no really good cosplay actually

This is such a good skin!! He’s beautiful and I love him ;v;

was bored. drew Kelly in a cosplay. so for anyone whose curious, Kelly’s an oc of mine (a non-nanbaka related oc). and for the longest time ever since I got into the show I realized she’d pull off a really good liang cosplay. …even though her favorite would actually be uno. but then again she’s gay for half the cast of the show so whatever.

in the background andy’s sighing cause big sis your weird and casey think’s she’s super cool.

The Homestuck Fandom needs to accept nudestuck

Ah, yes the Homestuck fandom full of many crazy and caring people, yet they can be very rude and mean to people in their own fandom. A lot of fans love to read/write fanfiction and draw/observe fanart. Even the NSFW ones, it’s not even cannon what troll’s anatomy looks like but due to both those things everyone has headcannons about a bulge being a wiggling appendage that matches the troll’s blood color. Some people don’t even bat an eye at them, they accept it, they think it’s perfectly fine, but then comes in the cosplayers, and like fanart and fanfiction there are NSFW cosplays of Homestuck characters. Nudity is not porn, sure it may have a sexual element to it, but some of these cosplays are actually really good! They have beautiful bodies, and to some of the people messaging them saying they ‘jacked off’ or 'touched themselves’ because of their pictures need to knock it off okay?
They didn’t create their nude blogs just for you, they take time and money to prepare the cosplays for everyones enjoyment. Sure it’s bound to happen, there are some beautiful nudestuckers out there, people will get hot and bothered about it, but no need to make them feel uncomfortable about it okay? They are people who show their bodies for free on the internet, and they don’t get paid anything, they do it because they are confident about their bodies (Something I wish to accomplish.) So you should give nudestuckers the respect they deserve. My three favorite beautiful nudestuckers are
1: black-quadrant
2: m3rryg4m
3: thespacefurry
They are beautiful and wonderful, and you should follow their blogs.

j8usuke  asked:

forgive me for not sticking to the format, but wouldnt people at the con think kan is in cosplay too? (and they would probably also think her cosplay was really good too :) )

no probs 8)

i was actually originally planning on making the comic longer so that i could include that bit– people complimenting on their ‘cosplays’, but i had to cut it short….. but i did leave a lot open so i guess you could say so, yea!!! she’s just upset because that cosplayer is, well, her. and also smokin hot………..

((also for the sake of not making another post, thank you to all of those anons that complimented that comic omg))