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Random thoughts n Drag Race finale and fan reaction

Obviously spoilers

-I honestly liked all top 4 queens to win it, but I do think Trinity did better in the lipsync against Peppermint.

-I always love seeing all the queens’ updated drag at the finale, Nina’s makeup was fantastic, Valentina looked gorgeous and I was gagged by Cynthia’s over-the-top wig. And of course the top four were just superb. Comparatively was a little underwhelmed by Shea (she looked stunning but I wanted more drawma), but Pep, Trinity and Sasha slayed me.

-With the exception of Sasha’s lipsync against Shea (Sasha was giving me Manila Luzón “MacArthur Park” feels), I wasn’t super gagged by any of the lipsyncs tbqh. Peppermint’s outfit change was exciting but I felt neither queen performed it as strong (pun unintended). Sasha vs Pep was good but it’d still fall short of like… Coco vs Alyssa for example.  

-Y’all 12 y-o whining about Drag Race being racist and not wanting to crown a black queen or two black queens in a row, children pls did any of you ever hear of how the first three seasons saw a QOC crowned? The whole show’s on Netflix girl, go watch it before crying. Not counting All Stars, there have only been 2 white queens (3 now with Sasha) out of 9 winners

-Same goes for y’all whining about “what’s the point of the challenges if a lipsync’s gonna decide everything”. Go see how S1-3 queens were crowned

-Somehow the same people are complaining Peppermint should’ve been crowned because she’s trans? It’s a competition children. Just by her exposure on the show Peppermint’s already received a huge platform and shown a brilliant example for trans kids of color and that’s fantastic, but lbr, she didn’t do that well in the competition, bombed the Snatch Game, landed in the bottom two twice and might have done a third for her poor outfit choice if not for Wintergreen’s personality that charmed the judges.

-Y’all are still gagging over Roxxxy Andrews’s wig reveal but somehow Sasha’s rose reveal was “a cheap gimmick”. Okay, girl. Shea wasn’t doing jack on that lipsync, get over yourself. Sasha played it smart, gave us drama and a god dang great show.

-Gotta love how y’all were calling Valentina a snake a week ago for having shitty hateful fans and now y’all being shitty and hateful to Sasha bc your fave didn’t win :)

-For the last three seasons, the winner isn’t actually crowned? I’m very confused about this? Bob was literally holding the crown but then they just gav Sasha the scepter? (i know how they film it but why don’t they film the three queens getting actually crowned like in S4 & 5 it’s just weirdly upsetting there’s a bloody crown there but no one wears it????

Zim +Friendship with DIb (IZ Discussion/Theory)

Zim is one of those characters whom comes off as either self centered or as stated in the series multiple times, a defective. Even his older self in one of the comic issues came off as such:

Now, too me I don’t think ZIM is an entirely ‘evil’ character as perceived, but he is definitely a force to be recognized and when pissed off can be your worst nightmare. He becomes destructive and more or less, borderline homicidal when angered:

A funny thing I noticed was, ZIM actually noticed his future self was taller. If you don’t know, in the series ZIM has always wanted to be respected by the Tallests or even have a sort of higher authority. Yet, when he finds out that there was only heals, the expression he has is rather..Interesting
According to Wally Wingert during an interview with a fan he stated that the Tallests were going to later be revealed as just normal sized Irkens whom wore exo-skeletons to show make them seem taller. 
Just a little insight into this panel, it may have something to show more about Irken societal views:

Still, in the long run and even grown up, ZIM still longs for the recognition he wanted and ended up getting it. What he’s longed for all along has been recognition and being noticed by anyone of his society especially his leaders. And the quote “We didn’t think you could pull it off.” just goes to show how poor ZIM is viewed by his people. Now, I should note he is not completely hated by all Irkens and does have Skoodge as a sort of childhood ‘buddy’: 

This is another small thing I kind of wanted to bring up, ZIM’s self doubt. This isn’t really brought up in other discussions but I think it’s extremely important to his character. Especially since his older self is calling him stupid in the panel, grant it could just be for petty fighting I still think it sheds a little more into the character. The main point here is his, “My plan was stupid. But it’s smart.” argument:

Next, is his relationship with Dib & Earth in general. I don’t think ZIM hates Dib at all, just my opinion however. I believe it’s an unusual friendship that both sides will probably never admit too. ZIM actually saves Dib in one of the recent issues. They both seem too understand one another too the point where even if ZIM is flubbering out nonsense, Dib understands:

Not to mention Dib and ZIM are the only characters (besides the Tallests) seen spending a lot of time together:

Now, another thing I saw was the fact that these two agreed. ZIM actually agreed with Dib on how ridiculous the aliens were. And it even shows that ZIM has a small affection for Earth by questioning, “Why are all other aliens that come here so stupid?” (ZIM despite the many antics, is an impressive engineer and builder. Don’t forget he was a scientist temporarily before Miyuki was suddenly killed by a monster HE invented.):

On another note, I thought this was interesting most of all. Dib points at Earth in the panel, meanwhile looking at ZIM. He said “/We’re/ back home! Where /we/ started!” 
Too me this is a small indication that Dib considers ZIM a part of Earth in a way. Probably since he’s been there for a long time. He refers to Earth as ZIM’s home also. ZIM has saved the Earth numerous amounts of times during the series and now in the comics. Dib, a native to Earth and human being, considered ZIM to live on Earth. This is a HUGE development if Dib really believes this:

More than anything, I think ZIM just wants a true friend (Cough, DIB, GAZ, SKOODGE, GIR, MINIMOOSE.) I mean, look how happy the poor fellow looks in this panel. He thought he was riding with another alien friend:

And the biggest reveal of all, ZIM opening up about himself to Dib (in disguise). This is probably overlooked (This came from a Tumblr post, I searched everywhere to find the actual comic panel.) by many people. ZIM has never really opened up very much about his emotional state. 
“I come out here when I want to be alone..” 
It just goes to show that you really can’t doubt ZIM. He IS an emotional character and DOES have feelings. Even if they rarely show, much like this panel, it shows the reader that ZIM does have extreme doubts about himself. 
“And just think about what it all means.”
I interpret this as him not knowing where he stands in life. He’s tried for years to find his place. This galaxy means probably, mind the unintended pun, the world too him and he hasn’t destroyed it because it might just be one of the only true things that makes ZIM happy and realizing that there’s small things in life that can make him truly feel happy. Where he can’t be judged. Where he can be himself and where he can think about himself. 

Thank you for reading! I’ve been wanting too make this post for quite a while now! I definitely want to hear what others think on this. This was just my contribution to ZIM’s character analysis.

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i love mob so much please for the love of god tell me about ur feelings on 100% ecstasy

OH BOY WILL I !!! ABSOLUTELY 100% (pun unintended but warmly embraced) 

out of all the 100% events, ecstasy is my favorite. the drama… the tragedy… will fiction EVER peak like this again? i don’t think so. but BEFORE I DELVE INTO ALL OF THAT, there’s something i want to talk about first: mob’s psychic powers as an expression of his emotions. 

we all know that mob suppresses his emotions to avoid outbursts of psychic power. but THAT implies that mob’s psychic power is a form of self expression, in the same way that body language is expression. 

he can direct his psychic powers – the same way we can direct our bodies’ actions – but there are other components that are difficult to stop, similar to how people’s shoulders tend to hunch when they’re angry or upset, how they subconsciously cross their arms and direct their feet away when something is making them uncomfortable, etc. 

unless you know about these bits of body language, and make a deliberate attempt to suppress them, it’s difficult to stop your body from revealing something about your emotions. similarly, one function of mob’s psychic power is as an extension of the way he expresses himself. these things happen subconsciously and mostly without mob’s control. 

for example, one of the trademarks of mob’s 100% events is that mob starts releasing waves of psychic power that push his hair back. other side effects include cracking the ground under him, often to dramatic effect.

mob doesn’t push his hair up on purpose, it’s just something that happens – as a result of him releasing his pent-up emotions in the form of psychic power. these little bits of expression aren’t something he can control.

mob also says something REALLY INTERESTING in his first 100% event:

during 100% rage mob uses his psychic powers to fight dimple, yes, but these lines suggest that his outburst of power happened because he finally had to express his anger. and that implies that, in order to show his emotions, and express himself, mob has to use his psychic powers. 

which is something he almost never allows himself to do. 

never forget the disdain / loathing mob had for himself at the beginning of the manga, and how convinced he was that he couldn’t allow himself to express himself OTHERWISE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. 

further material to consider: the lines that he said right before his 100% animosity / hostility event 


at this point, mob hasn’t taken any action against koyama yet. his outburst of psychic power, radiating outward and blanketing the area, is not doing anything but expressing his hostility – to the extent that mob expects koyama to be able to feel it. 

in addition to that, during mob’s fight with toichirou, he cycles rapidly through a LOT of emotions, and this is what he says about it:

canon suggests that it’s not just a buildup of of emotions that cause his powers to run amok; allowing his powers to run amok also allows himself to feel the full intensity of his emotions. his psychic powers are key to expressing himself.

I COULD GO ON… but i’ll just leave things here for now. to summarize: mob subconsciously uses his psychic powers to express his emotions, which is why suppressing his emotions also suppresses his psychic powers. 

figure 1: a helpful venn diagram of things 


the fight against toichirou is possibly the first time mob has been able to fully utilize his psychic powers. the first time he’s had to, even. all the unconscious limits he’s put on himself – not allowing his psychic power to go free, stifling his emotions and powers – all come undone. 

mob is allowing himself to be himself, wholly and fully. he’s removed his inhibitions. he’s running wild and free. he’s no longer expending energy trying to regulate his psychic powers – he’s allowing himself to feel. this intensity of emotion and action is something mob has never given himself before, and the freedom of it… feels good. incredibly so. he feels free, he feels alive, and toichirou – the only individual to ever stand on a level close to mob’s – understands perfectly. 

this is a level of joy mob has never felt before. 

the release of his psychic power even comes hand in hand with mob’s body language becoming much freer and more expressive than it is in daily life. look at him go!! mob, for the first time in years… letting himself feel the intensity of his emotions, just as they really are.  

but of course his happiness isn’t going to last 

because mob wants to be a part of society, and he thinks he has to keep his psychic powers sequestered away in order to do that. his greatest fear is accidentally hurting the people he loves with his own psychic power, and when he remembers that possibility… 

the tragedy of 100% ecstasy is that – for just a brief moment, mob released himself from his self-imposed limits. for a moment, he let himself really feel, he let himself be, and in that moment he experienced a richness, an intensity, a moment of being so utterly present and alive that it brought himself to heights he’d never reached before. 

 and mob will never willingly allow himself to do that ever again. 


my secret headcanon: hella hairy n muscled jake

he looks like he could catch a bear with his bare hands but really all he can do is give u nice awkward hugs

i mean honestly he had no reason to shave back on his island so why would he even. :y

after his leg hair disappears in act6 i imagine him being devastated, going; “ hair..! we’ve been together for years..!”

(dirk has absolutely no problem with it, by the way.)

Make Me Feel Your Love

For the anon who wanted some insecure!dan leading into some good ass lovemaking. (Pun unintended)

Genre: angst, smut, fluff

Word count: 933

Warnings/tags: insecurities, insecure!dan, lovemaking, vanilla, reference to being unwanted or unlovable, goodboyfriend!phil, no condoms but they’ve been together a while and they are consensual and aware, phil cums inside dan hehe, I’m tired of making dan have girly moans sorry it’s unrealistic to me, also phil kinda moans a lot because I feel like he’s a moaner,,,, heheheheh that’s all


“Dan baby, could you hand me-” I see dan on our bed, he’s snuggled into my sweater and his cheeks and red and blotchy, obviously he’s been crying. Rushing over to him, I squat down by the side of the bed, gently pushing his soft hair from his forehead, “Hey, baby, what’s going on right now?”

He sniffles, “Why do you even love me? You could do so much better! I’m all fat and u-ugly.” My heart clenches; this boy.

“Dan, listen to me ok?” He nods, “You are so insanely beautiful sometimes I genuinely can’t stop staring at you. I’m lucky to have you! Not the other way around. You’ve got the most amazing and soft, curly hair that I just want to run my fingers through all the time, the most warm eyes, dark eyelashes I would kill for, and your body is so nice, wanna touch you all the time, all soft and curvy, so much for me to grab, hmm?” Dan’s blushing like mad as I began kissing around his face. “Cutest little button nose,” my lips land on his, “softest lips I’ve ever felt,” I trail down to his neck, “so sensitive for me,” making my way down to his stomach and sucking and nipping at the flesh there, “all squishy and soft.”

“Phiiiillll,” Dan’s breathy whine pushes past his lips, hands reaching to tangle in my hair, “Please please make me feel good.” I hummed, reaching a hand to play with the rosy bud of his left nipple.

“Prettiest little nipples.” My other hand leisurely moves to his pants, unbuttoning and unzipping them to push them down along with his underwear until he’s naked hips down, I quickly fix that, pulling the sweater over and off of his head.

“You, want you undressed too,” Dan pleads breathily, lips poured just the tiniest bit. Quickly, I’m shedding off my shirt and standing up to peel off my lounge pants and boxers, my pale, purple veined cock springing hard and free to slap curved up against my taut stomach.

Reaching over, I clumsily open the bedside table drawer, grabbing what felt like- and luckily was- the bottle of half empty strawberry lube, popping it open with urgent, slender fingers. Once I thickly coated my fingers in the slimy substance, my hand traveled down dan warm and slighted pinkened skin, skimming just barely at his leaking cock and over his perineum, swirling teasingly around his tight ring of muscles causing his hips gyrate, pushing back onto my hand. My first finger found itself two knuckles deep in Dan’s warm opening, though not alone for long, quickly joined by another as I begin scissoring them, his velvet walls loosening and thighs shaking.

When he’s stretched to three fingers comfortably, I kiss my way up between his legs, using the excess lube to coat my well endowed length. Landing my lips on his, his legs wrap tightly around me, his arms doing the same around my neck, keeping close, only pulling back to gasp when I slowly push into him, immediately aiming for and hitting his prostate softly.

Mind you Dan and I were anything but vanilla, but I could sense tonight was all about just us, nothing extra necessary. I was steady in my thrusts, hitting his prostate dead on, my own moans mixing with his, breaths washing together in the most enticing way and heat burning our skin where fingers gripping and lips kissed. I looking into Dan’s eyes, “Close,” he whispered, walls clenching and toes curling, face and upper body flushed, skin damp, hair curled all messy just the way that reminds me of it in 2010.

“Fuck, come on Dan, feels so good, gonna cum too, cum with me.” I’m rambling but neither of us note, I’m taking Dan’s slick with precum dick into a loose fist and tugging in time with my strong thrusts.

Dan’s breathing halts for just a moment, muscles tightening - /all/ of them, trust me - before he’s spilling over Phil’s fist, body shaking and spasming, throwing Phil over the edge just after him, their groans loud and rough, “Fuck, Dan,” phil’s croaks, throat tight, he’s spilling into Dan, and he knows Dan can feel it, hot, thick, and deep inside of him, as Dan’s sucks in a breath, clenching around Phil, legs and arms pulling him closer, hands tangling in his hair.

When Phil starts going soft, he pulling out of Dan with a certain lazy gentleness one can only achieve in the haze of post orgasm, body still twitching with the aftershocks. He doesn’t bother to clean them up, and he knows they’ll light heatedly bicker about who let them sleep in such a stick mess, Phil ultimately giving in and kissing Dan in the shower as he washes them up, but that’s a moment for tomorrow.

“Love you more than I can express, Daniel. You must know.”

“I know. Love you just as much, if not more.” A small smile settles onto Dan’s lips, leg thrown over Phil’s hips, and head on his shoulder, arms tucked between them as Phil’s settled onto his back, arms wound tightly around Dan, legs tangled with Dan’s free leg.

“It’s impossible, and I’m sure you’ll argue me over it tomorrow, but right now, I just want to sleep with you.”

Dan hums, kissing softly at phil collarbone, “Don’t let me forget.”

“Never.” And Phil isn’t sure if Dan’s referring to Phil’s irreversible love for him, or the playful argument saved for the early morning glow, but neither will Phil let Dan forget for even a moment.


SORRY! So sorry hat I haven’t been active in the means of writing and putting out my own stuff! There are some things I wasn’t really too sure about and didn’t have any ideas on but I’m working on a sequel for “It Feels Right” if anyone’s interested in that,,, ALSO PLEASE SEND SOME COOL AND CREATIVE PROMPTS :)?))????(((((????!!!!!!! K thanks :):

Preference~Prompt #59″I’m naked, can you grab me a towel?”

I had quite a few requests for this prompt so I decied to turn it into preferences. I hope those of you that requested it like it!

Ponyboy: “Pone!” you yelled from the bathroom. You had been staying with the Curtis brothers for the past two weeks while your parents were out of town. He came running to the bathroom door as fast as possible. “Are you okay, did you fall?” He yelled panicked. “Ya, I’m fine. I’m naked can you grab me a towel?”  “Oh, ya sure.” He blushed handing you a towel and smiling shyly.

Johnny: “(Y/N), are you okay in there? You’ve been in the bathroom for a while.” He knocked nervously on the bedroom door. “Ya, I just got out of the shower. I’m naked, can you grab me a towel?” He slowly opened the door with his eyes squeezed shut, towel in hand. “Thanks Johnnycakes.”

Sodapop: “(Y/N)! I’m naked can you grab me a towel?”   “A what?”  “A towel.” You grabbed a towel from the closet and walked over to the bathroom door. He opened the door and tried to take the towel from your hands. Before you gave him the towel you whipped him with it hitting his chest before dropping it in front of him. You wolf whistled at him as he leant over to pick it up from the floor.

Darry: You stuck your head around the bathroom door. “Hey, I’m naked, can someone grab me a towel?” You asked looking at the boys standing in the living room. Dally got up smirking but Darry walked past him slapping the back of his head and handed you a towel. “Thanks babe.” You said pecking him on the lips before closing the door to dry off.

Dally: “I’m naked, can you grab me a towel?” Dally asked walking out of the bathroom. “If I don’t?” You asked teasingly smiling at him. “Then I’ll just be naked.” He replied shrugging. “I think that will be harder for you than me, pun unintended.” You said slowly running your hands up and down his chest.

Steve: “(Y/N)! Soda’s gonna be here any minute, I don’t want you to be naked when he gets here.” You sighed and went to find a towel to dry your hair off from the shower. You were about to give up and just go get dressed when Soda walked in the front door. You screamed and slammed the bathroom door. “Steve! I’m naked, can you grab me a towel?” You yelled leaning against the door. He groaned and stood up making Soda help him find a towel.

Two-Bit: “Two! I’m naked, can you grab me a towel from our stuff?” you asked wanting to get out of the water. You had gotten extremely drunk the other night and agreed to go skinny dipping with him. “No, you’re stay in the water. You told me you were.”  “I was drunk!”  “Drunk or not, you agreed.”

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Aftercare with the boys after some love making? 😏

I’m not gonna lie, but I was so excited to right this and now that I’ve got round to it I kinda forgot where I was going with them. 

What I do know though, is that I may create another part for the older!bros if you guys enjoy this!

which I hope you do because god dang Older!Noct is just stuck in my head and he’s so gorgeous no matter how old he is… 

Gladio is a very very tender man after making love to the one he truly loves and wants to be with. He’s the type to look at you with the most gorgeous gleam in his eyes that make you forget just how much of a powerhouse he is on the battlefield (and sometimes in the throws of passion). He’s caress your cheek so gently because he’s almost afraid that he’d accidentally hurt you, treat you like you were a fragile piece of china.

And he’d caress the ends of your hair before tucking the runaways that have fallen in front of you face behind your ear. He’d be smiling just as tenderly as his touch Of course, you’d smile right back and he’d only cup your cheek  and press a kiss to you forehead, cheeks, nose and lips once you’d snuggled up to him.

There would be very minimal talking and it would depend upon how rough he was. If he was rougher than normal, he’d ask ‘you okay?’ rather casually. But it would break you into laughter or into a wide smile. Mainly because it would show that he wasn’t mad at you. That he still cared.
Apart from that it would just be small things: looking back at the day just gone, maybe making a few plans for the future. After a couple of months there would just be the inclination of starting a family, though nothing would ever be set in stone considering his duty to the crown. But he never said no. He’d say ‘I’d like that’ or ‘sounds like a plan for when you’re ready.’ Because even if he wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the one lugging a child in his body. So it would be up to you.

After making love for the first time with him, he would be a little verbal after the act, making sure you were okay, that he wasn’t too tender or too rough. Because it was easy for him to miscalculate how he was in bed, it would have been very impulsive, so he’d need to get a better idea of what you truly liked.

Sometimes, the small talks would lead to another round. Because he would often tease you with chaste and sinful kisses. 

He’d either hum or sing for you (he’s a good singer now) so you could sleep soundly. Because of this, you’d usually fall asleep first. But if he had an excruciatingly long day - both from guarding the prince and trying not to thin about you too much - he’d fall asleep because you would be able to notice his weariness, and you’d hum and sing for him instead. 

On those days, he’d value your chest as his pillow, although you would be cradling his head in such a way that you breasts were his only pillow, and he’d let both your voice and your heart lull him to sleep.

Most of the time though, he’d refuse sleep until you were at peace in your slumber and he’d be holding you to him. Sometimes he’d even slip one of his vest tops on you so wouldn’t wake to a horrible chill at four in the morning.

Originally posted by connorkenvay

Prompto would be a little similar to Gladio, but also entirely different. Sometimes there would be absolutely no talking because you would have fallen asleep, or the only talking shared would be from looking at the pictures he had taken.

But he would also be the master of teasing you. Not in Gladio’s style, but from just saying sweet things like ‘This is my fave photo of you from the day - the lighting captures your perfection so well and it makes you look so radiant’. But one that would always be with you was ‘the dawn makes you look like a goddess bringing in the new day. And the dusk makes you look like the same goddess waving farewell to the day. But the moonlight? That easily transform you into the most beautiful angel.’

“If I really am an angel, I must have done something real bad to be banished down here then.”

“That’s the most comforting thing you’ve ever said.” And, of course, he’d show you his best smile. “Because you loving me so much that you’d get banished to be with me makes my heart sing.”

And it would turn playful, mainly with tickle fights. Which, again, may or may not lead to another, more playful, round. Though they were very rare because most of the time you’d be far to embarrassed to even stay awake. Because you’d be hiding your face in his neck, and the feeling of his pulse on your temple would send you to sleep quicker than any lullaby would.

The after care after making love to you the very first time round would be a very concerned and embarrassed Prompto checking over you repeatedly. Because it was his very first time of having a sexual encounter. And he loved you so much that he just wanted to make sure he did it right to your tastes. But goddamn he needn’t have worried about that. But worry he did and he’d only stop once you pecked his lips. But whether you then treated him to a round is entirely up to you. Because, he wasn’t gonna turn it down.

Originally posted by ffxvsnow

Ignis would most certainly be the type to pillow-talk. Because making love with you would also build a bond of faith and trust between the two of you. And it would be the only time he’d be sober of caffeine for him to not only feel drowsy, but far more relaxed. But maybe that would be because he couldn’t be mum friend to you without feeling absolutely mortified. Mainly after making love you.

It is a well known fact to you that he has perfected the skill of intense love making. He’d take slow to a while new level but it was also known to you that he could be rough. Depending upon a - how long you’d been oh-so-casually teasing him - and b - how long it had been since you two had been able to have time alone.

It was a must-do thing to ask if you were okay after, but he didn’t make it a rarity either. But he would make ask if you wanted anything before going to sleep: a glass of water, a window upon, a blanket and so on. 

Regardless if you wanted anything or not, talking was a must. At first he was against it, but you told him ‘you always take on everyone’s burdens, now let me take on yours. What’s the point of fighting alone if you know you’ll be stronger fighting with another?’ And suddenly it became a thing.

Sometimes the talks would be trivial, sometimes they would be deep. Sometimes they were happy, other times they were just goddamn depressing. But what didn’t change was his actions during these talks.

He would just be holding you to his chest, either talking softly or listening intently, and he’d be looking at you with his piecing green eyes looking at you so gently you could feel his soul embracing yours. At first it was a very strange feeling, but you quickly learned it was because his eyes looked so much brighter without glasses that they just drew you in.

After the first love making ‘session’, he visibly flushed at your staring and he legit pouted when you found it amusing. Of course he played it behind his typical Ignis sarc, but he couldn’t keep it up forever. And he soon just stared right back at you, right into your eyes, and then chuckled when you flushed.

Although he didn’t seem like the Ignis everyone knew and loved, he really was. But he had just adopted a side he would only ever show you on a common basis. And when he unintentionally showed it to you in front of everyone the next day, Noct was the first to say ‘I think he needs a doctor’ and check his temperature. And it was somehow comforting….

Anyway, moving back to the point at hand, it’s also a well known fact that he really doesn’t get that much sleep. So the pillow-talk helps him get sleepier than Noct and having sex you definitely uses all that caffeine. Rest assured that he will be a lot happier the following morning. And he would be looking so radiant that the boys will just know what you had done. And no one really wanted to know apart from Gladio, who always asked the most disturbing questions which would always be accompanied by Noct and Prompto’s gagging noises.

Originally posted by verryfinny

Noctis is another barrel of fish - pun unintended. Now, people like to think that he’d just fall asleep ridiculously quickly. Don’t get me wrong, that is definitely one of the most common occurrences. But he is also the most willingly to have a mess around and stay up until you grew tired: which could be anywhen.

His aftercare definitely depends upon the situation. 

Had a relatively easy day of just driving around the place? He’d fall asleep without even knowing he’d closed his eyes. Most of the time on top of you. 
Just spent all day in a royal tomb over run by daemons? He’d do a little talking. Just a lot of I love yous.

But on days where everything just weighed him down? On days where he just wanted to break down? Aftercare would be full of sentimental value. Although he’d just put forward insecurities and where his heart on his face - sometimes he would actually go into silent breakdown mode - he wouldn’t talk about them in so much detail. Because just thinking about them would hurt. 

But if you were injured slightly? He’d gently tease you after it all. If you had just recovered from a nasty injury? He would be blaming himself and he would literally vow to you that he would never let it happen again. 

If you had scared him on more than one occasion throughout the door - like jumping on his back and yelling ‘IMPERIALS WANT OUR BLOODS TODAY’ - he will be extra silent on you whilst curling up to you.

But each scenario always led to the cutest things. Noct was obsessed with playing with your fingers. He’d hold your hand, fiddle with your fingers, kiss your fingertips and then and he’d weave them with his. If he was cuddling up to you, he’d put your hand on his head and you knew you’d have to play with his hair. If he was the one to hold you, he’d bury his face in your hair, rest his chin on the crown of your head, play with your hair. 
But both circumstances also had him smiling so tenderly at you, had him pecking your lips, the backs and palms of your hand. And he would always fall asleep holding onto your hand.

And the only times he would ask if you were okay with the intercourse, would be during it.

But you can rest assured that he would definitely be extremely smiley the next morning and oh em gee he would be absolutely adorable all day. Well, until some silly sausage would be evil to him. Like you saying he should drive for a couple of days because Iggy had pooped himself out so badly that he was ill.

That’s right. You also wanted people to get used to his driving. Because you found it so entertaining. You strange person.

Opps. I just burned myself. Oh well XD

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DAY 3361(i)

Malta                             June 10,  2017                    Sat 11:31 local time

Birthday - EF - Dharmesh Kumar Patel , Chitra Sinha , Suresh Jumani Ef, (Chennai) .     Sun, June 11 .. we are in celebration for the Ef who celebrate with great distinction their dates of birthday .. and we wish them all the very best in life and in the many years to come … love from the Ef ..

The advent of sudden solitude within a time of great occupation of profession, does give time to ideate on various thoughts that come to mind quite mistakenly, but of one that makes compatible sense ..

Looking at the rapidity with which this 75 year old works on set and its environs, the concerned individuals of the work at hand decide to compliment me with the liberty of a day off .. and since Sundays are day off, due to certain ‘labour rules’ - the British Parliamentary Election result pun unintended - we have a situation of another off day tomorrow .. which brings a fear of the solitude in grave intensity .. however there is suggestion to move about this rather quaint, serene and compatible little space in the middle of the bluest deep of the Mediterranean and acquaint myself with the countries 100 churches ! .. a sense of religiosity prevailing among the inner thoughts of my mind !!

The suggestion or rather a most compassionate gesture, came from the head of Production, a most caring and affable gentleman, who I have to say has been most concerned and prompt with artist care and sensitivity - a trait that is deserved by the leading men or women of a project, and not one who has been assigned a passing or just a complimentary role in the project ..

There shall always be a great unwritten law, or a philosophy behind such acts and behaviour .. and I wonder if it would be prudent enough to mention those aspects here, without drawing controversy or unnecessary attention .. for, the value of any content does have some value somewhere .. even if it be a rather subdued sneeze a million miles away .. !! 

There are sudden fireworks at adjoining distance over the seas and islands of this country .. so its either approaching midnight, for it always occurs at this time of the night, or a continued celebration of the election results that came out on the day after I arrived June 3rd .. and we are talking Malta, not UK or the DUP ..

The debate and the stands taken in these circumstances, being of great interest, I dare say ..

So to come back to positioning .. there shall be and shall ever be a status divide in the hierarchy of any film production or the Industry in general .. who shall be getting the status they get and why ?

Status ..?? yes status .. it starts with the credit titles on film to what accommodation car room travel is deserving of ‘falaan-falaan’ artist .. and this continues an execution dependent largely upon the results of the box office ..

A selling stunning box officer shall get you first class travel and entourage at production expense .. the Presidential Suite, if available and all needs looked after - food, trainer, physio, spot boys luggage of limitless baggage .. guests and friends and family all to accompany the star  .. make the location a similar replica of the state he or she may have come from ..incredible detailing to need ..

AND when it fails .. the downgrading starts .. limited travel, lucky if the first class is still valid, step down room and car, sidelined attention by staff etc.,

Happens all the time .. happens now .. happened then …

Examples would be unethical .. even its descriptions would adversely effect the other .. the ones stretched in status limits .. so bets to shut up and get some sleep ..

Love you all and Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

Challenge Fic: The Pizza and the Pun

written for @txf-fic-chicks challenge Post episode/ Missing scene

Rating: G

Summary: Missing scene for Essence

So this is my first off anon story on tumblr. Thanks to @baronessblixen for the beta, every mistake you’ll find is purely mine. Please be kind, english is not my first language.



What was wrong with her?

Pregnant, hostess of a baby shower and all she could think of was pizza. The crispy crust, the smell of melted cheese, tomatoes, spicy peppers…

Her son gave an approving kick while she could almost taste the Italian specialty on her tongue. Another gift was handed to her and she opened it up, hoping that a big, juicy, thick-lined piece of… a romper!

“Oh,” cooed the enthusiastic crowd of friends, unknowing to the struggle she was currently fighting. There was nothing worse than this deep, fervent desire for something edible. These cravings, which had started around her seventh month, drove her to her fridge again and again. Despite all her best and medical intentions, she found herself eating tons of ice cream  at half past three in the night giving her an extra set of excess weight she would probably never get rid of.

But nothing had her giving in to a craving as fast as pizza. She could eat two pizzas daily if it weren’t for her health and her medical reasoning.

“Dana, is everything okay?” Apparently, her mother had noticed that her daughter was not really paying enough attention. All worried eyes landed on her.

“Yes, I’m fine,” she explained quickly, “It’s just that I feel an insane craving for pizza right now,” she added, as the eyes did not lose their concern.

“Oh, I understand only too well. When I was pregnant,” said Joslin, a former study colleague, one of the few she was still in contact with, even if only fleetingly, “I could not keep my fingers off Chinese food. I had at least three spring rolls a day.”

“McDonald’s, four BigMacs every week,” said Carla, a friend of her mother’s, and everyone laughed.

“Really? I mean I could kill for a pizza with double cheese, tomatoes and peppers,“ she looked questioningly into the round.

"This is typical. When I was eight month along, Bob didn’t even dare to come between me and the fridge,” said Joslin. “It was probably better for him.”

“Believe me honey, that’s perfectly normal,” her mother handed her a new package, intending for this conversation to be over. But talking about it made Dana even hungrier. She saw herself mentally reaching for the phone to order a small piece of paradise, maybe two, or even two tons, because the day was still long and she had guests…

There was a knock at the door and all heads turned to look as they weren’t expecting anyone else. Dana was just about to get up, imagining the young, pimply pizza delivery boy on the other side of the door, however, Lizzy was faster. Oh, right she was supposed to accept help. Her mother would have to suffer for bringing this woman into the house. It was beside the point that she could actually use some help, she wanted to get it herself. After all, she was old enough to not be mothered constantly. For the ten thousandth time since her teenage years Dana swore to raise her child differently, knowing very well now that it was completely impossible.

Lizzy opened the door and revealed the sight of a very busy Mulder, who was trying to balance some bags and a big white box. His eyes focused on what was in his hands, he almost tripped into the apartment. “Hey Scully, I -” he broke off as he lifted his head and found himself confronted with a series of amused looks “forgot your baby shower” he finished his sentence. “I better get going again,” he was almost out of the door again already when she stopped him. Had to stop him. Because her focus was directed immediately on his right hand and the cardboard box in it and if her nose was actually right and she was not hallucinating, then Mulder wouldn’t leave again so soon.

“Mulder,” she struggled with her big belly as she tried to get up from the couch, which seemed to get harder from day to day. Probably because of all that pizza. “What’s the matter?” He turned to her and gave her a small smile.

“Well, I was just in the neighborhood and thought to myself that you would probably get your daily craving for pizza and” he kept smiling while holding out the box of pizza to her “so I just dropped by Alfredo’s, and got you a big tomato - bell pepper pizza with double cheese.”

Listening to his words, she could feel her stomach jump high in the air, then the smell intensified, and she felt like fainting out of sheer bliss. Praise the Lord for Mulder and pizza, she thought. Could life get any better? Of course, but only once she had a piece of pizza in her mouth.

“God, Mulder, you’re my savior” she grinned and took the box out of his hands and he gave a surprised laugh, happy to see her so pleased. “You’ve got to come in and at least greet my mom,” she said as she kicked the door shut and turned around. A little unsurely, considering what was waiting for him in the living room, he trotted after her. In a room charged with female energy every man had to feel unsafe.

“Fox, it’s so good to see you,” greeting him, Maggie stood up and embraced him warmly. “Pleasure is all mine, Mrs. Scully,” he replied to her hug and then threw a shy glance into the round. “Hi.”

“This is Fox Mulder,” Dana introduced him to the crowd as she sat back down without taking her eyes off the pizza box. “He is my” now she looked up and faltered, giving him an uncertain glance “well, we have been working together for the last few years,” she saw the pained shadow cross over his face and hurried, “and he is a good friend, the best, as you can easily see,” she pointed to the carton that still exuded the delicious aroma.

An appreciative “Ah yes” came the curious response from the choir, and all stared at the newcomer. All, apart from Dana, who had opened the box and was already chewing on her first slice; until the accusatory glance of her mother penetrated her happy little pizza universe. Hastily she swallowed down and gave the round an apologetic smile, “Where are my manners: anyone want some?” she pointed to the carton, but all of them shook their heads.

“Never get between a pregnant woman and her food,” commented Carla, and everyone laughed.

“But I should get at least a plate,” Dana put the box down on the coffee table where it safely came to rest between pacifiers, bottles, toys and rompers. Then she rose again, the nibbled on piece of pizza still in her hand. “Mulder, if you could?” she did not finish the sentence, but he followed her willingly into the kitchen. Lizzy was just about to remove dishes from the dishwasher, but left the room quickly when they entered the kitchen.

Scully took a plate from the cupboard and put the piece of pizza on it. She placed the plate on the kitchen table and wiped her hands on a towel.

“Scully, I’m really sorry that I forgot your baby shower. I’m going to go back and,” he stopped when she gave him a wide smile.

“It’s okay, Mulder. I never would have thought that unpacking gifts could be so exhausting. I’m glad you came by because I really needed a break from all the Oh and Ah. And thanks to you, I can spend that break with pizza.“ She took another bite, wiped her hands again, took some more plates out and put them on the counter.

“Do you want any?” She pointed to the half-eaten slice.

“No, I bought it for you.” He rejected.

“And that’s why you can’t have any?” She could not hide her amused smile.

“I’ll just be over here and enjoy you enjoying your food.”

“Fine, but don’t start complaining if you don’t get any later.” She took another bite, almost choking when she heard his next words.

“Actually I wasn’t getting any for the last couple of weeks,” noticing her shocked wide open eyes he quickly added “pizza, that is.” And they both smiled at the unintended pun.

"You do realize we are the hot topic in the living room right now?” She finished chewing.

“Why would we be? I mean, I’m just a friend,” he could not banish the hurt from his voice; the idea had hit him hard.

“Not just a friend,” she said, and came to him “the best.” She stopped in front of him, took his left hand and placed it on her belly “and we both know that you are so much more than that.” He couldn’t be angry if she gave him her most charming smile. Not that he could have been anyway. And the fact that he could feel his baby kick through the skin of her abdomen made it impossible anyway.

The moment ended when they heard laughter from the other room. Dana did not want to go back in there. There had been a time when she would have welcomed an afternoon with female friends. Now all she needed was in this kitchen. Well, maybe aside from the white paperbox on her coffee table. But with Mulder in the picture, maybe the day would hold a little more interest than just how to best use a milk pump and what to do about stretch marks.

She walked back to the counter took the pile of plates and gave it to him. Then she took her own plate, which was only holding pizza crumbs.

“Well, let’s get back into the shark tank. You can help me oohh and aahh at the right time,” she gave him an evil grin. “And maybe later when everyone is gone I can give you a whole other reason to oohh and aahh, Mr. not-getting-any.”

anonymous asked:

Ace here. I've been on a health journey and lost a lot of weight. Today I was talking to a friend about how I was considering a breast lift, because I love how I look and feel now with that one exception (the weight loss sag is severe enough it can't be fixed through more weight training). She straight up looked me in the eye and said, "Why would you waste your money on something nobody's even going to get to use." Because my breasts are apparently only meant to be used by others. (Part One)

(Part two) I shut her down and walked off but I’m still 10 kinds of angry and sick and I can’t even articulate half of them. Her logic was literally I shouldn’t “falsely advertise” like that even means something. Idk. I just wanted to get that off my chest… Pun unintended but still hilarious.

That was horrifically shitty behavior you had to deal with. Not only was it acephobic, but it’s misogynistic and objectifying.

- Fae