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think about if dean and cas kissed on spn. like, most of the codas we write are adding in kisses into episodes where they didn’t kiss. so like if they canonically kissed, what would we write coda about? trick question the answer is cockles

When you have to isolate yourself from your friends and family to squeeze in study time

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Hey, I was just wondering what makeup the Weasley-Potter girls would wear? Do they all have their own individual style? Eg. natural, smoky, dramatic...

Goodness, surprisingly this is something I have not thought about at all! I think I see a lot of them going quite natural but I will do more in depth descriptions for you!

  • Lily - Lily is a girl who has a deep love of make-up , trying out different make-up styles every month. She, after a couple of year however, settles on a natural look that involves a fair amount of make up
  • Rose - At a younger age Rose used make up a lot to cover her freckles and then, once hitting puberty, to covers spots. She never spent a whole lot of time learning how to do make-up just settled on what worked, but had a few looks she branched out when partying with mates 
  • Victoire - Victoire is one of those girls who have unfairly perfect skin, no blemishes or imperfections so she never really saw the need to wear a lot of make-up unless it was a special occasion. On a day to day basis she just uses natural eye-shadow colours and a little mascara.
  • DominiqueDominique’s skin wasn’t as perfect as her sisters but her make-up routine was almost the same, she spent too much time creating pranks at school. After school she worked as an Auror, which meant she had even less time to apply make up.
  • Roxanne - Roxanne loved make-up at Hogwarts, much like Lily- trying out many different styles. She settles on very bold make-up, especially eye makeup. After leaving Hogwarts, and having a child, she excepts that it would be far to difficult. Once she returns to work she goes for much sophisticated look, more neutral.
  • Molly - Molly probably had the most issues with her skin when she was younger and used make-up very much to cover it, that being its only purpose really until she was about seventeen, when she branched out do more defined eye makeup. She definitely worked the smokey eye on a night out.
  • Lucy - Lucy was amazing at makeup, the best. Being an artist, Lucy loved trying out new and weird things, she probably had a makeup blog where she painted small portraits on her eyelid or something. Her everyday look was very natural but defined.