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[shakes fist and whispers] i’ve always wanted to draw haruka in suspenders and i finally caved last night and did it omg

this was also really good full body practice so i’m a little proud of myself for making a finished piece and coloring it. i’m slowly working toward the kind of style i want to draw which is sort of exaggerated with elongated limbs

i finally drew haruka in a turtleneck and suspenders and i feel a sense of accomplishment lmao

Joker Imagine - Used & Tortured PART 2

Anonymous said:can you pleaseplease please do a sequel to “used and tortured” where y/n finally grasps the courage to tell J who did it and he tortures him and gets revenge? its probably really lane but i just love it sm

Part 1 *click me*

NOTE: The bad character/kidnapper in this imagine is just someone I made up.

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Joker’s P.O.V.

I was all alone again. She wasn’t here by my side. Half of our bed was cold. Y/N was just gone

Our penthouse seemed colder without her here. So I was outside as much as possible. ‘’Y/N!’’ I yelled loudly, feeling a mix of emotions running through my veins. Feelings I hated. Anger, misery, pure rage and confusion. It was dark. So dark that I couldn’t see. I only felt things. Now I was cold. ‘’Y/N!’’ I tried again, but my only answer was my own echo.

Suddenly I felt tired, really tired. A light came out of nowhere, beaming on the ground in front of me. I saw a lifeless body. It was Y/N. ‘’No’’ I growled and stepped closer. My legs were heavier as I got near the body. She was naked, full of bruises and bleeding wounds. Then I saw her eyes, dull like a doll’s eyes. She looked dead.

I collapsed on my knees next to her and let her blood soak my clothes. ‘’Who did this to you?!’’ I shrieked out loudly, feeling a stinging pain in my body. I wasn’t an expert on naming these sad feelings. ‘’Speak to me’’ I demanded, but she didn’t. I put my hand on her face and I held my breath in agony. Instead of seeing her normally, her face fell apart in my hands. My eyes widened and I let go immediately. What the hell?

‘’J! Snap out of it!’’ Her lifeless body told me. I stood up and looked at her in confusion. ‘’You’re..’’ I tried to speak, but then my mouth felt like it was glued shut. ‘’Wake up’’ She told me again. Suddenly my vision blurred until I saw nothing but darkness. I opened my eyes and now I was in a safer place, our bedroom.

Y/N was right in front of me and she seemed worried. Her hand was on my cheek and her body was close to mine, under the same warm blanket. We were home. Right, we found her. She’s safe now. ‘’Was it a nightmare?’’ She broke the silence, bringing me back to reality. God it felt good to see her there instead of waking up alone with an awful unsure feeling.

Y/N was the only one who could make the voices in my head go away.

‘’Something like that’’ I sighed, not wanting to admit it to her. Then I pulled her body closer so I could be as close to her as I could without hurting her. She scented like her favourite shampoo because we took a real long bath before going to bed. Then I recognized gunpowder and my cologne. It killed me to think that I didn’t take care of her better. I was so stuck with my criminal job that I totally ignored Y/N and she got kidnapped. Damn I’d tear those men limb by limb the second I could. They’d regret hurting my queen. I repeat my queen.

‘’J’’ She whispered quietly, making me look into her pretty E/C eyes. It relieved me to see that glimpse of life in them. ‘’Yes?’’ I purred tiredly then gently running my fingers across her bare arm. ‘’I remember what they called the boss’’ She admitted, kinda surprising me because I didn’t expect to hear that in the middle of the night. Bloodthirst and anger ignited in my heart as I remembered.

‘’Tell me’’ I demanded seriously, ready to get up and get those motherfuckers now. ‘’Cosmo’’ She whispered to me. First it didn’t ring any bells, but when she continued, I saw his ugly face in my mind. ‘’He had a jacket with ‘newblood’ written on it. Then he had red hair and yellow contact lenses’’ Y/N continued with a fragile voice. The girl who was usually so happy and crazy was now so small and broken. It made me so angry. So fucking full of hatred. 

‘’Cosmo’’ I growled and then sat up in bed. Cosmo was a stupid wannabe gangster. He came to Gotham a while ago with his little squad and they made ‘newblood’. They wanted to get rid of the biggies like me so they could take over Gotham.I should have guessed! ‘’I’m going to kill him’’ I promised Y/N and got up. I was ready to leave now. 

‘’J’’ She said my name a little louder. I groaned and turned to look at her. She was covering her almost naked body with the purple blanket. I tried my best to stay as calm as I could, but it was hard. Most people knew that I had trouble controlling myself. ‘’Where are you going?’’ Y/N asked me. I looked away from her and grabbed my black jeans from the end of the bed. ‘’I’m going for a ride baby. Don’t worry I’ll be back soon with a surprise’’ I promised her, but I sounded a little wicked. I could already picture how I’d torture that sad pathetic piece of shit in my mind.

‘’I don’t want to be alone’’ She told me and looked away, almost like she was ashamed. It made me stop doing what I was doing. Y/N was really sad, like so sad that it was hard to understand. I didn’t know what to do. ‘’You’re safe here you know that’’ I tried to reassure her. Suddenly she faced me with glistening eyes. ‘’I’m coming with you’’ She let me know. ‘’You sure you want to?’’ I cleared my throat and then crawled back in bed. I put my hands on her face and looked deep in her eyes. I could tell that she was scared, yet she nodded.

‘’Let’s go kick his ass’’ She tried to smile. Although she had gone through that, she still had to spark of cruelty in her soul. ‘’That’s my girl’’ I smiled back, happy that she wanted to come. Damn Cosmo would be sorry and so would his men.


Frost had been nice enough to gather my best henchmen and we were now at the hideout for the ‘newbloods’. It was a stupid of building at the west side of the city close to the old factories. We were going there with seven black cars with me, Y/N, Frost and four more men in the lead. I was dressed in my black pants, my maroon button up shirt and my silver jacket. Then I had the perfect torture plan in my head, driven my anger and the hunger for revenge. 

Frost parked the car near the doors and I hurried outside. Y/N and I were surrounded by my goons as we all got ready. I bet Cosmo noticed us already and he was behind a window wetting his pants. ‘’Knock knock!’’ I yelled loudly, loading my gun that I would use to hurt him, not kill him. Oh no shooting him would be too kind. He’d be tortured so bad he’d wish he was never born.

‘’It’s polite to open the door since we don’t want to barge in’’ I yelled again, but the truth was that I was more than happy to explode the door and the wall around it. Nothing came back. So I looked at a goon dressed in a batman suit and I gave him a nod. You see fake batsy had a rocket launcher. Everyone stepped back to a safe distance and then we watched. A few seconds later he launched the deadly gun and a loud explosion ruined the door completely. I giggled happily as I saw fire and a few of Cosmo’s goons burning on the ground.

‘’Let’s get him boys!’’ I declared loudly and then most of us hurried inside. I grabbed Y/N’s hand because I wouldn’t dare to lose sight of her. She grabbed my hand a little tighter and then we went inside as well. Oh no one, I mean no one would get away with disrespecting my queen. The only person I actually cared about besides myself. Cosmo Cosmo, such a shame he was so dumb.

My goons did the job for us, making it easy to find Cosmo. They shot every single man under Cosmo’s command. Soon he’d just give himself to us. The place smelled like drugs, dirt and blood. Gunshots echoed through the dark building as men fell down dead. Y/N and I could just walk though smoothly. I kept glancing at her tho, because I was worried. She looked a little nervous, but she wanted this.

‘’Cosmo!’’ I called out for him. We all stopped on the second floor with loads of guns, dead bodies, cameras, dirty beds and locked doors. I saw cocaine bags and it smelled like it too. As the gunshots calmed down I heard women’s cries. Not that I was a saviour or anything but I couldn’t help but to think of Y/N. Just two days ago she was here, behind those doors. It made my anger ten times worse. ‘’Let them out for fuck’s sake. He can’t keep anything’’ I spat harshly to some of my goons. They nodded and walked to the doors. Then I looked around angrily, scanning everything I could.

Then I saw a door just a little better than the others. I knew that the rat was hiding there. So I walked over and shot the lock a few times. ‘’Come out come out’’ I growled and kicked the door open. My goons ran inside first, but I followed closely. There was was, trying to get out the window.Oh hell no. I ran over, letting go of Y/N’s hand at the same time. Then I grabbed Cosmo’s black leather jacket and pulled him inside and smashed him on the floor. He landed on his back and yelled like a little girl.

Now that I saw him like this I felt like I could kill him right here and now. He was so dirty, full of sin. He hurt my girl. He touched her! I couldn’t even say anything until mu anger got the best of me. I started punching his ugly face. I wanted to smash his skull into a billion pieces. He coughed out blood after a few punches, but I kept going.  ‘’How does it feel like? Huh?’’ I hissed and grabbed his jaw tightly, making him look up to me. My breathing got heavy and I felt like a wild animal. Cosmo was panting , but he didn’t reply.

Then I punched his nose so hard that I could hear and feel it breaking under my touch. ‘’You have no idea what I’m going to do to you’’ I laughed darkly. After beating his face until he bled a lot, I cupped his cheeks. ‘’We’ll have a good time, right?’’ I snickered, wiping away some blood from his face. Cosmo tried to speak, but I covered his mouth and nose, not letting him breathe.

‘’I’d love to kill you right now, but I have better plans’’ I pouted, speaking slowly.Cosmo tried to hit me so he could breathe, but I slapped him. It was really hard not to kill him on the spot, but I knew it would be too easy for him. So I got up and let my henchmen take him to the torture room back home. I turned to look at Y/N. I couldn’t tell if she was happy or disgusted perhaps scared.

‘’You’re bleeding’’ She told me. Then she walked over and grabbed my hand, showing me my knuckles. She was right. ‘’It’s worth it’’ I shrugged and then took a deep breath. Y/N kissed my hand gently and then hugged me. It took me back a little bit, but I didn’t mind. It took me a few seconds to hug her back, even tho I didn’t tend to show affection on heists. This one just happened to be different.

‘’Thank you’’ She whispered gratefully. I just nodded and ran my fingers through her soft hair. I’d do anything for this girl, but I didn’t know how to say it out loud. Even tho I was bad at showing my feelings, she could tell. She didn’t need normal love, because she could read the little signs. ‘’Now let’s go home. I’m sure you want to get your sweet revenge’’ 


A/N: Haaaaa I actually think that..this has to continue in part 3 :)

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Sam, I recently learned that I am empathic. This epiphany explains why I am drawn to certain people, like narcissists. I recently went out with someone who is displaying narcissist tendencies a few times and really clicked with her. But I know it can't work. She will eat me alive. This makes me relieved and sad all at once. I really liked her. I could use a pat on the back and an "it'll be alright."

You will be fine. Being an empath can be very trying at times; however, it can be a blessing if we just learn how to shield ourselves from the sometimes harsh emotional states of others. You are right in your observation that empaths are vulnerable to manipulation by those who lack empathy. These people will often see our sensitivity as weakness to be exploited. Learn to protect yourself.

See: Sam’s Guide for the Empath

You’re Mine Sneak Peek

You loved him, but you never said it. He loved you and he showed it. Yea, he held you hostage. He had to for a while. He had to show you nothing would change between you two after you finding out his secret.

However, when your life is on the line, everything is put to the test.

“I would hate to have to destroy this beautiful body of yours more than I already had to. So, give me his location and I’ll let you go. If not, your parents will have a closed casket funeral.”

Laughing wasn’t the best thing, but it was your way to calm your nerves, “Do. Your. Worse.” The man raised his gun and aimed it at your head. Who is really ever prepared to die? 

There was a click of a gun and you knew it was over. Until you heard the voice of your savior, “You have 3 seconds before I put a bullet in your fucking head.” The man dropped his gun and your savior used the butt of his gun to knock him down. “Who do you think you are touching what’s mine?”

Coming soon…

Can you guess who? :P I’ll give you a hint. E-X-O

That’s a pretty ginormous hint, yo!!

Let’s learn some countries , food &Katakana with Johnny’s West!

Prepare for a lot today ;)

(Also, if you wanna enjoy yourself watching Johnny’s West eating tons of different dishes from those countries (I put some exemples here), just click here! ^_^ It’s really funny, Guys!)

ルール:rules/ regra

サイコロ:dice/ dado

「振って」 ● 「ふ・って」 「fu ・ tte」

shake, throw;

sacodir, jogar; 

「日本」 ● 「に・ほ・ん」 「ni ・ ho ・ n」



ゴール:goal/ objetivo;

オーストラリア:Australia/ Australia;

「全」 ● 「ぜ・ん」 「ze ・ n」



マス:square/ pontos;

「目指す」 ● 「め・ざ・す」 「me ・ za ・ su」

to aim;



「Rule: Starting form Japan, throw the dice, aim for the goal Australia (total of 23 squares)」

「Regra: Começando pelo Japão, jogue o dado, mirando o objetivo Austrália (total de 23 pontos)」

「韓国」 ● 「か・ん・こ・く」 「ka ・ n ・ ko ・ ku」




「中国」 ● 「ちゅ・う・ご・く」 「chu ・ u ・ go ・ ku」



シンガポール:Singapure/ Singapura;

タイ:Thailand/ Tailândia;

インド:India/ Índia; 

パキスタン:Paskitan/ Paquistão/

サウジアラビア:Saudi Arabia/ Arábia Saudita;

トルコ:Turkey/ Turquia;

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if you haven't done this before, how was CC actually created? I know what Anti did, but what's it in detail? (if it's okay with me asking, i love your work!)

I actually HAVE done this before in extensive detail, with drawings right HERE. (his origin post with the bare basics is here)

and bonus, @fangsofsin is the one that helped me make Corroded Crank, but they have their OWN version of Crank with a similar way of how they were created, so if you wanted to check out their lengthy post with more of my drawings and detail, you can click HERE

And, if youre REALLY REALLY desperate for more detail on anything else, Just ask me or look through my Dark Youtubers Lore tag…. or you kno, just wade through the standard Dark youtubers tag and experience all the story and silliness

Thanks for showing an interest in my story!!

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me: [enjoys my garbage]

some pretentious fuck: excuse me, but that thing you are enjoying has no real intellectual substance and I don’t like it and you are stupid for liking it

me: [enjoys my garbage MORE AGGRESSIVELY]

No offense, but if a person chooses to completely stay away from a group because they have a toxic fandom, then you have no right to invalidate them or make them feel guilty because you think their reason is immature. If they want to stay safe and try to completely stay away from toxicity, they have every right to, and you have no right to invalidate a person because of your own bias. The idea of “stanning the group, not the fandom” doesn’t really click with everyone because both things kinda go hand in hand. The fandom is the groups image. Just saying.


- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.


astro & 10 favorite lyrics (insp.)


Y’all remember that time when Robbie and Stephanie sang the Bing Bang song together? I certainly don’t remember it and I am so glad YouTube suggested it to me.