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Beauty and the Beast! So much to love

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LEGION chapter 8: Season 1 finale Wednesday FX 10pm

The Ticket April 7 limited theatrical release and VOD

Colossal April 7 theaterical release

Permission April 22 TriBeCa Film Festival NYC

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you don't happen to know of any decent ereri fanfics like based on horse riding do ya? :)

I thought this was a euphemism… There aren’t really many horse riding fics surprisingly, I only found one that is complete as the rest haven’t been updated in quite a while. Here you go!

Let Your Heart Run Child, Like Horses in the Wind 
Summary: Prompt: Dressage rider Levi meets jumper Eren and they’re gay and there are horses.


date: march 3
time: 11:00pm
location: the dark lady
status: open

Of all the items available for auction, this is the one that catches her eye: a simple bracelet, a thin chain crafted with silver and embellished with sapphire. For a moment, Maeve imagines raising a paddle delicately, a shy smile on her lips and a look of thrill shining through her expression. She imagines receiving the bracelet, locking it around her wrist and laughing at the sheer joy of participating in an event such as this one. But then she recalls the blood of a man who deserved better than his end, and she deflates; she realizes she doesn’t belong here. Not quite a Capulet, yet still held to them by a heavy chain; not quite herself, either, wavering between hope and dejection. 

She is in the process of steeling herself against all other beautiful things on display when another presence makes itself known. Maeve’s cheeks flush, as if admiring jewelry is shameful. “I suppose this is too grand to suit me, no?” And still, she can’t help the longing look she casts upon the bracelet — she still wants something of her own, a small taste of freedom and power in a helpless time.

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what do i do when no one likes me? ive tried to make friends on here only to make them uncomfortable with me nothing i say comes out right i have autism so that might be it but i hate it and i hate that i'll never be good enough for anyone

Unfortunately, having trouble making friends is a sad reality for a lot of people on the autism spectrum. I have a few friends on the spectrum and I know getting along can be a little difficult sometimes because we both don’t know each others social boundaries. It takes a lot of communication and mutual understanding. In regards to making friends on tumblr, try finding some Autism Spectrum communities! I know there are quite a few on here! I wish you the best- and if you wanna ever come off anon and talk to me I’ll happily be your friend!


February 9, 1981

Happy 36th Birthday precious snowflake !

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My tribute for @arcanebarrage. No words can explain the way I love this fic. Thank you so much for all those feelings.

Y’all click here and read it! You won’t regret!

Eurus Holmes is an era-defining genius…beyond Newton.

When John was visiting his “new” therapist, he stated, Molly Hooper was the only person who could really see through Sherlock’s “bullshit”.  Eurus heard this loud and clear.

Eurus knew Molly would make Sherlock say “I love you” first.  She knew this woman would be the one to put her brother on the back foot in a very, very big way.   

Eurus essentially took all of Sherlock’s power away in front of Molly Hooper.  She empowered Molly over the man she loves by putting that situation in front of her.  There was no bomb, never was.  It was all about Sherlock, yes…but it was all about how powerless he really is in front of Molly.  Emotional context.

Molly Hooper is not weak, she is a lion.  Her love is not weak, it is unbreakable.  Her love is not meaningless, it means everything.  Sherlock’s love is not meaningless either, it means everything.  Eurus proved it.  That was The Final Problem.  


that spider-man/deadpool comic though

Learning how to draw the whole gang slowly but surely. Here’s a little Keyleth on very bad paper