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Shinsou’s quirk

I know I talk a lot about Shinsou but hear me out

I’ve been thinking a lot about the improvements of the BNHA characters quirks.  For example

We know that, before, Kirishima quirk made his skin only a tiny bit harder. When you look at him now, capable of hardening himself to the point where he become unbreakable, you can easily see the improvement made. Same for Izuku.

When he got One For All, he couldn’t use it without broking his bones. But after his training, he found a way to use it properly without having to constantly hurt his body.

But what am I trying to say here exactly?

We know Shinsou’s quirk is Brainwashing, but it only works if his opponent respond to him verbally. 

So……. Could it be possible for Shinsou to improve his quirk, to the point where he doesn’t have to verbally exchange with someone to use it? I’m not saying that he could brainwash whoever he wants just like that, because then, his quirk would be too powerful for the sake of the story. But maybe find another alternative that isn’t as hard as getting his opponent to talk. 

I believe it’s possible. And I have one idea in head.

The first time I saw this panel, I didn’t think much of it. But I know I was a bit startled of how… Detailed it was. ( And because… geez Shinsou, you look like you’re about to murder someone.. ) I did some comics and doujinshis, so I know basic story boarding. And I know that this kind of panel is here to show something important. The close-up on his eyes must mean something. ( Or I’m looking too much into it.. )

Shinsou needs a verbal contact to use his quirk, so why not improve it to the point where he only needs eyes contact to do so?

If he only needed eyes contact to brainwash someone, wouldn’t that be so much more easier for him? 

This is only theoretical. I have absolutly no proof that this could happen. But I just think that, even though his Quirk can be very powerful and useful to avoid fights, it has one very big flaw. I know he’ll become one amazing hero in the end, whether his quirk improve or not. I just had that idea and thought I’d share it.. 




When you forget how to color– //cri

Finally finished up a Freddy W.I.P ( ^ω^ )

Two versionsss~ One without the lighting and one with!

Hope you guys like!! ♪( ´▽`)

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sorry to bother, but is it okay to use your art as a reference when practicing? i'm super bad at drawing and i'm not going to "copy" your art or anything and i will not post it anywhere. i totally understand if that's not okay. in any case, thank you!

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Starscream and Alexis? It has happened before. The 'cons do get a human buddy every once in a while.

Oh, yeah!  I forgot about those two!  XD  I’ve never actually seen Armada before, but i really want to for that exact reason lol.

((Ok guys something I wanted to say about the current M!A…

Most maybe remember the human event that I had long ago… well; in this event I gave you the option to have a happy or a dramatic ending for it. The happy won. Buuuut with the condition of having the dramatic one for the next time Artie turned in a human…

Just that. Wait up for the end of the M!A!

Mun out~)) 


“Why can’t the PC Brigade stop being so offended about things?” asks Terry, taking the time out of his day to write to a national newspaper to make sure we all know just how offended he actually is.

I may or may not be thinking on work for good for a bb I LOVE and almost made instead of Vivi. Can you guess?
Also this is me trying to adhere trends and failing.