, Roxanne gave me a confused look so I explained, “Come on, Rox, a guy like him wouldn’t date a girl like me if it’s not a prank or something.” The stern look on her face suddenly turned into a smile.

“Whatever you say, leader.”, patting my shoulder she came closer and whispered, “But you better clarify with yourself.”

The truth was that I liked that boy. He wasn’t a bad guy as far as I knew him. But better play not interested instead of showing your affection and getting hurt.

The time came so I put the smile on my face, encouraged my girls and ran towards the pitch to show all the people what we are capable of. When we appeared the audience got wild, they cheered us and welcomed the team of our school. I and the girls sat on our seats and waited for the breaks to do our job. When I saw Sirius, my heart skipped a beat. He was smiling yes, but the way he was moving, that fact that selfish façade wasn’t turn on showed me that each word Roxanne told me was true.

The match wasn’t going well. We were losing and mainly it was Sirius who messed up something. And the fact that the crowd was cheering as much as dead person would, I decided to do something.

“Come on, girls! Let’s bring back the spirit of the game.”

“(Y/N), we are…”

“I don’t care! You are a cheerleader! Your job is to lift up the spirit and courage of the team and the audience! So move your asses and dance!”

Hopefully, the girls knew my temper so my word actually encouraged them rather that offend them.

When I need motivation
My one solution is my queen
‘Cause she stay strong (yeah yeah)
She is always in my corner
Right there when I want her

We sang a part of a famous cheerleader song. As we were dancing I suggested making a pyramid. Everything was going fine, the public was up and clapping for us. But suddenly everything went dead. I turned around and saw somebody lying on the ground, somebody wearing the number 9. I jumped and ran towards the body. Pushing all the boys all around it I fell down on my knees.

“Oh my god! Sirius, are you okay?!”

“Yes, I think so…”

“Good. Now stand up and kick some asses for me, okay?”


“Because if you do it, I will find a way to cheer you up after what happened.”

“And how is that going to happen? Because I don’t believe y-”

I did something I would never normally do – kiss him in front of everyone. It was a short one of course but the feeling was amazing. I’d wanted this for such a long time.

“If you win, you might, maybe, probably, 50% have the chance of getting more.”

“You know how to cheer me up, babe.”, he smiled and I helped him got up. He wasn’t hurt that bad so the match continued. I think there’s no need to tell you who won and what price the winner received.

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Hi~♡ Can I request for the drabble thing? If not that is okay but if yeah than situation 28 and sentence 30 with Mark and maybe a happy end please? ^-^

prompts: 28.pretend relationship & 30.“Please never do that ever again.”

Shooting star | MARK

summary: because you want to run away from a random guy who keeps asking you out, Mark grants you a wish

Originally posted by fullsunhaechan

Genre: super duper fluff

Pairing: Mark / Reader [part. Doyoung]

Word count: 1400+

a/n: took ages, but it’s posted!! hope you enjoy this cute boy mark grating you a wish ^^ AH!! i’m so sorry if the end sucks :(

Most of people want to find their other half. But for you, that’s not the actual case.

A year from now, with all stamina your body possessed, you’d been avoiding—or trying to—all sorts of flirts from all sorts of men. Deep inside your heart you really, really wished for a true, romantic and gentle boyfriend, however you had better things to worry about. Your University application, for example—and then, when you got accepted, the classes, the subjects, the projects. There were an uncountable number of matters to be actually preoccupied about.

And boys should be the last topic on your list of what I have to look after.  

Nonetheless, the harder you tried to push the male kind, the more they emerged into your life. You succeeded, at first, to shrug them off and send them away, though after a while some very persistent persons tried their best to make you fall—but you did not. It had been hard from the start, yes, yet with the months passing by like a lightning you even forgot you were someone else’s crush.

Until a real fuckboy appeared—and then your life became the correct definition of torment.

In the month you’d gotten a letter from your chosen University, all the black and white colours in your life became the rainbow and you could not contain the endless happiness in your chest. You’d succeeded, you would be able to major in exactly what you wanted, in the college you always wished and dreamt about. It’s the greatest feeling in the universe, the feeling of getting free from a burden—like taking off from your shoulders a ton (or maybe two). You were, to say the least, the most joyful person in the galaxy.

On your first day, you’d decided it’d be a great opportunity to get to know the sophomores and juniors from your course—even to make new friends and understand how the college pretty much works. It was an excellent deal at first, all the older girls and boys extremely sweet and helpful.

But then Kim Doyoung showed up in your life—truth to be said, you had the perfect definition for his advent: Satan crawling out from hell.

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Exasperating also starts with E

(Note: this is an Au where Eurus never killed VT and grew up as normal in the Holmes household as the baby of the family, she’s still a sociopath, so this happened…)

“Are you ever going to tell Molly Hooper that you love her?” Was the first thing Sherlock heard upon entering Baker Street after a long case, admittedly he should be used to his little sister showing up at his flat for no reason other than to annoy him, but honestly he thought it was Mycroft’s turn this month .

“And good evening to you too Eurus” Sherlock sighed turning around to find her sitting in his chair casually eating from a tub of (obviously expensive, imported specifically for high priority clients, delivered just two hours ago by a messenger with sweaty hands) Marchetti Gelato, she was wearing the Pajamas Mycroft had give her last Christmas and apparently seemed to have the ludicrous idea that he was back to his eight year old self who’d indulged her in as many pretend tea parties as she wished “I thought you said sleepovers were for goldfishes and amoeba brained females not worth associating with”

(Adult Eurus had never graduated from her ‘force my brothers to play tea party with me’ phase. And unlike Mycroft, who’d easily used his seniority to escape their little sister’s manipulative feminine machinations as soon as humanly possible, Sherlock never really had it in him to push her away)

“And he avoids my question, big surprise there, do have some Gelato, I even had this Ginger Nut flavor comissioned just for you” Eurus smiled extending the tub in his direction “you know that you are my favorite brother don’t you?”

“Yes I am aware, considering that the other option is Mycroft and I always win by default, although I apreciate the effort to sweeten what will undoubtedly be a conversation fraught with manipulation tactics and no I do not love Molly Hooper” Sherlock replied, putting away his bellstaff loosening his scarf and accepting the gelato “speaking of which how is your dear James?”

“Still hiding behind his lawyer in an effort to avoid me” Eurus sighed dramatically with a wave of her hand

“Well to be fair Moriarty isn’t an idiot, I think most men would prefer his high security prison in the middle east over facing your wrath after his failure to remember your aniversary” Sherlock didn’t have to make his disapproval of his sister’s choice of boyfriend known, after all it was the frequent topic of discussion among family dinners and the only subject Mycroft and he agreed on lately, but when it came to life sentences the Holmes brothers didn’t think that there was anything worse than being subjected to Eurus and the mercurial moods she hid under her sociopathic personality, so they both refrained from outright trying to get themselves rid of him.

“As James should” Eurus huffed “but he won’t be able to plead guilty forever if I make sure evidence of the contrary begins to accumulate around him” And considering the latest petty crime Moriarty had pleaded guilty for involved the assassination of a well known Middle East religious leader, Sherlock didn’t doubt his sister’s threat “are we done with your deflections Sherlock?, answer me already, when is that love confession taking place?”

“Very well Eurus, I’ll humor you” the ‘else you’ll never let the subject drop’ was implied but thankfully not voiced, if one thing was true among the Holmes family was that Sherlock loved his like minded sister and rarely left an opportunity to talk to her go to waste “why do you think that I am as you so eloquently put it 'in love’ with Molly Hooper when you know I firmly believe that sentiment is a waste of time”

“Because you are, do you need me to make a PowerPoint presentation to illustrate it?” Eurus snorted, reminding Sherlock of their teenage years and her old perchance for whining about always being right “Anyone with high IQ can see it”

“So Papa has finally given you the grandchildren ultimatum huh?”

“No more than he gave it to Mycroft but that’s not the point”

“Youre his only daughter of course its the point, Papa wants grandbabies to spoil and you as the daddy’s girl that you are, do not want to dissapoint him, you wouldn’t be here trying to matchmake me otherwise” Sherlock shot back smugly “stop saying I’m in love with Molly”

“may I remind you that of all the people in this sentiment riddled universe Molly Hooper is the only one you’ve voluntarily apologized to?”

“It doesn’t prove anything” Sherlock dodged sitting in his armchair “I respect Molly, she’s my friend”

“You analyze her life choices and clothing preferences more than you do any other female in your acquaintance and that includes mummy, Mrs Hudson, Mary Watson and Me” Eurus listed off ticking her fingers “I don’t have much experience with actual friends but as the social manipulation expert in this family I can tell you that friends do not do that”

“I do NOT analyze Molly’s life choices, I deduce them and offer helpful advice, which according to John IS what friends do”

“Then why do you always hold your deductions whenever the topic of sex comes up around her?” Eurus challenged him with a smug smile as if to say 'go ahead, try to deduce yourself out of that question’ “it wouldn’t happen to be because your mind palace automatically supplies complimentary material would it? You used to say that intercourse was part of human nature”

Sherlock internally blanched, his sister really knew too much “because it has come to my attention that talking about someone else’s sexual habits and preferences in a social setting is potentially embarrassing for them”

“I see I’ll have to help you along, honestly your level of denial is quite impressive” If Eurus had been a little younger she’d have reached for fake glasses and written Sherlock’s name on a clipboard like she used to do when she’d mockingly declared she wanted to be a psychologist after her tenure in Sherrinford “why if its potentially embarrassing do you still do it to virtually anyone…exept Molly?”

“Because Molly is different, she’s not an idiot, she’s useful to me and good at her job”

“So you get no satisfaction out of making her feel like an idiot I understand, yet one could argue that Mycroft and I arent idiots either and you infer about our sexual lives often enough” Eurus pointed out taking a spoonful of gelato “why is molly different?”

“Because she is!” Sherlock grunted instantly regretting it by the knowing look his younger sister was giving him “what I mean to say is that, talking to her about the subject never feels correct to me, Molly isn’t …”

“Able to talk about sex like a normal adult? Why Sherlock she’s a healthy woman in her thirties who disects naked human bodies for a living, I would think she’s probably very open about it” Eurus ventured innocently “her past boyfriends seem like they were enjoying themselves at the very least”

“Would you please stop taking about Molly Hooper and sexual expertise in the same sentence!” The consulting detective finally snapped

“You ruin all her relationships”

“Its not my fault that she seems to attract men with criminal tendencies”

“Oh please, you announce to any who can hear the most inconsequential things, who cares if the paralegal with the bleach teeth was evading his taxes? His only crime was talking to your precious pathologist during her lunch break” why was it that Eurus always managed to sound fifteen whenever she tried to meddle in his life?, she was a genius in all parts of her life, but as a sister Eurus Holmes could really be a pain in Sherlock’s ass when she wanted to be"If you haven’t deduced it, I’ll have you know even James could tell that her relationships are your blind spot”

“Please don’t remind me about the famous 'Jim from IT’ considering that masquerading as Molly’s date isnt an ideal way of meeting my younger sister’s psychopath boyfriend ”

“ Life partner” Eurus corrected without missing a beat “James and I don’t use amaeba terms to classify our conection” then remembering something funny she added with a chuckle “The 'Molly factor’ blindsided your deductions so badly you even thought James was gay, as if someone like him would limit himself by the sexuality and gender of his partners”

“Nowdays I even doubt that he’s limited by their consent, species or lack of pulse” Sherlock rolled his eyes, glaring at his sister “But then again he’s saddled with you, so what should I expect? After all I’ve seen his bruises and heard the tortured screams”

“What can I say I like things rough and James is the only man I know who gives as good as he gets” Eurus shrugged and Sherlock had to remind himself that she wasn’t the type to worry about the gender, sexual orientation, lack of consent or inmorality of her sexual acts either “he has a certain je nes se quais that fits me so well”

“Spare me the details Eurus, there’s a reason I never frequent your Knightsbridge flat”

“Me thinks the gentleman doth protest too much, your Molly hasn’t been raised under a rock you know, why, if my airlines didn’t keep me so busy I’d think I might even grow to like her, I would wager my escapes with James wouldn’t shock her”

“Keep your evil machinations away from Molly Hooper sister mine” Sherlock warned narrowing his eyes “You already played you games with John and it almost cost him his marriage, if you so much as try the same on Molly so help me science I will make you regret it”

“Why would I want to make my future sister in law despise me?” Eurus laughed letting Sherlock see in her eyes a glint of the madness she kept firmly under lock and key in the confines of her own mind palace “you should really hasten that love confession Sherlock, you won’t be virile forever you know, after all we don’t know if all those drugs you’ve taken in the past have affected your fertility” she taunted in a sing song voice

“I’m perfectly fertile and perfectly virile! Molly would have nothing to complain about in that aspect” Sherlock exclaimed outraged realizing belatedly thst he’d falken for Eurus’ bait “I meant it in a purely hypothetical situation”

“ARGH I blame Mycroft for this! If he hadn’t put the 'emotions are evil’ mantra in your head you wouldn’t be acting like a preschooler pulling the pigtails of the girl he fancies” Eurus groaned putting her head in her hands “what have I done to deserve this?” The answer : probably a lot

“Funny, Mycroft blames you for crippling Victor’s legs in that blasted well and coloring my perception of human relationships with trauma”

“He locked me in SHERRINFORD for three years because of it, excuse me if I disregard his opinion on the state of your psyche”

Sherlock sighed, he supposed they all were self fulfilling prophecies, being the middle child in a family of geniuses had never been easy, specially because their whole sibling dynamic hinged on Sherlock’s hability to stay neutral in the feud between Eurus and Mycroft, who by all means hated each other during a good day

But Eurus liked Sherlock and Mycroft liked Sherlock so they made an effort to not attempt mutual murder if it kept them in their middle brother’s good graces.

“Sherlock you leave me no choice! If you don’t get your head out of your rectal cavity where Molly Hooper is concerned and tell her that you love her I’ll have to force the issue with Mycroft” Eurus outlined in no uncertain terms, eyes flashing the way they only did when she played violin “and believe me I won’t be as nice to him as I’m to you”

“It would take a battering ram to knock down Mycroft long enough to give papa grandchildren and we both know it” Sherlock exclaimed, then narrowing his eyes the posibility that Eurus was in fact unhinged enough to put her brain to the task of breaking Mycroft “you wouldn’t, even YOU have to draw a line somewhere”

“Andrea has been working with him for how long? Since high school if I’m not mistaken, I happen to know a philanthropic a armament mogul that is looking for a public relations manager and well…How bored must Andrea be in that silly little desk, chained to our brother, doing paperwork all day, a woman of her capabilities deserves more and Mycroft doesnt let her do an ounce of fieldwork, if I happened to offer the position to her, adding the fact that our mogul has the highest number of assassination attempts in any bounty hunter’s book, she’d accept right away, if only to get to use her fancy guns” Eurus began innocently as tough outlining her lunch break plans

Deducing exactly who she was referring to Sherlock groaned “Nikolai Udinov? You would send Andrea to manage the life of that reprobate? Mycroft would never allow it”

“Well what do you expect? If Andrea leaves her job and him for good I calculate that it will take Mycroft less than two months to crack, she does his laundry, paperwork, calls, orders him his cakes, decorates his bunkers, manages his agents with an iron fist, Andrea practically breathes for him and Mycroft needs the wake up call” Eurus smiled with a hint of malice “so many agents have fallen in Udinov’s maze of secrets…It would be a pity if Mycroft’s greek flower was next”

“That’s because Nikolai Udinov is the type of assignment that goverment agents train for years to take on, the bullseye in his back is larger than Mycroft’s ego ” Sherlock snapped wondering again why he hadnt trottled his sister yet “you’d be manipulating Andrea into strong arming Godfather Death”

“Correction Mycroft will THINK she’s taking on Godfather Death” Eurus snapped rolling her eyes “She’ll be fine, I wasn’t lying when I said Agent Anthea is quite competent and she’s been wanting to do fieldwork since her thirtieth birthday, my people will make sure she doesn’t get killed”

Sherlock didn’t even want to ask about who 'her people’ were, like he did with Mycroft and they did with him, the less the Holmes siblings knew about eachother’s ocassional dabblings in the wrong side of the law the better “You’ll just have Mycroft believe she is, but why?”

Eurus huffed tempted to just repeat Sherlock’s famous 'you see but you don’t observe’ dribble that he always spewed to John Watson “Because it will kill Mycroft to lose Andrea and I’ll enjoy seeing him suffer” Eurus shrugged “think about it Sherlock, Andrea has been a fixture in Mycroft’s life since your uni days, the only time you and I see him without her is on social situations and even then she’s always one text away from him, he trusts her with all of his sensitive information”

“You assume that he cares about her” Sherlock snorted mystified “Mycroft doesnt do sentiment Eurus, not even for Andrea”

“Oh how blind my brothers can be when they wish to” Eurus laughed taking out a bag of chips from her purse and biting a couple “I don’t assume, I KNOW, just as I know that you love Molly, the difference is that Andrea is more likely to wait to have children, but as I said I’ll force the issue if I have to”

“If Agent Anthea dies because you wanted to get out of giving our parents grandchildren then forget about Sherrinford, he’ll hire a submarine and drop you in the Atlantic with a crew of deaf personell”

“You could also tell your morgue mouse that you love her, then I wont have to threaten Mycroft’s potted plant”

Eurus like always, had a better grasp of the ins and outs of sentiment than her two elder brothers, a fact both Sherlock and Mycroft often resented, because while Sherlock fought his battles with logic and Mycroft with dry politics, Eurus manipulated people using their emotions against them. She’d rarely used her 'gift’ on Sherlock preferring to keep herself occupied with her chain of airlines and her side work as a data analyst (when she wasn’t dabbling in her illegal hobbies) apparently tough she was doing it now.

Sherlock didn’t find it amusing.

“I suppose I should be grateful that you have not threatened to kill Molly yet and instead chose to talk to me about it in a rational way, isn’t that what your point is?”

“Yes! And I feel deeply offended that you don’t appreciate the gesture, I could have bulldozed trough your childhood traumas just to make you see sense” Eurus huffed clearly not happy by Sherlock’s lack of gratitude “I don’t see why you wont just admit the truth”

“You’re seeing things where they don’t exist, don’t you think that if zi loved Molly I would know?”

“NO! BECAUSE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND SENTIMENT” she shot back with an angry glare, then Eurus sighed and did the one thing that always brought Sherlock to his knees, she opened her big dark eyes and gave him a very sincere part of her vulnerability “Sherlock” she began, her tone belying how much she wasn’t trying to manipulate him this time “you’ve been there for me trought all the hard things in my life, you who have supported me even in things we both know you knew better than to support…Is it really such a surprise to know that I want to see you happy?”

“as my little sister, wanting to see me happy comes with the territory” Sherlock replied putting the desert down and returning her sincerety “the truth is that I don’t see a future where I can keep Molly safe, I have too many enemies…she deserves better than me, she always has”

“And yet she loves you, all of you, far strongly than you deserve”

“Foolish woman that she is” Sherlock chuckled “I can’t love her Eurus, I’d be placing a red mark in her forehead if I did”

“Sherlock, there’s always going to be Blackwoods, Magnussens and Black Lotus organisations in this world, in fact there’s drunk drivers and bad weather and unhealthy eating habits all who cause death on daily basis, but for you there’s only one Molly” Eurus tried reasoning softly “ its hard enough for people like us to form lasting human connections, I’ve come to learn it takes years of persistence to completely bond with someone else and the fact that you are capable of it is something I’ve always admired far beyond Mycroft’s Iceman facade”

“Speaking from experience?” He raised an eyebrow taking care not to break the fragile bubble of vulnerability they’d reached

“Its always nice to know that there’s always someone out there who will care about you beyond the trappings of your psyche” Eurus agreed cryptically, giving Sherlock a tiny insight into the twisted reason why his sister hadn’t allowed Moriarty to blow his brains off after Sherlock’s fall “isn’t that how Molly makes you feel? I admit she’s no Nocturne like Irene Adler in looks or sexual appeal but I don’t believe I could be wrong in what I see when you look at her while her back is turned”

“Don’t put Molly in the same category as the woman…Irene is a capriccio, an Intermezzo with too many Staccato harmonies and not enough tenerezza, more Opera than Nocturne she’s filled with high octaves and acciaccaturas, Molly is her own sonata”

“Now that is quite surprising” It had never occurred to Eurus that Sherlock might have a melody for Molly, mainly because if he did he’d want Eurus to hear it at least once, given her brother and her shared a love for violin that often lent itself to describing people in musical terms according to how they saw the world but honestly Eurus expected Sherlock to classify Molly as a chloral “how does Molly sound?”

“Molly is shades of Adagios, Dolce notes and intermitent Allegros, that rise and fall without damaging the integrity of the composition, any more notes and she could have been a ballet or a solft waltz” Sherlock sounded so sure, humming a few bars to let her understand the gist of his thoughts, always far more comfortable expressing sentiment trough music than in words

“I wonder why you have never played her for an audience” Eurus genius that she was didn’t need to see him play to hear the notes in her head, the soft tone of the violin and the spikes of the Sonata’s hidden edges “she sounds like comming home” was all Eurus could say after the song finished playing in her mental fortress “your very own masterpiece”

“Her melody isn’t for public to hear” Sherlock replied ruminanting in his sister’s words, because she had put into words the elusive title that he’d never given to the Sonata that belonged to Molly Hooper 'comming home’ was an apt name for the piece and if he was honest with himself he had to admit it had been that way for a long time, Molly herself was the kind of person who’s existence validated the part of Sherlock who needed a place to run to when things got difficult “she makes me feel accepted, when it comes to Molly I always know that whatever I do, or wherever I go, I will always have a place to call home in her life, the Sonata always changes in degrees of subtleties” hadn’t that been the reason he’d felt so hurt by her (failed) engagement to Meat dagger? Because he’d assumed she would always be there… and on the heels of that thought the realization struck “Because I love her”

Eurus could have clapped her hands in joy at the breaktrough of her brother, and to think it hadn’t taken any death threats, really Sherlock was so much better to reason with than Mycroft “then why do you keep wasting so much time?” She asked still trying to be understanding

“You don’t understand Eurus, I LOVE HER” Sherlock exclaimed in shock and Eurus could see the beginning of what looked like a very Holmes panic attack “And I’ve hurt her in the past so badly…and you KNEW” he was referring of course to the fact that Eurus hadn’t told him what she suspected since day one

“In all honesty I thought that you would have noticed your attraction to your pathologist since the moment you began your game of 'flirting for organs’ I didn’t expect the situation to last this long” Eurus admitted sheepishly reminding Sherlock of the way she used to intentionally assume that he’d clean his bedroom when he had a nasty experiment rotting in his desk, conveniently not reminding him to throw it away “its not my fault, its yours” So maybe his mind palace was undergoing a major rearrangement, Eurus could work with that..hopefully

“What do I do now?” Sherlock groaned putting his head in his hands “I love her”

“You do whatever mummy would do I suppose, she’s the one who is good at handling non-sociopaths” Eurus tried to help along “maybe you should confer with Dr Watson, I fear my continued advice in that subject would nderimental to your latest breaktrough” Aka: Eurus would not give Sherlock romantic life hacks, she simply wasn’t willing to.

“Mummy…would make lunch, maybe a pot of her favourite tea” Sherlock agreed pensively “and ease Molly slowly into the situation”

“Not too slowly, I want my first nephew to be born preferably within the next year or so” Eurus asserted as tough she were giving Sherlock her takeaway order “you will make mostly male children given both of your genetic profiles but I’d still like at least one of them to be named after me if possible”

“Have you ever thought that Molly might not want children? If anything she hasn’t agreed to even date me yet, let alone get engaged or conceive with me…”

“Tiny crime solving pathologists?” Eurus supplied when he couldn’t bring himself to say the word children “Sherlock a basic deduction of Molly’s life would point towards a desire for a nuclear family, more to the point she’d want it and she’d want it with you, the only sibling in our circle liable to be successful in raising another generation of Holmes geniuses” considering Mycroft and Eurus would most likely cause their offspring some degree of psychological issues with their parenting techniques, it didn’t sound so much like a compliment

Aaaand there went their bonding moment, Eurus was back to her manipulative self “Maybe you should leave” Sherlock muttered comming in and out of buffering mode “as much as I enjoy our interludes, I don’t think I’m fit for company or will be for the next few hours”

“Maybe I should, my work here is done” Eurus agreed rising from her seat and dusting her Pajamas “I expect that a sleepover wouldn’t be any fun anyway, not with the way your thoughts are shouting”

Noticing the changes in the tone of her voice Sherlock briefly paused his panic attack to regard his sister with a suspicious stare “Stay away from my pathologist Eurus, I mean it”

“I will, but be a smart boy and keep an eye on her, I heard your old friend Victor is back in town” Eurus attempted to joke “Maybe you should move her here for a few days, you know, for security reasons” And with that parting shot his sister breezed out of Baker Street leaving a very stressed Sherlock no choice but to phone Molly

“Gasp and Bloody Works what can I do for you?” Molly’s cheerful voice answered her mobile, Sherlock could hear the sound of a bone saw in the distance and deduced he’d caught her in the middle of an autopsy

A million thoughts raced trough his head but he settled for a mundane response, no need to alarm her “Bad time for a call?”

“Oh it’s you Sherlock, sorry I didn’t see the caller ID, funny you should phone I just got the most interesting body with a unidentified brain aneurysm, I thought you might find it interesting so no its not a bad time at all” she always sounded in good mood whenever he called, give or take a few exemptions, Molly always tried her best to be positive about everything including his cases.

“Really? A brain you say” Sherlock perked up before remembering the subject at hand “actually I was calling to ask for a favor, but the brain aneurysm sounds quaint, please save it for future study”

'smooth Sherlock real smooth’ mind palace john muttered

'Not now Watson’

Molly who knew him well enough to know that if he wanted to ask for something big he’d do it in person and not by phone had no qualms in replying “what kind of favor? Sherlock is this for a case?, you know that as long as its within my power I will help you”

“No its not for a case, this is more of a personal favor, I need to stay in your flat for an undefined amount of time” there he said it now all he had to do was get Molly to agree, because while this wasn’t the first time he’d used her place as a bolthole it was the one time he’d do it for sentiment’s sake and consent was important.

“Wait, why? Are you okay” the bone saw was turned off and Sherlock could hear the unecessary concern in the voice of the woman he’d just realised he loved.

“yes I’m fine, but I have reasons to believe that my privacy in Baker Street has been compromised” and he needed to make sure Molly’s hadn’t been. Lest Eurus perchance for giving people a push in the right direction landed Molly in the bottom of a well.

“By who?”

Sherlock gave a long suffering sigh and answered “by my sister”

An: I’ve thought up Eurus as a dark version of Georgiana to Sherlock’s Mr Darcy hope she wasn’t to occ, this fic is for all my Sherllolian folks on tumblr, who are just awesome

“Go to sleep,” Loki told Thor flatly. “I am not going to kill you. Should I try, your friend would assuredly stomp me into paste.”

Thor frowned at him as though he doubted that - or perhaps as though he did not think it was amusing. But he went, at least. Loki watched him, one eye on Thor and one on their surrounding motley band. 

He did not miss Banner approaching - for the moment in his human skin - but did not acknowledge him either. It seemed better for them both to proceed that way. Or at least it was better for Loki. He had no interest in getting too close to Banner, even when his green monster was slumbering. He had thought, by how Banner had returned the favor, that he felt the same. 

But now Banner was approaching him. Or perhaps Thor. Loki continued to pretend as though he did not notice, hoping that was it. Although after the effort he had put into getting Thor to sleep in the first place…

“He is resting,” Loki said, not looking at Banner. “I can tell him to find you when he wakes, if you wish.” 

“No, actually,” Banner said, in his deceptively mild voice. “I was hoping to talk to you.”

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Window Watchers

Requested: “ Could you do a fanfic thing (never requested before don’t know what its called ) where the reader is best friends with Jughead and confesses she likes him but he gets nervous and rejects her then he sees from Betty’s room when he’s talking to her about it that Archie and the reader kiss. I don’t know I came up with it and id like to see how you would write this also I looooovvvveeee your blog ❤ “

Pairings: jugxreader, archiexreader

 Warnings: None? fluff?

A/N: Sorry guys, thats all I can say. really cute fic called Sunday should go up tomorrow….hopefully also sorry if the geography of this fic doesnt make sense, dont be mad.

As always ((things written in brackets throughout are me speaking)) 


3rd person.

You, betty, Archieand Jughead. Inseparable 4. Well since the addition of Veronica and Kevin, the inseparable 6. The way you all liked it. Well most of you.

Archie had been pining after you since his break up with Val. Known by all but you, approved by all but Jughead.

You had been a subject of conflict in their friendship for some time. Archie having only eyes for you, you only having eyes for Jughead and Jughead only having eyes for burgers…and cluelessness. No matter how many hints you dropped, the beanie wearing boy was blind to all. Much to your frustration and Archie’s delight.

Archie attempted to flirt with you all the time but you could only ever see him as a friend, one of your best friends, but this did not discourage him.

“I think I’m going to tell him V” you proclaimed closing your locker. Veronica rolled her eyes in response. Your sweeping declarations were always fleeting and never went into action.

“Sure you are y/n, sure you are” she sarcastically said while patting your shoulder.

“No, nope I’m going to do it, tonight.” Veronica once again met you with a roll of her eyesand a grin  as the final bell rang out.


Jughead sprawled himself out on my bed writing his novel, the usual Friday activity before moving it to Pops. I’m going to do it.

I span around in my desk chair, took a deep breath, panicked and spun back around. Okay okay okay try again.

I span, gulped, span around again faster and exhaled. Nope nope nope.

“I’m sorry are you trying to win an award for most annoying writing companion or something” I heard Jughead laugh from behind me. Just do it just do it just do it. I am Nike, just do it. ((I’m so lame)).

I spun around in the chair and dug my heels into the carpet, I will not let me spin around again. Okay. Let’s do this.


Jughead POV

“Yes….” I mimicked her. Why is she so wonderfully weird… wait..something’s different,she has to tell me something. Oh god oh god oh god.

“Oh God who died?!” She smiled to my question, standing up. I could see her legs shake from here. She’s like Bambi. I resist the urge to take advantage of  her shaky stance to push her over.

“JUGHEAD I REALLY REALLY LIKE YOU AND IF I DONT SAY IT NOW IM GOING TO EXPLODE!” she blurted. Did I even hear her right? I have no words. Where are my words. WHERE ARE MY WORDS?!

“I’m sorry I just had to say it but I can’t just be your friend anymore Jughead, I mean I love being your friend but I love you more”

Okay am I drunk? Is this a dream? Where am I? Where are the hidden cameras?

Her eyes were searching mine frantically and it was then I realised I hadn’t said anything. I could feel my body shaking on the bed. I want to say I love her but my voice is betraying me.

So I did the worse thing I could do but also the only thing I could do. Fight or flight and I picked flight. I just took off out the door, running and hating myself for it. I just bolted out the door and ran directly over the road to betty’s.


I’m an idiot, I’m an idiot. Why did I think this was a good idea. Ughhhhhh

*Sms:Archiedoodles: Arch, I’m coming over. No questions asked.

I could feel the tears swell in my eyes as I ran downstairs and out the door, over the road to Archie. I don’t know why I chose Archies, Veronica would have been a better choice but she has her own drama and I knew Jughead had run to betty, either to her house or pops to meet her. He was my only choice.

I jogged around the back of Archie’s and let myself in the back door, passing Mr.Andrews with a small wave as quickly as possible so he wouldn’t question my reddening eyes.

I burst in the door of archie’s bedroom as he stood startled, I ran into his arms. He cuddled me in close without question as requested. I cried a little into his chest.

“YN…what happened?!”

“No no, no questions asked.” I reminded him.

“Okay okay, I’m not complaining” he squeezed me again. I’m so confused. I don’t know what to do. Im a flood of feeling while simultaneously feeling nothing. What fresh hell is this.

I pulled slightly from Archie to meet his eyes. He’s such a good friend to me.

Archie slowly moved in, moving hair from my eyes and kissed me.

Jughead POV simultaneously

I’m a terrible person. I laid out on Betty’s beds and recounted what had happened to Kevin and Betty.

“Oh you’re a jerk” Betty concluded and I nodded in agreement. I am. I am such a terrible person.

“Wait wait I thought you liked yn?” Kevin raised an eyebrow to me in confusion.

“I DO! I REALLY DO! I JUST PANICKED!” I let my feelings transpire through to my voice. I’m a disgrace to the human race.

“Okay, what are you going to do about it?..besides hide from Veronica once she finds out what you did to her best friend” Betty asking the hard questions and making me fear for my life all at once, classic Betty.

“I don’t know” I’m so lost.

“I think now you’ve had a second to process it you should tell her the truth, that you love her too…and with regards to Veronica, well… Australia isn’t far enough” Kevin sat down beside me.

Okay. I’ll do it. I stood up with purpose and nodded at both of them.

That’s when I saw it.

Through the years of growing up I loved how Betty’s and Archie’s windows faced dead on to each other. It was the catalyst for many games and stories. But now. Now I wish Betty’s room was in the basement….in Australia.

Australia isn’t far enough.

Betty followed my gaze and saw the same thing, half gasping and lunging for the blind, snapping it down in one rattled movement.

YN and Archie.

YN and Archie kissing.

My YN kissing Archie.

I’m going to be sick. Betty slowly moved to me with hands out to stop me from moving. Like trying to stop a wild horse from trampling you. ((oh sweetie if a horse wants to trample you, you’re dead))

“Jug…” she drawed out. Too late, I was once again gone like a flash.


I pushed Archie into the chest separating him from me.

“Archie…” I breathed.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so confused” he sat down on the edge of the bed, head in hands. That’s fine he’s confused but he shouldn’t try to confuse me then, he knows I like Jughead. I slowly sat down next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

“I uh I think you should call Val….i think you’re using me as a distraction from the reality of a problem…you need to call val” I said gently.

Archie turned his head in his hands and met my eyes. He bit his lip.

“Yeah, I think I will….I’m sorry yn, you were upset and I took advantage of you…” I patted his shoulder in forgiveness before standing and slipping out of the boy who had a lot of explaining to do’ room.

I walked out the front door and saw Jughead fly out of Bettys in pure anger. Woah what happened there.

“Jughead?” I called after him before chasing him, thoughts of my mistake earlier gone, my friend clearly needs me. His pace quickened at the sound of my voice.

He kept going till he was standing on the bridge that separated the Southside from us.

“Juggy stop!” I screamed and he turned in his heels and i practically slammed into his chest.

“What?! What the hell do you want?!” He bit. How dare he be mad at me right now!

“Em excuse me? Wanna try that again in a different tone?” I returned in the same inflection. He just huffed in response, crossing his arms. Okay time to change tactic.

“Jug, what’s wrong?” I say softly moving closer to him.

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong is the girl I love is off kissing my best friend minutes after saying she loves me!” he practically screams.

“You don’t get to be mad at me!” I shouted back.

“Wait….did you just say you love me?” He looked panicked again at my question. I could see him slowly backing away before I caught his arm.

“No no you’re not a allowed to run this time” I say much softer. “Please” I whisper.

In one swift movement he met my lips, bringing his hands to my cheeks as mine went to his sides. Suddenly he pushed me backwards.

“No no no we can’t…you can’t…Archie and you… arggghh” he ran his hands through his hair frustratedly before backing away again.

“No, no Juggie please, it’s not like that it’s not that I promise! He kissed me! I didn’t want to kiss him! I only went to him cause I needed a friend! I didn’t want what happened to happen! It’s not like that!” I was crying now as I clung to Jugheads hoodie.

“Jug, I still love you. Please”

I could see the inner fight happening in his eyes.

“So you don’t like Archie?”

“Not like that, never like that” I say half frantically.

“oh thank god” in one sweeping motion he meet me in a kiss again.

“If you ever kiss Archie again I will end his life” he half joked breaking from me.

“If Archie ever kisses me again I’ll end his life” I laugh back before we meet again.


Much love Xx

Almost Human!AU

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

  • Leonard hates androids. All of them, in all their shapes, sizes and functions. Doesn’t trust them. But somehow, in the two years he’s been off-duty to deal with his wife and daughter disappearing, and an accident that left him with a synthetic leg, it has become mandatory for anyone in the police force to be accompanied by a robot. Spock is the main supplier of those, and he walks Leonard down further into the lab. “I have a J.I.M available for you,” Spock says, and Leonard raises his eyebrows. “Isn’t that the recalled sex ‘bot? What am I gonna do with that? They were insane.” “Their purpose was to use their bodies to gain intel on potential threats, yes,” Spock says. He pulls out one of the models, still deactivated, and carries it to a special chair. “But they were recalled because they went batshit crazy,” Leonard says, “you’re giving me one of the crazy ones.” “Crazy is a hurtful expression,” Spock says, wiring the android up to his computer, “they are fully equipped with a synthetic soul, and this one is reprogrammed to be an excellent police officer.” “Great,” Leonard says, though heavily sarcastic. Spock activates him, and Leonard stares down at unnatural blue eyes coming to life. “Jim,” Spock says, resting his hand on Jim’s shoulder, “meet detective McCoy. McCoy, this is Jim. Now, Jim’s previous… occupation shouldn’t be triggered, but there may be a few glitches.“ “Glitches?” Leonard asks, immediately alarmed. “what kind of glitches?”
  • Jim is continuously clacking his tongue during the drive back to the precinct. Leonard is getting increasingly more annoyed, and he tightens his fingers around the steering wheel. “Can you just…” Leonard says, gritting his teeth, before finally sighing and turning to look at Jim, “synthetic: off.” “Synthetic: off,” Jim repeats, rolling it over his tongue a couple of times, “is that your way of telling me to shut up?” “Yes,” Leonard says, and Jim raises his eyebrows. “Rude. I’m not a fan of that word.” “Synthetic?” “Yeah.” “You want me to call you something else than synthetic?” “Preferably,” Jim says, “you’ve said it two more times since I asked you not to.” “Synthetic?” Leonard asks, and Jim glances in his direction. “You’re doing this on purpose.“ Leonard throws him a small smirk. “Relax, it’s not like you should be feeling anything.” “Spock informed you of my synthetic soul, right? I am designed to feel and experience just as much as you,” Jim explains. “But how do you know if you feel as much? You’re a robot,” Leonard says, “all your feelings are artificial.” Jim’s eyes narrow, and Leonard watches him grit his teeth a little. “Human,” Jim starts, throwing Leonard an annoyed smile, “off.
  • Their first assigned task together ends in an artificial blood bath, because someone is hacking into Androids to turn them into weapons against humans. Most general police model Androids are compromised, but Jim enters the field anyway. He’s on Leonard’s side, providing him cover, and dragging him out of the line of fire when Leonard is knocked out by one of the other androids. Leonard feels quite disorientated when he wakes up, and Jim is hovering above him. Blue eyes piercing his own and Leonard feels like his privacy is being invaded just looking at Jim. “What are you doing?” Leonard groans. “I’m going to overwrite the androids,” Jim says, “I need you to cover me, because I will be temporarily immobilized when I do this. Can you do that?” “Of course I can do that,” Leonard says with a frown. He takes over Jim’s gun, and provides him cover for all the androids that are charging at them with full speed. When Jim successfully overwrites their program, they all crumple to the ground. The two of them catch the guy responsible not much later. “You did well,” Leonard says eventually, and Jim throws him a small smile. “Was that a compliment?” “Take it as you wish,” Leonard says, “it doesn’t mean we’re friends. But we’re gonna celebrate with a drink.” “I don’t drink,” Jim says, watching Leonard put his coat back on. “Perfect,” Leonard replies, “in that case: I’m paying.”
  • And everything goes well, Jim and Bones work surprisingly well together despite the fact that Jim’s an android, and Leonard is convinced he’s programmed to counter literally everything Leonard says. Spock assures him that’s part of his synthetic soul that shapes his “character”. But then they investigate a death in an upperclass brothel, and Jim gets distracted by the sex ‘bots. Not because he’s interested in them, as Leonard initially expects, but because he can relate to them and their work. Jim speaks to one of the girls for the longest time, and Leonard lets him - even though he doesn’t really like the way she touches his arm and smiles at the things he’s saying. “Are you coming?” Leonard asks, nudging Jim’s side. “Or are you gonna go stare into each other’s eyes exchanging data all day? Let me know if I should book a room.” Jim huffs at that, and turns around. “Let’s go,” he says, patting Leonard’s shoulder as they walk out. “I noticed you fancied her, though,” he adds, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “Excuse me? I did not.” “I noticed an increase in your pulse,” Jim says. Leonard scoffs. “She ain’t my type.” “What is your type?” Jim asks curiously. Leonard doesn’t even have a proper answer for that. Blond, blue eyes, and confident. But he can’t really say that without boosting Jim’s ego too much, so instead he shrugs, and says: “Alive.” Jim slows his walking,  glancing at Leonard’s back as he walks away. “Rude. You’re such a dick.”
  • The ride back to the precinct is quieter, Jim keeps his thoughts to himself and Leonard is grateful for that. Until Jim turns to look at Leonard, and goes: “Your pulse is still faster than usual.” “So?” “Logically, that means you’re either angry- or you fancy me.” “I wonder which one of those two is the correct one,” Leonard says, sarcasm heavy in his voice, but Jim smiles. “Me, too.” “I obviously don’t fancy you.” Leonard says, and Jim laughs. “Sure.” “But I am curious,” Leonard starts, “do you have anything… down there? Or are you like a Ken doll?” “Of course I have something down there,” Jim says, “my design was originally aimed for the sex industry. A lot of thought went into designing my-” “Okay, I get it.” “Here, I’ll show you,” Jim says, and Leonard frowns because initially, he doesn’t understand. But then he looks over at Jim, and Jim has pushed his pants down, and Leonard clears his throat. “Jesus, Jim. Put that thing away! Is that all for one person?” “It was modeled after the ideal length, width…” “Yes, okay. I got it,” Leonard says, and Jim just grins. “Your pulse is racing again.” “Shut up.”
  • Jim lives with the MX model androids, and generally that is fine. They’re not programmed to show emotion or anything, but Jim doesn’t need it when he’s not in human presence. But a malfunction in the system leaves only a few charging stables online, and Jim gets the last priority to charge. Which also means that come morning, he’s running on half a charge. He’s grumpy enough to match Leonard’s mood when they run into each other in the office. “You ready to solve another murder?” Leonard asks, “spontaneous human combustion. I’m not even making that up.” “You’re way too happy that we’re taking on a murder case,” Jim counters, and Leonard raises an eyebrow. “You okay?” “No. I am running on 49% because your boss thinks MX’s are more important than me.” “What?” “There was a charging malfunctioning in our place. I wanna move out. I’m gonna move in with you, Bones.” “You’re not moving in with me,” Leonard huffs. “Come on, you have a trophy room you literally never enter. I could just install a charging there, you wouldn’t even know I was there.” “Listen, darling, you’re not moving in with me,” Leonard says firmly. 
  • “Do you want to keep those trophies?” Jim asks, carrying out a box of Leonard’s high school achievements. “You were quite an athlete, huh?” “Yeah,” Leonard says, grabbing that very box from Jim’s hands, “that was until I lost my leg.” “These are all high school and college trophies,” Jim says, “you didn’t lose your leg ‘til two years ago.” “Stop researching me all the time,” Leonard groans, running a hand through his hair, “how charged are you?” “28%,” Jim says, “my charging station should be finished in two hours.” “Can you last that long?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. “So long as we don’t have to do anything in that time.” But they’re not that lucky, because just ten minutes later they get another emergency call.
  • Jim performs okay, as usual, but when his charge goes below 10%, he starts getting sluggish. Several of his functions shut down and Jim becomes even grumpier and aggressive, which is ridiculous considering they’re just researching a homicide case. “Can you stop,” Leonard says, “power down, or something. I can better do this alone. Synthetic: off.” “Shut the fuck up, Leonard,” Jim counters, “I can help.”
  • “Alright,” Leonard sighs, getting up from his seat, “I’m taking you to Spock. Surely he has a way for you to charge.” Jim gets up as well, grabbing Leonard’s arm and pulling him in closer. It’s so sudden Leonard doesn’t even know what’s happening until Jim presses his lips against his own. With surprising force, too, pressing Leonard against the wall and sliding his hands under his shirt. “Jesus–Jim,” Leonard breathes out, tilting his face away to feel Jim’s lips run over his jaw and his neck instead. “What are you-” “Is this human enough for you?” Jim asks, and Leonard shivers when he feels hot breath against his ear. “Jim-” “Your heart is racing,” Jim says, and Leonard closes his eyes, finally shoving Jim backwards. “What is wrong with you?" Jim looks a little lost at Leonard, and then just leans in again. "I’m only here to serve you. I can show you a good time.” He says, and Leonard sighs, rubbing his temples and taking a deep breath to focus. “You wanna serve me?” “Yes.” “Follow me,” Leonard says, grabbing Jim’s hand and ignoring that odd smile on the other’s lips as he follows Leonard. 
  • When they’re in Spock’s basement, Jim’s eyes narrow. “You tricked me.” “You said you wanted to serve me. I’m telling you what to do. Go lie down and charge,” Leonard says, handing Jim over to Spock. “I’ll see you in a few hours when your sex-bot program isn’t triggered.”
  • "I’m sorry,” Jim tells Leonard when he gets home. Leonard catches him staring as he’s walking around the house in a tank top and shorts, clearly revealing Leonards synthetic leg. “You’re not staring at me because that sex bot thing is still running, are you?” he asks, pointing the beer bottle in his hand in Jim’s direction as he sits down on his couch, rubbing his leg a little in annoyance. “No,” Jim says, “I promise. I’m sorry about what happened, okay? That’s not me. I’m not usually that desperate for human contact.” He sits down on the couch next to Leonard, and turns to him with the familiar smile Leonard has learned to love. “Thank you for still letting me live here with you.” “Well,” Leonard says, leaning back and turning on the TV, “we all make mistakes.” “I promise it won’t happen again.” “I’m talking about me. Letting you live here,” Leonard says, and he’s grinning at the TV as he speaks. Jim huffs, leaning back and relaxing a little, too. “Just for the record,” Leonard continues, finally turning to watch Jim instead of the screen, “you might not be human, and I know I said I liked my partners breathing, but you should know. You are… human enough.” It comes out of him almost unnaturally, because Leonard usually shows affection by insulting Jim. Jim gets it, though, and he throws Leonard a grin. “So you do fancy me,” he says, and Leonard shrugs. He leans in, and Jim shuts his eyes when lips brush over his jaw. And when Jim turns his head just enough so they can kiss, it feels so much better than a few hours before. Natural, and slow, like they’ve kissed a million times before. And Jim doesn’t breathe, but he still looks breathless when Leonard finally pulls away. He looks just as bad, through heavy eyes and a cocky little smirk. “Maybe I fancy you a little.”
[Part III] Crimson Frost

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Word count: 1,800+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
Part I - Part II
A/N: Can we talk about how cute Peter looks in this gif? This cinnamon role is too pure for this world (and with that I mean Tom Holland, haha)! Here is part three! Enjoy! 💕

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Support Group for People Unfairly Maligned in Historical Fiction

Edward II: Greetings, everyone!  I’m Edward of Caernarfon, as you probably all know - do feel free to call me Ned - and I’m your moderator for this, the second meeting of all of us unfortunate historical folks maligned in fiction of the twenty-first century.  We’re here to share our pain, and to share the sillinesses perpetuated about us written hundreds of years after our deaths.  I’ll get us started.  As well as all the unfair and wildly untrue things about me I shared at our last meeting, there’s some new stuff.  According to one novelist, I react to things by ‘snivelling’ and am a coward who runs away from the battlefield of Bannockburn and is too afraid to fight, even though in reality I had to be dragged protesting from the field and fought 'like a lioness deprived of her cubs’ right in the thick of battle.

Piers Gaveston: Pretty damn sure I never saw you snivel, Ned.  I bet the terribly heterosexual manly hero Roger Mortimer doesn’t 'snivel’ in that novel, eh?

Edward II: Damn right, he doesn’t.  That same novel also accuses me of cowardice because I don’t beat up my wife, which was a real lolwut?? moment, I tell you.

Margaret Beaufort: May I have the floor, Ned?  I, apparently, am a religious maniac with a weirdly anachronistic Joan of Arc fetish - why? I mean, why?! - which I have to talk about every five minutes.  I mysteriously forget that I’m the countess of Richmond all the time.  But worst of all by far, I’m meant to have had Edward IV’s two sons murdered in the Tower of London so that my own son Henry Tudor could become king.  Because obviously I knew that Richard III’s son would conveniently die young a few months later and clear the path to the throne, and I could stroll in and out of the most fortified and well-guarded stronghold in the country and murder two princes without anyone noticing.  Yup.  Invisible Superwoman, that’s me.

Edward II: That’s awful, Margaret!  You mean people are willing to accuse you of the cold-blooded murder of children when there isn’t the tiniest shred of evidence whatsoever?

Margaret Beaufort: Indeed there are, plenty of them.  There are also people on modern social media who call me a 'snake’ and express a wish that I’d died in childbirth and my son with me.  I was thirteen at the time.  Yes, there really are people out there who wish a thirteen-year-old had suffered a painful death in childbirth.  It seems that they forget we were human beings with feelings too.

George, duke of Clarence: Hey, everyone!  Talking about blatant ways of making us appear really unlikeable and horrible, I’d like to protest at the way novelists in the twenty-first century portray me as this ridiculously one-dimensional alcoholic wife-beater.  That’s all there ever was to me, apparently.  Alcoholism.  And wife-beating.  I never even laid a finger on Isabel!

Henry VII: There’s this one novel where my mother Margaret Beaufort - who just hasn’t been maligned enough, apparently - tells me to rape my fiancée Elizabeth of York before we marry to make sure that she can become pregnant.  If she can’t, I’m to marry her sister Cecily instead.  Still trying to figure that one out - am I supposed to go through all the sisters until I find one who gets pregnant and then marry her?  Just so darn weird.

Elizabeth of York: Wait, let me see that one!  Oh yeah, I remember now, the novel where I spend half the time mooning over my lost uncle Richard III, who I was totally in love with, allegedly, and refer to constantly as 'my lover’.  My uncle.  There is not enough eeeewwwww in my vocabulary.

Henry VII: I’m depicted as this pathetic little mummy’s boy half the time.  And I’ve been trying to block the horror of it out of my mind, but there’s another novel that has me - get this, folks - drinking the blood of young men.  Like wuuuuuuh?

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know.

Edward II: You don’t know what?

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know what I don’t know.  I don’t know anything.  Say anything to me and I’ll reply that I don’t know.

Elizabeth Woodville: Hey, everyone, did you know I’m a witch?  Witch witch witch.  Who makes witchy things happen all the witching time.  Because I’m a witch.  A witchy witch who does lots of witchy things.  On every witchy page of the witchy novel about how I’m a witch.

Anne Neville: I’m getting pretty annoyed with the way I’m almost always depicted as terribly frail, to the point where I faint or collapse about every five minutes.  Yes, I died young, but that doesn’t mean I’d been a permanent invalid all my life, people!  Yeesh, it’d be great to have someone write me as though I had an actual backbone and some personality, instead of as this weak feeble fainting little…thing.

Edward of Lancaster: True, and it’d be nice if someone would acknowledge that you didn’t necessarily spend your entire marriage to me weeping and wailing over Richard of Gloucester.

Anne Neville: I did a little bit at first maybe, just a tiny little bit, but I soon got used to the idea of being queen of England one day.  That was pretty cool.  Something else modern novelists never seem to realise about me is that maybe I had a bit of ambition and quite fancied being a queen!

Edward of Lancaster: Yeah, we kind of got used to being married to each other and didn’t mind it at all, did we?  And you know, it’s so unfair when a throwaway bravado comment you make when you’re still practically a child is then used for the next half a millennium as though it represents the sum total of your personality and is constantly used to present you as a sadistic murderous psychopath.  Modern people, would you like it if someone took one of your sulky adolescent pronouncements as though it’s representative of your entire life and attitudes?

Henry VI: And when one remark by one visitor to England, simply reporting a rumour he had heard that I supposedly said that my son Edward was fathered by the Holy Ghost, is taken that my son absolutely must have been fathered by someone else other than me.  As though my wife Margaret of Anjou isn’t maligned enough!

Margaret of Anjou: Oh, you mean I actually have a name?  Like seriously?  I thought I was just called 'the bad queen’.  Voice dripping with sarcasm here.

Elizabeth of York: I don’t know.

Edward II: Afraid we’re running out of time and will have to wrap this up now, folks!  Hope you all feel somewhat better after getting this rubbish off your chests, and take care until the next meeting of the Support Group for People Maligned in Historical Fiction!  Goodnight!

- Kathryn Warner from her blog (excepts about the Wars of The Roses historical fiction)

Daughter Of Smoke and Bone Sentence Meme {1/2}
  • “You don’t know everything.”
  • “Hope has power. Don’t waste it on foolish things.”
  • “I’ve always imagined that one day the path of your life would unroll at your feet and carry you away from us.”
  • “But he is pretty. God, I hope he’s not an asshole. Do you think there’s any chance he’s both non-orifice and single?”
  • “Take up a weapon and you become an instrument with as pure a purpose as the weapon itself: to find arteries and open them, limbs and sever them; to take what is alive and deliver it unto death.”
  • “How could life be so unrelentingly ugly?”
  • “I swear I hate more people every day. Everyone annoys me. If I’m like this now, what am I going to be like when I’m old?”
  • “I don’t know many rules to live by, but here’s one. It’s simple. Don’t put anything unnecessary into yourself. No poisons or chemicals, no fumes or smoke or alcohol, no sharp objects, no inessential needles—drug or tattoo—and… no inessential penises either.”
  • “Your soul sings to mine. My soul is yours, and it always will be, in any world.”
  • “Oh, hell. Must. Mate. Immediately.”
  • “Wishes are false. Hope is true. Hope makes its own magic.”
  • “Beauty. Humans are fools for it. As helpless as moths who hurl themselves at fire.”
  • “Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony.”
  • “I am one of billions. I am stardust gathered fleetingly into form. I will be ungathered. The stardust will go on to be other things someday and I will be free.”
  • “To stay true in the face of evil is a feat of strength.”
  • “It is a condition of monsters that they do not perceive themselves as such.”
  • “As long as you’re alive, there’s always a chance things will get better.”
  • “Are you saying you don’t love me? Because I love you. I think. Oh. No. Never mind. That’s fear.”
  • “You are filthy with your victory. Enjoy it, for you will never know another.”
  • "Your heart is not wrong. Your heart is your strength.”
  • “It is grotesque to imagine that killing and mutilation and terror could ever deliver to us a life worth living. They will bring what they always have:more killing, more mutilation, more terror.”
  • “I just want you to pee in a balloon so I can drop it on him.”
  • “There is an intimacy in pain.”
  • “Anyone who would wear all white like that clearly had issues.”
  • “You are not his. You are not mine. You are your own.”
  • “It was brave. It was rare. It was love, and it was beautiful.“
  • "Just out of curiosity, you know, purely conversation and all, at what age will you be entertaining offers of marriage?”
  • “Dead souls dream only of death.”
  • “Life is your master, or death is.”
  • “A dream dirty and bruised is better than no dream at all.”
  • “Why do you have to notice everything?”
  • “Is my life really worth so little to you?”
  • “Try to remember, always try to remember, you’re not the only one with troubles.”
  • “You can’t know what you will do.”
  • “Killed anything fun lately?”
  • “Well, that’s brave, I mean, to say that to the girl with the gun against your eyeball.”
  • “You piss off a hunter, you’re gonna live like prey.”
  • “You really think joy is easier to come by than pain?”
  • “Are you sorry for falling in love?”
  • “I have some feelings. Just not stupid ones, like remorse. Or love.”
  • “Do you want to know something? It’s a relief to finally understand what happened to you.”
  • “Lesson:Do not bring presents back from strange places.”
  • “I think I would always find you, no matter how you were hidden.”
  • “I almost never like people, even in tiny doses. But I never get tired of being with you.”
  • “You need to care for yourself. Or let others care for you.”
  • “No pain for you. Only pleasure.”
  • “What am I for but killing?”
  • “Do you think I like knowing that you’re locked in here alone, suffering?”
  • “I was in love with you. And to see you with… him, like that. You drove me a little mad.”
  • “I’ll lie down and die with you, do you hear me?”
  • “You make beautiful bruises.”
  • “Do you know what I have lost because of you?”
  • “I think that you are our most valuable asset. And I think that you need to let me protect you.”
  • “Tell me, I want to know the looks on their faces. I want to hear how they screamed.”
  • “Come sleep. The devils will still be there in the morning.”
  • “It’s good to have someone around to save your life.”
  • “You shame yourself taking pride in today’s work.”
  • “Yes, because nothing instills fear quite like bragging how many times your sister has saved your life.”
  • “It’s a blessing to die at the hand of someone beautiful.”
  • “You’re safe because you would gut him with your bare hands if he ever tried to touch you.”
  • “I think I have a right to know what my pain is paying for.”
  • “Do you talk to the monsters before you kill them?”
  • “There are no marks for mercy.”
  • “Mercy breeds mercy as slaughter breeds slaughter. We can’t expect the world to be better than we make it.”
  • “You know, in a story, it’s the details like that that make it seem real.”
  • “Hold him. I’m feeling inspired.”
  • “In war, some luxuries must be put aside.”
  • “We’ve come to the godforsaken navel of nowhere and you don’t even want us here.”
  • “Try not to look delicious, okay?”
  • “Oh, and don’t trip over the body on the floor.”
  • “That is never going to happen. You understand that, right? Never.”
  • “I think you neutralized our capacity for surprise.”
  • “I have been punished enough. I have come home at last.”
  • “You who know what it is to be broken, you will pity me.”
  • “I’m only not freaked out by that because you haven’t been out of my sight since we got here.”
  • “Well, we should at least have a code word then, to determine whether the other one is an impostor. In case, you know, a monster steals my body in the five minutes I’m peeing.”
  • “Our impostor code word should be impostor?”

ladyoftheshrimp  asked:

For your character breakdown game: Newt and/or Graves (depending on how bored you are and how much time you have).


Newt Scamander

  • How I feel about this character

When I first heard of Fantastic Beasts, I wasn’t too thrilled. I thought it would be a boring movie, I thought Fantastic Beasts would be nowhere near Harry Potter in my heart, and I thought Newt Scamander sounded boring. BUT. THE MOVIE PROVED ME WRONG. I didn’t intend to like Newt. I went in, prepared that I wouldn’t like Newt, and came out gushing over what a fucking cinnamon roll he was. He is the literal embodiment of everything that was good and kind and pure. One of the first things I loved about him was his overwhelming concern and love for his creatures, and for creatures in general. I related so much to this quality of his, and this quote of his is absolutely perfect:

For they’re currently in alien terrain surrounded by millions of the most vicious creatures on the planet… Humans. 

Secondly, he is the most awkward being on the planet. And I love that. I want to see more people like Newt, who are endearingly awkward and clumsy, someone who not everyone might necessarily like. His honest admission about how people find him annoying hit close to home, because I understood what he meant by that. I understood him being a social outcast, and taking solace in something that made him happy and not feel like an outsider. He is a blessing to all of us who don’t always fit in.

Third, his utter lack of an ego. The fact that he was willing to do that ridiculous Erumpent mating dance because it was just how things were, made me love him all the more. That, and his total disregard for people and their opinions of him. He will do what he knows best, and what he knows is right, and everyone else be damned because he is Newt Scamander and no one, not even MACUSA or the Ministry of Magic, can change that.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

I ship Newt with Percival Graves primarily, then with Tina, only because it was canon and I knew about them ending up married before I shipped Gramander. I liked how in the movie, we barely have a hint of Newt x Tina because I am seriously sick of love at first sight XD I want to see them grow, slowly. I want to see the first time Newt and Tina realise they have feelings for one another, and how they come to terms with that. Because they’re just really awkward people, I think it would be really sweet and funny, and refreshing to see that romance play out. As for Gramander, well. Percival and Newt are polar opposites in my mind. I know most people see Percival as dark and Newt as light, but I think there’s a hint of the opposite in each of them. There is so much potential for endless fluff and angst for them, and because we know nothing about Percival, thanks to JK Rowling (ugh, still bitter), we can just write whatever we want about Gramander, and that’s one of the main things I like about the pairing.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

Definitely Jacob and Newt’s brotp. They just mesh together really well, and I love how their interactions are kind of awkward, but so sweet, and they’re two oddly shaped pieces of puzzles that just fit, somehow. I also really like the idea of Newt taking Credence under his wing, because Newt has so much compassion in his heart, and one of the headcannons I have is that Credence ends up as Newt’s apprentice somewhere along the way. Newt would have unconditional acceptance of Credence, and they could learn so much from each other.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

None really. 

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

I wish we will get to see more of Newt’s dark side in the coming movies, and I want to see the trauma Newt might have experienced as a result of the war he was in. Basically, I want Newt to have this period of darkness that he fights through, which will make us all appreciate the ball of pureness he is. I also want to see how his creatures steady him because that’s where he really feels at home, with his creatures.

Percival Graves

  • How I feel about this character

Well for one, and pardon my French, he is one of the fucking best characters in the entirety of the Wizarding World universe, and JK fucked him over by using such a brilliant character with so much potential for amazing storylines, as a stepping stone for Grindelwald (I have nothing against the character) played by Johnny fucking Depp because he’s a “superstar” and for some fucking reason, JK fucking worships him, and I AM SO PISSED OFF.

Ok, deep breaths. But seriously, Percival Graves is one of those characters who’s supposed to be a minor character, but instead steals every fucking scene he is in, thanks in major part to Colin. He has so much charisma, so much more than Johnny De- I mean, Grindelwald. The thing about Percival is that he has been set up to be so much more than a side character, and yet he was dropped from any future movies (so far). Cannon wise, we don’t know much about the real man Percival is/was (self-plug: I wrote a piece on my thoughts about who I thought the real Percival might have been like, based on all the information we have here), but I firmly believe he’s a good man, one who throws himself into his work and would never have been a double agent for Grindelwald. What we don’t know is a vast void that so many talented writers and artists have been filling even till now. It’s just such a shame he was treated the way he was, and I’ll forever be salty unless JK gives him an entire spinoff.

  • All the people I ship romantically with this character

I ship Percival with Newt, and I ship Percival x Reader, which was what I started off writing for on this blog. I see the intrigue and possibility for Tina, but have never written for them or shipped them, although so many good writers have written for them as well.

  • My non-romantic OTP for this character

I actually really like Percival being a platonic father figure to Credence. There’s an AU on Tumblr where Credence is turned into a child after expending so much energy as the Obscurial and I really like that. I don’t see Percival having biological children as of yet, and I really would like to see him caring for Credence, teaching him magic properly and showing him love and what a real family is like. I also really like to see a friendship blossom between Percival and Queenie. Percival isn’t an outwardly expressive person, and I can see the potential for Queenie to be that quiet confidant for him, and to offer him the quiet comfort that he’s not necessarily comfortable verbally expressing that he needs. And in return, I could see him returning her kindness through little gestures, like little boxes of chocolate for her birthday, or little notes of thanks after she gives him the best cup of coffee he’s ever drank. The little things, basically.

  • My unpopular opinion about this character

Not sure if these are unpopular, but I believe that he’s alive, and that he is undoubtedly 100% a good person who would never ever turn to Grindelwald’s side.

  • One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon.

That he returns to the movies, that we learn about what happened to him. Was he rescued? Where did they find him? How did he heal? Who helps him heal? How does he and his people reconcile the fact that no one ever discovered he was being impersonated? What role does he play in the fight against Grindelwald? What would his reaction be if he was faced with Grindelwald again? So many things.

Sorry for this long ass rant! I just have so many feelings about these two people XD

Prompt:  I’d love to see you do sickfic between Alphys, Papyrus, and Undyne (combination of shipping and platonic). It doesn’t matter who gets sick!

Thank you for the prompt, undertailsoulsex!  I actually kept going a bit past this point and was starting to write about Papyrus going home and starting to get sick, too, but then I realized I was plotting out like an 8-9k fic, whoops.  x.x

Rating: G

Summary: It’s dangerous when Undyne sneezes.

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anonymous asked:

How can someone be a good patient? I'm in the hospital a lot more than I'd like but I always try to say thank you and not use a call light unless I really need help with something, but I know nurses put up with so much and I wish there was something more I could do.

Dear Anon,

How can someone be a good patient? That’s a tough question and the true answer is likely more complex than the response I will provide. 

A good patient can mean different things to different nurses, but I’ll try to hit what I believe are the highlights and let the rest of Tumblr nursing community fill in the gaps.


Yes, your medications may be scheduled at 9 a.m., but in most facilities, nurses can give that medication an hour before or after it’s scheduled time. This is because nurses have many other tasks and cannot always administer medications at the exact hour they’re due. And if there is a code on the floor, your nurse will likely be tied up for a considerable amount of time and may be late with your meds. Those situations are rare, but can and do happen.

Originally posted by gameraboy

We know that the pill we’re giving you doesn’t look like the pill you take at home, but it is the same drug, just a different shape.

Originally posted by classicmoviescenes

Some nurses will disagree with this next tip, but I think it’s important as your healthcare provider: ask questions about your medications. I usually review the medications and dosages with my patients to make sure everything checks out with regards to their home medications. There have been a couple of times where I’ve had a patient tell me that they take more or less than the hospital-prescribe dosage and after checking with the medical team, we found a mistake had been made and the dosage adjusted. Some nurses prefer that a patient just be quiet and take the medication because the med pass will go faster, but that’s not in the best interested of the patient.

You, as a patient, have a right to refuse any medication. Do not just swallow pills without knowing why. Don’t ever let a member of your healthcare team tell you that you “have to take this,” because as long as you are of sound mind, you have the right to refuse any medication or treatment. Again, this isn’t what some nurses want to deal with, but a good nurse will be patient with the patient (ha!) and try to explain the need for the medication.

Call Bell

The call bell is not room service or a direct line to a concierge. It’s a hospital, not a hotel, contrary to what HCAHPS scores (I hate them with a passion) encourage. If you need to use the bathroom and require assistance, use the call bell. If you have new onset of pain or other symptoms, use the call bell. If you’ve had an accident in the bed, use the call bell. If it’s something truly urgent, use the call bell. If it can wait until we check in on you, then perhaps wait. Of course, this is all common sense if you ask me and I don’t think this advice will do anything to change how patients behave. Those with common sense and respect for their medical team will not use the call bell except when needed. And those who abuse the call bell and feel entitled will continue to use the call bell excessively and become annoyed and unpleasant if their “needs” are not met immediately.

Respect the Nurses

Most people seem to think that nurses work for the doctors. Wrong. Nurses work with the doctors. I can’t speak for all nurses, but I have eight years of college, one year of residency, and more than 1400 clinical hours before I even sat for my national licensure exam (NCLEX). I am known throughout the medical team as having the most thorough physical exams of any nurse or doctor at my hospital. As a result, I’ve had doctors come back to re-examine a patient and find previously undiagnosed conditions. While I am still learning (we never stop really), I know my shit and I’m good at my job. Just because I chose not to become a doctor does not mean that I am not intelligent. 

Doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, X-ray techs, lab techs, PT/OT, respiratory, and many others make up a collectively highly-trained and educated medical team. Medicine is NOT an exact science. We do our best to treat what we believe to be the cause of your condition, but sometimes it takes some time to find the true etiology of an illness.


It sounds to me like you are a good patient. The type of patient a person is depends largely on what kind of human being they are. If a person is an asshole outside of the hospital, they’ll probably be an asshole in the hospital. If a person is kind, thoughtful, and respectful outside the hospital, they’ll probably be the same as a patient.

That being said, I think by educating all patients - and not that bullshit brochure patients get when they’re admitted - but a true, come-to-Jesus, heart-to-heart education, we may be able to have better overall patient/medical team interactions and experience.

Thank you for the question! I know this answer may seem longer than I initially let on, but it’s still just a drop in the bucket of what I could write. I’m hoping the nursing community on Tumblr (nurblrs) will contribute to the discussion.

My friend, colleague, and fellow Harry Potter fanactic @freshrn wrote a book titled “Admit One: What you must know when going to the hospital” that addresses this topic. Check it out!

Mursenary Gary

The Charmer: Bloom

This chapter is named after a song by The Paper Kites called “Bloom”. Listen to it and you’ll understand why.

Part 3

Y/N jolted up in bed, the sound of her own screaming waking her up. She quickly cut off the sound hoping no one else had heard. The adrenaline from her dream was still shaking through her muscles begging her to run, hide, fight, or do anything to save herself from her imagined attackers. She tried to take deep breaths to settle her nerves but it was no use. With a resigned sigh she got out of bed and strolled through her quarters. She’d been here two weeks now. Steve stopped asking her questions about the terrorist group last week. The trail has gone cold on them, but she wasn’t surprised. With or without her that group was good at hiding, until of course they decide to launch an attack. The lack of news on the terrorist group meant the only person really talking to her was Wanda, and occasionally Steve; Natasha and Tony seemed like two busy people. There was another person she’d seen on the common floor with Wanda once or twice, he was red, and often wearing some kind of sweater. Y/N found his appearance unsettling and usually retreated at the sight of him. Wanda was good company though, she did most of the talking, and when Y/N found something to comment on she’d jump in, but it was a good change of pace from her previous silence. Wanda liked going through music with her, there were so many different artists that she’d never been exposed to. Y/N caught sight of a clock in the front room, it was nearly 4 AM. She sat on the sofa and grabbed the remote to her stereo and turned it on. The CD inside was a present from Wanda by a band called The Paper Kites, not Y/N’s usual type of band but upon listening to the first song she decided it wasn’t too bad. Wanda came to visit her long after the sun was up, Y/N was cooking when she came in.

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