no pun intended

You know in the movies were the main guy has a friend whose a girl, who clearly has a crush on him, yet he abandons her to go with the popular crowd. But then by the end of the movie he realizes he loved her all along? I really want there to be a movie where the girl is like ‘no, you were acting like a dick. I’m not interested anymore’. Basically what I’m saying is that LAYLA FROM SKY HIGH SHOULD HAVE STAYED WITH WARREN PEACE

OKAY but if clony isn’t head canon after this I don’t know anymore seriously wait for the pun I can’t breathe

Needing help

One of the things that makes me emotional about Dan’s depression video is how many of the camera shots of the most vulnerable moments (like Dan waking up in bed on a day when he’s still unable to function, even after all the hard work and improvement) so obviously required another person, and so you know Phil was there, filming Dan recreating his worst emotional moments, just like he’s been there the whole time, and the fact that Phil was helping Dan even with this video about needing help, and the fact that Dan was willing to ASK Phil to help him film those difficult scenes about needing help … it’s just … give me a minute … I’ve got something in my eye.

Imagine Blitz going temporarily blind on a quest and he and Hearth are incredibly stressed and freaking out because they don’t know how long it will last and they have no way to communicate properly without someone translating for them.