no putt putt though :(

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#BorderlandsAU: So what was Jack's reaction when he found out Hiccup was the Rakk Conqueror? Was he a little uneasy around them?

I wouldn’t say uneasy so much as completely unbothered. It wasn’t so much that he started to underestimate Hiccup, he just thought the stories of the menacing Rakk Conqueror with a sharp wit and sharper tongue would yield some different results.

So that led to their first meeting to include a lot of bickering, but also some low key and insult-ridden flirting.

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We've all already pretty much established that you played putt putt as a child, but did you play any of the other games like freddi fish, and pajama sam?

I didn’t play Putt Putt as a kid! Though I can pretty much guarantee you that I would have liked it, haha.

I did the Putt Putt video because I lost a bet to my friend PushingUpRoses on her live stream! I’m glad I lost that bet. ;)