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You come home one night, and you catch Tom shaving his beard. Devastated, you ask him why he would do that, only for him to reply, “I feel better shaved, darling”. You silently curse him because you were looking forward to that beard burn later that night.

{ By: Anon } 

A little doodle based on a dialogue with @general-grey.
Some thing about Nox just never change, e.g. how much of dumbass she is. 
As a Hollow Lord she, however, can be dumbass majestically.

And yeah, umbrella arrows. They also never change.

I am suddenly not feeling good


look i know there have been a lot of selfies lately but my makeup is very fun right now so OBVIOUSLY i’m going to share it with ALL of social media

Sleep paralysis is so fucking horrible, I thought I got out of it 3 or 4 times and nope was still in it… it’s scary when you think you’ve escaped but then realise that you’re actually still stuck not being able to move but feel like you are and just hallucinating. Like no thanks I do not wish to feel weird arms around me and hear children laughing or all the other shit I felt in the last half an hour thank you very fucking much 😭

I’m going back to sleep… wish me luck 🙃🙃


The Pact, part 2/? | part 1

as wordy as can be

So it’s really late at night, and as usual, I was pulled into a mood drop, and I decided to watch a few of Ethan’s videos to make me feel better.  It made me think about how grateful I am to have a guy like Ethan to rely on, even if not face to face, not even speaking to one another, yet I know I can still count on him to be there when I’m down to cheer me back up.  He’s helped me through hard times, times when I thought I couldn’t continue.  I lost people important to me, and it always felt like he was there. In his videos, it feels like he’s talking directly to me, and I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way.  Ethan has helped so many people, many people like me.  People who seem happy, but are always at their lowest, trying to appear strong for those who care about them because those people are going through tough times.  Ethan’s happiness through his videos make me feel like everything is okay, and than everything will be alright.  When I watch his videos and his enthusiasm is just there, it gives me hope.  Ethan is like the bright light in the darkness of my life, and he’s such an amazing person.  I know that even though he doesn’t know me, he sees me as a person, not just a number, not just a subscriber, but a person.  I see Ethan as a friend.  He’s very close to my heart and I love him so much. I know I’m not just speaking for myself here, and Ethan has made so many people happy.  He’s saved lives. He makes it so that life seems worth living, and that it doesn’t need to be all bad.  Now, I’m honestly just rambling on, but there are really no words to describe how much I care for Ethan. I just.. thank you, Ethan, for being there when I needed you, and even if you don’t always notice, you’ve helped me and so many other people.  Thank you, always.
- A friend


me, literally with only today and maybe like an hour tomorrow to do anything productive before the week becomes Retail Heck: oh i have to write the hug list 

                                       11 questions tag                                                        

i was tagged by the lovely @jake-ames

  • favourite b99 episode?

“halloveen” or “the bet” for obvious reasons. however, i have to give an honorary mention to “new captain” bc everything (EVERYTHING) in that ep is hilarious to me. (wait. okay, so, maybe that is my favorite ep. wow, i just intrigued myself.)

  • which character of b99 do u relate to the most?

people who know me probably would say amy. but i just see myself as mark from the outside circle (or as jake would call him - carl!).

  • favourite song?

any song by joanna newsom (first song that came to my mind just now is ”in california”. so, listen to that. it’s wonderful.)

  • paste the last thing you’ve copied

bernardo atxaga obabakoak

  • what time is it where you are?

8:00 pm

  • sun or rain?

i like the concept of rain but i prefer sun (that might sound weird but i’m always cold so i feel a little better if it’s warm).

  • are you a glasses person or a contact lens person?


  • have you ever broken a bone?

yes, my elbow

  • where would you go if you could travel anywhere in the world?

i’d love to go to so many places. idek. maybe, the enchanted forest of oma in spain (basque country). i always wanted to go there. or just any forest in that region. they look really beautiful. so, yeah. let’s go with that.

  • aliens or dinosaurs?

i don’t mind either actually. i like birds, so i’ll say dinosaurs (there were some fascinating / terrifying dinosaur-birds (that’s not the term but you get what i mean (i hope))).

  • what is the first thing on your bucket list?

i don’t think i have a bucket list. for now i guess i want to learn to bake a cake that tastes good (i can bake but everything tastes like baking soda with cinnamon in it. so, i’d like to change that). i refuse to acknowledge the fact that it’s not meant to be. i’m gonna do it one day. (does this count as something from a bucket list?)

                           my 11 questions for the next people:

  • a situation for you: you can only watch one tv show or two films for 10 years. what show / films do you choose?
  • favorite flower?
  • another situation for you: it’s your birthday. what 5 famous or notable people do you invite to your birthday dinner (they can be dead or alive and from any professional field)? (it’s your birthday bc then these people in this hypothetical situation are your friends and they will bring you some presents. and that’s really nice, right? so, imagine that.)
  • choose a question to answer and answer it: favorite book growing up? or favorite author? (not necessarily growing up. maybe you’ve already grown up. who knows?)
  • if you could speak any language what would it be?
  • oh look. another situation for you: you can be a part of any band / musician for their tour. what band / musician are you a part of and what do you do (i.e. do you play some instrument or maybe design the lighting or work with sound. you can do anything.)?
  • can you tell a joke?
  • what is the weirdest / funniest expression / phrase / slang you know (in any language)?
  • another choose a question to answer and answer it: chicken or egg? or if you have one, who is your favorite artist? (these are paired bc every artist probably asks herself/himself this question sometimes. and who doesn’t tbh?)
  • what historical time period would you like to live in the most?
  • tell a random fact.

bonus question: are you having a nice day? i hope you are. 🤗🌻

thank u @jake-ames for tagging me. this was really lovely and fun to answer. i clearly went overboard with the questions but it strangely helped to ease the anxiety i’m feeling currently.

i tag @chairjockeys @bretodeau99 @peraltiago-stylez @jehanesque @crossing-the-water @peaceful-serenade @asongforbabybirch @sambergandrew @scullysthumbtacks @geologicalchimichangas @thecountrylover99 @kiera-peach @dcstoevsky @pin-lightbent @baby-birch @vegan-sudaka @bluuebirdd @beefboyjake @juliadorable @scrapeyour-knee @hypothetik @sentimental-longing @grumpycapt @titleofoursextape @tazopassiontea @lulubytheshore @allerleirauhh @atwq @inflammatory-writs @swellerando @ecclesiastes1-2 @tomhaverfrd @zerodelta @andysambooger @smolsamberg @julilewin (and i tag everyone else who sees this. i just can’t tag anymore. i don’t feel too well. i was prepared to tag everyone. i might come back to this later when i feel a little better and finish what i’ve started)

i have no idea how many people i have to tag. so i tag all of you who want to do this. honestly, if you want to answer these questions, i’d love to read them. i don’t actually know all of you (i’m really glad that i know some of you bc you’re the sweetest souls i’ve met), so this is just my way of saying hello. i really just hope that you enjoy yourselves 😉. and if you don’t want to do it or you find my questions absurd, you obviously don’t have to do it. have a beautiful day!! 😊