no really he's just got a panty on his head

‘Till Death Do Us Part’ Teaser

Guys I am sooooooo sorry for not posting this when I said I would. I have been really busy with work and unfortunately just haven’t had a chance to finish it yet. I promise I am working on it, I just need a little more time. For now here is a small bit of it though and I hope you guys will like it! 

“Oh no.. Oh no this is not good, not good at all”, the red head said in shock as he read through his twitter feed.

“What’s got your panties in knot now Mr. Drama?”, asked Maks as he walked into his living room; basketball ready in hand to go shoot some hoops with his overly dramatic ginger friend.

“Bro you’re not gonna believe this but these two love struck idiots have done it now..”

“What idiots? Done what? You’re not making any sense man.” He walks up behind the couch to read what’s on Alex’s phone screen over his shoulder. “Oh my god”, he says, “oh my god they fucking didn’t”, he repeats running his hand through his hair.

“They did. And the media is going nuts!”

“Those idiots! How could they!?” Maks was pacing up and down his living room at this point. “Mom and pops are gonna kill them! No, scratch that, Kaz is going to murder them..” he says with wide eyes.

“What are we gonna do?” Asked Alex, scrolling through his phone some more. “Practically every tabloid is publishing the news on social media. I’m pretty sure Z’s dad will know by now.”

And as if on cue, Maks’ phone started ringing in his pocket. “Shit it’s him.. Hey Kaz what’s up? It’s great to hear- Yea I just read the tabloid- No I don’t know why they did it- Okay Kaz calm down I’m going to try and get a hold of them- Yes I’ll let you know- Bye.”

Thoughts so far?? I promise I will post the rest asap! (: