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Do you like to read xf fan fic? Do you get tired of having no one to discuss it with? Tired of having to search for the diamond in the rough?


Mulder, it’s Fic was created to allow one fic a week to be read and discussed together. With wine. And maybe cheese. If the fic requires support, we’ve got you covered with a weekly Sunday chat.

Sound like fun? Join us for week one! Just pay $9.95 shipping and handling and IT CAN BE YOURS!

I kid, it’s free.

TL;DR: i-heart-scully and campaignofmisinformation created a thing.

“Is cricket the one where you hit the balls through the little hoops?”

“That’s croquet, Mrs Hudson.”

“Is it the one where you have to throw the ball backwards?”

“No, that’s rugby, Holmes. You solved a whole mystery about rugby, remember?”

“What, that business with the horse?”

“No, that was Silver Blaze–”

Oh, I know - is it the one where they hit eachother with the sticks?”

“That’s … actually, I have no idea what that is, Mrs Hudson. Jousting? Morris dancing?”

Summer is here, and that can only mean one thing - shutting myself indoors to listen to the cricket on the radio and hoping England don’t embarrass themselves too badly!

ETA: wait a minute, the score is what?!

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