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some more color palette meme fills!

Beleg in melon for @whereisbarton, Idril in figues for @ljungeldar and Mithrellas in kiwano for @vefanyar !

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GoT!AU: Pregnancy, for the most part, is kind to Sidney. One of his favorite changes, his eyelashes change from ridiculous to deadly. Geno is WEAK in the face of this change.

Sidney gets prettier somehow and smells so good.  Sidney (giggling all the while) has to kick his husband out of bed in the mornings because Geno keeps saying, “Mmm, maybe I’m go to meeting later,” as he buries his face in Sidney’s neck. 

Cue Geno, post-kicked off bed, lying on the carpeted ground next to the bed and holding on to Sidney’s ankle, pretending that he’s drowning as he moans, “My beautiful spouse loves me no longer–I’m the most unfortunate man in this kingdom–I can feel myself dying from a…broken heart…never to see my child into this world…Sidney, my love, please arrange for my funeral…tell them to play my favorite song accompanied by those traveling, fire-breathing acrobats–”

“Stop,” Sidney laughs, shaking free and then peering over the edge of the bed so he can kiss his husband. “The child and I will be here when you return from your meeting.”

Kjære Sana …. and even in the last clip of the last season that was supposed to revolve about Sana, in fact in the last “Skam” clip ever, Sana gets sidelined. That girl deserved so much better….


Some minor spoilers for the fic as a whole under the cut!

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are you going to kcon la this year?? wanna one hasnt been officially added to the lineup yet but do you think they'll attend? ohmy i hope they do 😭im only going for nct at the moment but i reALLY hope wanna one is there

Irewrekwkj it was reported that they would be attending but there hasn’t been anything “official” on Mnet’s part. I’m p r a y i n g they do attend. My friend and I are gonna get tickets together erwelkrwe we’re already buying cheering kits from fansites so that we’re prepared to show Minhyun (and Jaehwan on my part) how much we love them kerjlwejr