no pun unintended


my secret headcanon: hella hairy n muscled jake

he looks like he could catch a bear with his bare hands but really all he can do is give u nice awkward hugs

i mean honestly he had no reason to shave back on his island so why would he even. :y

after his leg hair disappears in act6 i imagine him being devastated, going; “ hair..! we’ve been together for years..!”

(dirk has absolutely no problem with it, by the way.)

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Ace here. I've been on a health journey and lost a lot of weight. Today I was talking to a friend about how I was considering a breast lift, because I love how I look and feel now with that one exception (the weight loss sag is severe enough it can't be fixed through more weight training). She straight up looked me in the eye and said, "Why would you waste your money on something nobody's even going to get to use." Because my breasts are apparently only meant to be used by others. (Part One)

(Part two) I shut her down and walked off but I’m still 10 kinds of angry and sick and I can’t even articulate half of them. Her logic was literally I shouldn’t “falsely advertise” like that even means something. Idk. I just wanted to get that off my chest… Pun unintended but still hilarious.

That was horrifically shitty behavior you had to deal with. Not only was it acephobic, but it’s misogynistic and objectifying.

- Fae


WHELP. I made a very geeky gaming video this week! :’D

Why did I notice such a strong link between Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the original Spyro the Dragon games? (Unintended pun alert)
In this video I explain how I can see decades-old influences in BOTW in terms of both aesthetics and function, all from one particular game very dear to my heart. :)

Brightest star

Sirius: *does something stupid*

Remus: You know Sirius, sometimes you’re not the brightest star in the sky

(It took Remus a while to notice the unintended pun. Sirius started to laugh right away.)

DAY 3183

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Dec 15/16,  2016               Thu/Fri  1:26 am 

What would the world be without children .. I mean how can we ever conceive, pun unintended, a world without children !! How ..

The enthusiasm of performance, an Annual Day of the educational institution, the little acts of dance and music .. the surprised and at times bewildered look as they jaunt on to the stage,  each searching within the audience their loved ones .. the loved ones, parents and keepers equally glancing rapidly at each item for their little one, as they come in their hundreds in costumes and make up and the brightest smiles in the entire world .. this, one could live a lifetime for … a warm invigorating emotional presentation of the future with the present .. stunning absolutely !!

And then the round table conference with fellow artists and colleagues, to discuss cinema and attitudes and opinions ..

The yellow of ‘yellow submarine’ and the Beatles .. did we ever come to decipher why ‘we’re all going in the Yellow Submarine’ from them in their psychedelic album ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ .. did anyone ever ?

Never mind .. happens at times .. happens to me often .. like I just could not remember the name of that famous journalist, a lady, from Star & Style, whose columns we would dread .. and finally Googled it and badumbaaaa .. ! 

Devyani Chaubal !

And so on and so forth ..

The spiritual and the supreme inhabit the minds more these last few days helped and goaded and assisted by that recluse Ef near Ooty, and in admiration of all the texts that are communicated .. truly enchanting and being looked at with reverence ..

Oh dear its coming up on 2 .. and there is muscle muscled acts by 6 .. so good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

Holding Back, Holding On

I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you lovely folks! You have made this little project into something amazing!! When @callieskye and I first conceived this venture (pun unintended?) we would have never guessed that you would make it so awesome!! It is so awesome to share Romione love with all of you!! Here is my take on the “Make Up” Quickie. Hope you enjoy!

“This is bloody ridiculous!”

“What? Hermione? What’s wrong?”

She stalked past him down the hall and into his bedroom. He was completely befuddled: they had been having what he thought was a lovely day, alone at the Burrow. All alone, and that, in itself, was cause for celebration. Even though he saw no reason for her current state, he followed in hopes of smoothing things over. He found her staring out his bedroom window.

“Mione, I’m sorry.”

She turned abruptly to face him, her eyes flashing challengingly at him, “Sorry?! You’re sorry? Please, explain to me why you are ‘sorry’, Ron!”

“Well, obviously I…um…I upset you, and I didn’t mean to.”

“That’s it?”

“I guess…I know you’re kinda on edge, with your parents deciding to stay in Australia for a while and me going into training when you head back to Hogwarts. I just want to make sure you’re ok.”

Hermione let out a frustrated groan and looked challengingly up at him.

“What about you? Are you on edge? Do you even care that in a few weeks we’ll be apart for months?!”

He felt the anger flash through him, how can she even think I don’t care?, but he reigned it in; he couldn’t afford to let those feelings out, she deserved better.

“You know that’s not true.”

“I most certainly do not! Honestly I think you’re more than happy to be rid of me!”

“Why in the bloody hell would you say that?! That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!” His voice rose as quickly as the color in his face, but again he calmed himself, mumbling, “sorry, I mean…I’m sorry if I made you feel that way.”

“Dammit, Ron! Why are you doing this?”

“Doing what, dear?”

“Why are you treating me like I’m made of glass? I’m not going to break!!”

“Are you mental?”

“Yes!!! I’m acting like a lunatic and you won’t even call me on it!”

“Shit, Hermione, I’m trying to be what you need.”

“What I need?! What I NEED?!! What I need is for you to stop tip toeing around me!”

“I’m not.”

“Do you want me to go back next month?”

“I want you to do what’s best for you.”

“That’s not what I asked. Do YOU want me to go?”

“I’m proud of you, I know you will be the best Head Girl ever.”



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As far as concepts go, “prime time of your life” by daft punk and “time” by pink floyd are very similar. They both bring on this sense of existential dread, but Prime Time is absolutely harrowing, especially with that music video. Daft Punk got their message across in nine words and some audio effects and it chills me to the bone (pun unintended) every time. Time is my favorite of the two, but Prime Time punches so much harder, and better…and faster and stronger (I also did not intend to do that it kind of just happened)

Dark In My Imagination

So this is an unrequested Halloween prompt…For the longest time (since I published the first story really), I always had an idea to make the Meet Me On The Equinox characters have more than one story. This is the sequel that I planned out.

Much like the first one… it’s really just smut. But I’ll give you a bit of a background here. This is about six months into their relationship since their first night, and being frustrated that Gerard never really has told her much about his past life, Gerard takes her out one night to a most unexpected place.
Again, there’s not really much story here because I suck (pun unintended there oops). And for a vampire fic, there isn’t really any blood drinking here.

I just wanted to highlight the connection and the passion these two have for each other more than anything else… and so really that’s what this is about!

Warnings: Smut, dirty talk, and a truly horrible thing to do in a mausoleum (even if it is your own…)

Looking through the tinted windows, you aimlessly traced the streaks of rain as they smattered against the thick glass. You’d been driving so long you couldn’t remember how long it had been, Gerard tapping the steering wheel and occasionally humming along to the song on the radio but not saying much else. 

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Tbh I'm glad you made that rock n roll au/aesthetic so now I can finally say this and it not be of the blue. (pfft unintended pun) Whenever I watch the movie, I always get this feeling that Megamind always wanted to be a rockstar, but he was too insecure about how he looked, and he knew how people treated him and would treat him so he just stuck to supervillainy as the closest thing. That way he can still have the light shows, leather/spikes, and be (un)predictably showy.


poor Megamind :((( His style of supervillainy really is massively inspired by the rockstar aesthetic, isn’t it?

It’s really terribly interesting to me that, in canon, it’s Metro Man who decides that he wants to go into music.

(I’m willing to bet that Megamind is very musically talented–plays multiple instruments, amazing singing voice, everything.)