no questioning

Imagine dating Loki and having a tendency to ask him questions or make comments out of the blue in public that most would consider weird/inappropriate. He, of course, is amused by both people’s discomfort and your utter obliviousness to it and is more than happy to respond just as casually to whatever you just said.

to any and all questioning people:

first of all, i’m so proud of you for embarking on a process to question and better understand your identity !! that’s so great !! the questioning process can be weird and confusing and difficult and stressful but !! gosh !! you’re trying to better understand your identity and figuring things out for yourself in your own way and that’s honestly incredible !! 

and whether or not you find the types of language you’re looking for, whether you end up using one label or ten labels or no labels, i hope you are able to come away from this process feeling more comfortable and at home with your identity and experiences, whether through finding language that helps you understand and communicate your experiences, using one label, using lots of labels, or using none

regardless, i hope the process of questioning goes well for you and that you come out of it happier than you went in !! wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of love !! i hope you have a positively fantastic day !!

yakoucchu  asked:

It seems you like it, and I like it too :) I send Howl's Moving Castle for the Fandom thing!

  • Favorite Male Character = CALCIFER (jk it’s Howl)
  • Least Favorite Character = Madam Sullivan. She’s a stone cold boss and I love it but she’s all too ok with helping with a war that endangers the people of her kingdom. Politicians, eh?
  • Favorite Ship = SOPHIE AND HOWL MY B O I 
  • Favorite Friendship = Tie between Sophie and Calcifer and Sophie and Markl. They’re both darling and dear friendships that deserve more attention.
  • Favorite Quote: Can anything Sophie says ever be a quote? She’s seriously so fuckin sassy and incredibly quotable. Fuckin. “So just find a field and stand in it?” Bruh. That little monologue she goes on about how good Howl is? B r u h. And Howl, when Sophie bangs into that belltower while they’re escaping and he just says “Wow, you’re good.” And don’t get me sTARTED on Calcifer. This movie’s writing is impeccable
  • Worst Character Death (if any) = NO ONE DIES at least in the ghibli version.
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment = Sophie being a boss ass bitch in charge in the last third of the movie tbh.
  • Saddest Moment = For some reason, the scene with Howl eating Calcifer and losing his heart as a child and Sophie watching it. It always makes me feel… empty. Is that weird? It’s weird. Sophie having that “dream” of talking to a nearly too far gone Howl tugs at me too.
  • Favorite Location = That fuckin… fairytale land that is Howl’s private study area. The flowers and the water and the fog and the cl o u d s breathtaking i die every time.

anonymous asked:

Everybody knows that you're a Prideshipper, period. Yet, it hurts non prideshippers to see, while you're doing the episode analyses, a time and again reference to the men in that ship being boyfriends. Your analyses are supposed to be neutral in that point. It's like you're imposing the ship, and believe me, it's not cool. The same goes to other ships, if and when that happens.

Can you real quick point to where in my contract it says my analyses are supposed to be neutral? Did I sign a shipping treaty I’ve forgotten about? Did I forget to put up a disclaimer saying my recaps aren’t always fully serious? 

I don’t know how to make it clear, except from context, that some of the things in my recaps are genuine narrative and character analysis and some of the other things are jokes?? Are flippant?? Are comments that reflect the personal opinions of the author and do not constitute an unbiased rendering of the source material??

I’ve jokingly referred to Kaiba and Yami as being boyfriends in recaps three times, over 93 episodes. Marik and Bakura once or twice maybe? I also once said Yugi and Yami got married? 

So I don’t really think saying I do this “time and again” is very fair. I don’t think saying I’m hurting people is very fair. I don’t think saying I’m “imposing” a ship (or multiple ships) on people by making occasional jokes is very fair. I don’t think anonymously telling me I’m behaving in a “not cool” way by making jokes in my own recaps is very fair. 

Actually I think telling someone off for making a joke is what hurts someone. Because this comment hurt my feelings and made me feel shitty about something I wrote, something I put effort and time into, something I did to make people laugh and smile. Something I didn’t think anyone would take seriously enough to come and tell me I’m doing my hobby wrong and I should feel bad. Well, okay, great, I feel bad, but I don’t feel guilty and I’m not going to change the way I write.

anonymous asked:

So Brooklyn Nine Nine's returning September 26th, and I was wondering if you had any hopes for season 5? 🙂

honestly the last 3 or so episodes were a mess so i’d just like some improvement from that. also doug judy to return. and rosa to leave pimento because she deserves better. 

anonymous asked:

do you have any writing tips?? i want to start writing for ships that dont have that much fanfic for example, pinkberry

omg!!! yes ;0

(psa: these are just how I write, and the same stuff doesn’t work for everyone)

If you’re doing multichaptered fics, pick a set word count goal for each chapter. Also, plan ahead.

I plan out every chapter, and I write 5000 words per chapter. If that seems like too much/too little, adjust it as needed, but if you’re going for a Long Fic I’d advice 3.5k-10k per chapter.

How to plan:

Step 1: Think of a basic outline. The story as it will go from point A (the beginning of the story) to point B (the end of the story)
Step 2: Think of a few main conflicts, with one being the Main Conflict
Step 3: Think about how many chapters you want (I do this by thinking about how many words I want in total+how many words i’ll be doing per chapter)
Step 4: Make a basic outline of each chapter.
Step 5: Detail the outline
Step 6: Start writing

Other advice:

This sounds generic, but legit: WRITE A LITTLE BIT EVERY DAY, EVEN IF YOU DONT WANT TO 


If you’re having writers block, random exposition/backstory is your friend, if anyone reads my fic, they know exactly what I’m talking about. 




Regardless of what your fic is about, if you have a question about something you want to write in, don’t. guess. Someone out there knows more than you and it will probably annoy them. Just,,,google stuff

Wikipedia is your friend.

lesbianfolkduo  asked:

This is a weird question but do you have like a diagnosed stomach issue? Bc my friend has the same issue and no one knows what the heck is happening and I was wondering if u what's happening w u might be what's happening w him? Sorry if this is weird!!

This isn’t weird at all!!

I went to a… oh god I completely forgot what you call a stomach doctor lmao but anyways I went to one and basically he didn’t really do much but give me IBS meds which haven’t helped me and my mom and I are pretty stumped with it as well. I can get bad stomach pains after eating something, sometimes it’s something I’ve had before that didn’t bother me and then suddenly it bothers me. We were able to determine that I have to avoid onion but that’s like the only connection we’ve really made.

It’s been like this for so many months. Recently it’s been worse than it’s ever been. I’m not sure what to do either ): I’m glad I’m not the only one. I guess I need to try out a different doctor and your friend should try seeing one as well!