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‘Granny the Ripper’

Police now believe that 68 year-old Russian pensioner, Tamara Samsonova, could be one of the most prolific serial killers in Russian History. For 20 years, the friendly grandmother dubbed ‘Granny the Ripper’, kept a detailed journal in three different languages, revealing that she killed 10 people and hacked their bodies into pieces. As if her murderous documentations weren’t enough, she was caught on CCTV; Dressed like some kind of forensic detective in a disposable PPE suit, she can be seen disposing the body parts of her last victim in plastic bag. 

A Ripper Nightmare compared to a Common Abyssal.

As opposed to darklings, abyssals are rather abstract and each one is highly unique, even the common and the striders, the only two ‘breeds’. They rest are completely different from one and another, even being so far at named. If not for their attacks on stars and constellations, the society of the golden age would be completely content in leaving these 'living sculptures’ in peace. Although the darklings and the abyssals are obviously not allies, the darklings have taken great advantages of the others presence and power and gorging themselves in on the fear the war has caused until they became a massive threat as they soon evolved into a power and hive mind themselves.